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  1. O’Hennessy. I expect big things from you
  2. Jordan

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Buffalo Bulls OOC schedule Week 1 - @ BYU @NDIrish21) Week 2 - @ Stanford @believer) Week 13 - Home vs UMASS (Uncoached, confirmed by @joedchi) Week 14 - @ Lousiana Tech (Uncoached, confirmed by @Bubada)
  3. Looking for 2 OOC games, Weeks 1 and 14. PM if interested.

    1. Jordan


      Only one opening left which is week 14. Preferably a home game to even my OOC out at 2 home and 2 away.


  4. Offense:10 > 1 = 11 Defense:10 > 3 = 13 Special Teams 10 > -1 = 9 Discipline > -1 = 9 Youth Mgmt 10 > 0 =10
  5. Buffalo Bulls 2022 Recruiting Class TOP 5 RB Javorius Edwards - Susan Wagner HS (Richmond, NY) Power 1.0/4.0 Edwards will look to be red-shirted his freshman year, then spending a year behind Alec Self, before finally being thrust into the starting role at RB QB Chris O'Hennessy - Waterloo (Waterloo, NY) Pocket 1.0/4.0 O'Hennessy will most-likely follow the same route as Edwards, red-shirting his first year before spending his RS Freshman year behind Thompson. TE Captain Proctor - Horizon (San Diego, CA) Blocking 1.0/3.5 With the departure of the only two Tight Ends on the Roster, expect Proctor to be immediately jump into the starting role for Tight End FS Antoine Plummer - West Valley (Hemet, CA) Man Coverage 1.0/3.5 Plummer is expected to sit behind All-Mac Safety Reginald Blakely, before getting a chance to battle for the starting spot in 2024 OG Henry Radford - Crowell (Crowell, Texas) Pass Blocking 1.0/3.5 Radford looks to possibly come in and battle for the starting spot at Left Guard. The Remaining Recruits! FB Nick Hawley - Vernon (Vernon, FL) Run Blocking 2.0/3.0 SS Booker Lemons - Watsonville (Watsonville, CA) Man Coverage 1.0/3.0 OG Gregory McBride - Hanover Park (East Hanover, NJ) Run Blocking 1.0/3.0 ILB Evan Fischer - Ledyard (Ledard, CT) Will 1.0/3.0 CB Marcus Spikes - South Pontotoc (Pontoto, MS) Man Coverage 1.0/3.0 CB Jermaine Cason - Barrion Collier (Naples, FL) Man Coverage 1.0/3.0 P Sakaria Vaaelua - Williams (Williams, CA) Accuracy 1.0/3.0 WR Jack Lee - Hoosac Valley (Cheshire, MA) Target 1.0/3.0 DT Joel Gifford - Saranac Lake (Saranac Lake, NY) 2-Gap 2.0/2.5 DT Maui Polamalu - Mount Camel Area (Mount Camel, PA) 2-Gap 2.0/2.5 C Andres Bueno - Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, NJ) Run Blocking 1.0/2.5 K Bart Crouse - Susan Wager (Richmond, NY) Power 1.0/2.5 C Martin Tamayo - Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, NJ) Pass Blocking 1.0/2.5 TE Damien Cason - Saltsburg (Saltsburg, PA) Blocking 2.0/2.0 OT Jeffrey Driscoll - Mclean (McLean, VA) Pass Blocking 1.0/2.5
  6. After looking at their roster. I totally expected this.
  7. Base starting skills Offense: 10 Defense: 10 Special Teams: 10 Clock Mgmt: 10 Discipline: 10 Youth Mgmt: 10 CFBHC Career:Buffalo Bulls (2022-Present) NFLHC Career: New England Patriots Scout (2022-Present)
  8. C D. J. Wilkinson 6-1 304 R Buffalo [Run Blocking] [0] 81 My pride and joy
  9. This is the 2nd game my kicker has costed me this season. It hurts.
  10. Looking to get into NFLHC as a scout. If any teams are interested, please message me.

  11. (Picture Above - Buffalo QB #3 Levi Thompson handing off to Buffalo RB #24 Denzel Porter Toledo Rockets (5-4) at Buffalo Bulls (5-4)(+16.5) Offensive Player of the Game Levi Thompson - Thompson had one of his best games of the season against the Rockets today. He was decent through the air, going 8/13 putting up 110 yards and one touchdown. The QB shined bright in the run game, running the ball 7 times for 67 yard and a touchdown. Defensive Player of the Game Dominique Waller/ Laquon Boston - Waller was a force tonight in the run game, managing to total up 7 tackles. Boston had his best game of his career, the freshman blanketed Prince Malone all game, securing the first interception of his career, while also holding the wideout to only 2 catches for 26 yards. The Toledo Rockets headed over to Buffalo, New York to take on the Buffalo Bulls in this Week 12 Matchup. Buffalo picking up a much needed win last week against Kent State after after dropping four straight. This morning the Bulls managed to pick up a much needed conference win against the favored Rockets behind a strong showing from QB Levi Thompson. "I'd love to begin this conference by showing love to the fans, you guys support us every night, win or loss and we can't thank you enough for that. I would also love to shout out the all my boys. They put it all out on the field today, and it showed against one of the tougher teams in this conference. This is one of the more complete games we've played all season. After dropping four in a row, it feels great to say we're finally getting back on track." "
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