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    1. Before you get into the rankings, there are some things I want everyone to know so going into it. The ranking's purpose is to give a 1-100 rating of the approximate value if each recruit in recruiting points. These are not perfect and I am open to making any tweaks or changes people suggest if I think they could be beneficial. The base of the ranking is [weighted skill]*1.5+[potential]*2.7. The use of weighted skill is done so that skill matters less as potential decreases in order to limit the ability of high skill/low potential players to be inflated in their ranking. Below is the basic order of Skill and Potential using weighted system. The base ranking is then multiplied by 1.1-5.5 depending on how valuable the position was ranked in the survey I posted. I wont be going back to the data but if you want to take a look you can see it here (http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/22152-information-for-accurate-recruiting-ranking/). From there overall value is adjusted based on being undersized in height or weight based on the same survey. Additionally, while no information was taken on how important those things are to each position I took some liberties to adjust the importance based on position. For example height is more important for a QB than a DT, and for most positions being taller than "ideal" is not considered a negative (e.g. WR and CB). If more than 50% of people indicated no preference in height or weight for a position in the sim, then no value adjustments were made for it (e.g. no DB values were adjusted for weight). Finally there is a 1-2 point boost for players who's type designation is one preferred by over 65% of people in the survey. For ILBs Mike LBs are preferred in almost every situation but only a few people said they preferred a 3-4 system with a Will LB at the second LB spot, thus Mike ILBs are given a point boost over Will ILBs. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/193C7FuUI5i2REuH7PUqRY9IV5-t7txgA4v5Fcf-4tLI/edit?usp=sharing Raw Skill/Position value order 3.5/5.0, 3.0/5.0, 2.5/5.0, 3.5/4.5, 2.0/5.0, 3.0/4.5, 2.5/4.5, 1.5/5.0, 2.0/4.5, 1.0/5.0, 3.5/4.0, 1.5/4.5, 3.0/4.0, 2.5/4.0, 1.0/4.5, 2.0/4.0, 1.5/4.0, 3.5/3.5, 1.0/4.0, 3.0/3.5, 2.5/3.5, 2.0/3.5, 1.5/3.5, 1.0/3.5, 3.0/3.0, 2.5/3.0, 2.0/3.0, 1.5/3.0, 1.0/3.0, 2.5/2.5, 2.0/2.5, 1.5/2.5, 1.0/2.5, 2.0/2.0, 1.5/2.0, 1.0/2.0, 1.5/1.5, 1.0/1.5, 1.0/1.0
    2. HOUSTON - Texans owner cmcgill ended speculation about the team possibly moving on from current head coach, Rome, by announcing the team's intent to re-sign the coach to a two year contract before the start of next season. The announcement comes on the heel end of a 5-11 season for the Texans in which there was some speculation Rome could be let go. cmcgill said that he felt the issues the team faced this season were not of Rome's doing, and cited the mistakes of the prior team manager and the wealth of injuries to key members of the team this season. While it was made clear that management does expect to see improvement of the next two years they have faith in Rome and believe he surpassed the expectations of many around the league despite the number of key injuries that seemed to plague the team this season. cmcgill also addressed the still potentially open general manager position that Rome currently holds, claiming that while Rome is not being forced out, he has expressed interest in focusing exclusively on coaching. The Texans hope to be able to fulfill Rome's request and acquire a new general manager or at least a scout hired with the intent of being developed to take the GM role before the 2022 draft. The announcement was ended by wishing @Rome a happy birthday!
    3. cmcgill

      [2021] Conference Championship Games - Day #1

      @Dr_Novella Congratulations! Now stay away from my croots
    4. cmcgill

      [2021] Week 16 Coaches Poll

      3 point road loss H2H, 2 wins over ranked teams (UGA and UF), Losses to two of the top five (AU and TCU) and a revitalized USC with their QB back. Wins over two teams A&M has lost to. OOC of TCU (11-1), USC (6-6), WKU (7-5), UNC (1-12). vs 3 point home win H2H, 1 win over a ranked team (LSU), 1 loss to a top ranked team (AU) and losses to unranked Miss St., South Carolina, and Alabama. No wins over teams LSU has lost to. OOC of Rice (10-2), ND (7-5), Fresno St. (4-8), and Liberty (0-12).
    5. cmcgill

      2010s All-Decade CFBHC Team Nominations

      For LSU - OLB Tyrone Jones (2013 - 2014) Year Defensive GP GS Tackles Sacks FF FR INT TD 2013 12 12 69 0.0 0 0 3 0 2014 12 12 132 10.0 0 0 1 0 Totals 24 24 201 10.0 0 0 4 0
    6. cmcgill

      Who is the best UDFA you have signed?

