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  1. Jordanozenne

    [2022] Week #11 - TNF

    Man, after 4 weeks of straight losses. Feels good to get a W.
  2. Jordanozenne

    [2022] Week #9 - Saturday Morning

    Buffalo pls
  3. Really late listening to this, but you did give me an idea. Im gonna move Boston up to see if that makes things better. Thanks!
  4. Jordanozenne

    [2022] Week #6 - Saturday Evening

    Dang.. Tough loss.
  5. Jordanozenne

    [2022] MAC Recruiting After Week 5

    Nice jump from last weeks rankings.
  6. Jordanozenne

    [2022] Week #4 - TNF

    Uhh. I dunno if im missing something, but it says I have 4 sacks but Arthur only has 1.5 and Jeremiah has 1.0. Theres a few sacks missing.
  7. Jordanozenne

    [2022] Week #4 - TNF

    was hoping for a more convincing win, but im perfectly fine with 23-3! once again, I love Denzel Porter
  8. Jordanozenne

    [2022] Power Rankings: Week 3

    Thank you! @Jieret
  9. Jordanozenne

    [2022] Week #2 - TNF

    Thanks man!
  10. Jordanozenne

    [2022] Week #2 - TNF

    I love Denzel Porter..
  11. Jordanozenne

    [2022] Week 1 Players of the Week

    @MasonAsher Good game by Samford, you absolutely deserved it, but Porter's name is gonna be up there one of these weeks >:( and dang, was hoping Arthur Henson would've gotten DPOW, Blackwell deserved it though!
  12. Jordanozenne

    [2022] Week #1 - FNF

    Good job tho bro! Its just he's a real life friend so I want him to do well
  13. Jordanozenne

    [2022] Week #1 - FNF

    Damn UNLV. I hoped you would win
  14. Jordanozenne

    [2022] Buffalo's first win under new HC Jordanozenne

    A bit of both @alexfall862 There was numerous things our Corner's and Safties could've done to have slowed him down, but you can't take credit away from Gavin Faulk. Like the Preview said, that kid's a stud, a grown man, damn near uncoverable. That kid there is no doubt NFL level talent.