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  1. I think it's important to look at the purpose of the banning. The fewer reminders of this awful time in Germany's history, the less the current population has to deal with that albatross.
  2. I'mma break it up into the three points to better organize my thoughts. This book already has it's territory marked out. In the (macro) short term, I believe that this is true. In the macro long term, I could see this point not holding, but I could also see it remaining true. Given that I doubt we as a species will make it to the macro long term, this assumption works fine. But this assumption makes the book null. There is no need to ban, destroy, or teach the book, because opinions are held about it. Current Nazis would be foolish to use this as a rallying manifesto. Plenty of other pieces that are not currently stigmatized have been published that would be more effective. If this would keep some Nazis from moving to a new rallying point, this is a net gain for society. Given it's history, it is a very poor rallying point for a large amount of support and poses very little threat. Banning it is one of the ways that it would actually become an effective rallying point again. Telling people that they can't believe a certain thing will tend to make people want to believe that thing. Based on your post, it seems like Germany has implemented this ban successfully. I believe this is sooner due to the atrocities that Germans were forced to accept guilt of, and associate with that book and its' author. There is no promise that it would be as effective in another country, that doesn't have that responsibility.
  3. I haven't read it. I will be going on the assumption that it includes a call to violence, but if someone who has read it has clarification, I will change my perspective. It should be available, with a disclaimer cover letter denouncing acts of violence. The fact is that it is a major book in our history, and remove it from existence is to forget how certain trains of thought can build if we don't also introduce other ideas. I'm not saying it should be taught in school, but it should be available for people to read. Not to mention that other literature is available and calls for similar removal of populations (eugenics was huge in the 1900s and has a massive impact on the modern schooling system in America -- I can't speak on other countries, but I assume there also.), but without being stigmatized as being written by one of the worst people in history.
  4. I believe that censorship shouldn't be allowed (save stuff that puts people in danger). If you don't want something, then avoid it. Like with porn, we know how harmful it is to the human brain (thus why basically no studies centered on pornography are considered ethical), yet I believe that people have the right to look at it if they want to - because it only harms them. Or with the preachers with megaphones on campus, walk away if you're uninterested. They should still be able to say what they believe. Censorship is a positive right. And I pretty generally only support negative rights as being innate. (Again, with the exception of putting people in a dangerous situation).
  5. Hello all, and welcome back to Pounding the Rock-ies! Finally we have gotten into conference play, and boy does the MWC look competitive. Only Nevada, San Diego State, and San Jose State had a bye. Well, technically San Jose State had to play UNLV, but coming in at 13th in our most recent power poll, UNLV is counted as a bye week in the MWC! Or, used to be, coach @ChizDippler did just get hired, so we'll be keeping an eye on his program to see if they become more competitive. Saturday Night Football Wyoming Cowboys @ Colorado State Rams UW: Positives: Talk about an underdog fight. @SyndaKyt's crew walked into Fort Collins, and pressed the rams for everything they had. While the offense didn't move the ball effecctively, they converted big plays. Negatives: Aside from the big gains, the offense struggled to move the ball, and Coffman struggled to complete passes. Looking Ahead: Wyoming is now in a tough position to compete for the West title. They wanted to steal 2 out of their first 3 conference games, that now requires a home win against SDSU. CSU: Positives: 4-1. It wasn't pretty, none of their wins have been, but the defense keeps coming up with enough stops to keep the Rams winning. Any running game we thought the Rams would have is a mirage. If D'Gale doesn't find a way to spark the offense, the whole season will be a series of unbearable rock fights. Negatives: A well-rounded defense continues to show up. While the offense doesn't look great, the defense is giving them enough to win. Looking Ahead: The Rams take on UNLV this week, and need to not overlook what can be a solid win. If we don't see an impressive offense here, I don't expect to see one all season. New Mexico Lobos @ Hawaii Rainbow Warriors NM: Positives: Dean Fagan will hold this spot until someone else wills the Lobos into contention for a win. He wreaked havoc on Fraser all day, but couldn't make up for a weak secondary. Negatives: Aiden Colbert needs to be more effective, and cannot keep losing fumbles. He needs to put the offense on his back by matching Fagan's energy. Looking Ahead: New Mexico and @DarthJarJar get a bye to rest up and prepare for a tough game against Wyoming who will be looking to compete for the West after playing SDSU. UH: Positives: JT reminded us all why we were looking forward to seeing him this season. 