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  1. Jesus, that wasn't great. GG @NDIrish21!
  2. 9/7: Kansas vs Coastal Carolina 11/23: Kansas @ Iowa State
  3. Martin's move to Washington might be the move of the offseason right now.
  4. Welcome to the Week 2 Edition of the Mountain Best Game of the Week! Our game this week is Hawaii vs Washington in a battle for west coast supremacy that'll take place in the Cotton Bowl. Both teams will be looking to pick up that marquee win that could be the difference between a playoff berth or just another bowl game. With both these teams entering the season with Senior QBs, this could be this generation's last chance to make their mark in history. Last year, Hawaii went 10-2 in the regular season which was good enough for a Las Vegas Bowl berth and eventual victory. Washington on the other hand, went 9-3 in the regular season which was good enough for a Bay Area Bowl berth and eventual victory. Hawaii returns the one-two punch of QB J.T. Youngblood and RB Chris Fraser. Youngblood is a potential Heisman candidate who can get it done through the air or on the ground. While Fraser is the returning starter, expect (Fr) Miles Logan to get his fair share of carries. Youngblood has a ton of weapons to throw to with 3 receivers that are 4.0 or better. The defense is especially strong in the secondary, being led by 5.0/5.0 (Jr) CB Brian Bonds. They could give the Washington offense some trouble. QB J.T. Youngblood The Washington Huskies are led by pure pocket passer Jake Davis. Davis is also a Heisman candidate who might be one of the first QBs that comes off the board during the NFL Draft. His main target will be WR D.D. Dyson. The duel between him and Bonds will be a very interesting one to watch. The offensive line that keeps Davis on his feet is a very experienced one. There are 4 Seniors and a Junior. The defense is led by Sr DT Dominique Black who could get into the backfield and cause problems. An interesting thing to watch will be how the Fr DE Cassius Garner and Fr SS D'Onta Streeter perform against Youngblood and the high flying Warrior offense. Washington QB Jake Davis Keys to Success 1. Keep Youngblood on his feet 2. Stop Davis through the air 3. Win the turnover battle 1. Get Davis going early and often 2. Contain Youngblood 3. Win the turnover battle Prediction Hawaii 42 - Washington 31 Thanks for coming and tune in next week for the next edition of The Mountain Best Game of the Week!
  5. Week 2 1 1. Hawaii, 1-0, Last Week: W 37-21 UTSA (N), Next: Washington (N) 1 2. San Diego State, 0-1, Last Week: L 20-27 Western Michigan (N), Next: @Wisconsin - 3. Nevada, 1-0, Last Week: W 52-0 Montana, Next: Bye - 4. Colorado State, 1-0, Last Week: Bye, Next: Bye - 5. Air Force, 0-1, Last Week: L 20-23 @Navy, Next: Bye - 6. Boise State, 1-0, Last Week: W 20-16 @Kansas, Next: Baylor - 7. Fresno State, 1-0, Last Week: W 30-7 Miami(OH), Next: Bye - 8. New Mexico, 0-1, Last Week: L 13-35 Washington State, Next: @BYU 1 9. Utah State, 0-1, Last Week: L 17-24 @Utah, Next: Bye 1 10. Wyoming, 0-1, Last Week: L 21-34 UL Monroe, Next: @NC State - 11. San Jose State, 0-1, Last Week: L 7-59 @Clemson, Next: Bye - 12. - 13. UNLV, 0-1, Last Week: L 20-34 @UL-Lafeyette, Next: @Toledo Weak in Review Hawaii won their opener in a neutral site game against G5 up and comer UTSA. San Diego State lost a back and forth game against G5 Power Western Michigan in what was one of the best games of the week. Nevada shellacked Montana in a game that was never in doubt. The Wolfpack D-Line picked up 9 sacks. Air Force lost a back and forth game against rival Navy in a game that could decide who wins the Commander in Chief Trophy. Boise State went into Lawrence and came out with a hard fought win against Kansas. As was determined by @Azul, @stormstopper must now give him Kansas. Fresno State took care of business at home against Miami of Ohio. New Mexico was cut apart by the Cougar offense in a loss at home. The only positive to come of it was OLB Dean Fagan winning National Defensive POTW. Utah State went into Salt Lake City and almost left with an upset victory against their rival. Wyoming lost at home against UL Monroe in a game where the Cowboys could not gain the momentum. San Jose State went to South Carolina to go play flat track bully Clemson and came home having horrific flashbacks of the horrors seen in Death Valley. UNLV lost a game that most everyone thought they would lose against UL-Lafeyette. Big Games Next Week Hawaii vs Washington (Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX) If Hawaii is to keep their playoff hopes alive, they'll need to pick up a win against an elite P5 team in the Rainbow Warriors's second neutral site game in a row. San Diego State @ Wisconsin San Diego State will try to bounce back from their heart breaking loss last week with a tough OOC game in Wisconsin. New Coaches! After both Utah State and San Jose State started the year with losses, both schools decided that coachless was not the way forward and hired coaches. Please welcome @Clearlander as the new coach of the Aggies and @JacksonHitchcock is the new coach of the Spartans! Both coaches have a bye week to get their feet under themselves before their first game. Tune in next week for the next edition of Mountain Best Power Rankings!
