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  1. You should probably not have Mast throw it 60+ times a game...opponents can game plan against that.
  2. Oh, yes. He won a game for me last year. I was NIU's HC. Led them to a bowl NBD.
  3. Lol f*ck. #exposed GG @lucas
  4. NIU with the clutch 1 running play.
  5. Uh, I am not sure. I tried to schedule games against FBS but no one got back to me so the mods scheduled my games manually.
  6. Makai Denson...damn have a game son. Big Ten play might be scary this season for me.
  7. Here are mine. I have 20 for sure on the docket for this year. 8/29 (TH) SDSU @ Minn 8PM 8/31 (SA) UNI @ Iowa State 11AM 9/7 (SA) Vandy @ Purdue 11AM 9/14 (SA) Iowa @ Iowa State 3PM 9/21 (SA) Nebraska @ Illinois TBD (dependent on time) 9/21 (SA) UConn @ Indiana TBD (dependent on time) 9/28 (SA) Middle Tennessee State @ Iowa TBD 10/5 (SA) Illinois @ Minnesota TBD 10/12 (SA) Maryland @ Purdue 11AM 10/12 (SA) USC @ Notre Dame 6:30PM 10/18 (FR) Ohio State @ Northwestern 7:30PM 10/26 (SA) Oklahoma State @ Iowa State TBD 10/26 (SA) Morehead State @ Drake 1PM (will fit this in if it works with ISU) 11/2 (SA) Nebraska @ Purdue TBD (will get to 2 of 3 if time works) 11/2 (SA) Rutgers @ Illinois TBD (will get to 2 of 3 if time works) 11/2 (SA) Northwestern @ Indiana TBD (will get to 2 of 3 if time works) 11/9 (SA) Purdue @ Northwestern TBD 11/16 (SA) Monon Bell / Wabash @ DePauw 1:00PM 11/19 (TU) E. Michigan @ N. Illinois 6:30PM 11/23 (SA) Kansas @ Iowa State TBD 11/26 (TU) W. Michigan @ N. Illinois 6:00PM 11/29 (FR) Miami (OH) @ Ball State TBD 11/30 (SA) Ohio State @ Michigan 11:00AM
  8. Devon Wardwell 25/35 308 3 0 0/0 Tears. Real tears.
  9. I realized that. I used a different QB last year and I forgot I would have had another 4.0 in the waiting.
  10. Oh it definitely is, but need a bit of parity in the offense.
  11. Double yikes! I must be thinking about the 1.5/4.0 FR I redshirted last year. I could have sworn that the guy I used last year was a SR...but I guess it had to be Mast. Clemson is tougher than anyone I played though.
  12. So obviously I was the Northern Illinois HC last year. I had two really good WR's and a 4.0 QB so I decided if I am going to lose, I might as well try to throw for 450 yards a game. It worked for the most part as I got to a bowl game. The QB changed and I believe (without looking) Mast is a 2.0 or 2.5....he is definitely still using the game plan I had.
  13. Drew Dickinson 15/28 240 2 0 0/0 I'll take this. Makai Denson 21 128 2 35 0/0 And this. But this? Evanston, IL - 75 F 4TH SCORE North Dakota Fighting Hawks (1-0) > 0 < > 17 Northwestern Wildcats (0-0) > 21 < > 31 Yikes.
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