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  1. Falcons starting QB Donald Culver has struggled in his 2 years in NFLHC. In 2023, among QBs who started the majority of their team's games, Culver was third to last in passer rating (69.31) and third to last in completion percentage (55.73%). The Falcons made the playoffs despite his play, and the Utah product spent this offseason trying to work on improving his accuracy. Falcons vets Javier Fields and Riddick Smith have spent ample time with Culver this offseason as he works out his accuracy issues. ___________ Jim Otto · @NFLHCInsiderJimOtto · 10d Falcons QB Donald Culver has apparently been working with team vets QB Javier Fields and WR Riddick Smith trying to improve his ball placement and accuracy this offseason. Going into his crucial year, Culver reportedly wants to give the team a reason to "pick up his option." ___________ Donald Culver · @MormonLasercannon · 8d @FieldsofJavier Let's get to work!! @Riddickulous you're hitting 1k this year, I guarantee it!!!! ___________ Caw caw caw · @Cawcawcawcaw · 8d Does anyone trust Culver at this point, caw caw? Falcons are only holding on at this point because he's expensive, caw caw caw! It's gonna be another year of the defense and Akili carrying us, caw caw caw caw.
  2. Bears QB Mohammed Foster has reportedly been raving to reporters about how the team has built the personnel on the team around him. With strengths at RB and the OL, the Bears are built to run the ball down opponents' throats and Foster couldn't be happier about it. ___________ Jim Otto · @NFLHCInsiderJimOtto · 8d Bears QB Mohammed Foster says this Bears team makes him feel like "it's his last year at WVU again." That year, he won the Heisman, so if that's true the rest of NFLHC better watch out. ___________ Fan of Da Bears · @DaBearsFan · 8d It's MoFo's year!!!! You guys don't even know! Ryan Harris? Never even heard of him. #WatchOutMoFos ___________ Former RB Justin Buchanan, a 1-time Pro Bowler who played for the Raiders for the first 3 years of NFLHC before joining Kansas City for his final 8, once formed a fearsome 2RB tandem with Chiefs RB Terrence Rodgers. Buchanan joined the Chiefs as a quality control coach for the 2024 season. RB Terrence Rodgers got a fitness boost. ___________ Kansas City Chiefs · @chiefs · 10d Happy to announce that longtime Chiefs RB @JustinBuchanan has joined the team as a quality control coach for the 2024 season! ___________ Justin Buchanan · @JustinBuchanan · 10d If I wasn't with the team as a quality control coach before, imagine how well the quality will be controlled now that I'm the one in charge? #Logic ___________ Chiefs Kingdom · @kck · 10d Justin Buchanan was always overrated. Hopefully he'll be a better coach than player. #JustSaying
  3. Saints QB Aaron Devereaux is reportedly out until Week 3 of the regular season "at earliest" with the mild wrist fracture he suffered at the team's training camp. Devereaux, 31, had been relatively durable up until last year, when his 123 consecutive start streak was snapped after suffering a biceps strain against the rival Falcons in Week 11. That streak was the second longest in NFLHC history, behind only Christian Skaggs, who has yet to miss any week in NFLHC history where he was eligible to play. Now with leaks from within the organization making it seem like this could be a lingering issue for much longer than has been initially stated, Saints fans on Twitter have reacted with disappointment. ___________ Jim Otto · @NFLHCInsiderJimOtto · 3d Aaron Devereaux's injury puts him out for 6-12 weeks, but wrist fractures can linger even longer than that. A source within the Saints org tells me that the team is expecting to rely on 4th year QB Nicholas Garland this year quite a bit. ___________ Who Dat Nation · @WhoDat · 2d Ugh I hope we don't actually have to rely on Garland this year... what happened to iron man Devy? It sounds like this is really a serious issue going forward. I hope he can come back healthy and the same as he was, but seems like 2024 might be a throwaway season at this point. ___________ Geaux cmc gill · @LSUForever · 2d Time to look for a new QB? If Devereaux can't stay healthy I don't know what he has going for him. Dontarrious Foster looks