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  1. The Houston Texans place CB Tomas Weathers 5-11 181 4 Colorado [Man Coverage] [0] 77 On Injured Reserve. Weathers suffered a severe achilles rupture and is out for the season.
  2. @serwendel Packet 1 - 2 Personal Wealth, 1 Stadium Upgrade, 1 Influence, 1 Practice, 2 Medical, 1 Media (8 Total Funds) Packet 2 - 2 Stadium Upgrade, 1 Influence, 2 Practice, 2 Medical (7 Total Funds)
  3. Round 2, pick 12: ST Mike Priefer (Age 58) Descended from Herm Edwards Kicker Skill Level 2; Punter Skill Level 1 Mike Prefer will be the Special Teams Coordinator for the Houston Texans The Pittsburgh Steelers are on the clock @joedchi @TheLiberator
  4. If I wanted to create two coaches, how would that happen Option A - Coach 1 has 100 points to assign, Coach 2 has 75 points to assign Option B - Coaches 1 and 2 cost 25 points each to create and 50 points to assign between the two coaches
  5. Texans place WR Joseph Dickerson 5-11 158 4 Virginia Tech [Speed] [0] 76 on IR Dickerson suffered a Sever ACL Rupture in Week 1
  6. I think something could possibly be done to balance things a little more for the FCSin this scenario but I would like to point out one thing. The reason teams get locked out of the G5 pool at a certain point is based on the idea that a team on the G5 list shouldn't be able to bully other teams by having either OP win tier bonuses or more points than other teams can compete with. There may be an opportunity to balance things better but any changes will have to keep that in mind. For example, FCS will have admittedly an easier path to 10 wins every season but if those teams get the same access to a legacy lock or strong academics the FCS would dominate the G5 pool to the detriment of the other G5 teams.
  7. How dare you take your time on this really cool thing you're doing for free. <3
  8. He transfered to UMD from LSU iirc Also an LSU banner 100px by 800px
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