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  1. Was rooting for DET to pull off an upset, but the late game charge from GB, helped seal the deal.
  2. I really fw people like: FlemloRaps: Commentates over football news and the like, he is a really chill guy. Also covers what happened to your notable but forgotten college players. UrinatingTree: Dude is hilarious as fuck, but I'm pretty sure most know him. In all fairness he is seen as kind of meme-y but, I see it as more of juvenalian satire, so take it as you want it. Goal Guys: provides useful insight on goals he sets for himself, which can be requested by viewers. Also does stuff like why no sleep is bad, etc. Joseph Vincent: IMO, his highlight tapes and retrospectives can be a bit flashy, but I feel he is the best at them on YT. There is a good chance you have seen a highlight vid of his. Shawn Cee and TheNeedleDrop can be roped into the same category as music reviewers, but I mostly watch Shawn for trap/rap and TND, known as Anthony Fantano reviews a wide variety. I find both of them entertaining.
  3. JMU better bring it fot the Championship. NDSU won't lay down like the Fighting Hawks did today.
  4. Pen(nState)alities killed them honestly. Very close game.
  5. Really thought JMU was going to pull away by a little more.
  6. Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -3.0 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.38
  7. Ajani Terry. The only player with a chance at getting drafted and snapping his back in half to carry my defense.
  8. I got my moneh on JMU vs NDSU title game. Book It!
  9. nightmare, more like wonderland. Two great teams go at it in awesome snow. Gonna be a helluva game for sure.
  10. Nevada is too gud. Mountain Best!
  11. I don't know if anyone could have a worse QB situation than us, but alas, I have found it.
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