promising ___________ At the conclusion of Bills training camp, ILB C.J. Thomas had some more thoughts on the Browns organization he felt obligated to share with the world. Thomas had a tough time during Cleveland's 1-15 season last season and has already blown off some steam against his former team earlier this year. Thomas, 27, is a free agent after this year, and it seems as though he probably won't be returning to Cleveland. ___________ C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 1d First training camp in Buffalo complete! It's amazing how much better it feels when you have high quality catering at the team facility and you don't stay in a shitty old three star hotel in a shitty city like Cleveland! C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 1d i finally understood what Joakim Noah meant about no one going on vacation in Cleveland. People give shit to Buffalo but it's ten times the city Cleveland is. C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 1d I've already spared some thoughts on the Browns "organization", but now that I have some experience with a competent team in Buffalo let's talk a little more! C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 1d When I had that hamstring rupture my second year in Cleveland, I got fined for missing treatments multiple times! One of those was on freaking THANKSGIVING!!! I had to take care of my newborn at home for an emergency and they didn't care either, it was a max fine C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 1d Rehab feels like punishment already and then they fine you to the max. It's gross. I've already been told I won't be fined for that here (but I'll keep you updated if they do, hopefully I'm not even injured to find out) C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 1d My high school football team in OXFORD MISSISSIPPI had higher quality training facilities than the ones in Cleveland too. Oxford very well may have more scouts based on what I've seen. C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 1d That concludes my second Cleveland rant. You could offer me the entire salary cap's worth of salary per year to go back to Cleveland and I wouldn't want to re-join that sorry sad sack bunch of losers. ___________ I Love My Brownies · @Gpodawund · 19h I think C.J. is just mad that his position is a dying breed. We made a mistake picking a hothead inside linebacker high once, doubt we'll ever do that again! Can't wait for Buffalo to lose a playoff game, just for him to blame it on his teammates nOt tRyInG hArD.
  4. Indianapolis Colts QB Aaron Shea posted some a cryptic photo on Friday after the close of training camp, fueling speculation on Twitter that he might be considering a future outside of Indianapolis already. Shea, the #1 pick in the 2018 draft, notably has yet to win a playoff game in Indianapolis. Shea, 29, signed a 5 year, $125 million deal with $110 million guaranteed with Indianapolis prior to the 2023 season. There have been minimal signs that Shea is unhappy with the organization, but the photo Shea tweeted out fueled rampant speculation regardless, and #Sheaxit began trending. ___________ Aaron Shea · @AyySheaa · 8h ___________ Jim Otto · @NFLHCInsiderJimOtto · 4h  My sources are saying that Aaron Shea does not want a trade but is fed up with the Colts organization not winning, and trading high picks away for minimal results. ___________ QB Wins Are Important · @BBIsMyQB · 3h The Colts should get rid of Shea! He's as overrated as Skaggs, and think how much he could fetch in a trade? #Sheaxit ___________ Daniel Jeremiah · @MoveTheSticks · 4h  If the Shea trade rumors are true, the Chargers have to be on the phone with Indy right now, right? Getting Shea onto a team that looks to be up-and-coming could help them challenge Kansas City immediately. ___________ Greg Bierria is good in my heart · @stloC · 2h No way Shea actually wants to leave, right? That shitty blurry stock photo could mean literally anything. #Sheaxit
