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  1. SolutionA

    [2022] Week #4 - Saturday Afternoon

    Geez, can someone explain to me how I am letting a team score 3 touchdowns on 205 total yards gained while having no turnovers?! I must have really, really bad special teams coverage. Glad to see the win, but man I'm really playing with fire over here.
  2. A little bit of shuffling going on at the two ends of the rankings this week. Great FCS matchups this week have answered some questions... and proposed some new ones. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rank 1 North Dakota State Bison (2-0) Previous Rank: 2 Dear FCS, please meet Zach McAllister and Stevie Henderson. The two connected for 10 receptions for 170 yards and 2 touchdowns as the undefeated Bison marched through the Northern Iowa Panthers. McAllister had a near perfect day and even added a rushing touchdown of his own and the rest of the squad held their own. The Bison D-line tried its best to contain Raekwon Thomas, but he still managed almost 100 yards rushing and had a touchdown. The Bison move up to the top spot this week after two convincing victories. Coming up: vs. Youngstown State Rank 2 North Dakota Fighting Hawks (2-0) Previous Rank: 1 BYE Coming up: at Air Force Rank 3 Illinois State Redbirds (3-0) Previous Rank: 3 Illinois State pulled off another close victory this week. Quarterback Phillip Stephenson started strong but did not end on as high of a note as he had hoped, completing 15 of 25 passes for 219 yards and 1 score. Offensive weapons Franke Boone and Stevie Hampton, however, shined as the Redbirds escaped a tough New Hampshire defense. Coming up: BYE Rank 4 Delaware Blue Hens (2-0) Previous Rank: 4 BYE Coming up: vs Eastern Washington Rank 5 James Madison Dukes (2-1) Previous Rank: 5 The Dukes took care of a very capable Harvard team this week, winning 30-17. It was certainly a game of two halves as the Dukes took a 21-0 lead into the half but gave up 14 points in the fourth quarter. Cooper Fleming will look to continue to improve after only throwing at a 72% rate this week. Coming up: vs. BYE Rank 6 Eastern Washington Eagles (0-2) Previous Rank: 6 BYE Coming up: at Delaware Rank 7 Harvard Crimson (1-2) Previous Rank: 7 The Crimson suffered a disappointing loss this week to James Madison, but there were some bright spots. Cameron Whaley rushed for 109 yards and 2 scores and the defensive, for the most part, played decently. Harvard will need to figure out their defensive identity, however, as the game against the Dukes showed that there are a few gaps within this unit. Coming up: at James Madison Rank 8 Youngstown State Penguins (1-1) Previous Rank: 11 The Penguins sure have something to say to the author of these power rankings and the message is loud and clear: "Don't dismiss us yet!" Youngstown State put up 35 points behind Brad McCaffrey's 3 touchdowns and Troy Norris's 2 rushing touchdowns. Defensively, the Penguins snagged two interceptions and racked up a nice list of tackles. Could the Penguins be more real than we thought? Coming up: at Montana Rank 9 New Hampshire Wildcats (1-2) Previous Rank: 8 A crushing loss to the undefeated Illinois State will have Wildcats fans craving for more. Questions arise at quarterback as Jack Mayberry is only able to produce 160 yards through the air. On defense, however, this unit is almost rock solid. Thomas Logan managed 8 (!!!) tackles and three others combined for another 8 total tackles. It was not enough, however, as Frankie Boone was able to run for 111 yards. Coming up: BYE Rank 10 South Dakota State Jackrabbits (0-3) Previous Rank: 10 South Dakota State visited the 0-2 New Mexico Lobos hoping to wreak havoc in the FBS. Unfortunately, all they found was a beat-down. The Lobos dominated the hapless Jackrabbits in pretty much every aspect of the game. However, the ever-reliable Harrison Hacker nailed back to back 51 yard field goals, definitely not a stat to ignore. The Jackrabbits look to regroup during this upcoming bye week. Coming up: BYE Rank 11 Northern Iowa Panthers (0-3) Previous Rank: 12 It was not a great week for Northern Iowa. The Panthers visited North Dakota State and came out with more questions at the quarterback position. As Jameson Beckwith barely managed to get over the century mark this game. One thing, however, is for certain - that kid Raekwon Thomas sure can run the ball. Coming up: BYE Rank 12 Montana Grizzlies (0-3) Previous Rank: 9 The Grizzlies are our new team on the bottom of our list this week. A 2.0 offensive line rating and an ugly 35-10 loss at the hands of the Youngstown State Penguins are just some of the evidence. Gary Chisholm missed two field goals and Gabriel Gage connected with two Penguins defenders in a very disappointing game for the Grizzlies. Coming up: BYE
  3. SolutionA

