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  1. @Soluna Unless I'm completely misunderstanding, your ST coach appears to be worth too many points.
  2. SolutionA


    @Huskers24, you're approved for Northern Iowa! Please request your team here as well as on the interface. Welcome to the FCbeSt!
  3. SolutionA


    Hiya @Huskers24 apologies for the delay. I'll send you a quick PM!
  4. The standings aren't updated @Suffocation. Says NDSU is 0-1 but we're 1-1
  5. Donovan, you little shit. You're at Faulk for this loss.
  6. Rams are currently on track for a 16-0 season and a Super Bowl win. I'm just saying.
  7. TBH idk how you joined the site so recently and immediately got to take over and make a national championship team / become a conference commish / win hella games. You also have some great media / ideas so hopefully you get back on top of the FCbeSt

    1. SolutionA


      :) appreciate it! Hope to dominate the FCS some more.

  8. Agreed. My point is to work on figuring out a way to help balance it.
  9. Went with what the wiki said, my bad! Very true, except it's tough to even get 3.5 recruits. I think I ended up with a handfull of them this year. Most of my recruits were 3.0 if I recall correctly. My true freshmen this year: Now that I think about it, I don't really remember recruiting those 2.5 and 2.0 guys, so maybe they got generated to fill out my team? Not sure. Either way, I ended up with 18 guys, only 6 were 3.5 or higher. Only one was higher than 3.5. Maybe that's a failure on my part for being bad at recruiting (very possible and very true), but I can see many people running away from the FCS because of it.
  10. I just think the FCS is treated like the G5, but it's much different. It's weird to bar the FCS from the P5 pool, but I can agree with it, if we can look at the P5 pool as a privilege, but it's not right now. It feels like a punishment.
  11. Love the idea. Right now being in the P5 list feels more like a punishment than a privilege.
  12. I understand that we want realism, but you need a balance between that and fun. In the real world, coaches are paid and have an expectation year on year. Nobody is going to hire a coach at Troy and ask that they make the playoffs within 2 years, but they would for a coach at Michigan, for example. They are compensated accordingly, as well. Since we don't have that, everybody expects to win. Obviously that's not possible, but coaches don't really receive a compensation for hitting certain goals. Fair point here, but my point is that on the whole, FCS is penalized more harshly across the board and this is just one aspect of it.
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