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    1. If I could put my name in for Navy, that’d be cool unless the old owner wants them back. I could go to ODU or back to Wyoming. Glad to see CFB is back!
    2. Run game and defense is the path to playoff success. GG Bills. WE BALL!
    3. Sean Bell, Have a Day!
    4. Because the Internet- Childish Gambino. This album is always in my rotation because not only does Donald show his range but the themes and experiences he sings and raps about, I relate heavily too. One of the most versatile performers who I feel doesn't get their due diligence. CARE FOR ME- Saba. If you haven't realized already I am heavily into deeper rap. This album told a story of lost and honoring a family member. Listen to PROM/KING, cuz it is a rollercoaster.
    5. ILB Jeffery Dessalines 6-1 233 Fr Norview (Norfolk, VA) XX of XX [Will]
    6. New York Jets - We select the WR/TE Skill Level 1
    7. SyndaKyt

      Among Us

      Among Us mafia? Or actual among us? Either way yes
    8. Man App State, I hope you guys bounce back. I hope you also rock the east coast as recruiting goes.
    9. I was literally expecting to lose lmao It’s not my fault he has the keys to a Porsche and doesn’t know how to drive it
    10. Updated POV: UNLV is 2-0 and SoMiss is now 0-2
    11. POV: UNLV is 2-0 and beat you
    12. Mountain West is cleaning up nicely
    13. Prob one of the few dubs I get this season. Strong start to Strickland’s career. GG @Nittany Boiler
    14. I mean I’ve been pretty busy lately and following as closely as I can. Felt the Cade role claim was strange and maybe bad town but I hate to vote someone.
    15. I also don’t see why Cade vanilla claimed when no suspicion was being drawn to him at all. I agree with the point that he prob won’t be targeted yet because of his role claim.
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