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  1. SolutionA


    Congrats @johnkirk! You have been approved for Florida A&M. Please make sure to request your team, make an interface request, and update coaching skills! Welcome to the FCbeSt.
  2. SolutionA


    Hey @johnkirk . Sorry for the delay. I'm going to send you a quick PM as a refresher.
  3. 2024 season Offense: 10 -> +2 = 12 Defense: 12 -> -1 = 11 Special Teams: 9 Clock Mgmt: 9 -> +1 = 10 Discipline: 11 -> -1 = 10 Youth Mgmt: 11 -> + 1 = 12
  4. I feel like everyone figured out McAllister or something. Dude would complete like 70% of his passes last season. This year he's averaging like a pick a game.
  5. Congrats to the Illinois State Redbirds. They were the better team today. Coach @verifiedThing is a helluva a coach and we need to go back to the drawing board and come back stronger. As promised:
  6. Congrats to the Illinois State Redbirds on their amazing season. Best of luck next year. We'll be back to face you guys.
  7. Normal, IL and Fargo, ND - Opponents on the field, but comrades off the field - Illinois State and North Dakota State have placed a friendly wager on the upcoming 2023 FCS Championship Game. The runner up of this match will donate money to the champion's charity of choice. The Bison have chosen the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) as their designated charity. "Appreciating the animals in your lives has always been of the upmost importance to those of us on the team. We want to give back to the animals who have given us happiness and joy throughout our lives - especially those beautiful bison," said North Dakota State head coach @SolutionA. Illinois State @VerifiedThing to announce the Redbirds' charity of choice. The floor is open for questions.
  8. Is there a version of this for FCS teams at all? Making the semi/championship games?
  9. @VerifiedThing deserves all of the respect in the world, but when we're across the field from each other in a few weeks, we will do everything within our means and laws to make sure the world looks up only to the Bison.
  10. Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we are currently sold out of The Fargo Underground Chat Kingdom shirts.
  11. The Fargo Underground Chat Kingdom 129th edition January 24, 2020 As the FCS season winds to an end, we caught up with SolutionA, head coach of the North Dakota State Bison to chat about the upcoming championship match up. The Fargo Underground Chat Kingdom: You've made it to the final game, how are you feeling right now? Coach SolutionA: It feels great. We were in this position last year, and we're super excited to make it two in a row. We love seeing other teams do well, but we want a monopoly on championships TheFUCK: What do you think is your team's biggest strength going into this match up? Coach: The team is fired up, all cylinders running. On offense, we're going to rely on experienced QB Zack McAllister to make the right calls in the huddle and under center. Defensively, senior linebacker Brandon Delgado has been giving opposing QBs problems all season long. TheFUCK: Anything you are going to focus on from this upstart Redbird team? Coach: Of course QB Devon Wardwell is going to need to be shut down early. We have plans on making life in the pocket miserable for him. Our receivers will also be running away from FS Todd Werner. He's a really talented player, but we plan on not allowing him to show up on the statsheet. TheFUCK: This will be senior RB Daniel Taylor's final game wearing the NDSU colors. Any thoughts on that? Coach: Daniel is a competitor. He has really stepped it up this year and we are extremely excited about that. We want to send him off with another championship, and we want to show the NFL why the FCbeSt produces the best players. TheFUCK: Speaking of the draft, your team is sending 4 players to the NFL draft this year, the most by any FCS team in well over 11 months. What do you think about that? Coach: Like I said earlier, the FCbeSt produces elite talent, and that is a testament to that. We are really happy for what we are able to accomplish here. TheFUCK: We have seen a few examples of a potential new logo and mascot for the team, care to comment on that? Coach: TheFUCK: Looking forward to next year, who do you expect to be your starters for the 2024 season? Coach: I want to focus one week at a time. TheFUCK: The fans are curious coach, any hints? Coach: Did I stutter? TheFUCK: Coach: TheFUCK: Coach:
  12. Final push boys. Time to prove all of the doubters in here wrong.
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