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  4. Edition #6 July 1902 MAJORITY OF BOXER LEADERSHIP KILLED IN BOMB ATTACK, UNKNOWN SUSPECTS In a devastating blow to the young nation, the majority of the Boxers People’s Republics leadership was wiped out in a bombing of their leadership council meeting. It’s estimated 80% of the leaders died with another 10% injured significantly. It’s not known who conducted or ordered the attack. The Boxers had just consolidated power over most of China. The remaining leaders have promised to investigate the bombing and to secure their nation by any means necessary. Canadians Refuse Assfat Request, Extradite Suspected Assassin to New York City After receiving a request to send the suspected Assassin of President McKinley to Assfat to stand trial in his home territory, the Canadian government bowed to the pressure of Teddy Roosevelt’s administration and have sent the suspect, Billy Clay Jr. to New York City where he is expected to stand trial for the murder of McKinley before the year is over. Ivory Coast Votes YES! Voters in the Ivory Coast overwhelmingly voted to join the Imperium and continue their study and adoption of the Vodun religion. The religion is spreading rapidly in the West African region and is becoming one of the largest religions in the world. SUEZ IN CRISIS AGAIN Multiple ships have been sunk exiting the Suez Canal in what is now the Ottoman Sultanate. Many are reporting large explosions and suspect that the same Muslim radical factions that caused a ship to sink off the Iberico coast are to blame. Many are worried about world trade after this incident and the promise that the Ottomans would keep the trade free and open seems to be fading for some nations. URUGENTINA ON WARPATH The Urugentinan army has kept its word on its ultimatum to Brazil and has invaded. They quickly have taken control over a good chunk of the territory that they demanded join Urugentina. The Brazillians were caught off-guard and are not looking to come to the table for peace talks currently. FAILED ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON ROOSEVELT A wild rash of violence continued in the USA as another assassination attempt was made on their president. After President McKinley was struck down in Buffalo Teddy Roosevelt assumed the office. Secret Service agents quickly foiled the attempt on Mr. Roosevelt capturing the assassin who carried papers on him with orders from EPCOT and awaits trial currently in Washington DC. Mr. Roosevelt was understandably upset but is waiting to make a decision about what to do with the EPCOT conflict. LION Calls for North American Peace Conference LION has offered to host a North American Peace Conference in their territory in hopes that the continent's leaders can come together and stop the rash of violence that has broken out. President Teddy Roosevelt of the USA feeling the peaceful spirit did not press his attack into EPCOT territory any further and promised to send his Secretary of State to any peace conference that occurs. This comes despite the attempt on his life by an EPCOT agent who was quickly foiled and now awaits trial in Washington. MOROCCO DOWN The Morrocan government has fallen to the rebellion that was brewing in the major cities. Assisted by Iberico the rebels seized control of the government buildings across the nation and threw the current rulers into the streets. Many loyalists were seen fleeing towards the East and the Ottoman Sultanate seeking refugee status as they feel a kinship with the muslim state. French Voters Force Referendum Onto Ballot After substantial pressure on the government by protestors, the French will hold a referendum on the status of the South of the nation. If the vote goes yes the individual states will be able to vote on whether to stay in France or join Iberico. Lotharingian Empire No More: Beltherlands Rising Having disposed of the former leaders after the Germans took over substantial territories, the Lotharingian Empire collapsed overnight and gave birth to the Beltherlands. The nation retains control over the territory of Belgium and the Netherlands. The new leaders have made peace with Germany ceding the territories lost in the war to the Germans. Hindustan Goes Dark, New Leadership Expected The nation of Hindustan has closed all borders and kicked out all journalists. There are faint whispers of new leadership incoming but not much more is known right now. Greek Coup Unsuccessful, Plotters Flee An attempted coup to overthrow the King of Greece has failed as the nation's people did not join the radicals who wanted to oust the king. There was light bloodshed in Athens but the plotters fled the country before capture and their whereabouts are unknown. Tensions in the region remain high as the people in Greece seem split evenly between loyalty to Greece and the desire to form some new kind of political entity. GDJ Scientists Unveil Bakelite GDJ Scientists have made an amazing advancement for the nation in the form of synthetic plastic named Bakelite. This durable material has many uses and will be a boost to the nation. EPCOT Unveils Model- T EPCOT manufacturers have unveiled a cheap, mass producible vehicle, the Model-T. This automobile will surely bring great mobility to the nation. Alayska Invents Radial Engine Continuing