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      1. New York Giants DE Curtis Lewis is well-known for his interesting,... Twitter posts, and once the Giants were eliminated from the playoffs it was time for him to propagate his latest theory found in the annals of the internet. ___________ Curtis Lewis · @crushingusher · 1d yo has anyone heard about this denver airport illuminati stuff? shit is crazy. the runways have freemason symbols, theyve got an underground tunnel network... ___________ Curtis Lewis · @crushingusher · 1d just look up some of the murals there, theyve
      2. The Seattle Seahawks have been perhaps the biggest surprise team in NFLHC, and a large portion of the credit is going to offensive coordinator Mike Munchak. Munchak is getting credit for the development of third-year QB Tucker Dowden and the incorporation of RB Marcus Williams into the offense. Munchak is a heavily offensive line focused coach and though he is on the older side for coaches at 64, he could get enough credit that leads to a team hiring him as their next head coach. Teams like the Panthers, who are expected to see their coach retire this offseason, could be interested in Munchak'
      3. Chiefs RB Terrence Rodgers, currently 4th in NFLHC in rushing yards, was trending today as fans and non-fans alike drooled over a shirtless picture of him at Chiefs practice. ___________ Terrence Rodgers · @ScarenceTerrence · 1d It's all luv in KC ___________ Ryan Harris' Extra Foot · @HarrisRodgersChildsBurr · 1d Rodgers looking good out there #ChiefsKingdom ___________ An anonymous defensive starter for the Cowboys complained to the press following what he called a botched play call that le
      4. New York Giants DE Curtis Lewis is well-known for his interesting,... Twitter posts, and Thursday before the game was time for Curtis Lewis to explain his interesting theory about the International Space Station to the Twitterverse. ___________ Curtis Lewis · @crushingusher · 1d the "international space station" is just a movie set, not going around the earth or whatever. have you ever seen a pic of the thing, its obviously just a bunch of panels and cameras surrounding the actors /1 Curtis Lewis · @crushingusher · 1d space travel p
      5. While Cardinals QB A.J. Jefferson has had an alright tatistical start, throwing for 4 TD and just 2 INT with an 81 passer rating in his first four starts, the Arizona QB is reportedly much more upset that he has led his team to an 0-4 start for a second consecutive season. The Cardinals, for their part, have won 4 games in the last four seasons, and only won two games each in the two seasons before that. "Losing is tough for me," Jefferson said in an interview Tuesday, following this week's 14-35 loss to the 49ers. "You don't go out there and get paid to lose games. I competed with the Tar Hee
      6. The Arizona Cardinals drafted former North Carolina DE Josiah Harden at #7 overall in the 2021 NFLHC Draft. He had 10 sacks as a rookie and 12.5 as a sophomore, but has since fallen out of favor, posting just 4.5 sacks in 2023 and 1 in the first 3 games of 2024. Much of this is due to his reportedly highly negative attitude in the locker room and his lack of developmental in overall as a player. With the Cardinals drafting the promising Texas Tech product Samir Sample at #8 last year, and the team declining Harden's fifth-year option going into this year, the writing was on the wall that his t
      7. Texans SS Frederick Fain was acquired in the Darren Manning and Jacoby Seaverns trade the team made 3 seasons ago. The #23 pick in 2018 is now in his 4th season starting in Houston, although he has yet to record an interception in his time with the team. Fain is locked up through 2026 making $5 million per year with 55% of the remaining contract being guaranteed. It seems as though the team will move him prior to games being played this week. ___________ John McClain · @McClain_on_NFL · 10h Frederick Fain seems to be on the move this week. #Cowboys and #Li
      8. Rookie WR Jarvis Heard and 8th year veteran CB Ronyell Buchanan sat out of the final drive during Tampa Bay's 59-3 Week 1 massacre in Baltimore, the worst loss in franchise history. Following the trades of such stalwarts as longtime QB Taylor Heiden, star RB DeNorris Jackson, TE Darren Jones, recent free agent signing OT Blake Pile, and an attempted trade of Pro Bowl SS Darren Manning, most Buccaneers fans felt that the team was tanking. After the 59-3 loss, reports from inside the locker room showed that the tension from those moves is already boiling over. ___________
