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  1. CoachBerry18

    [2022] UConn Pregame Presser. Week 11 @ Army.

    We’ll certainly take any calls about scheduling. Northeast school or not. We’ll answer and if we can make it happen, we’ll certainly try. Going in to other places is great for the program.
  2. Getting ready to go to Army this week. It’s a service academy so you know you’re going to be in for a fight. Those guys are just tough and do not back down. They’re in many ways a model of what programs like us should aspire to be. Be tough to beat and win some games along the way. I say say this every week but I fully believe it, we are improving. I think that’s been proven by our performances over the last few weeks. We’re not eligible for a bowl game so our goal is to play as hard as we can the rest of the season and be a thorn in the side of everyone we face and to keep improving and building on previous weeks. I feel like we’re doing a good job of that. I’m excited about the direction of the football team and I know we all can’t wait for Friday night. Coach will now take questions from the assembled media.
  3. This is one of those games that you just feel bad for your kids. They came down here and worked their tails off, it’s a shame we couldn’t come out with a win. I’m proud of our effort though. It’s something I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we’ll keep building on this. Like Bobby Bowden said, you lose big, you lose small, you win small, you win big. We’ve been losing small here lately and hopefully we’ve got some wins on the horizon. We’ll definitely keep working toward that. You can see our guys grinding each and every day and I’m confident that hard work will pay off. On to the next one. I’ll take questions if anyone has any.
  4. CoachBerry18

    [2022] UConn Week 10 Pregame Presser at UCF

    We understand how important this game is but for us to treat it any differently is not something we’re interested in. We’re going to embrace the opportunity we have but we’re not going to say this game is a be all, end all or anything. It’s an important game for a variety of reasons and we will treat it with the respect it deserves.
  5. I want to start by saying how proud I am of our guys last week. They came out and played very hard and I’m glad they got the result they deserved. Getting the first win for us is just massive and we’re now looking to build on it. We’re back to Thursday night this week which obviously presents a challenge with one less day to prepare but I feel like we’ve done a good job this week of getting ready to go. I think you can see the improvements we’ve made on all sides of the ball and that’s definitely encouraging. We’re going to go down to UCF and play as best we can. We’re going down there to win it and I believe we’ve put in the work to do that but we’ll have to play the game and find out. We’re looking forward to it. Coach will now take questions from the assembled media.
  6. CoachBerry18

    [2022] Missed Recruiting

    I could swear my points went through. Made a point to save it because I knew it would be the only chance I got to do it (spent the week in a hospital, doesn’t really lend time to recruit) Hate to see Connecticut on this list because I thought for sure I was good. Apologies.
  7. The most prominent feeling after this game is disappointment. Our guys left it all out there and I’m really disappointed we weren’t able to come through in the end to win. But give Tulane credit, they made the plays necessary to win the football game and we didn’t. I do think we continued to improve. You can see the progress our guys have been making. Despite the loss I think this is a game we can build on. We know we can compete in games, now we have to take that next step and win one. It’s on us to do it and that’s what we’ll work to do. I’ll open it up for questions now.
  8. CoachBerry18

    [2022] UConn Week 8 Pregame Presser

    I want us to be more efficient on offense and to make plays when we need to. We have guys that can play, we just need to put everything together for four quarters.
  9. I’m excited about getting back out there. Getting a chance to go to Tulane and play will be good for our team. It’s a conference game so we know it’s going to be a challenge. Their record isn’t great but ours isn’t either so I think both teams are evenly matched. They have a good team and it’s going to be on us to go win it. I think we showed some signs last week, obviously disappointed to lose the game but we learned a lot about our team and we’ve been improving each day. Like I said this is a great opportunity for our football team and one we are very excited about. Getting a chance to play in prime time as well is something we relish. It should be a good game and we’re looking forward to it. Coach will now take questions from the assembled media.
  10. CoachBerry18

    [2022] UConn Week 7 Postgame Presser

    We need to be more efficient offensively. If we can put ourselves in good situations, we can put ourselves in position to really spread the wealth and get more guys involved. Obviously we’ll work on that but to me it comes down to efficiency. Efficient offenses create more opportunities for everyone involved.
  11. Obviously disappointed to have lost the game against Cincinnati but I’m proud of the team nonetheless. It’s not the result we were looking for but it was an improved performance and we’ll look to build on it in the coming weeks. This one obviously hurts a bit but we’ll work to make sure these types of nights don’t happen too often. Offensively, I think we were improved, not nearly enough but there was progress. Defensively we still have work to do but that’s what we do as coaches, we work with our guys to put them in the best position to succeed and that’s what we’ll keep doing. We’re looking forward to this next week of practice and getting better. Coach will now take questions from the assembled media.
  12. CoachBerry18

    [2022] Huskies hire Berry, Prep for Cincy

    Our offense will be built in a way that emphasizes our strengths. Putting players in a position to succeed on both sides of the ball is absolutely critical.
  13. CoachBerry18

    [2022] Huskies hire Berry, Prep for Cincy

    We definitely have some areas to address. Not everyone fits with what we want to do but there are some players here. It’s our job to put them in position to succeed. We have to do what we can to improve the roster as a whole, and we’ll certainly try to to that.
  14. CoachBerry18

    [2022] Huskies hire Berry, Prep for Cincy

    I fully intend to stay as long as UConn will have me. The fans deserve someone who will stay the course and build this program right. As far as background, I’m just a football guy who wants to coach and lead a program. I tend to lean more towards offense but you cannot neglect defense, after all it does win championships.
  15. Storrs, Connecticut- The University of Connecticut announced the hiring of CoachBerry18 today. He will be tasked with leading a Huskies program that has fallen on some hard times recently, starting with Thursday night’s game at Cincinnati. Coach spoke about the opportunity and the challenges that lay ahead. I’m excited to get going here. I think this is a great opportunity to coach division one football at a high quality institution. I’d like to thank everyone involved in the hiring process. That being said, I’m glad the process has come to an end and we can finally get down to business. Obviously with the game on Thursday, there isn’t much time at all to prepare but this will give me a chance to learn about what kind of team we have and gain valuable information about our players. With regard to Cincinnati, I know their record isn’t the best, but that’s a good football team and it will take a great game on our part to beat them. We will give our best though, that is what this program will be built on, determination, grit, and effort and that starts Thursday night. It’s a great opportunity for our program and for our kids and I hope we take full advantage of it. Coach will now take questions from the assembled media.