      Tywan Tafoya was our original back up SS in our inaugural season and had a huge +6 progression and started for years until I accidentally let him slip to FA. 2015 - SS Tywan Tafoya 6-2 185 R WashingtonState [ZoneCoverage] 69 2021 - SS Tywan Tafoya 6-2 185 6 Washington State [Zone Coverage] 88
    7. Not quite that bad because they did want to take a CB, but neo loved Fulton and that was their target at their pick assuming stiles was gone. But since Fulton's rookie season both rome and me love to remind him about it
    8. When Soluna stabbed me in the heart by taking Sowell, Rome and I werent sure what to do with our other pick besides taking Leshoure. As our second pick began to come around we were probably going to take Stiles because we needed a CB and hadn't really scouted everyone at that pick. Then the saints came along (thanks again @neovenator250) and offered 1 3rd for us to move back two spots so they could fall on the Stiles grenade for us. When our pick finally came up I pushed for us to take Fulton because he was an absolute monster for me in college and he has continued that success in the pros.
    9. Who? The Sam Linebacker position being anchored by Cameron Morgan for the next few years is huge. We picked up a big addition for the weakside last season, but we really needed to get a contributor covering the middle of the field and I think he is just that. Golden Burton also addresses a similar need in the defensive backfield. Ideally I can RS him for a year if Jeremy Whitehead stays his senior season, but having him in BR is huge. Samir Martin is also a huge pickup at CB that we will be able to work in slowly and add in more Zone looks in the next few years to take advantage of his skills and getting Darren Bowers to play Zone on the opposite side should mean we arent desperate for another zone corner. All of the offensive guys we got werent huge needs but they are all at least two years yonger than the guys in front of them so they should have productive years for us. While we filled holes at OLB and FS we have similar holes that we couldnt fill at OT and C. Anthony Akers at center is going to be great in BR and we look forward to him starting, but we really wanted to bring him in and a freshman to learn under him.
    10. LSU signee CB Samir Martin (Left) covering Clemson signee WR Theo Chamberlin (Right) at The Opening in Frisco, TX. The LSU Tigers officially put pen to paper on a top five class of incoming freshman for the 2022 season. The Tigers signed a total of 26 players including three Junior College transfers. This is the second top 5 class in two seasons for LSU, the only team in the country that can make such a claim. The Tigers have struggled some this year with loses to TCU, Auburn, USC, and Texas A&M, but the young core in Baton Rouge gives the LSU faithful plenty of reason to be excited about their team. Class Information Total Recruits - 26 Players 4.0 potential or better - 15 Overall Class Rank - 4th SEC Class Rank - 3rd QB Roman Steele 6-2 227 Fr Dwyer (Palm Beach Gardens FL) 1.0 of 4.0 [Pocket] One of only two out-of-state high school recruits in the entire class, quarterback Roman Steele fills a huge need at the most important position for the Tigers. Redshirt freshman Jamel Woodson will look to take over the starting QB position this Spring, but Steele will look to come in and compete for the job if Woodson falters. If not, Steele will likely redshirt his first year on campus and hope to earn the starting position before his Junior season. RB Ezekiel Perry 5-7 195 Fr Baker (Baker LA) 2.5 of 4.5 [Power] Running back Zeke Perry from Baker HS in Baker Louisiana may be the best high school running back to ever come out of the state. However, having just signed speedster Marcus Branch in the 2020 class Perry will have to earn a starting spot his first year on campus. Coach CMcGill said that he ideally hopes to red shirt Perry, but that if Branch looks to struggle out of the gate the Tigers will attempt to use a platoon running back system to take advantage of opponent weaknesses. WR Kelvin Farias 6-3 215 Fr Eunice (Eunice LA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Target] One of the biggest signings of the 2021 class, Farias is a quarterback’s dream. His large frame allows him to overpower smaller defensive backs and his long legs give him enough separation against bigger corners. Farias will play an important role in ensuring the young Tiger QB (Woodson or Steele) has a safety blanket when they get in trouble. His sure hands mean if a QB can put the ball close, he can go up and make the play. Farias will join his high school teammate outside linebacker Leonard England in Baton Rouge. Their close bond meant that Farias committed early in the recruiting process and never waivered. England was a 5-star player in 2020 and redshirted his first season in Baton Rouge. WR Joaquin Palacios 6-1 181 Fr Lutcher (Lutcher LA) 1.0 of 4.0 [Speed] The second wide receiver in the class Palacios will look to be the perfect complement to Farias across the field. Despite his tall lanky frame, Palacios