focusing on heavy machinery tech, Alayska researchers have invented the radial engine. This new design will help to power heavy machinery in the cold nation. Delta Republic Cracks Down on Suspected Anarchists Having suffered one of the assassinations on the North American continent to the hands of an anarchist, the Delta Republic has cracked down on suspected anarchists in their nation. Many have been jailed and others have been said to be leaving through the panhandle to FAT or the USA where they say their rights won’t be trampled on. GDJ Begins Kidnappers Trial, No New Info GDJ has started the proceedings of the alleged kidnappers from the WCoN. No new information has been revealed from the kidnapper who URU officials found traces of being a foreign agent from FAT but could not confirm it completely. GDJ officials have not been able to garner anything else from the man and seem to be at an impasse. Ozzy Invents Electric Washing Machine Hoping to improve the lives of their citizens, Ozzy researchers have invented an electric clothes washing machine that many women are reportedly very happy about. Tesla Moves to RUSS Renowned scientist Nikola Tesla has accepted the invitation of the RUSS government to relocate to the nation and continue his work there as well as help give some lectures in Saint Petersburg. It’s expected to be a fruitful relationship. AssFat Unviels “Egg Cartons” No longer finding baskets as the most useful way to hold eggs, farmers in AssFat have devised a new container, the “Egg Carton”, neat. Remaining Boxer Leadership Cedes Manchurian Territory to RUSS After the devastating bombing of their leadership, the remaining Boxer high council members have agreed to cede Manchuria to RUSS in exchange for an agreement to protect the northern border of the nation. President Orlav’s Fitness Routine? Hoping to become the fittest leader in the world President Orlav of Alayska has invited many strongmen to the nation to help him get “buff” but no one has found a routine that suits the president yet. Canada and Alayska agree to “Open” Border Policy The nations of Canada and Alayska have agreed to an open border policy between the nations. Citizens from both nations can pass the border now without needed passports. Iberico-Angolan Mining Partnership Established Angolan leaders have gladly accepted Iberico’s offer to help them extract the mineral wealth in the nation in exchange for development and jobs for the nation's people in what is seen as a mutually beneficial agreement. STATS UPDATES Alayska: +.3 ECON, +.6 TECH ASA: +.3 ECON Assfat: +.5 ECON EPCOT: +.5 ECON, +.2 Land MP GDJ: +.4 TECH Iberico: +.2 ECON, +.1 INFRA Imperium: +.4 Overall MP Beltherlands: +.3 Infra Ottomans: +.2Infra, +.3 ECON, +.5 Air MP LION: +.2 Health Ozzy: +.4 ECON RUSS: +.3 ED, +.3 ECON
  5. Edition #5 Jan. 1902 PRESIDENT MCKINLEY ASSASSINATED IN BUFFALO, SUSPECT GOES UNCAPTURED The President of the United States of America, William McKinley was assassinated in Buffalo, New York. There were reportedly shots fired by multiple gunmen. Multiple reports have released a name of the man who shot and missed, Leon Czolgosz. Czolgosz is an anarchist who wants to free the people from the bond of an oppressive state. He was mobbed after he fired his first shot and arrested and tried for attempted murder (he recieved a life sentence). The actual assassin was able to escape capture and flee into Canada. Observers at the scene saw him with Czolgosz earlier in the day and Czolgosz said he did not know the man's name but knew he came from the Association of the Forlorn, Abject & Trivial. New President Theodore Roosevelt who was invited to a conference in assFAT’s claimed territory declined vehemently and demanded that the assassin be extradited immediately to New York. Marcus Haynes, President of The Delta Republic ASSASSINATED While making an appearance in the newly acquired panhandle region, Marcus Haynes was struck down by an assassin's bullet to the head. The assassin was captured and found to be from an anarchist cell from Ohio. He was captured and awaits trial now in The Delta Republic. He was heard screaming, “Anarchy! Sic Semper Tyrannis!” before firing at point blank range. Ottomans Advance in Egypt, Encircle Egyptians After statemating with the Egyptian army in their attempt to control the Suez Canal, the Ottomans and a coalition of nations have successfully encircled the Egyptians pinning all their troops in the region between Cairo and 25 miles past the Suez Canal. The Coalition launched an invasion into western Egypt through Alexandria and were able to push all the way to the outskirts of Cairo where the Egyptians have dug in defense preparing for a last stand. There was very little movement in the Sinai Peninsula where both militaries dug in and didn’t attempt assaults seeing no weak points. The smashing of the western Egyptian forces has led the leaders of the nation to sue for peace as they seem willing to negotiate a settlement now after a hard year of fighting. Boxers Take Control of China! RUSS Launches Attacks in Manchuria Proclaiming the nation purified of foreign interests, the Boxers have established a functional government in mainland China and are going by the Boxer People’s Republic. There are still small pockets of resistance in the countryside but the Boxers