  5. Jets FS Reshad Jenkins has been very vocal in the locker room about trashing the work ethic of CB Khalil Harrell, the team's #16 pick in the last year's draft. He has been telling every defensive player in the locker room who will listen that Khalil has been a bad example for the rest of the players and that, "he's naturally talented, but if you wanna be great don't act with him." The upset stems with Harrell's shunning of and fight with this year's second rounder, CB Jeremy Watson. Jenkins seems to believe that the secondary unit should work together, and the cornerbacks having in-fighting is not helping matters. ___________ Connor J. Hughes · @Connor_J_Hughes· 3d Reshad Jenkins is having problems with Khalil Harrell. That does not bode well for the Jets secondary cohesion this year. Hopefully it's talented enough to succeed regardless. ___________ Xavier Burroughs · @XMarksTheSpot · 1d these reports are FAKE NEWS!!!! reshad is just trying to encourage everyone, don't believe the hype ___________ Fireman Ed · @FirefighterEdward · 2d You could see Khalil Harrell's work ethic wasn't great on the field last year. Gave up on plays all the time and didn't participate in the run defense. That doesn't set a good example for everyone else. ___________ Cowboys CB Travis Chatman, the longtime veteran and #51 pick in the inaugural draft, is upset with the state of the Cowboys cornerbacks. One leaked report said that the rest of the Dallas secondary is looking "extremely poor" and that Chatman might be looking for a way out if it's not addressed soon, as the veteran wants to collect a second ring before he retires. ___________ Jim Otto · @NFLHCInsiderJimOtto · 2d  Sources tell me that Travis Chatman will be looking to get out of Dallas unless another good secondary player is added. Chatman does not believe in any of the other secondary players on the Cowboys, and feels the team won't be competitive even in a weak division if it's not addressed. ___________ Clarence Hill Jr · @ClarenceHillJr · 2d  Knowing Travis Chatman all these years, I'm not sure he wants out moreso than this is just a leverage play. But still, the front office needs to be looking to address the secondary if they want to keep him happy. ___________ How Bout Them Cowboys · @HowBoutThemCowboys · 2d Whatever Travis Chatman wants, just give it to him. He's still an All Pro in the 11th year of his career, give him some HELP!
  6. 49ers DC Mike Smith, who joined San Francisco on a 2-year $5 million deal this offseason after spending 2 years in Denver, is reportedly upset with how the team's locker room issues have been affecting the team. This is the second straight season that former first round pick, DT Michael McBride, has gotten into a fight with one of his fellow defensive linemen in training camp, and Smith did not mince words when talking to the media about it today - "If McBride wants to get playing time in my defense, he's gonna need to shape up." But it's not only McBride causing issues. Rookie DE Victor Crosby was the other participant in the fighting, and the team's defensive cohesion has suffered significantly. ___________ Jim Otto · @NFLHCInsiderJimOtto · 2d 49ers HC Duncan and DC Mike Smith are reportedly very upset with the defensive fighting that has plagued the team throughout training camp. The team's front office is considering possible fines and suspensions in order to restore cohesion in the locker room. ___________ Eric Branch · @Eric_Branch · 2d I'm told that 49ers DT Michael McBride is upset that the team is considering fining or suspending him for his conduct. He reportedly told a teammate, "all teams fight in training camp, why am I the only one getting called out for it all the time?" ___________ Prospector Pete · @FortyNinersFan · 2d Why not just cut McBride? Not like he's done anything close to justifying his draft position. At least Crosby is a promising rookie. #Bust ___________ Last year's #1 overall pick, former Rice QB Eric McLean, is working with quarterbacks coach Adam Stave on issues he's been having with his throwing motion. "The QB Stavior," as he markets himself, recently retired and has dedicated himself to working with young QBs to get better. The former Army QB is dedicated to "discipline and work ethic" and will only take on QBs he believes will work to get better. McLean is officially his first client, although he hopes to work with future draft prospects. McLean is working with Stave on reducing his windup and getting the ball out quicker, both things he had issue with in his rookie year. ___________ Adam Stave · @FranchiseStavior · 1d Proud to announce I'm working with New York Giants starting @McLeanMachine! Expect to see him performing even better in 2024, Big Blue Nation! ___________ Curtis Lewis · @crushingusher · 1d im a sam milner fan but im also a eric mclean fan. hopefully this thing with "the stavior" works. weird name for a qb coach. ___________ Stephen A. Smith · @stephenasmith · 1d Adam Stave is a close personal friend of mine! Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, Adam Stave will get Eric McLean to Top 10 QB status THIS YEAR! That's what we're talking about. ___________ Bring Back RJ Stanford · @ImWalkinHere · 1d Adam Stave worked with Matty Swift for four seasons and couldn't fix him, why should I expect that he can do it for anyone else? Waste of time, Eric. #SamMilnerHypeTrain
  7. Green Bay Packers WR Freddie Jackson is in a crowded receiver room, but the #32 pick in the 2023 NFLHC Draft has been coming on strong. Considered developmental at the time he was picked, Jackson put up a solid rookie season with 50 receptions for 642 yards and 7 TD playing as the Packers' 3rd receiver. Jackson seems to have been putting in the work this offseason and it's shown, as he appears to be challenging even long time Packers #1 Dan Nomellini in skill. With Nomellini, Justin McCain, and Artavius Hopkins all listed ahead of him on the depth chart, Jackson took up the challenge and certainly seems like he'll be getting playing time once again with the Packers run game struggling heavily in training camp. ___________ Green Bay Packers · @packers · 3d IMPRESSIVE one-handed grab by @FearlessFreddie on the pass from @JJ4Heisman. #FamilyNight ___________ Cheese · @head · 2d Can't imagine why @FearlessFreddie is listed 4th on the depth chart. He looks even more impressive in person. We picked him in the first round for a reason, he was good last year, let the man play! #TalentShinesThrough #Fearless ___________ Colin Cowherd · @ColinCowherd · 3d I've always said Freddie Jackson was the best receiver in the 2023 draft. Talent always wins out. He's been developing well, and the Packers are gonna start Artavius Hopkins over him? What even is that? ___________ Dave Smith · @DSmithBYU · 4d Freddie Jackson is the best receiver on the field here, and I'm not exaggerating. I bet you on anything that by the end of the year he starts in 2 WR sets. ___________ Redskins OC Pat Shurmur is reportedly upset with QB Devin Conroy. Conroy, who joined Washington last year after spending 3 years in Tampa Bay, is currently 3rd on Washington's depth chart but reportedly had a good chance of securing the backup job over Kyle Davidson, especially as Davidson struggled hitting throws in training camp. That job might be out of reach now as OC Pat Shurmur has reportedly had to chide Conroy multiple times over his lack of effort in practice, as well as his lack of knowledge of the playbook. Shurmur, who joined the Redskins this offseason on a 2-year deal after spending last year in Las Vegas, is known to be very particular with his playbook. This could even open up the backup job to Tanner Bowman to Matteo Rook, the 4th year vet who spent last year on Washington's practice squad. ___________ Jim Otto · @NFLHCInsiderJimOtto · 2d Redskins OC Pat Shurmur has been spending a lot of time with QB Devin Conroy over the last few days of camp, and not for good reason. Sources tell me he is very unhappy with the effort being put in by Conroy this training camp, and that Conroy will need to play very well in preseason to get on Shurmur's good side. ___________ Devin Conroy's #1 Fan · @ConroyConvoy · 1d I don't believe these reports about Devin. He's the hardest working player I've ever seen. If he really wasn't putting in the effort, I think that would have been a problem in one of the last 3 years he spent in NFLHC! #Overblown #RideTheConvoy ___________ DC Sports · @ShowHogs · 5h Devin Conroy is a forgettable, overhyped college QB who's somehow stuck around this long. If he can't even put in the effort just get him off the team, it sets a bad example for everyone else. #DontLetTheDoorHitYou
