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  1. We got ourselves a Top 10 Matchup!!!!! +9 bye week gain! Thanks @believer
  2. West Virginia doesn't deserve @GigemAgs. The people there wouldn't know how to treat someone with all of their teeth!
  3. There are so many influences in my life. Politically speaking, one of my best friends, Quinn, one of my professors in college, Dr. Lorch, and videos of longer sit down, one with one discussions between intelligent people talking politics (not necessarily politicians). Although, the first two didn't influence me in ways that one would expect. Both actually held their impact through their love of logical filtering. Dr. Lorch taught me discrete mathematics, and Quinn does higher level discrete through coding and machine learning. It is all based around what we can and can't determine, then applying logical razors to come to a reasonable conclusion. My underlying views before looking at politics through this light were just from my parents and hometown.
  4. How many we got @Garappogoat?
  5. No love for Nevada, who clearly earned the #2 spot!! Also, how did Dean Fagan NOT win Mountain Best DPOTW @stinsy
  6. Hawaii 31-27. I think J.T. Youngblood powers Hawaii through as a one man wrecking crew this season, until they play UNLV, and he doesn't believe them to be a worthy opponent.
  7. @TheTodd15 you may want to tag the people interested.
  8. Tash Sultana absolutely jams on that guitar. Love the music, don't care for the singing style as I can't really understand the words she's singing! I Prevail slaps. Absolutely slaps! Thanks for the recs!
  9. Just put one in for this next Vision. I was considering apologize, but went blood // water since I think the music video makes a difference
  10. Also, did you listen to Grandson last night?
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