are firmly now in control. RUSS forces launched an invasion into Manchuria proclaiming that the Boxer’s had no rights to the land. Their forces met with hardened veterans of the civil conflict and were not able to advance much into the territory. The Boxer People’s Republic however seems willing to go to the negotiating table with RUSS over the matter of Manchuria as they seek international recognition. OZZY Forces Destroy Botswana Having faced surprisingly stiff resistance from the small army of Botswana, the forces from OZZY continued their assault on the poor nation as revenge for killing Ozzy citizens. They were able to encircle and destroy all military resistance across the nation and captured the tribal leaders who were in charge of the military. It is still to be seen what they decide to do with these leaders but Ozzy’s flag now flies proudly over the nation. SCOTTISH BREAK FROM UNION OF THE BRITONS Marxist Nationalist rebels from Scotland have risen up and taken control of the nation, proclaiming all ties to the Union of The Britons to be dissolved. They claim that their heritage is one based on community and cooperation which marxism reflects and the Union was not upholding any longer. Many Scots still in favor of the union fled south but the rebels are firmly in control of the nation. USA Launches Invasion into Illinois Having repelled the assault by EPCOT troops into Wisconsin, the forces of the United States of America have invaded Illinois and have captured a portion of northern IL from the Mississippi River over to Rockford. There was heavy resistance by the EPCOT forces who just months earlier were totally routed. New President Thoedore Roosevelt was insistent that this is not a war but rather a quelling of a rebellion as he does not recognize EPCOT’s claims to IL and MO. GERMANS INVADE LOTHARINGIAN EMPIRE Claiming to be freeing the people of the Lotharingian Empire from Tyranny and ineffectiveness, the German Empire has invaded and overtaken the Lotharigian’s territory in Luxembourg and France. Many see this as opportunistic and think the French might object but the Lotharingian army basically left for home having no leadership from military HQ leaving an easy path for the Germans to take over the territory. Portugese Crowds: VODUN AND FREEDOM Trying to pacify the calls for a separation from the newly formed Iberico, former King Alfonso spoke in Porto reminding his fellow citizens of the many benefits of the new union. He was shouted down as the citizens called for an overthrow of the strict Catholic rules in favor of the spreading Vodun religion from West Africa and a separation from the rest of Iberico. Canada, Alayska and assFAT Agree to Massive Rail Network A multilateral agreement has been struck between Canada, Alayska and assFAT to increase the rail lines between hub cities in these nations. The Economic impact of this agreement is unknown for now but is expected to take multiple years to complete. Once finished the line will run all the way from far west of Alayska through Calgary and onto Winnipeg in Canada. It will also connect south to multiple cities in assFAT. Ivory Coast In Full Rebellion: VODUN AND IMPERIUM Rebels have captured many towns and hamlets across the Ivory Coast calling for the Vodun religion to be the official state religion and for the Ivory Coast to vote on joining the Imperium. It’s expected that by July there will be an official referendum. Brazilians Reject Urugentian Ultimatum Voters in the state of Rio du Sol having already voted down joining Urugentina are now rejecting the Urugentian ultimatum that was issued to them. Brazilians across the nation are in a nationalist fervor as the new nation looks to unify against what they see as Urugentian aggression. LION Wins First Iditarod over Alayska In a surprising twist of events, the team from tropical LION has won the first Iditarod race in Alayska. Having no real experience with dog racing this was seen as an upset as the Alayskan team was expected to be the winners in a smaller than expected field. The team from Alayska finished in 2nd. The team from FAT finished third with a close 4th going to the team from assFAT, finishing last was the team from ASA. The winning team received a beautiful golden trophy, an Alaskan Malamute dog trophy, the trophy dog standing on the shape of the Alyaskan country with the route engraved into the trophy, not actual life size, but a decent size for a trophy along with the prize money will travel back to LION. RUSS supplied Siberian Huskies to the Alayskan team and they will now live with President Orlav. Urugentian Team Reaches South Pole A team of explorers from Urugentina have reached the South Pole in Antarctica. The team was able to plant the flag of Urugentina and only lost 2 men on the entire expedition. Currently the claim to the icy continent is being disputed but it is quite an accomplishment for the explorers. URUGENTINA TO EXTRADITE CRIMINALS TO GDJ After an extensive investigation into the attempted kidnapping at the World Conference of Nations (WCoN), Urugentina has agreed to GDJ’s request and has extradited the attempted kidnappers to GDJ for trial. Port Master in Singapore Found to be Stealing from Locals Local officials in Singapore are outraged as it has been found that the port master from the Ibericoan