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  1. Donovan, you little shit. You're at Faulk for this loss.
  2. Phew, sigh of relief over here. But an int from Chris Meyers and a missed 27 yd chip shot from Nikolas Finn???
  3. Should be pretty exciting to watch Elias Golf, though. Dude is a boss. Offense wasn't too bad, though! Pretty solid effort, still. Frankie Boone may just win POTY...
  4. @taffyowner i love that both the top receivers didn't score, but the two guys with a combined 57 yards scored twice.
  5. Rams are currently on track for a 16-0 season and a Super Bowl win. I'm just saying.
  6. TBH idk how you joined the site so recently and immediately got to take over and make a national championship team / become a conference commish / win hella games. You also have some great media / ideas so hopefully you get back on top of the FCbeSt

    1. SolutionA


      :) appreciate it! Hope to dominate the FCS some more.

  7. Agreed. My point is to work on figuring out a way to help balance it.
  8. Went with what the wiki said, my bad! Very true, except it's tough to even get 3.5 recruits. I think I ended up with a handfull of them this year. Most of my recruits were 3.0 if I recall correctly. My true freshmen this year: Now that I think about it, I don't really remember recruiting those 2.5 and 2.0 guys, so maybe they got generated to fill out my team? Not sure. Either way, I ended up with 18 guys, only 6 were 3.5 or higher. Only one was higher than 3.5. Maybe that's a failure on my part for being bad at recruiting (very possible and very true), but I can see many people running away from the FCS because of it.
  9. I just think the FCS is treated like the G5, but it's much different. It's weird to bar the FCS from the P5 pool, but I can agree with it, if we can look at the P5 pool as a privilege, but it's not right now. It feels like a punishment.
  10. Love the idea. Right now being in the P5 list feels more like a punishment than a privilege.
  11. I understand that we want realism, but you need a balance between that and fun. In the real world, coaches are paid and have an expectation year on year. Nobody is going to hire a coach at Troy and ask that they make the playoffs within 2 years, but they would for a coach at Michigan, for example. They are compensated accordingly, as well. Since we don't have that, everybody expects to win. Obviously that's not possible, but coaches don't really receive a compensation for hitting certain goals. Fair point here, but my point is that on the whole, FCS is penalized more harshly across the board and this is just one aspect of it.
  12. Yup, I get it, but it's the combination of all of these things that's killing the FCS's ability to recruit. My point is also that we are saying a 10 win FCS and 10 win G5 tea is the same thing, but it's clearly not. I think the FCS limit should be higher OR the G5 should be lower
  13. Hi, I want to make this suggestion for everyone to discuss. I believe the way the current system is set up unfairly penalizes and hurts the FCS. Please bear with me as I try to explain the situation: Right now, the system stipulates the following: The FCS also received 2 bonus points because we had two (amazing) pieces of weekly media, ISU Opponent Watch and Around the FCS Recap (Amazing job @VerifiedThing and @Suffocation! Source: Because of the three rules (weekly media bonus points, weekly recruiting point cutoff value, and 10 win rule), the FCS has ELEVEN of its sixteen teams required to recruit from the P5 list only. What does this ultimately mean? First, per the 10 win rule, we now have to assume that a 10 win FCS team is as good as a 10 win G5 team. As much as the FCS likes to brag that it is the premier conference in the country (it is the FCbeSt, after all), this rule is simply not fair for FCS teams. Which G5 teams finished with 10 or more wins last season? I love all of my FCS brothers and sisters, but we cannot pretend that ISU and NDSU can really compete against any of those teams. The same can be said for 9 win teams, 8 win teams, and so on. The G5 team will win 95% of the time. The fact that only two FCS teams (I believe) beat a FBS opponent last year shows that. Remember, in one of those two, NDSU played against 1 win UNLV. Along with that, we have FCS teams in the P5 list with an average number of wins (over the last two seasons) between 2.5 and 10.5 and if you remove ISU and NDSU from that list, the most successful team has an average of 7.5 wins. Most sit around 5.5 wins. New Hampshire, the least successful FCS team that is required to compete in the P5 list has FIVE wins in two seasons and four of them came last season. What's else? Next, two teams, Harvard (40 pts) and New Hampshire (39 pts) were bumped into the P5 list because of the two bonus points. Harvard finished 8-4 and New Hampshire finished 4-8. Are these two teams expected to be able to compete against P5 opponents? These two teams, along with the rest of the FCS have been punished for being a part of an active and vibrant FCS community. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So how do we fix this? I propose the following three changes: Continue to give weekly media bonus points to encourage activity, but remove it from the recruiting pool calculations A bonus should be just that, and should not negatively effect teams. Right now this is partially being used as a punishment Raise the 10 win threshold for the FCS or lower the 10 win threshold for the G5 conferences Provide bonus points to FCS teams for making it to a certain stage of the FCS playoffs as detailed in the following suggestion I made in the private feedback forum back in April: For those who cannot read it: The FBS receives bonus points for making it into bowl games, why does the FCS receive any bonuses for doing well in the playoff Bonus suggestion: The G5 pool needs to be a little stronger so teams aren't fighting over the same five 4.5+ guys. Thank you for making it this far into my suggestion. I hope they will be implemented to make this an fair and equitable community.
  14. Re: FCS results Interesting,...
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