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  1. Whether Jamzz is a wolf it not having deadchat just be the two after we hang Jamzz because of Nemo would be lit
  2. Also that probably means it isn't worth both looking into me because I'm sure it is a weighted random chance. Which means most likely both come back town and neither learn anything
  3. Oh my bad I thought the fool got the opposite of true alignment
  4. Once the fool knows their role they are as good as having another seer so I think getting that info early would be good for them. Also assuming we have another banner once either are confident someone is a wolf they can consider claiming. But if they go 4 or 5 days unsure of if they are a seer or a fool they risk dying to the wolves before ever getting useful info out there.
  5. I am fully willing to hang tomorrow on the assumption that tonight both seer and fool scan me But I doubt either did last night
  6. So Nemo outted himself what are the odds he peed Jamzz too
  7. Sorry not yelling at you I just know there were a lot of Mafia newbs last game and even if a seer 100% knows someone is a bad guy it is a huge risk to bring it out right now
  9. With how soon after my post the day started I would assume they did not do it Night 1
  10. lmfao 0 to 100 back to 0 real quick
  11. Oh I see Dean had the same idea but suggested Cade
  12. Okay crazy idea, I am willing to sac myself tomorrow if both seers want to invest me tonight
  13. So last game town just let people keep skating by saying they were inexperienced, but they werent wrong to do so. And knowing that the wolves get tot talk to each other really makes me think there are two possibilities 1. nemo isnt a wolf because they would have pretty quickly helped him out 2. the other wolves decided pretty quickly to sac nemo and are probably in the lynch train
  14. We have spoken with Javorius and after extensive conversation we believe he understands the gravity of the mistake he made and the risk he put not only himself in but other members of the Houston community. After those conversations we came to an agreement with Javorius where he will be under probation for the rest of the 2024 season where any additional issues will be meet with further scrutiny and punishment. Furthermore, we are putting in place a system for all Texans employees where they can call a private number and receive a ride home no questions asked from an independent contractor not associated with the team. We encourage all players, personnel, and staff to take advantage of the program as much as they would like.
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