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  1. I dont think I have ever had anything above a 4.0 punter or kicker in CFBHC, but I have been able to almost always have a 4.0 in both spots. I think they are undervalued positions in a lot of ways, so getting 4.0s is fairly easy but getting top flight players at those positions is still tough because at least enough people know the value of having good kickers and punters. If it hadn't been such a down year for kickers I was hoping to get a 4.5+ in recruiting this season
  2. Any chance you could adjust the column sizes to be smaller?
  3. uodated
  4. HOUSTON — Early this afternoon the owner/general manager of the Houston Texans, cmcgill, stood in front of reporters at the team's facilities to announce he has resigned from the general manager position to focus solely on his ownership role. The head coach, Rome, will immediately take over the general management of the team in addition to remaining head coach. cmcgill has been the general manager of the franchise since the inaugural season in 2014 and bought the team not long after. However, in his opening statement, he claimed that "this franchise has yet to live up to the expectations we set for ourselves nor the expectations of our fans." He later claimed that "the failure of recent moves to move this franchise in a positive direction has made clear the need for a change." When asked about the decision to hire Rome in his place cmcgill said, "I have full faith in Rome to right the ship and have this team competing sooner than many think. It will take a little patience from all of us to allow time to get back on track, but Rome has me convinced he can to do just that." Pressed for more information about the change cmcgill said that he will remain a part of the decision-making process and still be active in the franchise's day to day activities, but that Rome will from now on have final say on all personnel decisions.
  5. Are you SEC commissioner again?
  6. Two pick 6s and another unreported INT. Can we just agree it was Alexander Burton?
  7. I have a soft spot for Javier Fields because I coached him at UK but Teddy Walker was another level. He was the first (and possibly only) 5 potential player I ever recruited to UK and watching him develop in college was sweet. Him going top 3 in the draft is one of my favorite moments in any draft. On my current team I obviously love Alexander Burton, but I think Elias Allen-Hollis and Jaylen Huff are a bit under appreciated for how they have carried my offense the past two seasons.
  8. Failure Texans fans critical of the front office after 20 point loss to hapless Titans
  9. The draft is by far my favorite part of the site. This last draft I missed days 2 and 3 but I love every second of it, even doing something moronic every time... TRADES NOT WORKING ON THE INTERFACE
  10. Now that the database error is gone...
  11. Oh god no
  12. Yes
  13. The only real requirement I have for my WR 1 is that they be 6-2 or taller. I don't want to go out in a 1 receiver formation and have a 5-10 guy who's only move is running past the defense or coming across the middle. Other than that it is just the best player is my #1. Speed and Target don't influence me too much as I think a speed guy can be an excellent #1. I don't even personally feel slit needs to be a speed guy. I think the slot WR needs to be a sure handed outlet in a lot of situations and a target guy can fill that role as well as a speed guy can. I also haven't had to move the TE around too much but I could see a TE at WR 5 or so
  14. Huff and Puff Jayden Huff leads the Tigers past Ole Miss with 155 rushing yards and two TDs Jayden Huff makes two defenders miss on a 32 yard touchdown.
  15. REDEMPTION! Tigers exact revenge on Tennessee in overtime thriller LSU Kicker Wyatt Abel hits a 35 yard overtime game winner to secure an overtime win in Knoxville Two-hundred fifty-eight days ago LSU and Tennessee met in the SEC championship with a playoff playoff berth on the line. The Tigers led the entire game after an opening drive touchdown pass from Elias Allen-Hollis to Corey Garvin, until a Julius Thomas touchdown pass with 1:11 remaining put the Volunteers ahead by three points. The Tigers took the ensuing kickoff and drove to the Tennessee 40 yard line to set up a game tying field goal attempt as time expired. As Wyatt Abel hit the 57 yard field goal strait and true the kick didn't have the leg to send it to overtime and fell a yard short of the crossbar. On Saturday, the Tigers traveled to Knoxville looking to avenge that loss. The 18 returning LSU starters spent the offseason focusing on the third week of the season with an eye towards revenge. And this time, the sequel may have surpassed the original. The Tigers and Volunteers went toe to toe in a defensive slug-fest. Both teams struggled to produce offense, neither QB recorded a touchdown, and the score was tied at 13 at the end of regulation. As overtime started the Knoxville crowd was rocking but the veteran Tigers remained unfazed. The Tigers won the coin toss and elected to start on defense. The Volunteers begun their drive with a quick 6 yard out to Marcus Holms, followed by a 1 yard run to the left by Nikita Crowe. On 3rd down and 3 yards to go, head coach Sagebow called a five yard slant to Cameron Moss. Adrian Goldson took a short, one-step, drop, looked to his right, and let loose a dart in Moss' direction. However, as he let go of the ball, star LSU outside linebacker out-muscled Moss and got inside positioning. The pass hit Burton in the chest and he bobbled the ball only temporarily before intercepting the freshman quarterback for the first turnover of the game. With the defense forcing a turnover, the Tiger offense stepped onto the field needing only three points to seal the game. The Tigers started the series with an outside run by Jayden Huff around the right side of the line for six yards. On 2nd and 4 the Tigers lined up four wide before Huff motioned out of the backfield, and Allen-Hollis took the snap for a designed QB run up the middle for 2 yards. The Tigers elected to use their 3rd down play to move the snap back to the center of the field as Allen-Hollis took the snap and ran to the left and took a knee for a 1 yard loss. Less than one year ago, one yard cost the Tigers a playoff shot, and kicker Wyatt Abel said after the game that he felt personally responsible. Since that day, Abel has recreated that missed 57 yard attempt every practice, and he never left the field before three successful tries in a row. Abel was determined to see a different outcome this time around. Holder Blake Craig, set up at the 18 yard line as Abel trotted onto the field. Just 35 yards stood between Wyatt Abel and his personal redemption. The snap and hold were good, and Wyatt Abel drilled the ball straight through the middle of the uprights to secure the Tigers cleared their first hurdle for redemption.