      9. Falcons starting QB Donald Culver has struggled in his 2 years in NFLHC. In 2023, among QBs who started the majority of their team's games, Culver was third to last in passer rating (69.31) and third to last in completion percentage (55.73%). The Falcons made the playoffs despite his play, and the Utah product spent this offseason trying to work on improving his accuracy. Falcons vets Javier Fields and Riddick Smith have spent ample time with Culver this offseason as he works out his accuracy issues. ___________ Jim Otto · @NFLHCInsiderJimOtto · 10d Falcons
      10. Bears QB Mohammed Foster has reportedly been raving to reporters about how the team has built the personnel on the team around him. With strengths at RB and the OL, the Bears are built to run the ball down opponents' throats and Foster couldn't be happier about it. ___________ Jim Otto · @NFLHCInsiderJimOtto · 8d Bears QB Mohammed Foster says this Bears team makes him feel like "it's his last year at WVU again." That year, he won the Heisman, so if that's true the rest of NFLHC better watch out. ___________ Fan of Da Bears · @DaBears
      11. Saints QB Aaron Devereaux is reportedly out until Week 3 of the regular season "at earliest" with the mild wrist fracture he suffered at the team's training camp. Devereaux, 31, had been relatively durable up until last year, when his 123 consecutive start streak was snapped after suffering a biceps strain against the rival Falcons in Week 11. That streak was the second longest in NFLHC history, behind only Christian Skaggs, who has yet to miss any week in NFLHC history where he was eligible to play. Now with leaks from within the organization making it seem like this could be a lingering issu
      12. Indianapolis Colts QB Aaron Shea posted some a cryptic photo on Friday after the close of training camp, fueling speculation on Twitter that he might be considering a future outside of Indianapolis already. Shea, the #1 pick in the 2018 draft, notably has yet to win a playoff game in Indianapolis. Shea, 29, signed a 5 year, $125 million deal with $110 million guaranteed with Indianapolis prior to the 2023 season. There have been minimal signs that Shea is unhappy with the organization, but the photo Shea tweeted out fueled rampant speculation regardless, and #Sheaxit began trending.
      13. Jets FS Reshad Jenkins has been very vocal in the locker room about trashing the work ethic of CB Khalil Harrell, the team's #16 pick in the last year's draft. He has been telling every defensive player in the locker room who will listen that Khalil has been a bad example for the rest of the players and that, "he's naturally talented, but if you wanna be great don't act with him." The upset stems with Harrell's shunning of and fight with this year's second rounder, CB Jeremy Watson. Jenkins seems to believe that the secondary unit should work together, and the cornerbacks having in-fighting is
      14. 49ers DC Mike Smith, who joined San Francisco on a 2-year $5 million deal this offseason after spending 2 years in Denver, is reportedly upset with how the team's locker room issues have been affecting the team. This is the second straight season that former first round pick, DT Michael McBride, has gotten into a fight with one of his fellow defensive linemen in training camp, and Smith did not mince words when talking to the media about it today - "If McBride wants to get playing time in my defense, he's gonna need to shape up." But it's not only McBride causing issues. Rookie DE Victor Crosb
      15. Green Bay Packers WR Freddie Jackson is in a crowded receiver room, but the #32 pick in the 2023 NFLHC Draft has been coming on strong. Considered developmental at the time he was picked, Jackson put up a solid rookie season with 50 receptions for 642 yards and 7 TD playing as the Packers' 3rd receiver. Jackson seems to have been putting in the work this offseason and it's shown, as he appears to be challenging even long time Packers #1 Dan Nomellini in skill. With Nomellini, Justin McCain, and Artavius Hopkins all listed ahead of him on the depth chart, Jackson took up the challenge and certa
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