is an absolute burner that can put DBs in the dust. With the size and strength to beat press-coverage, Palacios has a lot of potential to play exceptionally well for the Tigers. While Palacios also considered the UAB Blazers he said he wanted to help his state return to national prominence. OG Elliot Foles 6-2 270 Fr Carroll (Monroe LA) 2.0 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] The number two offensive guard in the state of Louisiana, Elliot Foles will continue the strong guard play thats has become expected in bayou country. A little on the light side for an interior OL player, the Tigers see Foles as a versatile lineman that will be able to handle the athletic pass rushers on the interior of the defense and provide help to the offensive tackle in passing situations. Foles’ public recruitment was one of the longer ones with what appeared to be a drawn out battle with the in-state Tulane Green Wave, but Foles confirmed he had been a silent commit to the LSU Tigers for a couple of months before he made the announcement public. DT Noah Donovan 6-6 304 Fr Central Catholic (Morgan City LA) 1.0 of 4.0 [2-Gap] The final commit of the 2021 recruiting class, Noah Donovan is a massive interior defensive lineman that will look to be a part of the rotation along the DL early in his career. Donovan had the option of heading to South Bend, Indiana to play for the Fighting Irish and was at one time considered a Notre Dame lean due to the potential for early playing time. In the end Donovan decided to join former teammate and heir apparent at QB Jamel Woodson and play for the Tigers citing the national championship level talent that has converged in Baton Rouge the past couple years. DT Theo Murray III 6-5 285 Fr Tallulah (Tallulah LA) 1.0 of 4.0 [2-Gap] Similar to Donovan, Theo Murray looks to be a dynamic member of the Tiger defensive line. A little lighter than Donovan, Murray wont eat up running backs rushing inside but he will likely rotate in on passing downs often in Baton Rouge. He excels in hand fighting down low and can use his quickness to beat most interior offensive linemen one on one. That versatility means that teams must commit extra men to help contain Murray on passing downs which should free up the elite edge rushers on the outside. OLB Cameron Morgan 5-11 217 Fr St. Mary's (Natchitoches LA) 2.5 of 5.0 [Coverage] The unquestioned best player in the state of Louisiana this year, Morgan is an almost perfect outside linebacker. The only knock on Morgan is his height, but LSU coaches said they have no doubt he will be a star down on the bayou. He is able to cover pretty much anyone on the field except for the tallest or the fastest wideouts. At the Elite 11 competition in California and the Opening in Texas, Morgan shut down every running back or tight end he faced in drills. In his senior season Morgan’s high school St. Mary’s (Louisiana) didn’t allow 100 yards on the ground in a single game all season almost exclusively because of Morgan’s instincts on the field. The LSU coaching staff raves about the young man and believe he will be the defensive play caller by his Junior year in Baton Rouge if not sooner. CB Samir Martin 6-1 173 Fr Franklinton (Franklinton LA) 2.0 of 5.0 [Zone Coverage] Samir Martin was the second biggest recruiting get in the 2021 class for the LSU Tigers. Martin was the number one cornerback and the second overall prospect in the state of Louisiana. He commited early in the process as well and was a key piece in recruiting a number of other stand-out players in Louisiana including Zeke Perry, Cameron Morgan, and Golden Burton. Interestingly, Martin’s commitment will be the first 5-star cornerback recruit to commit to the Tigers since head coach CMcGill arrived in Baton Rouge, but there is still plenty of talent ahead of Martin on the roster so he will likely play a limited role for a couple of seasons. While Martin’s size and strength allow him to press if needed he is at his best in a zone scheme which may signal a change in the Tiger defense. Martin’s speed may be a bit of a liability in straight man coverage or in prolonged press situations so we expect the Tigers to gradually move towards a zone coverage scheme as Martin begins to mature. CB Darren Bowers 5-10 172 Fr Richwood (Monroe LA) 2.0 of 4.0 [Zone Coverage] Probably the biggest indication that the Tigers are considering a switch to a zone scheme is the inclusion of Darren Bowers in the class. Bowers is a pure zone corner and likely shouldn’t be asked to play in a man coverage scheme but the LSU coaching staff made him a priority in recruiting. They seem to like the potential of lining Bowers up across from Martin if needed. We expect the Tigers to look for a player with slightly higher potential to play the other outside corner so that they can move Bowers into the slot, but the coaches have made it clear they would feel comfortable with Bowers on the outside if needed. FS Golden Burton 5-10 183 Fr Baker (Baker LA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Zone Coverage] Golden Burton represents the Tigers