380 total yards including a 50 yd TD scamper. He is one of the most exciting players in CFBHC this year. Negatives: This defense couldn't lock down a one dimensional offense, which doesn't bode well against more well-rounded outfits. Looking Ahead: Hawaii and @GigemAgs play a tough and confident Boise State next week, looking to prove they are as talented as pre-season projections predicted they would be. Fresno State Bulldogs @ Utah State Aggies FS: Positives: Bend don't break defense. Despite surrendering 221 yards through the air, @Hchou17's squad stole 2 picks backed up against their own goal line, and never let the Aggies into the endzone. Negatives: An inefficient performance by Cagle will be the main limit on this Bulldog offense. Wyatt can only do so much. Looking Ahead: A bye will be welcome to heal up before diving into the rest of their conference slate. USU: Positives: Not much went right for the Aggies in this fight, luckily Jermon Ransom showed up with 3 tackles, one for loss, and a sack. Negatives: @Clearlander is fighting a tough battle. With a one dimensional offense, it can be tough to find ways to move the ball. Looking Ahead: The Aggies have three tough games coming up before their bye. Stealing one or two could be huge in wrecking someone else's season and building program confidence. UNLV Rebels @ San Jose State Spartans UNLV: Positives: WINLESS NO MORE! @ChizDippler came in and lit a fire under his guys. This was one of the most winnable games of the year, and with a huge 4th quarter surge, he got it done! Negatives: Nothing. This team came out and competed all 4 quarters. A balanced offensive attack, along with a solid red zone defense, the Rebels ought to celebrate! Looking Ahead: Things don't get easier for UNLV who now has to go on the road to the reigning West champs, but they should have confidence. Scoring 23 points would put them in the thick of a game against CSU. SJSU: Positives: SJSU was hoping to steal a win here, shown by Jeremy Whitmore's nose for the ball. Coming up with 6 tackles and a sack, he harassed the Rebels all day. Negatives: Coach @JacksonHitchcock was fired for apparently not showing up to his own practices. We can see that the team really needed him their as the offense constantly looked confused and outschemed. Looking Ahead: The Spartans get a bye week before taking on Fresno. The best hope for them is to figure out the coaching situation and get a gameplan by kickoff. Officially Unofficial Mountain Best Game of the Week Boise State Broncos @ Air Force Falcons This was definitely the game to watch this week. Both the Broncos and Falcons entered the season with hopes of taking the West crown. As the two favorites, this game figured to go a long way in deciding that. The Bronco side wanted to leave nothing in doubt. While the score was a manageable 21-10 at half, the dominance by the Broncos was felt by every Falcon fan. They knew the halftime score was a mirage, and both teams proved it in the second half. CeeCee Henderson chewed the clock away for Boise as they only put up 10 points in the final two frams, but ate up 22 minutes of the clock. BSU: Positives: Congrats! You're now in control of the West. A well rounded performance on both sides of the ball bodes well for holding onto that lead. This Boise State team is a dangerous one! Negatives: Nothing. You can get nit picky about the 58% completion percentage, but 3 of those incompletions were trying to score with almost no time left in the first half, and didn't negatively affect the Broncos. Looking Ahead: They play @ Hawaii, then get UNLV and CSU at home. Win two of the next three (both home games) and they will be ready to punch their ticket to the CCG. AF: Positives: Tran Nguyen. A highly coveted 'croot coming out of high school caught 7 passes for 120 yards and a TD. He shows promise for the Falcon's future. Negatives: A season that began with Conference Title hopes has devolved a bit into a fight for bowl eligibility. This team can win, they just need to find their offense, and fast. Looking Ahead: They need a win next week against Army. Losing there will drop them to 3-5 and a mad dash for bowl eligibility. Win, and the ship looks a whole lot better. Feel free to let me know how I nailed the review of your team below. Obviously, 0 errors were made! We wish you the,
  6. gg. I wish my team would look convincing in literally any win ever. But I'll take the win.
