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  1. Curby4

    [2023] Week #5 - TNF

    Tough game. Didn't expect to win but, didn't expect lose this bad. Still trying to figure out the best game plan though.
  2. It was hard to see how good Vaughn and Latta were based on their college stats. Both only started one season but, their stats were not great when compared to other programs. Latta had under 1,000 yards and Vaughn had 1,059 yards. Both of them also had only 12 rushing touchdpwns. Programs like USC and Notre Dame had running backs who rushed for over 1,500 yards and had more than 20 touchdowns. Just based on college stats alone it is difficult to say that LSU has had better running backs than say USC or Notre Dame. This could be from LSU having talent at other positions or it could be from only having one year of stats to go on.
  3. Running Back U I am back with another Position U and today, we will be acknowledging the Top 10 programs that have produced the best running backs in CFBHC. While picking the Top 10 programs of QBU, I noticed dominant programs like Missouri , Florida State , and Wisconsin . This was not the case however, when it came to picking the Top 10 programs of RBU. Almost every college football program has had talented running backs and many have had more than one. Some programs like Auburn and Florida State rose above the rest of the competition but, I cannot fail to mention the smaller programs like Western Michigan , which may soon be in the Top 10. Just like last time, I chose my Top 10 programs based on where their running backs were drafted, their stats, individual awards, and the longevity of their NFL career. I was torn between Florida State and Auburn on who to give the number one spot to but, I ultimately went with Auburn because they have the only running back to win a Heisman (Jaz Durant). The 10th and final spot was also tough because I was trying to decide between Florida and LSU . Florida's running backs had better college stats than LSU but, LSU has had running backs that were drafted higher and have had better NFL careers than that of Florida's running backs, so I went with LSU for the final spot. *Heisman Winner ^Doak Walker Award (2x Winner Sterling Brown (Texas) ) Top 10 RB Programs 1. Auburn Notable Running Backs: Rob Blackmon (2010-2013), Lionel Dickinson (2012-2015), Ben Offerdahl (2013-2017), *^Jaz Durant (2015-2018), and Jermaine Lockett (2016-2019) 2. Florida State Notable Running Backs: Tony Peaks (2010-2013), Akili Wallace (2012-2015), ^Mike Latta (2013-2016), and Elijah Harden (2016-2019) 3. UCF Notable Running Backs: Trace Buchanan (2010-2013), Travis Diana (2011-2014), Buzz Etcheverry (2012-2016), and ^DeNorris Jackson (2016-2020) 4. Oklahoma Notable Running Backs: J.J. Hammond (2010-2013), Greg Hadnot (2012-2015), Sean Egloff (2014-2018), and Maurice White (2018-2022) 5. Wisconsin Notable Running Backs: Asante Sowell (2014-2018) and Jamal Trufant (2018-2022) 6. Texas Notable Running Backs: ^^Sterling Brown (2012-2015) and Simeon Wells (2019-2022) 7. Oregon Notable Running Backs: Shawn Anderson (2013-2016) and ^Trevon Yeldon (2018-2021) 8. USC Notable Running Backs: Chester Henson (2011-2013), Jerry Rambo (2013-2015), and Bernard Shook (2018-2021) 9. Notre Dame Notable Running Backs: James Bush (2010-2013), Nick Engelberger (2013-2016), and Kalei Keil (2017-2020) 10. LSU Notable Running Backs: Vaughn Abraham (2011-2013), Ed Latta (2011-2014), Jayden Huff (2017-2020), and Kenyon Randall (2017-2021) Honorable Mention Kansas Virginia Tech Florida Mississippi State Iowa Boise State Purdue SMU Western Michigan Once again let me know what teams should be higher or lower on this list. Also let me know what teams or players I missed entirely.
  4. Curby4

    [2023] Week #4 - FNF

    Might have found my RB. Myles Hester looks a lot better than Christanson.
  5. Well.... I played the run and still couldn't stop McFadden lol
  6. Holy crap! Rice is good and I'm scared
  7. Curby4

