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      1. Well shoot, that's an annoying way to end a season where a ton of games went like that. You hate to lose a game where your kicker its the upright on the game winning field goal and then you lose in Overtime to the other team's backup kicker. GG Titans, congrats on the division title, go and get em in the playoffs
      2. College Choice: Kansas First Name: Large Last Name: Person Position: Center Secondary Position (Optional): None Jersey Number (No digits higher than 5): 13 Dominant Hand: Right Playstyle: Classic 7 footer big man, post up on offense, shot blocker on defense Skin Tone: 1-10: 1 Hair Style/Color: Bald Facial Hair: None Height: ft'in" 7'0" Weight: 250 lbs Wingspan: 100 Tattoos: None Shoe Brand will match your school Gear: None Also, if he can have no eyebrows, that would be great Attributes: Choose 3 to
      3. Well that was ugly. At least Marvin White is really good. And Swain with another pick is awesome. Also, Curtis Jones with another sack and a safety! GG @Nmize0
      4. After a long and hard search, the Houston Texans have finally hired a new Head of the Scouting Department. Please welcome @Imdood! While he may be new and inexperienced, @cmcgill and I believe that he is a great addition to our FO that will help us greatly.
      5. The Houston Texans would like to announce our search for a new scout to head our scouting department. The candidate can be of any level of experience, whether that be new to the game or an old, grizzled veteran. If interested, contact either myself or @cmcgill. We eagerly await your message.
      6. Woohoo, we won! First win since the restart! Happy to see Swain grab his second pick of the year even with missing half of the season. Also, the Curtis Jones sack count is up to 1.5 in two career starts. Having Ballard back in the middle of the line was also a great help, he's been missed. As for the offense, thank God Leshoure did not turn the ball over. It sure helps when you have a Pro Bowl WR in Marvin White to throw to. GG @pumph, you've built a really nice team.
      7. We actually cancelled all tiebreakers, you didn't hear? Classic jacobs
      8. Leshoure is Top 6 QB, as we all knew before this anyway
      9. Don't let Major Morris' rushing record distract you from the fact that Curtis Jones got a sack in his first career start
      10. Dean Fagan is the best Rookie this year
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