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  1. SyndaKyt

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    All Confirmed. Week 1- vs Lousiana-Monroe @jared2001usa Week 2- @ NC State @ImposterCauster Week 4- @Georgia Southern @bmlig95 Week 5- vs Texas Tech  @acewulf
  2. Anthony Holmes...so geograpically close...yet so far out of my reach....
  3. Ohhhhh YEAHHHHH, you're listening to Laramie jAmZ channel 97.1, with diggity diggity DJ DICK Che-nay nah but i'll take top 100
  4. Ill take it, took over a team that was 0-5. Gonna needs LOTS of room for improvement tho.
  5. I bring an entry level of expertise, yet I am eager to learn more. I am tending to place emphasis on the first few rounds as those picks will cover our weaknesses effectively and reinforce our strengths. I want to bring a sense of Intellectual Brutality, making decisive and wise decisions that could help to benefit the Jets organization.
  6. I am pleased to accept this role as scout for the New York Jets. I want to take my time to thank @Jumbo and @grv413 for presenting me with this opportunity and I will try my best to make sure they do not regret this decision, I know there will be hiccups along the way, but my goal is to improve as much as I can and provide useful insight to my team. I am excited to be apart of the NFLHC and being entrenched into this universe. GO J! E! T! S!
  7. Fade to BLACK! Congratz @Rome, Very good szn on TCUs part too. @DangerZoneh
  8. The Bison stampeded over the Dukes. Okay, I'll leave now...
  9. Seems like upset central to me. Solomon is GOATED!
  10. Western Michigan, is the uncrowned king of MACtion.
  11. I fucked with this stuff heavily:
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