    [2022] FCS POTW Week #3

    Hell yeah McAllister/Henderson combo is awesome!
  4. SolutionA

    [2022] Week #3 - Saturday Afternoon

    Perfection from Zach McAllister!
  5. SolutionA

    [2022] Week 2 FCS Power Rankings

    Bahaha, I knew someone would comment on that sentence!
  6. Sorry for the delay on this one, guys. It's been crazy at work this past week. A lot of byes this week, but we still had some great FCS action to go over. Let's get right into it! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rank 1 North Dakota Fighting Hawks (2-0) Previous Rank: 1 I see no reason the Fighting Hawks should budge from their top spot. They hosted the Eastern Washington Eagles this week and came out with the W. Fans were treated to a fantastic duel of QBs as Robbie Koehler and Samuel Conner dueled it out for 9 (!!!) total touchdowns. As the Fighting Hawks move into the bye week, they look to figure out how to get Roman Bentley into the fun. Coming up: BYE Rank 2 North Dakota State Bison (1-0) Previous Rank: 2 BYE Coming up: vs. Northern Iowa Rank 3 Illinois State Redbirds (2-0) Previous Rank: 6 The Redbirds have really hit the ground running this year, winning 2 in a row. Phillip Stevenson completed 17 of 31 passes for 2 scores and Frankie Boone added one on the ground to help lift the Redbirds over a tough Crimson team. Ron Singletary managed 11 (!!!) tackles, including 2 for a loss as the Illinois State defense stalled out the Crimson offense. This team is for real. Coming up: at New Hampshire Rank 4 Delaware Blue Hens (2-0) Previous Rank: 7 The run game took a bit of a rest this week and QB Jeffrey Guzman came alive, throwing for 250 yards and 2 strikes. However, the real hero this week was the defense, picking off Jackrabbits QB Calvin Koehler twice as the Blue Hens won 27-14. Rank 5 James Madison Dukes (1-1) Previous Rank: 4 BYE Coming up: vs. Harvard Coming up: BYE Rank 6 Eastern Washington Eagles (0-2) Previous Rank: 3 Despite Samuel Conner's fantastic 4 score performance, it just wasn't enough. The Eagles came a touchdown short in a shootout. Kelly Wiseman could not get it going this week, only rushing for 29 yards on 7 attempts, and the combination of Joseph White and Travis Ward combined for 10 tackles, an interception, and 4 passes defended! A lot of bright spots, but for the time being, the Eagles fall to a disappointing 0-2 record to start the season. Coming up: BYE Rank 7 Harvard Crimson (1-1) Previous Rank: 5 Mateo Gustavo could not get clicking this week. Cameron Whaley continues to impress, rushing for 125 yards and a score against Illinois State, but could not carry the team (or the ball, one possession). The Crimson hope to turn things around next week when they visit James Madison. Coming up: at James Madison Rank 8 New Hampshire Wildcats (1-1) Previous Rank: 9 BYE Coming up: vs. Illinois State Rank 9 Montana Grizzlies (0-2) Previous Rank: 11 BYE Coming up: vs Youngstown State Rank 10 South Dakota State Jackrabbits (0-2) Previous Rank: 8 Delaware handed South Dakota State a gut check this week, picking off quarterback Calvin Koehler twice. The Jackrabbits did get one back, but it just wasn't quite enough. Offensively, Koehler will have to work things out this bye week as he did not manage to break 50% passing this week. Coming up: BYE Rank 11 Youngstown State Penguins (0-1) Previous Rank: 12 BYE Coming up: at Montana Rank 12 Northern Iowa Panthers (0-2) Previous Rank: 10 Raekwon Thomas was the lone bright spot this week. The Panthers traveled to Toledo and the Rockets flew away with this one, 42-14. Held scoreless until the 4th quarter, the Panthers could not get anything going this week. They hope to bounce back next week as they visit a tough but largely untested North Dakota State in the Fargodome. Coming up: at North Dakota State
  7. SolutionA

    [2022] FCS POTW Week #2

    What incredible performances from all of the winners this week. Cameron Whaley will be a future draft pick! Don't count out Raekwon Thomas. That guy is spooky good!
  8. SolutionA

