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  1. Imagine losing to a team that only beat Indiana by 15...
  2. Smash Mouth: Slightly more passing 1RB/2RB, Rushing inside 1RB/2RB, Rushing outside 1RB/2RB Wing T: Slightly more passing, triple option QB run, Triple option WR motion, triple option QB pass Wishbone: Slightly more passing, Outside rushing, inside rushing Triple Option: QB run option, QB pass option, WR motion focused Flexbone: outside run focused 1/2, inside power focused Option: handoff-qb run focused 1/2 RB, handoff-pass focused 1/2 RB, Pre-snap motion run focused, Pre-snap motion pass focused Pistol: Spread: Pre-snap motion run focused 1/2 RB, Pre-snap
  3. I do like the defensive option as is though. Just wanted to throw that out there
  4. Personally I'm a big fan of the types of options in the OP. Pro style is a great example of a scheme that I struggle with finding a run focused secondary on because the personnel in the schemes more towards passing are all very different and don't facilitate a power running game in the same way pro personnel does.
  5. A CB with a 9.0+ rating on the Houston Texans??? Pressing X to doubt
  6. Updated 10/06/21 Added WR White and CB Brinkley
  7. HOU Receives DT Andrew Pearson 6-3 321 6 Boise State [2-Gap] [-1] 81 2026 6th Rd. Pick (LAC) LAC Receives 2026 5th Rd. Pick (HOU) Pearson has 1 yr. left on a 3 year, $8.1 million contract Due in 2025 - $2.7 million, $0.5 million Gtd.
  8. Ballard is on the first year of the following extension contract - 2 year(s) // 20 million // 75% GTD G//10//5//Total:15 $//0//5//Total:5 Total//10//10//Total:20
  9. Send him to the unemployment line
  10. The Houston Texans place TE DeNorris Talbert 6-3 200 3 Penn State [Blocking] [-1] 77 on Short-term Injured Reserve Talbert suffered a Moderate Shoulder Rotator Cuff in preseason week 3
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