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  1. The last few weeks in the Fun Belt have been very very interesting. A few teams are working hard to shake up the conference power rankings.
  2. Buckyb

    [2023] Week #11 - FNF

    App State has pulled off 2 wins in a row! They are trying to finish the season strong.
  3. Buckyb

    [2023] Week #10 - FNF

    Twice at that!!!
  4. Buckyb

    [2023] Week #10 - TNF

    The Trojans showed up again for 3 in a row, and the freshman tight end Bryce Jarrell continues to impress! Great game @TBoostR
  5. I gotta get David West featured here before the season ends.
  6. Awesome write up @imerman! Man I've already seen some flaws in my strategy starting off, but hopefully I can finish strong! Hopefully I can compete with the conference big dogs a little bit during the next class!
  7. Just want to point out that the mighty Trojans of Troy are also currently "Streakin"
  8. Buckyb

    [2023] Week #9 - TNF

    By the way GG @rabidsnowman, I never expected to come close to winning this game.
  9. Friday night is going to be a great slate of Sunbelt games. I'm looking forward to it.
  10. Buckyb

    [2023] Week #9 - TNF

    Don't look now, but Troy has started a winning streak!
  11. Buckyb

    [2023] Week #8 - TNF

    Holy Offense Central Michigan!!! Did you really need to field 4 100 yard receivers and a 100 yard rusher??
  12. Good start! Gonna keep them Trojans moving up as the season goes along.
  13. I only hope this wasn't a flash in the pan performance, and we can continue crawling out of the Sun Belt basement! Great read, thanks for taking the time to pump up the team!!!
  14. Definitely going to be an important conference game.
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