    [2022] Week 1 FCS Power Rankings

    Appreciate it! And I agree. Northern Iowa and South Dakota State can really make a charge for the top 5 with solid coaching. They have some good talent there.
  9. What a fantastic weekend of football we had in Week 1! There have been some spectacular statements and nervous questions produced after this week. Let's see how the power rankings have shaken up now that every team has had a chance to prove its case! But first, I have to give a shout out to @Suffocation. Without him and his fantastic "Around the FCS" articles, the power rankings would be that much harder to do! If you haven't seen the article, check it out below! Without further ado, lets get to it! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rank 1 North Dakota Fighting Hawks (1-0) Previous Rank: 3 The Fighting Hawks jump to the top of our power rankings this week. Redshirt senior quarterback Robbie Koehler shocked the FCS world this week throwing for a jaw-dropping 6 touchdowns on the way to a 45-31 offensive showcase against the Dukes. Senior Ronan Bentley only had 3 touches all afternoon and despite giving up 31 points, the defense did force two crucial turnovers. The run game remains untested and the defense gave up almost 400 yards of offense to the Dukes. Coming up: vs. Eastern Washington Rank 2 North Dakota State Bison (1-0) Previous Rank: 2 Bye Coming up: Bye Rank 3 Eastern Washington Eagles (0-1) Previous Rank: 4 Bye Coming up: Bye Rank 4 James Madison Dukes (1-1) Previous Rank: 1 The Dukes visited the North Dakota Fighting Hawks this weekend and looked gassed coming out the gate. If last week's JMU team was Dr. Jekyll, this week Mr Hyde showed up. Transfer Cooper Flemming and running back Willie Peters had good games, but the defense was gashed 6 touchdowns in a disappointing 45-31 loss. Coming up: Bye Rank 5 Harvard Crimson (1-0) Previous Rank: 5 Bye Coming up: vs Illinois State Rank 6 Illinois State Redbirds (1-0) Previous Rank: 6 Bye Coming up: at Harvard Rank 7 Delaware Blue Hens (1-0) Previous Rank: 8 The run game was the story as Delaware visited New Hampshire in their first game of the season. The tandem pair of Kaden Gilmore and quarterback Jeffrey Guzman showed why Delaware is noted as one of the fastest teams in the FCS. They combined for over 150 yards and 3 rushing touchdowns on the day in a 34-23 win. The defense was busy as well, registering 4 sacks. Coming up: vs South Dakota State Rank 8 South Dakota State Jackrabbits (0-1) Previous Rank: 7 Bye Coming up: at Delaware Rank 9 New Hampshire Wildcats (1-1) Previous Rank: 10 Despite the 31-17 win, the Wildcats still have only shown flashes of its 9-3 team last season. The offense had a clean, but inefficient game. Quarterback Jack Mayberry threw for just over a 50% completion rate while the offensive line allowed three sacks. The run game was the bright spot this week and the team hopes to continue this week's success. Coming up: Bye Rank 10 Northern Iowa Panthers (0-1) Previous Rank: 11 Just as predicted, Rawkwon Thomas was the star of the show in the matchup against Delaware. However, despite running for almost 200 yards and 2 touchdowns, the defense was simply just not good enough as the team fell 23-34 to the Blue Hens. The team will need to work to protect their QB to give him some more time moving forward. Rank 11 Montana Grizzlies (0-2) Previous Rank: 9 Again, the Grizzlies started strong keeping it a one field goal game at half time. But just like last week, they gave up multiple touchdowns in the fourth quarter in yet another disappointing loss, 17-31. The offensive line will need to improve to give Gabriel Gave time to throw and Christian Gray holes to run through. Coming up: Bye Rank 12 Youngstown State Penguins (0-1) Previous Rank: 12 The Penguins visited Temple on Saturday morning, and it was one to forget as they fell 55-7 to a strong Temple team. Youngstown State didn't score until the 3rd quarter and gained only 142 yards of offense on the day. Temple running back Julian Childs ran wild and had 209 yards and 3 touchdowns alone. A lot of questions for this young team moving forward. Hopefully the upcoming bye will give the team a chance to reflect and improve. Coming up: Bye
  10. SolutionA

    [2022] Around the FCS: Week 1 Recap

    Um you missed a parenthesis!? Unreadable article! Just kidding, what a great piece of media. Proud of you FCS-bro. <3
  11. SolutionA

    [2022] Week 0 FCS Power Rankings

    Thanks! Hope to see you guys up towards the top of the power rankings again soon!
  12. SolutionA

