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    1. At least our defense is good now
    2. Best 1-4 team in the country, we're going to a bowl game. Also, this is really the first time one of the players I recruited has made an impact, so it's really awesome to see the So QB I recruited tossing to the (Fr) WR I recruited
    3. I think it would be awesome if we could get average hang time for punters. That would add a lot more depth to Special Teams draft scouting.
    4. I'm very happy with the way the season is going so far. While there have been inconsistencies, the rookies are showing out, especially on defense. Rookie OLBs Zachary McHale and Patrick Malone are both on 2.5 sacks. Kingsley Jackson has 9 tackles while coming off of the bench. Branden Valentine has 2 INTs and the defense as a whole seems a lot stouter. The offense has definitely taken a step back, but that tends to happen when you trade a Top 10 QB. I've been happy with the running game and the oline so far, hopefully they can keep it up. Overall, I feel much better about this season th
    5. Wow what a win! Really excited to see that happen, even if it was on the longest FG in NFLHC History. Either way, nice job Bendy, keeping us in the game, and a great job from the defense to hold Shea to only one TD. The two rookie OLBs come up with sacks, and Curtis Jones had a good game, even if he didn't have a sack. The offense played good enough once again, lets see if we can keep this momentum going. GG @Ape and @npklemm, good luck the rest of the way (except against us)
    6. Again, I don't see New Mexico
    7. Great win for the team. The defense played really good, especially the rookies, with Valentine, Kingsley, McHale, and Malone all making the statsheet. The offense played well enough. Only places where I can be happier are the oline in pass protection, the fumble, and the missed kick. GG @CadeRich5 and @TheSam
    8. Unlucky to force three fumbles and not recover any of them, but the offense needs to be better. Back to the drawing board and hope we can get something good going next week. GG @grv413 and @Jumbo
    9. If New Mexico had a real coach we would be 2-0
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