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  1. Very excited for the matchup Friday and to see the young guys perform!
  2. I am very impressed with my defense. Too bad I have 0 running game. A missed field goal from a huge upset in my first game!
  3. Well my daughter turns 5 months old in a couple days. At 2 months old she got sick and was diagnosed with HLH which is a genetic disease that is fatal if not treated. To cure it she needs a stem cell transplant which has a success rate of 85%. She’s been getting chemo and steroids for the last three months until a stem cell match was found. We get admitted to the hospital on Tuesday and she receives her transplant on the 28th. We will be living in the hospital for three months after which I took off of work. It’s going to be the toughest time of our lives so I am glad for things like this community to take my mind of our current situation. Her name is Emma and is the strongest baby I have ever seen! #EmmaStrong
  4. That Akron Hawaii game is going to be great!
  5. Kent State has been in the cellar of the MAC for several years and with little to no expectations Coach Grhino has some wiggle room to try and get this team back on track. Coach Grhino is a first time coach and is excited for the opportunity to learn and grow with the young team he will lead this season and beyond. “ I can’t wait to begin coaching this group of fine young men. We are opening up the depth chart to truly give everyone on the roster a fair shake to start for this team. Our ultimate goal every season is to win the MAC. Some may see this program as one that needs to be rebuikt. However I believe we can put the right pieces together to string some wins together this season. Go Flashes!”
  6. I am assigned to the Kent State Golden Flashes! joining the MAC


    Actually, I would rather have Kent State, I would like a team that has been a bottom feeder and help revive them if possible!


    1. tgriswold@geneseeisd.org 2.confirmed 3. Kent State 4.Miami of Ohio Boise State 5. My name is Trevor, I am 26 years old. I work in administration at a school in Michigan. I am a football fanatic and used to be in several online madden leagues before getting married. I have the itch to be a part of a simulation league again. 6. Anywhere from a couple hours to 10 hours 7. Losing makes the game that much more fun when you start actually winning. There is no fun in dominating every game. 8. I found it by a user on reddit. Failure to fill out your application in the guidelines set out above will result in your application being denied
  9. Hello, my name is Trevor I am a huge football fanatic. A crazed Notre Dame fan and a fan of the Detroit Lions. I am curious about how this league works and am excited to be a part of it. I work in a slow paced job where I am on the computer a lot so I plan on being on here quite often each day. I love MACtion and would enjoy starting my career in the MAC if the conference would have me!
  10. I would love to join as either Kent State or Miami of Ohio. Preferably Kent State!
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