    [2022] Week 0 FCS Power Rankings

    Yeah! Hopefully someone takes over there soon! Would hate to see the current talent to go wasted. Thanks! It was tough to grade teams that haven't played yet, so I had to go off their rosters. I think there is going to be a big change next week! We'll be all of the best parts of the FBS with fun, scrappy football
  13. Week 0 is now in the books, and while many teams in the FCS have yet to play a game, let's take a look at our (hopefully weekly) FCS Power Rankings! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rank 1 James Madison Dukes (1-0) Previous Rank: N/A Quarterback James Franklin is surrounded by a set of incredible offensive weapons that put up 41 points against last year's national championship runner up. Defensively, they were also able to get it done with 2 forced turnovers despite allowing 21 points in the fourth quarter. Rank 2 North Dakota State Bison (1-0) Previous Rank: N/A Like the Dukes, the Bison got it done through the air and on the ground in hostile territory. It took a strong fourth quarter offensive push despite a poor defensive showing, to beat Eastern Washington, but they came out victorious in the end. Rank 3 North Dakota Fighting Hawks (0-0) Previous Rank: N/A Idle this week, but this team has a terrifying offense. Redshirt Senior Robbie Koehler and Austin Bright will lead the Fighting Hawks in a deep playoff run. Rank 4 Eastern Washington Eagles (0-1) Previous Rank: N/A The season did not start as they had hoped, but the Eastern Washington Eagles still look good. Redshirt junior quarterback Samuel Conner is the real deal and receivers Percy Brown and Nicholas Murphy will make sure of that. Defensively, there are some holes, and North Dakota State showed us that this weekend. Rank 5 Harvard Crimson (1-0) Previous Rank: N/A This is a very young team with lots of talented players bursting at the seam to show their true colors. A hard-fought victory over Montana earns them 4th. Rank 6 Illinois State Redbirds (1-0) Previous Rank: N/A Despite the win, the Redbirds will be looking to improve things after their first game, A very talented run game showed itself off this weekend as redshirt sophomore Frankie Boone and his 122 yard, 1 TD performance explained to us why he thinks he can take Illinois State to back-to-back playoff berths. Rank 7 South Dakota State Jackrabbits (0-1) Previous Rank: N/A Despite having one of the most talented rosters in the FCS, the Jackrabbits failed to impress last week as they fell 13-17 to a rusty Illinois State team. South Dakota State failed to find the endzone until Darnerien Hassan ran one in in the fourth quarter. Rank 8 Delaware Blue Hens (0-0) Previous Rank: N/A A very fast team, the Blue Hens have speed on the offense. It remains to be seen if running back Kaden Gilmore and talented tight end Daniel Padgett will have what it takes to elevate this Delaware team behind a very talented offensive line. Rank 9 Montana Grizzlies (0-1) Previous Rank: N/A A tough loss in Cambridge this past weekend, but the signs are there that this Grizzlies team can make quite the impact this season. Perhaps most desperately, the Grizzlies need to work on its late-game stamina as they were outscored 3-14 in the final period of play. Rank 10 New Hampshire Wildcats (0-1) Previous Rank: N/A They were 9-3 last season, but this season started off with a loss that looked closer than it actually was. This Wildcats team looks nothing like the one we saw last year in the championship game. Still, there are some positives, here. The upperclassmen will have to do what they can to hopefully emulate last week's 4th quarter throughout the season. Rank 11 Northern Iowa Panthers (0-0) Previous Rank: N/A The Jim Skinner is going to have his hands full creating holes for extremely talented running back Raekwon Thomas to run through. Defensively, linebacker James Butler will have to be all over the field if the Panthers want to make it to the playoffs this year. Rank 12 Youngstown State Penguins (0-0) Previous Rank: N/A There is a long of very young talent on the roster. Redshirt freshman Brad McCaffrey and true freshman Charles Wright are going to be stars one day, but for now, keep the hat and scarf on, Pete, it's going to be a long season. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: First time doing this, so I'm sorry if your team is not ranked highly as you think they should be. OOC feedback and criticism welcome. Also, how do you size images?
  14. SolutionA

    [2022] Week #0 - Saturday Night

    Huh, I must not have hit confirm button. Thanks for letting me know. I'll fix that right now.
  15. SolutionA

    [2022] FCS Week #0 Discussion

    Alright, time to show everyone that the red field isn't that scary.