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  1. Not Your Father's Tigers LSU offense explodes as the Tigers win 66-13 in the season opener against Tulane Dwayne Maddox shakes a Tulane defender to score his second of two TDs on the afternoon.
  2. The Tiger Rag stays home Also I love the new reports
  3. I really regret not trading up to get Sowell no matter the cost. He was the number one player on my board since week 3 or 4. JAX was the only team above us who might consider a RB and I thought they would go OT for sure. We asked around about trading up to get in front of them, but it got out to Soluna and he traded back to their original pick at #2, at that point I thought no way does someone trade to #2 for a RB when no one in front of them needed a RB (I didn't know soluna knew we wanted to move in front of him). I didn't think trading to 1 overall was worth it considering the hype of Early Davis. If I could do it all again I would have gone all in for Sowell. It worked out decently with Leshore who I would've tried to keep anyway and Robert Fulton who for my money was the best DE in the class. Still, RB has been our most plagued position and I should have done all I could to get the first RB that I actually liked since Marcus Barry.
  4. So a little personal but last summer I realized how much I love the site. My mom passed away last summer and I spent a lot of time just lurking on the site as an escape. You guys were pretty much the only people I could have a normal conversation with, and it really helped a lot. The anonymity of the site has lead to some shitty people and situations, but it was what I needed most. So I just want to say thank you to everyone on the site for making some of the worst days of my life a little bit better.
  5. Almost certainly not. The first four weeks without commits is to allow everyone time to place points on all the players they are targeting
  6. 50. DT Dante Schneider 6-7 286 Fr West Monroe (West Monroe LA) 2.5 of 4.5 [2-Gap] (4.5 Stars) 69. DT Finn Little 6-6 309 Fr LaSalle (Olla LA) 3 of 4.5 [1-Gap] (4.5 Stars) REEEEEEEEEEE
  7. Will Kyle be redshirted this season to preserve his eligibility?
  8. We cut him for a 75 rated FCS kicker with no stats... That should have told you all you needed to know
  9. I think a lot of you are understating the rotation on defense in college. I know it isnt a huge thing but I assume even though there aren't injuries I am sure your starting DT may get tired. Especially, if a team runs a lot of plays having bad players rotating in is going to result in your D getting gashed more often. With the new system I will always try and snag a few 3 potential players that havent been bid on late to be decent stop gaps in those kind of situations
  10. 2014 Week #1 my Kentucky team went to Vanderbilt (I had to look it up and I have no idea who was Vandy's coach at the time) Javier Fields threw for 343 yards, 3TDs, and 0 INTs, but of that Austin Medina had 13 catches for 205 yards and 3 TDs. Looking back I way over-relied on rating that season when game planning. I had Fields, Medina, and Derrick Schwartz in the passing game but I also had 5/5 RB Kenneth Farr who was just awful. That first game Farr did okay (13 for 56 yards, 1 TD) but that passing attack was amazing from the start and I think if I hadn't tried to use Farr as much I could have given Fields a better single college season.
  11. Personally, in CFBHC I try and have a sort of default gameplan and make small changes from there. The two sliders I play with the most are WR routes and CB coverage. I switched a lot between press/man coverage last season depending on run/pass instead of fully committing to playing the run/pass because my base defense was the heart of my team. The versatility of my starters meant I would rather them play over putting a different 11 players on the field. I also thought it was useful for teams that I thought might run but I didnt want to commit fully and get beat over the top if I guessed wrong. For offense, I like having one speed and one target WR to allow my passing attack to effectively attack the opponents weakest level with players that excel with those types of routes.
  12. e.g.
  13. I agree there, I think the r=.5 is a pretty good but simple example your point though. I think a bit more randomness would be nice if possible
  14. That isnt what a confidence interval is at all. It means that the probability of the true mean of each group being within that range is 95%, not that 95% of players in the group fall within that range
  15. I see the point about maybe making it easier to overcome, but a team in Colorado shouldnt be able to easily dip into Deleware and take players from in state schools. I feel like going out of the immediate area should be reserved for one or two cant miss prospects. That said I understand there are some places where the immediate area doesnt have much talent or has a lot of schools and that might be able to be addressed but I feel like if everyone had their way there would be little bonus to recruiting in state. I think the one solution would be that if you pipeline a neighbor state, you get double the neighbor state starting points. So if I pipeline AL, I have 24 points on all Alabama players where Alabama schools have 25. That way I am still disadvantaged by 1 point and their 20% bonus compared to my 10%. That would allow for more competitive regional recruiting but still not make it easy to go all the way across the country for the heart of your recruiting class.

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