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  1. cmcgill

    [2023] Week #7 - MNF

    Begin trying to adjust the game plan to feature Wells more -> Wells injury
  2. How did I go up? I didn't play a game and the teams I have played didn't get any big wins afaik
  3. I love when Auburn and Bama suck as much as anyone but if those assholes fuck up a shot at the playoffs for other SEC West teams I may have to drive to Denver and Cincinnati to throttle some bitches
  4. I'll go opposite and say I think one or two players a class above a 5.0 would be fun and interesting. While I would have been against it in prior seasons where location of the player would matter the switch to 5.0s not having any bonuses makes it viable. The idea of an essentially gauanteed generational player would not only be fun to watch in recruiting even if you aren't in on them but would also just be cool to see their progression through college and the pros. It would make whatever team they end up on essentially must see.
  5. LSU at 10 with those running backs is a travesty. Vaughn, Latta, and Randall only started for a year each but even ignoring pro success they were miles better college running backs than a lot of those other guys listed
  6. I was told this was the week the poll was going to stop being dumb
  7. gg man I know it must be hard being 0-2 against me since leaving the Texans <3
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/ayarsee/status/1165472889673519106
  9. Pretty good corner that just got beat out by other great players. A little bit of drama with the transfer decision but I wouldn't read too much into it
  10. Kingsley getting rewarded for sticking around Baton Rouge
  11. Not sure yet but if ticket prices fall I'm hoping to
  12. First you leave, then you lose to the Titans. You're breaking my heart
  13. cmcgill

    [2023] Week #1 - MNF

    Man the colts really could have used Ron Thomas. Probably should have considered letting the Bengals know they were interested.
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