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  1. SyndaKyt

    AAF Discussion Thread

    Yeah, guess your right.
  2. SyndaKyt

    AAF Discussion Thread

    I'm hoping for good games, but not like NFL level comp. I hope REFBALL doesn't make games unwatchable (cough Saints v Rams cough) Rooting for the Apollos because of close proximity to Miami. Ik it won't replace the NFL for a long time, but hopefully, it grows and becomes somewhat entertaining.
  3. SyndaKyt

    [2020] Week #12 - Saturday Night

    LOL no bowl for meeeeeeee. Not to mention my QB is kinda shit.
  4. SyndaKyt

    [2022] CFBHC's most bleachable skill players

    Wait...No Wyoming Players on this list! woooh! WE still kinda suck
  5. SyndaKyt

    [2022] Week #12 - TNF

    UMASS! Drop that BASS! Took New Hampshire to CLASSS!
  6. SyndaKyt

    Analyzing the NDSU Offense

    tryna get that Big Dick Energy from @SolutionA to have such a high octane offense like his. ABSOLUTE UNIT!
  7. SyndaKyt

    PhillyFan3: Gone But Not Forgotten

    Damn, I need to catch up on my CFBHC lore. Seems legit.
  8. SyndaKyt

    [2022] Week 11 Coaches Poll

    Only 2 MWC teams. YeAH AigHt. MWC is gonna be on the come up soon. Watch for it.
  9. SyndaKyt

    [2022] Imposter's Bowl Projections: Post-Week 11

    sigh... one day
  10. SyndaKyt

    [2022] Week #11 - Saturday Night

    GG @pumph RIp DIck Cheney's Bowl Game Dreams. Gonna focus more on crooting, now. TANK BOWLLLLLLLLL! wait...that doesn't work in college.
  11. SyndaKyt

    New NFL Coaching Hires

    Lol glad Miami got rid of Gase. only had one somewhat productive season with us in the wildcard. Tannebaum and Tannehill just are subpar.
  12. SyndaKyt

    [2022] Week #11 - TNF

    UTEP, got edged out this week surpisingly. Tough Loss UNLV, just go back to the drawing board and bounce back next week, hopefully. Ready for this Saturday Nite slate.
  13. SyndaKyt

    Way Too Early 2019 Top 25 Poll

    Hope Manny DIaz can lead us here again. Younger coach as Richt may have coached for longer. Interesting to see what he does nexr szn.
  14. Welp, gotta croot some better offensive players before I see them on this list.