  6. Damn, almost pulled it out. Bendbrook's kick could've been a game changer. GG @Duncan
  7. "Hello, and welcome to the first episode of this year's Colbert Report!" says Aiden Colbert, the starting RB for the New Mexico Lobos. He sits behind a desk holding a stack of mostly blank papers with a few notes hastily scribbled on them. The room is obviously a college dorm room, with junk strewn about the floor and posters covering the walls. Aiden is being filmed by backup QB Buster Posey on his old iPhone 6s. The dim lighting makes it a little hard to make out, but behind Aiden is a New Mexico flag and a football. "I just got back from the New Mexico vs Washington State game, and boy, were we outclassed. Dillon could hardly get anything going through the air, which meant I couldn't get anything going on the ground. I mean, Dillon, I support you and all, but #PoseyForStarter." Buster gives a quick thumbs up in front of the camera before Aiden starts speaking again. "All things considered, other than the secondary, the defense played pretty well. If the secondary had given up even just half of what they did give up, who knows what would've happened. Now, for all the raggin that I do on the defense, our guest today is a member of it. Please welcome, Dean Fagan!" A quick little trumpet fanfare plays off of a soundboard in the background as Buster turns the camera to the bathroom. In the camera's movement, it's easy to tell that it almost falls over, but is caught at the last second. There's a moment of awkward silence that is only broken by a flush and then the sound of the sink turning on and off. After another brief pause, starting OLB Dean Fagan emerges. "Welcome to the show Dean!" "Thanks for having me Aiden." "So Dean, we're obviously disappointed with the result today, how do you feel the defense played?" "Well, I thought we contained the run pretty well, but we were cut apart through the air. We obviously had the chance to force a turnover when the RB fumbled, but it was unfortunate that the ball fell right into the hands of an olineman. That could've been a big momentum shifter as well as if we had been able to get another stop or two." "Well, you must be pleased with your own performance? 7 tackles, 3 for loss, a sack, and a forced fumble." "Yeah, definitely. I heard that although I've been snubbed in the conference player of the week awards ( @stinsy ), there is a chance for me to win National Player of the Week, which would be a cool accolade to bring home. I do wish that I could've done more because in the end, it doesn't really matter if we don't win. All I know is now, we have to tool up for those Mormons next week so that we hopefully can become 1-1." "Then I guess we'll be seeing you at the 2AM practice tomorrow morning. Well, everyone but Buster. He's got that weekly medical appointment in San Francisco where he's gone for a few days, so he won't be able to make it." "Yeah, see you there. Thanks for having me on the show!" "Thanks for stopping by Dean!" The two shake hands, and Dean walks out of frame. "And thank you to the viewers at home who have taken the time out of their day to watch this. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe, and we'll see you next time. Bye!"
  8. This is a great idea! I already know what I'm going to do!
  9. Thats right, the new coach will fully harness the power of Leshoure
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