  7. Hello all, and welcome back to Pounding the Rock-ies! We know that it's been a hot minute...and we want to be there for you. However, our potato stores were low just before the harvest. The kind gents from Idaho provided us with enough tots to power our computers at least through the season. Rumor has it that there are lines that carry power comin' out our way. I'll believe it when I see it! But, a lot has continued to happen while our electronics were down. The MWC has taken it's lumps. Hawaii and Nevada are 2-2 coming out of OOC play, and SDSU is a better than it looks 1-3. All three teams have played extraordinarily tough schedules in attempts at playoff runs. The only chance the MWC had left was held by Fresno State, a team that Coaches Gigemags, D'Gale, and Pumph had previously talked about as a threat to win the West. Sitting at 4-0 after OOC play, they opened against SDSU, with a recap below. Before we get to that, though, it appears that we missed one MWC conference game, between two Mountain teams, Colorado State and New Mexico. CSU was heavily favored, but an inspired effort from the Lobos and Dean Fagan made it a close game. However, the talent was too much as the Rams walked away with a win. Friday Night Football Air Force Falcons @ San Jose State Spartans AF: Positives: They won the game. This puts them at 1-0 in conference, and allows them to ramp up for Boise State. When it came time to put up or shut up, the Falcons found a way to convert on 4th down. Negatives: A bad Spartans team was able to push them to the brink. The rushing was anemic, and the defense didn't lock down like Stinsy generally expects. Looking Ahead: No time to dwell on this. Boise is surely looking at the film to find a way to take an early lead in the race for the division. SJSU: Positives: Talk about a gutsy effort. For a team that was just abandoned by its coach, they certainly tried to work some magic! Negatives: 206 yards on 13 completions is just too high to expect to win a game. Looking Ahead: Don't count this Spartans team out from playing spoiler in a couple games this year. Saturday Night Football Nevada Wolfpack @ New Mexico Lobos Nev: Positives: Tausa'afia Faletolu torched the Lobos secondary en route to a solid win. The focal point ot New Mexico's offense was shut down amassing only 89 yards in the game. Negatives: Except for one good run by Billings, he was largely held in check. But, in a game that your defense dominates, Tresselball isn't a bad thing. Looking Ahead: Nevada is ramping up to make a run at the West crown, and the week off should help them prepare. UNM: Positives: Dean Fagan is a hero. He garnered all of the attention of spare blockers in the rush game, and was avoided through the air. While his stat sheet doesn't look impressive with only 5 tackles, he drastically changed the Wolfpacks gameplan, shown by the breakdown of where plays went. Negatives: 3 points. I don't care who you are, winning a game in this day and age while scoring only 3 points is impossible. Looking Ahead: Find a way to win. They have been close in several games this year. They just need to put it all together. Officially Unofficial Mountain Best Game of the Week San Diego State Aztecs @ Fresno State Bulldogs As mentioned above, this was the game where the Bulldogs were supposed to announce their intention to make the playoffs. The Aztecs wanted to use it to show they were still alive. It was exactly the game MWC viewers wanted to see. Edmondson and Garrett double teamed the Bulldog defense accounting for 21 points by midway through the third quarter. Then, down 21-7, coach Hchou hammered down on his men during a TV timeout. The defense created several stops, and they tied the game. With just under 3 minutes to go, York hit the go ahead field goal for SDSU. The bulldogs didn't panic and drove back down the field. As time wound down, they were going to try to gain a few more yards for an easier kick, when Pumph got risky. He blitzed Micah English who rewarded his call with a sack. The ensuing 41 yard field goal attempt fell short, and the Bulldogs couldn't steal a win. SDSU: Positives: The offense lives and is dangerous. This is going to be a tough team to beat, despite their record. Negatives: Sadly, any hopes for a playoff run are in the trash. 8 penalties for 67 yards isn't helping them win any games either. Looking Ahead: Two bye's over the next three weeks should leave them in good position to manage a tough run down the stretch. FSU: Positives: Ian Wright is a bright spot with no drops, 10 catches, 121 yards and 2 touchdowns. In a day when Fresno had to have their best, he gave it his all. Negatives: A loss hurts their chances to win the West crown. The biggest negative is the fact that this was a winnable game, and they let it slip away on their home turf. Looking Ahead: Take a day, breathe, and figure out how to contain Kieron Farmer next week. Win the next game, and watch other teams stumble. The division crown is still within reach.
  8. From Rome's SOS Calc: 69 Colorado State 49.05% 57.63 nice!
  9. I think it'd be great if players could go +.5 of their potential as a gem, on the other side of the same coin, some players should be prevented from ever reaching their potential too. Think of the big recruits that never seem to live up to the hype (Tate Martell). That said, it kinda feels like we have this in a since already, it just isn't shown.
  10. I bought and played a ton of Maximum Football. After a few games, I learned how to play and I love it now. Also, I've studied for LTAM and regret everything about my life decisions thus far.
  11. Fuck LTAM!!! Seriously, that shit is more messed up than a drunk Ahven D'Gale!
  12. Sorry to do you dirty like that, but I didn't have time to gameplan last week!
  13. Damn! My heart was pounding! I finally had a run game, but we can't settle for 2 field goals! And now I can fangirl over dean fagan all I want for the rest of the season! We're not seeing him again!
  14. By resetting them at the bottom so they can climb back up the rankings
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