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    1. ajallison02@gmail.com 2. Confirmed 3. Cal 4. La Tech, Marshall 5. I'm 16 years old, though most people consider me to be rather mature for my age. I'm a high school student from Houma, Louisiana, and I have been watching college football my whole life. I just found this website today, and I would really like to get involved. I'm also a huge math nerd, and this seems to be something I would really enjoy doing. 6. I can probably guarantee being active on here for about an hour or so each week, although I will probably be on my computer lurking and able to talk for the majority of most nights. 7. I'm not going to whine about losing. It's a simulator, and I've never done this before. It's bound to happen, and more than likely happen frequently when I start. 8. I was looking for ways to play some sort of college football game or simulator online (because the console I was using to play NCAA football 14 broke), and I found somebody suggesting this website on a thread in reddit.
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