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  1. Offensive whirlwind!!
  2. Great write up, and great recruiting class as well. Looking around the Sun Belt classes, I can help but to be worried about next year! Things are definitely trending up in Boone, NC.
  3. Great group you're bringing in next year. Definitely doesn't give me the warm and fuzzies about having to face you guys.
  4. I think the conference is going to be very strong here in the next couple of seasons.
  5. Wow! What a day, and what an honor. As a football coach, as a person, as a man I have always strived to be my best and this is an accomplishment I will cherish forever. The Sun Belt conference is filled with terrific coaches, and for them to select me for this honor is something I never thought would happen. I can't thank them enough for allowing me to compete against them in this great conference, and for all I have learned from them along the way. While this is a personal award, it would never be possible without the amazing group of players I had the privilege of coaching this year. These kids started the season off tough, but never gave up on themselves and never gave up on me. I want everyone to know that this is only the beginning. We will continue to improve, we will continue to fight, and we will not rest until we are the greatest football program the Sun Belt Conference has ever seen. 2023 we are bowl eligible, and that is just the beginning. More bowl bids are coming, conference championships are coming, 5 star recruits are coming, players of the year are coming, national rankings are coming. This year is a warning to the rest of the country, we are proud of our accomplishments, but we are not satisfied. So with that, I would like to thank everyone again for making this possible and I will open the floor to anyone that has any questions.
  6. Wow, coach of the year!! What an honor, I never even thought about being in the running for this! Thanks for the votes guys, I am looking forward to continuing this winning trend at Troy. I have to say that I am even more excited about all the players showing up on the all Sun Belt teams! Things are definitely looking up, and I can't wait for 2024!
  7. Awesome showing by your guys tonight! Enjoy the feeling, cuz we are coming stronger in 2024! In the meantime, I hope you represent the east well against ULL!!
  8. I really can't believe we pulled this win out today. GG @rocksaucesundae. @imerman, here we come. And bowl bound baby!!! 1st time in Troy's history.
  9. Agreed, the tides are turning in the Funbelt...
  10. Buckyb

    [2023] Week #15 - TNF

    Definitely brings a level of nervousness to the matchup next week!!! Your boys showed up big time @imerman!
  11. Do you guys have room for Troy??
  12. After starting the season 0-5 a win this week will make Troy bowl eligible for the first time in school history.
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