mainland has been found stealing from the local companies and workers at the docks. There were protests calling for him to be removed and tried for theft but no actions have been announced yet. Kingdom of LiLi Invents New Drill Bit Trying to take advantage of their new oil wealth, the Kingdom of LiLi has unveiled a new drill bit that should help with oil extraction, the roller cone bit. It’s expected that they will receive large economic benefits from this in the future. Moroccan Rebels Take over Tangiers and Casablanca Demanding union with Iberico, small rebel cells have taken over the city centers of Tangiers and Casablanca in Morocco. The rebels have put out a manifesto claiming that the state will receive 100 times more than it would give up by joining Iberico. It remains to be seen what officials will do, but the investigation into the ship explosion pointed to extremist groups that could have come from Morocco. LION Offers Assistance to FAT LION has offered to help in an investigation of the attempted assasination of Chief Mike from FAT. In a separate offer LION has also offered an economic aid package to FAT in exchange for access to the newly discovered plant from the Amazon expedition. It remains to be seen if FAT takes them up on either offer. LION Condems EPCOT’s Aggressive War LION has put out a statement against EPCOT’s aggressive war against the USA. It remains to be seen how EPCOT will respond. Panama Canal now 10% Complete GDJ’s efforts to complete the Panama Canal have been aided by Alayska. The terms of the deal were not public but money and workers from Alayska have arrived in Panama to help finish the canal. Ottomans Unleash Dreadnought Class Upon the Seas Admirals from the Ottoman Empire smiled as they revealed their newest class of battleship, the Dreadnought. This class is expected to make all other battleships obsolete in short order. For now the Ottomans hold a large advantage in this area. Pirates beware. STAT UPDATES: Alayska: +.1 Econ, +.1 Ed, +.1 Sea MP ASA: +.1 Land MP DELTA: +.1 ED LiLi: +.1 Sea MP, +.3 Econ, +.3 Infra LION: +.2 Health Ottomans: +.2 ED, Overall MP now 3.0, +.5 Sea MP
  6. Edition #4 July 1901 SUEZ CRISIS BOILS OVER, Coalition Launches Offensive The Ottoman Sultanate, assisted by RUSS, Hindustan, The Great Horde and ASA, have launched an invasion into Egypt. Claiming the invasion was to protect the nation and continent of Asia from Western Imperialism, the Ottomans tried to take control over the Suez Canal but were caught off guard by a surprisingly resilient Egpytian force. The Ottomans were able to gain some ground but have been stopped on the Sinai peninsula and haven’t been able to advance to the canal at this time. The international community as a whole has given a mixed response, the hardest condemnation came from LION who stated that they support Egyptian sovereignty and the continuation of an open Suez Canal for all nations to trade through. It remains to be seen how the situation will resolve as the Egyptians remain fiercely adamant that they are the rightful owners of the canal and will not be influenced by western imperialists. EPCOT DECLARES WAR ON USA, Defeated in Wisconsin EPCOT has declared war on the United States of America and launched an Attack into Wisconsin. President McKinley assured the people of the nation that they will not stand for this aggression and will crush all rebellions to make the USA whole again. The EPCOT forces suffered a crushing defeat near Madison and retreated back to the IL state line. The rebels throughout the Rust Belt that were rising up before the election last year remained loyal to the USA and haven’t launched any attacks. It remains to be seen if the war expands further but it seems clear that the unspoken agreement that McKinley’s administration was operating under to not attack the breakaway nations from the USA seems to be at an end. ASA Goes on Warpath, Takes Macao, Hong Kong and Hainen. Proclaiming themselves the rightful owners, the ASA has launched preemptive war across the Pacific. They were easily able to take Macao and Hong Kong. ASA troops took Hainen after a great struggle that will set back their military in the near future. ASA troops also tried to take Hanoi but were forced to retreat quickly. It’s unclear if ASA will continue to push forward in the region or if their military conquests are at an end. It has been rumored that they still have eyes on China and are looking to negotiate with the Boxers. Boxers Continue Push, Almost Control All of China The Boxer’s have consolidated control over a large portion of the Chinese nation. The rebels have continued to push out any foreign influence but have seemed to have received military aid from an unknown source that has helped them advance. It seems all but inevitable that the Boxer Republic will rise in China. Their leaders rejected an audience with ASA leadership but still are honoring their agreement to not attack ASA citizens. The Boxers have also seemed to have started to dig in defenses in Manchuria as RUSS has been eyeing it. Shots Fired at Chief Mike Chief Mike of FAT has had an attempt made on his life. An assassin's bullet missed Chief Mike and hit an innocent bystander. No suspects were captured but shell casings were left at the scene. “Secret” Negotiations Fall Through Multiple French