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  1. Excited for my home opener to be against the Huskies. This game is full of potential. We’re planning on making a bit of a change going forward and feel like this is the right time to switch things up. Good luck coach @Jieret we’ll see you on the field next weekend.
  2. Curious how far Utah will climb after that shootout with in state rival Utah state
  3. Wish I could watch this game @Ricky Campbell is debuting with the possible game of the week. NOICE!
  4. Anthony Holmes passes the eye test coming in at 6’6 , 239 lbs and with experienced receivers to help him along there is potential for him to break Jake Davis’ school records. Excited to see how he does this year just not against my team!
  5. @Sarge is right this write up is great! Thank you @Jieret. Our OOC schedule begins against the coach who showed me the ropes. Playing UAB and coach @Wonderbread is the equivalent of playing a mentor. He brought me to CFBHC and now its time to see if we can turn this into a rivalry. We know our QB McIntosh struggled with his former team. He is older wiser and has been trusted to run the offense. The defense is inexperienced, yet we're excited to see who steps up into that leadership role as the team develops. Beavers Rise & Overcome (BRO) Courage is our tradition!
  6. This team won 4 games last year by a fg and 3 of those were in the PAC... let’s see how it affects them this year. Good preview!
  7. Coaching Skills Update Offense: 14 Defense:10 Special Teams: 10 Clock Mgmt: 9 Discipline: 10 Youth Mgmt: 9 Breakdown: (Off/Def/ST/Clock/Disc./Youth) 2023 Adjustments: +4/0/0/-1/0/-1 Traits after 2023: 14/10/10/9/10/9
  8. I beat out Oklahoma with 3 promises that will be difficult for my player to get. However, I wish I could promise something like - Guaranteed Starting Position til Graduation- degree of points can be based on how many years the player has left. In all honesty my program is likely to suffer thanks to this years transfer portal but I got the player that I needed vs a a top school. Sold my Beaver soul!
  9. Welcome to Oregon State! This young man is built like a beast!!!
  10. Week 1 @ UAB @Wonderbread Week 2 vs Oklahoma State @Kremit Week 8 vs BYU @NDIrish21
  11. The team is excited to finally get some recognition from the rest of the conference. We'll be keeping a close eye on this one. We host Georgia after our bye week for our first home game of the season.
  12. Personally I like the idea. Recruiting across the country should not be as easy as recruiting in your own region since it's more resource intensive.
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