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  1. Jonas the Jet, I luv u man
  2. New York Jets - We select the WR/TE Skill Level 1
  3. SyndaKyt

    Among Us

    Among Us mafia? Or actual among us? Either way yes
  4. Hawaii being ranked 19th is upsetting me and my homegirls
  5. I mean I’ve been pretty busy lately and following as closely as I can. Felt the Cade role claim was strange and maybe bad town but I hate to vote someone.
  6. I also don’t see why Cade vanilla claimed when no suspicion was being drawn to him at all. I agree with the point that he prob won’t be targeted yet because of his role claim.
  7. Fuck I keep forgetting to vote lol
  8. As far as I know, I feel like Cafe just made a premature vanilla claim, I don’t think we really have enough evidence against anybody so I gotta puke day Anon’s the move
  9. Sorry I’ve been inactive, been busy with IRL stuff but I’ve managed to catch up
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