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  1. Good lord, Kenneth Love ran a train through your DL.
  2. Illinois State a bit too close for comfort...
  3. @Osu holy crap. That was too close for comfort. Defense wins games. Gg.
  4. Wait till I teach them about safeties.
  5. Your kinda-weekly power rankings! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rank 1 North Dakota State Bison (5-0) Previous Rank: 1 The Bison continued their masterclass in this one, absolutely dismantling (yes, we know it's just them) Montana. They won on every side of the ball. Like all eight sides. Seriously. They managed to score a Passing TD, a Rushing TD, an Interception returned for a TD, a Punt Return TD, and a Kickoff Return TD. They just didn't force any fumbles or get any safeties or 2 pt returns. Everybody played well. It was almost a flawless game for the Bison. Coming up: at Delaware Rank 2 Illinois State Redbirds (4-0) Previous Rank: 3 Wow, another complete game for a top FCS team. The Redbirds had a great one this week. They blanked a the Vikings and scored 2 on the ground and 2 through the air. While we could give all the plaudits to Wardwell and Boone, something has to be said about that defense. They were up in Riley Aldridge's face all game, forcing an interception and putting him on the ground twice. The rush defense was incredible, too, holding Rivers to 21 yards on 8 carries (and this included a single 6 yard carry). Without that 6 yard carry, he gained just 2 yards per rush. The Redbirds defense will scare opponents deep into the playoffs. Coming up: at Tulsa Rank 3 Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens (4-1) Previous Rank: 2 It was an efficient win for Delaware in this one. It actually was kind of close, as a missed field goal kept the Blue Hens in the lead in this one. Barack Holmes had a "bad" day in the office, only rushing for 81 yards and one score. Eric Jenkins had an, again, efficient outing. 20/28 for 200 yards and a score. Coming up: vs North Dakota State Rank 4 UC Davis Aggies (3-1) Previous Rank: 6 Coach @Dacder pumped up the boys in this one and they did NOT disappoint. Oof. This offensive juggernaut looked like that one team we saw dominate in our simulation football league last year. The Los Angeles Rams, I think they were called? Luck was like sim-NFL player Jared Goff and he was surrounded by amazing WRs AND a sim-NFL running back Todd Gurley. Amazing. Life imitates art, right? Coming up: at Kentucky Rank 5 South Dakota State Jackrabbits (2-2) Previous Rank: 5 BYE Coming up: at North Dakota Rank 6 James Madison Dukes (2-3) Previous Rank: 4 It was extremely close, but the Dukes could not pull off the comeback win. A tough missed field goal from a weird angle 39 yards out ultimately doomed their chances. Cooper Fleming did not play well in this one. Delaware's defense held him to just 127 yards passing. The run game, however played very well. Both Jones and Howard managed to find paydirt. Encouraging sign for the Dukes as they head into the bye week, hoping to figure out their QB woes. Coming up: BYE Rank 7 North Dakota Fighting Hawks (3-2) Previous Rank: 8 Another really solid game for the North Dakota offense. The Fighting Hawks scored 3 through the air and two on the ground via Micah Maxwell (is this some really great week for RBs or something!?) On defense, Darnell Major had a helluva day. He had 7 tackles and 2 for a loss. Besides that, however, it was a bit rough on run defense as they allowed over 100 yards rushing and two scores. Coming up: vs South Dakota State Rank 8 Youngstown State Penguins (2-2) Previous Rank: 10 New life for this team?! In Coach Washington's first game as the Penguins leader, he somehow got Brad McCaffrey to score 3 touchdowns. I'm confused? McCaffrey looked GREAT. He threw for over 300 yards and suddenly the Penguins look a bit frightening. On defense, the secondary managed an interception and a pass defended. Daveon Williams also added 7 tackles to his tally. They did give Samuel Connor his best game of the season, despite the win. Coming up: vs Portland State Rank 9 Harvard Crimson (3-2) Previous Rank: 9 BYE Coming up: vs New Hampshire Rank 10 New Hampshire Wildcats (1-4) Previous Rank: 7 Shawn Crawley was