    [2023] Week #3 - FNF

    Kyler Wilson for the Heisman!
  8. Curby4

    [2023] Week #3 - FNF

    Oof not a good look for Wake Forest
  9. It went as I expected it to. Cooper Christianson was kind of disappointing though and my best WR Mohammed Barrett got shutdown.
  10. It could just be me being optimistic but I think this team is already better than last years. Omar Workman had a great spring game and even Christianson seems to be better than William Amos. The rest of my team is mostly sophmores and juniors who started as freshman. The record at the end of the season might say otherwise due to a tough schedule but I like the future of this team nonetheless.
  11. It also has to do with college stats. Other teams had players that had more passing yards or touchdowns than that of Wisconsin's players. It was also hard to judge Darrell Murphy's college career because he only played 7 games.
  12. Curby4

    [2023] Week #0 - TNF

    Woo Hoo Colorado State! I had a feeling they would win.
  13. Position U Last season, I joined the site as the Head Coach of the Houston Cougars. It was late into the season when I joined and most of my time was spent figuring out recruiting and finding a scheme that fit my roster. My team had a poor record at 1-5 and although the starters didn't look great, the team still had potential. During my rookie season as head coach, other coaches mentioned of the glory days of the Houston Cougars, when players like Joel King led the Cougars to multiple conference championships. Of course, I had no idea who Joel King was and he seemed more like a legend than anything. It wasn't until today that I decided I wanted to look at the history of CFBHC and see what programs have produced the best talent by position. My goal is to list the Top 10 programs that have produced elite QBs, RBs, Wrs, TEs, OL, DL, DBs, and LBs. If anyone would like to help feel free to make your own position U. I hope that this list can open a discussion for older coaches to remember the great college careers that these players had and the powerhouse programs that built these legendary players. I also hope that it inspires new coaches to look up some of these names and learn more about the history of their team and of this league. Quarterback U Picking a Top 10 QBU was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. When deciding who the top 10 programs of QBU were going to be; I based it on where their quarterbacks were drafted, their stats, individual awards, and the longevity of their NFLHC career. So many quarterbacks had impressive stats but, were drafted in the lower rounds. Dylan Bishop from Syracuse won the Heisman with 3,683 passing yards, 32 TDs and was drafted in the 6th round. Another example was Bobby Kolodziej from Cal who threw for 4,023 yards and 30 TDs and was drafted in the 7th round. However, Missouri seems to be a clear number one with the only program to have two Heisman trophy winners (Aaron Shea and Tucker Dowden). Oklahoma is another program that has produced elite quarterbacks, with a Heisman winner in 2016 (Norris Brooksheer) and a Heisman runner-up (Graham Burnett) in 2019. Both QBs for Oklahoma also won the Davey O'Brien trophy and were drafted early in the 1st Round. *Heisman Winner Top 10 QB Programs 1. Missouri Notable Quarterbacks: *Aaron Shea (2015-17) and *Tucker Dowden (2018-2021) 2. Oklahoma Notable Quarterbacks: *Norris Brooksheer (2013-16) and Graham Burnett (2017-19) 3. Florida State Notable Quarterbacks: Christian Skaggs (2010-2013), Thomas Wheeler (2011-14), and Benjamin Schuler (2017-2020) 4. Virginia Tech Notable Quarterbacks: *Allan Taylor (2010-2013) and Blake Shell (2013-14) 5. Penn State Notable Quarterbacks: *Todd Jennings (2013-17) and Tanner Bowman (2017-2020) 6. Wisconsin Notable Quarterbacks: Darrell Murphy (2010-2013), Erik Wegert (2013-2015), Lawyer Johnson (2013-2016), and Ahmed Jarvis (2018-2021) 7. Syracuse Notable Quarterbacks: Nick Hall (2011-2014) and *Dylan Bishop (2019) 8. Texas A&M Notable Quarterbacks: Alexander Williams (2010-2013) and Matty Swift (2015-2018) 9. Iowa Notable Quarterbacks: Jarius Jones (2012-2016), Darren Werner (2011-2013), Mikeal Black (2017-2020), and Greg Shipp (2018) 10. UCLA Notable Quarterbacks: Jason Johnson (2013), Ken Eller (2014-2016), and Steven Gore (2018-2021) Honorable Mention Notre Dame Miami Hurricanes California LSU Purdue Auburn Let me know what teams should be higher or lower on this list. Also let me know what teams or players I missed entirely.
  14. Kind of regret agreeing to play you now lol. Oh well, I will take my butt whooping.
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