filling one of their largest needs in this class with an elite player. Burton is a playmaking center fielder that excels when he can sit back and read the quarterback’s eyes. He had a school record 21 INTs throughout his high school career and returned 8 of those for touchdowns. Burton is a teammate of Zeke Perry, and good friends with Samir Martin and it is believed their decisions played a large factor in his decision to come to Baton Rouge. He may be one of the few signees with a chance at starting as a true freshman depending on the early declaration decision of all-star free-safety Jeremy Whitehead, but Burton likes his choice either way. Either he redshirts and learns from one of the best safeties in LSU history or he gets a chance to get on the field early and leave his mark. P Theodore Cottrell 6-1 201 Fr Ringgold (Ringgold LA) 2.0 of 5.0 [Power] With junior Angelo Holman only having a year of eligibility left, the Tigers went out in their own backyard and picked up a commitment from the best punter in the country. While it is rare for punters to receive early scholarship offers, the Tigers had their offer in the mail to Theodore Cottrell the first day of the recruiting season. Cottrell didn’t commit right away but the Tigers never had any doubt. Cottrell has a monster leg and can consistently put the ball 50 yards. In fact, the biggest issue the Tigers may face with kicking in the next 4-5 years is that Cottrell may be regularly outkicking his coverage if the LSU gunners aren’t getting down the field quick enough. Junior College Transfers The Tigers secured some huge Junior College transfer players that will be eligible to play immediately in Anthony Akers, Tyrone Rivers, and Kingsley Jackson. Akers and Rivers will be immediate starters on the respective lines. C Anthony Akers 6-1 277 Jr Darton State College (Albany GA) 4.0 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] Akers fill a huge hole at center for the Tigers as senior Parker Haines will be graduating and the Tigers had no one in place to take over when he left. While LSU did land a commitment from the best high school in-state center Aden Morris the coaching staff made it clear they were looking at other options for the starting role. Akers will slide into place for at least two seasons in Baton Rouge while the coaching staff attempts to recruit a talented high school recruit to replace him. DE Tyrone Rivers 6-4 258 Sr Gordon College (Barnesville GA) 5.0 of 5.0 [Contain] While the Tigers were not as desperate for an immediate starter at defensive end as they were at center, when Tyrone Rivers made it known he wanted to head to Baton Rouge the coaching staff made sure he had a spot. While 2020 5-star Maximilian McKinley and 2019 4-star Roger Beltran will both be in Baton Rouge next season, the coaching staff felt like Rivers could come disrupt SEC offences for a season in Baton Rouge while mentoring the young DE talent already in place. SS Kingsley Jackson 6-0 196 (So) Jefferson Davis Community College (Brewton AL) 2.5 of 4.5 [Man Coverage] Kingsley Jackson is somewhat of an after thought for many LSU fans but he came to Baton Rouge hoping to compete for a starting job as a junior. Last year’s JuCo transfer Timothy St. John is firmly entrenched as the starter for the 2022 season, but Jackson is hoping to compete with 2020 5-star Nicolas Colbert for the starting job in 2023. While Colbert is considered by many to have the upper hand because he is two years younger and has slightly more potential, Jackson said he felt confident he will be able to compete for the starting job when the time comes. Walk-ons QB Jaiden Palma 6-6 237 Fr Westminster Academy (Opelousas LA) 1.0 of 3.0 [Pocket] RB Henry Schofield 5-9 197 Fr St. James (St. James LA) 1.0 of 3.0 [Power] WR Kai York 6-0 180 Fr Rayville (Rayville LA) 1.5 of 3.5 [Speed] WR Ualesi Vaaelua 5-11 193 Fr Beau Chene (Arnaudville LA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Speed] OT Matthew Small 6-2 295 Fr Lutcher (Lutcher LA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] OT Edgar Zamora 6-4 268 Fr Rayville (Rayville LA) 1.0 of 3.0 [Run Blocking] C Aden Morris 6-4 243 Fr Oak Forest Academy (Amite LA) 3.0 of 3.0 [Pass Blocking] K Liam Holder 6-3 221 Fr Coronado (Lubbock TX) 3.0 of 3.5 [Power] P Erik McElroy 5-7 172 Fr Richwood (Monroe LA) 1.0 of 3.0 [Accuracy] LS Timothy Goldman 6-2 240 Fr St. James (St. James LA) 1.0 of 3.0 [Specialized] PR Chad Harden 5-11 189 Fr Richwood (Monroe LA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Hybrid]
    11. Last season arguably the three best teams in the country were on one side of the bracket
    12. The "Let's pretend this is last season" Bowl
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      [2021] Week #15 - Saturday Evening

      Kill me pls
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      [2022] CFBHC Schedule - Game Registration

      Week 1 - Memphis @ LSU @Vxmonarkxv Week 4 - ULM @ LSU @jared2001usa Week 7 - Ohio State - LSU (Indianapolis IN) @fever_ful Week 8 - open
    15. I will follow you to the ends of the earth bby