just too good and Jack Mayberry too not good. RB Kenneth Love tried everythign he could, scoring twice in this one, but North Dakota was just too much for the Wildcats. Defensively, the Wildcats are going to wonder what could have been, but they just could not cover Sorensen and Chambers. The duo put up over 160 yards combined and both scored once. Coming up: vs Harvard Rank 11 Eastern Washington Eagles (1-4) Previous Rank: 12 Samuel Connor tried his best in this one. He almost had 300 yards passing, and managed 3 TDs and an INT. There's something to be said about how Connor looked in the pocket in this one. He had been having an off year, but this week really spread the ball around. Four different receivers had 3 or more receptions and three different players caught TD passes. They didn't get the win here, but I would say they are seemingly trending up. Coming up: BYE Rank 12 Northern Iowa Panthers (0-4) Previous Rank: 13 BYE Coming up: at Yale Rank 13 Florida A&M Rattlers (2-3) Previous Rank: 11 Oof. That was a rough one. Gavin Orr does not look great. I don't think he's the answer. 177 yards, under 50% completions, 2 INT to 1 TD? DeAndre Fox was... somehow worse, rushing 9 yards on 6 attempts with a long of 4. That means he managed 1 yard per carry besides that one run. Not great. Coming up: BYE Rank 14 Portland State Vikings (0-4) Previous Rank: 14 This was ugly. Riley Aldridge... Oof. Rashaad Rivers?... Oof as well. The only player worth mentioning in this one was probably Brandon Mullen. He had 7 tackles, 2 for a loss, and a sack. He tried his best, but one player can only do so much in this sport. Portland will next have to face a suddenly lifeless...less (???) Youngstown State. Expect McCaffrey to throw 4 TDs. Coming up: at Youngstown State Rank 15 Montana Grizzlies (0-5) Previous Rank: 15 This could be the worst defensive effort for the Grizzlies this year. They did, however, make a field goal... and convert on 3rd down once. Coming up: BYE Rank 16 Yale Bulldogs (0-4) Previous Rank: 16 BYE Coming up: vs Northern Iowa
  6. I am equally excited and terrified to face him tomorrow. I think we can contain Barack Holmes, but Eric Jenkins may be a whole other situation. Secondary has been leaky this year...
  7. Holy shit who gets the game ball!? The Defense? McAllister? The WRs? Taylor? I have no idea. The special teams for the punt AND kickoff returns? 28/33 holy shit. I'm so sorry Montana. This has to be a record for most scoring methods, right? I was only missing one fumble return, a 2pt conversion return, 2pt conversion, and a safety.
  8. NDSU and Delaware were too good this week. Master classes.
  9. Holy crap it's NOT on time this week! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rank 1 North Dakota State Bison (4-0) Previous Rank: 2 A masterclass of a 2nd half helps the Bison take down an FBS opponent. McAllister threw 3 TDs, but also 1 pick in the win against UNLV. Daniel Taylor had his way with the UNLV rush defense. Defensively, the team played well, but did give up over 100 yards and a score to Bronson Willingham. The linebackers will need to help contain better moving forward. Coming up: at Montana Rank 2 Delaware Blue Hens (3-1) Previous Rank: 3 Delaware is... still scary!? Eric Jenkins briefly flirted with perfection in this one, going 17/23 for 250 yards and 2 scores. He and Barrack Holmes who had 160 yards and 3 (YES THREE) touchdowns absolutely TORCHED the panthers. Barack Holmes, the President himself. And the defense was great. They did give up 3 scores, but that secondary was all over the place this week. THREE TDs. Geez. Coming up: vs James Madison Rank 3 Illinois State Redbirds (3-0) Previous Rank: 1 BYE Coming up: at Portland State Rank 4 James Madison Dukes (2-2) Previous Rank: 7 They looked shaky in this one, but managed to beat a good Eastern Washington team. Cooper Fleming struggled a bit, but Samuel Jones helped keep things moving along. Tanquest Jackson continues to be Fleming's favorite target, racking up 132 yards, but no scores. Defensively, an INT and a pair of sacks helped keep the Eastern Washington quarterback in check. Coming up: at Delaware Rank 5 South Dakota State Jackrabbits (2-2) Previous Rank: 8 A solid game for the Jackrabbits in