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  1. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss plans. I will put place you on the "Nice" list as you have shown to be a true comrade.
  2. Harrisonburg, VA and Fargo, ND- James Madison University head coach @Suffocation and North Dakota State University head coach @SolutionA announced Monday afternoon that the two teams have decided to place a friendly wager of $10/£10 on the results of the 2022 FCS National Championship Game. The two coaches have agreed that no matter what happens on the field, the most important match up will be the one against cancer. Coach Suffocation has selected Cancer Research UK as his charity of choice and Coach SolutionA has decided on The ChadTough Foundation. "The ChadTough Foundation is an organization that I greatly respect and I strongly believe in their message and goals," said Coach SolutionA. Both coaches are available for questions.
  3. SolutionA


    @Dacder Congratulations! You are approved for the UC Davis of the FCS! Please activate your new position by doing the following: * Go here to create your Depth Chart (roster to be generated). * Apply for Account Elevation for your new UC Davis avatar here * Don't forget to request UC Davis on the Interface, and make sure to croot every week!
  4. SolutionA


    Hi @Dacder, thanks for your application. I need to have you complete the following 3 tasks before I can approve your application: In 16-18 syllables, please write a haiku about why NDSU is FCbeSt. Compare and contrast the sim-USC football team and the real-life-USC football team. Use as many sources as necessary. Find me your best UC Davis GIF.
  5. Holy shit. Alright. Let's get it @Suffocation!
  6. Woooo boy. We did it boys! Onto the final!
  7. Good lord Connor throwing 50 times. Dude's arm must be tired.He should probably skip the next game to rest up. Right?
  8. Congrats to all of the North Dakota State players and everyone else! Super shout out to @Suffocation. Without you and your media, my job would be 10x harder!
  9. I was really pulling for the Jackrabbits in that one. I thought they would play spoiler for sure!
  10. Predictions: Thursday, March 7th #8 Harvard (5-8) at #1 North Dakota State (10-2) North Dakota State wins 38-10, McAllister with 2 passing TDs, 1 rushing TD, 0 INT #6 Northern Iowa (8-5) at #3 James Madison (9-3) Northern Iowa wins 28-14, Raekwon with 2 TDs and 158 yds Friday, March 8th #5 Illinois State (9-4) at #4 Eastern Washington (8-4) Eastern Washington wins 24-21 in OT, Connor with 3 TD, 1 INT #7 Delaware (6-7) at #2 North Dakota (9-3) North Dakota wins 31-7, Koehler with 3 TD, 1 INT
  11. Holy shit Raekwon. Glad I don't have to face him... yet...
  12. What the hell did I say! I called that (almost) upset!
  13. Are you just looking at things in the NCAA and saying that you love them?
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