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  1. I found some old voicemails Richie Incognito left me. He put his number on twitter a few years ago for like 30 seconds and I got it. We ended up having a quite bizarre correspondence for the next few months (I didn't record any of the actual calls only a few voicemails). If anyone is interested in hearing them let me know. One of the Voicemails is from August 17, 2018 3 days before he was arrested for threatening to shoot employees at a funeral home his father was being laid to rest at. 

  2. Hey Dick Chomper -- Lou Sassle here, I'm the social media intern for Marshall. Heard coach mentioning a few neighboring states he had his eyes on. One of them being PA as Temple is in a huge recruiting debacle as many recruits have shown disdain for Temple's handling of longtime alumni Bill Cosby.
  3. After the worst start in school history the herd sit at 0-9. Coach Chemtrails spent too much time watching Infowars and chasing after conspiracies that he could neither prove nor disprove. Both unrelated to football which led to his swift firing. Marshall has decided to promote kid prodigy, Yondepa, to enterim head coach for their final few games of the 2022 season. The main question here is whether Yondepa will decide to give the seniors a chance at one last win or if he will attempt to develop some of his younger players. Sitting near the bottom of the recruiting rankings for the season, Yondepa has an uphill battle ahead of him in turning around this program. Up next is an away game in San Antonio against UTSA @mahrowkeen .
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