  8. Dolphins RB Gabe Ciamo went on a bizarre, strongly negative Twitter rant after the completion of Miami's training camp. Ciamo, the 93rd pick in the 2023 NFLHC Draft, struggled in his 4 starts as a rookie and ultimately finished with 82 rushes for 286 yards (3.49 YPC) and 2 TD, along with 9 receptions for 101 yards and 1 TD. Ciamo, slated to be the team's 3rd down back once again, had an extremely poor training camp performance, often giving up early in practice, skipping meetings, and telling teammates that "the whole thing was a waste of time anyway." ___________ Gabe Ciamo · @GabrielTiAmo · 1d playing in the @NFL is rough these owners can do whatever they want with your money we'll see if the @NFLPA will hold them accountable any time soon! they can just pay you whenever they want i need money to feed my family ___________ Gabe Ciamo · @GabrielTiAmo · 1d antonio jackson got fined last yr for a clean hit we can barely even play anymore, how am i supposed to play my game in this league ___________ Gabe Ciamo · @GabrielTiAmo · 1d marcus sucks, marcellus is basically in the grave, yet i get blamed for struggling last year. its not fair. how am i supposed to succeed like that ___________ Gabe Ciamo · @GabrielTiAmo · 1d the OL is so old im pretty sure the GM forgot he could draft any until this yr ___________ Gabe Ciamo · @GabrielTiAmo · 1d ive been sluggish in training camp for sure but just look at the surroudning, all they care about here is passing the ball, i feel bad for marcus having to spend most of his career here ___________ Gabe Ciamo · @GabrielTiAmo · 1d im willing to contribute to the team but they have to help us out thats all im saying, get off my case
  9. It's hard to believe, but the last time Chester Henson had 1,000 rushing yards in a season was in 2020. Henson, 34, knows he's reaching the end of his career too. He discussed his 10 seasons in NFLHC and what it was like to be a free agent for the first time on Sunday's edition of the Rob Blackmon Show. The 6th overall pick in the inaugural NFLHC Draft signed a 2 year, $10.5 million with $6.5 million guaranteed with Washington this offseason. "I've been telling Maurice [White] all camp that we're making the same amount of money this year so we should split carries evenly," Henson told Blackmon. Henson had under 100 carries in both of the last two seasons with Pittsburgh. "My output the last two years wasn't as good as it has been obviously, but I've still got something left in the tank. I feel like I can still carry the ball 10 times a game with good productivity." When asked about what he's doing to help Maurice White, the #11 overall pick in last year's draft, Henson said that "he still runs a bit too stiff sometimes. He's got some elusiveness in the bag if he can just get it down. He's young and talented enough to do it, it's just a matter of getting it right. It's harder for rookies today than it was 10 seasons ago with all of the talented experienced players around." When talking about his free agency, Henson noted that "I wanted to go somewhere I could mentor a young, talented back, and maybe get a second ring. I couldn't imagine a better place to do that than here."
  10. Following a minicamp where his talent shone through, former Texas QB Sam Milner, the 245th pick in the 2024 NFLHC Draft, has attracted a lot of attention from Giants fans. Following a mixed bag rookie season from 2023's #1 overall pick, former Rice QB Eric McLean, some are even speculating that he could compete to start as soon as this season. ___________ Jim Otto · @NFLHCInsiderJimOtto · 7h New Giants QB @MasRenlim (Sam Milner), the 7th rounder from Texas, has had a very impressive minicamp. He's shown great poise in the pocket, touch on his passes, and versatility as a scrambler and a passer from the pocket. ___________ Curtis Lewis · @crushingusher · 6h im not saying sam milner will be the second greatest giants player from texas but im not not saying it either #HookEm ___________ It G Men · @FilnerMan · 3h Sam Milner will start at least one season's worth of games, for the Giants or somewhere else, by the time his rookie contract is up. #MarkMyWords ___________ Doppeldeaner · @ThankYouDeanVeryCool· 2h MCLEAN SUCKS!!!! This Milner kid looks good, just give him the chance to start, maybe we won't have a top 5 pick for once and Dean can prove his worth once and for all #ILoveDean #BenchMcLean #StartMilner #MilnerRules