this one. Yes, it was Yale, but the O-line gave Isaiah Best so much time in the pocket as he threw for almost 300 yards. Munnerlyn also managed to top 100 yards and found paydirt once. Defensively, they terrorized Hayes - interceptions, sacks. You name it, they got it. Coming up: BYE Rank 6 UC Davis Aggies (2-1) Previous Rank: 5 BYE Coming up: at Florida A&M Rank 7 New Hampshire Wildcats (1-3) Previous Rank: 6 BYE Coming up: vs North Dakota Rank 8 North Dakota Fighting Hawks (2-2) Previous Rank: 11 A pretty solid game in this one. Crawley was almost clinical, going 22/34 with 270 yards, 2 TDs, and no INTs. Micah Maxwell, however, takes the plaudits in this matchup. He had gaping holes all day, rushing for 127 yards only 19 carries. The talented WR duo of Chambers and Sorenson managed 100+ yards each and a score each. Defensively, Tristan Garrison was a beast. Coming up: at New Hampshire Rank 9 Harvard Crimson (2-2) Previous Rank: 4 Too little, too late for Cameron Whaley and Lucas Beckwith. Beckwith had a very pedestrian day in the office in this one, as did Whaley. What really shocked everybody was just how poorly Whaley played. He did score once, but 3.7 yards per carry is not the Whaley we know. The Crimson tried to come back late in this one, but solid play from the Fighting Hawks kept this one out of reach for the Crimson. Coming up: BYE Rank 10 Youngstown State Penguins (1-2) Previous Rank: 9 BYE Coming up: at Eastern Washington Rank 11 Florida A&M Rattlers (2-2) Previous Rank: 14 A much better game, albeit a weaker opponent. Gavin Orr played much better in this one, throwing 2 TDs. The O-line was good, as well, despite DeAndre Fox not taking full advantage of the gaping holes. Defensively, the team will want to take better care covering receivers as Montana was able to hit 200+ yards passing as well as 2 TDs. Coming up: vs Illinois State Rank 12 Eastern Washington Eagles (1-3) Previous Rank: 10 In a match up of two top teams from last year, we got... this. Samuel Conner, just could not do it for the team this week. He tossed the ball 46 times for 307 yards, 2 TD, and 1 INT. I'd say he tried his hardest, but the rest of the team sort of let him down. James Davis could not find the end zone despite 15 attempts. The run defense was the story in this one, giving up 125 yards and 2 scores to the JMU running back. A rally in the 2nd half was just not enough. Coming up: vs Youngstown State Rank 13 Northern Iowa Panthers (0-4) Previous Rank: 12 Pete Martin continues to improve, but it's just not happening for the Panthers. Beckwith had a good, but not great game, with a subpar completion rate. The defense was also just missing tackles left and right. They could not contain the running back. Perhaps it's time for the Panthers to start Johnny Kuhn. Coming up: BYE Rank 14 Portland State Vikings (0-3) Previous Rank: 13 BYE Coming up: BYE Rank 15 Montana Grizzlies (0-4) Previous Rank: 15 Like FAMU, the Grizzlies had a good game. Sure, they lost, but Gage was very promising. James West continue to get stuffed at the line. It seems the Grizzlies have abandoned running the ball, pretty much. The O-line could not hold back the Rattlers's pass rush as Gage found himself on his rear 3 times. Coming up: vs North Dakota State Rank 16 Yale Bulldogs (0-4) Previous Rank: 16 What more can be said about Logan Hayes? He's struggling again in this one. 140 pass yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. The bright spot was Will Brown hitting some tough 40+ yard FGs. Defensively, the line could not get any pressure at all. It will continue to be a long season. Coming up: BYE
  10. Well, I fully endorse it. Please keep writing them!
  11. Ohhh, I misread that you said "play host to." Please ignore me. And yes! This looks really nice! I assume you model these off of Brian over at MGoBlog? I actually don't know of any other established Opponent Watches. Those are hilarious! Love it.
  12. We actually played #4 (?) Texas Tech last year and lost by one score... Man, how did I miss this last week! Great stuff! Side note - could do with a tad bit of formatting so it's a bit easier on the eyes. Maybe a more line breaks and bold a few things? Nice work!
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