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    1. Welcome to Houston Coach Williams
    2. The Houston Texans would like to offer Oklahoma Head Coach Sean Williams to be Offensive Coordinator of the Houston Texans. HC Sean Williams (Age 55) No Descent, College Football Origin WR/TE Skill Level 3; QB Progression Level 3; Offensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement Level 2 4 PW
    3. One thing I think we should potentially consider is to have AI college teams get only generated recruits (including potentially 4.0s- 5.0s) and have the size of the class dependent on the number of actively controlled teams per season. AI sucks at recruiting and having potentially 50 teams recruiting a pool of players intended for 128 is going to result in anyone joining getting stuck with a terrible team even if they are P5 team.
    4. Shit if it shakes out like this we may have to take a QB in the second round too
    5. #9 RB Simeon Wells 5-11 210 3 Texas [Power] [0] [$] 88 - Accepted $7.475 million
    6. I have to apologize to anyone that visits and be sure they have a lot of blankets
    7. probably the most controversial thing I do our AC is generally at 72 all day but at night I drop it to 68. I literally cannot sleep unless it is cold. And if I fall asleep and then the AC turns off I wake up sweating. I dont know whats wrong with me but it makes me sound fat af tbh I dont think I slept through the night until I was like 22 and realized if I cranked it way down I would not wake up every 2 hours.
    8. I love having a man coverage SS at Bandit and used Kingsley there for years at LSU and he played it this season for Houston. I think it provides a lot of defensive flexibility to have a SS playing in the box as an extra LB that has the speed to cover WRs and the strength to cover a big TE. I also think it is underrated as a run stopping option against faster backs when used like a 3-3-5 rotationally under a 3-4 base where you lose a little size in your front seven and replace it with more lateral speed in the linebacker position. However I don't think the Bandit position fits all teams. First, if you are just specifying a LB to play Bandit I think you are better off leaving the LBs in their natural positions. Second, if your base defense is a zone scheme (specifically LB coverage) I wouldn't bother having a Bandit. If you are zone you don't get the speed benefits of having a SS playing in the box in coverage, and instead are only improving your lateral pursuit which doesn't outweigh other potential losses.
    9. I do think we could see more impact if draft salaries didn't increase every season. Although I will admit I have no idea if / how much they increase IRL
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