  11. It was well-documented that ILB C.J. Thomas was very unhappy with the Cleveland Browns organization during the 2023 NFLHC season. Thomas was reported as asking for a trade during the season multiple times and also had incidents that included visibly giving up during a 38-7 loss to the Colts in Week 11, fighting with CB Devon Braxton following a 44-7 loss to the Titans in Week 12, and calling out the coaching staff after a 34-16 loss to the Redskins in Week 15. The Browns did end up getting a win in Week 17, but it was very clear Thomas did not want to stay in Cleveland on his $5.75 million fifth year option, so he was traded to the Bills for WR Jarius Shaw-Dodd and a 4th round pick that the Browns ended up using to acquire ILB Mark Craig. Thomas fired off a storm of tweets on Wednesday trashing the Browns organization, accusing the Browns front office members and coaches of various transgressions and mismanagement. ___________ C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 6h I don't understand why anyone would play for the @Browns organization voluntarily! Cutting my boy @RyanClarkTheQB with no succession plan, while he still had a lot of money on his deal, was one of the worst moves in NFLHC history! Everyone even said so at the time! /1 C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 6h Most of the players the team brought in before the new front office came in were lazy and didn't want to #PutInTheWork so it was obvious we were doomed anyway. I'm a winner. I've always enjoyed winning. The second they cut Ryan I knew it was a tanking season... so did everyone else. /2 C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 6h It was frustrating for everyone. Jordan North never looked great in practice and Matthew Dobbs is a career backup for a reason. I love my boy Sean Bell but that was all we had going on offense. Do you know how hard it is to go out to play defense knowing that in all likelihood, your efforts will be /3 C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 6h for nothing since the offense is more likely to go 3-and-out than score? What's the point of even playing? Me and Cam Marshall asked the front office to try to bring in some new blood at QB with nothing. I asked Vrabel to keep up the aggressiveness but we were soft all season. /4 C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 6h The offense was putrid but the defensive effort led to us allowing the most points in the league because no one cared. Everyone knew we were more talented than that, but no one wants to play for any of the coaches on that team or the GM. How could you blame anyone after they basically abandoned us /5 C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 6h personnel wise? It's hard to believe they stuck with Jordan North for 9 games when he was effective in none of them. At least Dobbs was a leader on the field. Anyway, the point of this rant is, to all my fellow players, avoid Cleveland if you can while the current brass is in place. /6 C.J. Thomas · @DawgToDawg · 6h I wish all of the luck in the world to Zach Lombardi, he seems like a great kid, but does anyone really believe Cleveland will do anything with him? Because I don't. /endrant ___________ Jim Otto · @NFLHCInsiderJimOtto · 5h @DawgToDawg (Bills ILB C.J. Thomas) went on a Twitter tirade today, trashing the Browns organization and warning fellow NFLHC players to not play there. From what I can tell, the Browns organization was not happy with his effort or influence last season, either. ___________ I Love My Brownies · @Gpodawund · 1h Like we need an overrated middle linebacker here poisoning the team every time something doesn't go his way. Hope you don't start losing any games Bills fans, because CJ will start telling everyone that he's the only one who cares! #Overrated
  12. The 167th pick in the 2024 NFLHC Draft, WR Aidan Blount out of SMU, has been anonymously accused of domestic violence by a former girlfriend. The woman, not identified but apparently living in Baltimore, decided to come forward with the accusation once Blount was drafted by the Ravens. Blount is in the middle of training camp with the Ravens but has not made any comment as of press time. There is no further info as of now.
  13. DE Damien Holley, a the 234th pick in the 2024 NFLHC Draft out of Louisville, has "been a letdown" at the Eagles' rookie minicamp. The eighth and final draft pick by Philadelphia already had somewhat of an uphill battle to make the roster, but definitely had a shot at the practice squad with 4 extra spots now available to teams. His effort, or lack thereof, will certainly make it harder for the Eagles' brass to keep him on roster. He has missed meetings and seems to not care about adapting to the NFL in general. ___________ Jim Otto · @NFLHCInsiderJimOtto · 5h New Eagles DE Damien Holley has reportedly upset the coaches, having missed multiple mandatory meetings, showing up to camp overweight, and looking uninterested in putting in effort. I'm not sure how he's planning on making the team's roster, frankly. ___________ Tim McManus · @Tim_McManus · 3h The Eagles GM is reportedly really upset with @UofLFootball's coach over the performance of Damien Holley and is planning to have a chat about lack of forewarning. With a Louisville-to-Eagles pipeline already including Alex Bridgewater and Troy White, this could hurt a future relationship. ___________ Santa Claus? More Like Stupid Claus · @E_A_G_L_E_S · 1h Why is Damien Holley still on the team? He was a 7th rounder, just cut the bum! #WasteOfAPick
  14. Minnesota Vikings WR Wayne Wegert, 34, the 67th overall pick in the 2014 NFLHC Draft, was initially thought to want to retire after this season, but apparently has had a change of mind. Wegert is feeling this good offseason and has said in a tweet today that he can see himself "playing until he's 40." Wegert signed a 1-year, $0.6 million extension to stay for his fifth season in Minnesota, which would be as many seasons as he played for the team that drafted him, the Green Bay Packers. Wegert had 54 receptions for 566 yards and 5 TD in 2023, catching his 50th career TD in Week 14. ___________ Wayne W. Wegert · @WW3 · 1d Been feeling really good this offseason, my body feels like it did during my first season. I know I've been talking about retiring, but my wife, kids, and I love it here in Minneapolis and at this point I can honestly see myself playing until I'm 40. Plus I gotta help out the new kid at QB #Skol ___________ Erik Wegert · @ErikTheRedQB · 19h Hey @WW3, don't go playing too long... I was supposed to be the Wegert who played the longest! ___________ Minnesota Nice · @SkolsThatPlayTheBalls· 10h Wayne Wegert can stay as long as he wants in my opinion. Take him out there in a wheelchair if he's still willing to play for us. Every team needs that sort of gritty, lunch pail player. #Skol ___________ Jay Glazer · @JayGlazer · 12h I've always been a big fan of Wayne Wegert. Great leader in the locker room and always has some great insight into the game. Even if the Vikings don't keep him, he'll keep getting picked up as long as he's willing to play, and he would make a great coach one day.
  15. Jets rookie FS Janoris Callahan, the 203rd overall pick of the 2024 NFLHC Draft and one of three players the Jets selected with a compensatory 6th round pick, has been receiving huge buzz in rookie minicamp. The Jets coaches are reportedly very impressed with Callahan's knowledge of the game. Jets defensive coordinator Ron Rivera said of Callahan, "we may have only picked three defensive players in the draft but he's really impressed me with how much of the game he already understands coming out of Conference USA. I can't wait to see him paired up with Reshad [Jenkins]." ___________ Jim Otto · @NFLHCInsiderJimOtto · 8h New Jets FS Janoris Callahan has been one of the stars of rookie minicamps across the league. The coaches reportedly think he could be in contention to receive some playing time early. That is, if he can unseat All-Pro Reshad Jenkins... so probably not. ___________ The Rob Blackmon Show · @RobBlackmonShow · 4h Former Rams, Broncos, and Seahawks FS Gray Corbin (@SlimReaper) joined the show again today, saying of the recent Janoris Callahan reports, "I can't imagine a better situation for him to flourish in." ___________ Erik Wegert Stan Account · @NoWegrets · 1h If Janoris Callahan really works out like they're claiming, maybe we can trade him for a future second? Our GM seems to love those. #FoodForThought ___________ Daniel Jeremiah · @MoveTheSticks · 3h I had Janoris Callahan in my Top 100 pre-draft, and as one of the two best free safeties... all I'm saying is, the GMs that passed him up should have listened to me.
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