and Morrocan sources have revealed that Iberico has been trying to strong arm them into trying to convince their nations to join Iberico. The dignitaries were taken to the Red Light District in ASA for “talks.” Ireland Joins Iberico Citing the benefits of the IPPPC and a lack of trade with other nations the island of Ireland has joined the nation of Iberico. The Union of the Britons held sway with the Irish until they went into complete isolation. FAT Expedition Finds Interesting Plants The ill-fated Amazon Expedition launched 18 months ago by FAT has finally found something useful for the nation, not gold but a plant. The mysterious plant has helped ease stomach pains that the expedition has suffered. This is expected to offset some of the losses suffered from the expedition's cost. FAT Sells Panhandle to Delta Republic Citing economic advantage, FAT has agreed to sell the Panhandle of Florida to the Delta Republic. It’s unclear how much the area will integrate with the rest of the Delta Republic. The sale was supposedly for $3M. Emma Goldman Speaking Tour Across USA, Spreads Anarchism Emma Goldman, notable anarchist, has just completed a successful speaking tour across the Rust Belt. Arrangements for the tour were made by an unknown benefactor. Many locals were fired up after seeing Goldman speak and many joined the militias that were organizing last year. Alyaska to hold Iditarod Race The nation of Alyaska has invited competitors from around the globe to run in the first “Iditarod” race this winter. A large prize will be funded by entry fees. ASA Company Patents Assembly Line Process A bicycle manufacturing company in ASA has patented a more efficient large scale moving assembly line process. This development is sure to boost production across the nation. Widespread Protests in Portugal Citing unhappiness with the union with Spain, many people took to the streets in Portugal. They are calling for the restoration of the King of Portugal and the return of Brazil to their possession also. Alliance: Urugentinas announce pact with RUSS and Imperium Urugentinan officials have announced an alliance with RUSS and Imperium du Dahomey. WCoN Kidnapping Investigation Murkey Urugentina has announced findings into the kidnapping attempt at the WCoN. The men in custody are for sure the ones who attempted to kidnap the GDJ official. They appear to be from FAT but it’s uncertain that they are acting under official orders or not. Botswana Defends Borders Against OZZY Coalition The Botswana military has held off an invasion force mostly from OZZY. This is seen as a massive military upset. Supply issues hindered the OZZY military but it’s expected if they push forward they will crush any further defense. The Botswanans are suing for peace and hope that this will be the end of the fighting. Malaysia to Iberico: NO PROTECTORATE After already rejecting LION, the Malaysian government has rejected an offer to fall under the protection of Iberico. They remain fiercely independent and committed to remaining free of foreign domination. Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska Remain Loyal to Union The states of Idaho, Wyoming and Nebraska have committed to the Union and the current war effort. These states sent an overwhelming percentage of volunteers to the war effort against EPCOT. LION Unveils ECG Machine Scientists in LION have unveiled a new medical device, the ECG. This device is able to help doctors examine hearts. It will be a medical advancement for the nation. Ozzy Invents Colored Film, Releases 2 new movies Ozzy has held a grand “Red Carpet” premiere of two brand new color films, "A Trip To The Moon" directed by the young 20 year old Australian director Georges Méliès and "Fire!" directed by 29 year old James Williamson. Both films have been praised highly and the OZZY film industry is expected to continue to lead the world if this continues. RUSS Develops Marine Diesel Engine Trying to improve their naval power and shipping prowess, RUSS has unveiled the first marine diesel engine. It is expected to help advance both military and civilian shipping. OIL! The Kingdom of Lili has found oil in their newly acquired territory of Baja California. The economic benefits are to be determined but a rush of immigrants is expected. IPPPC Announces Common Currency All nations in the IPPPC have announced they will abandon their own national currencies in favor of a common one between treaty members. It is expected in the future that this will have many economic benefits but residents right now are still skeptical of this initiative. The IPPPC also announced a shared university system to be built among the nations that will soon be functional. Imperium Control on Ghana Firming Up After a successful take over of Ghana last year, Imperium officials have finally started to pacify the nation. Former Ghanian officials were installed in some local positions and many rebels have returned home from the countryside. AssFAT and EPCOT Announce Football League Alayska Discover “Geo-thermal” Energy Researchers in Alayska have found a new source of energy, geo-thermal. It’s uses are limited now, the experiments only lit a house of lightbulbs, but future benefits are expected to be large for nations with a lot of volcanic activity. Ozzy Officials: Iberico Ship Explosions Caused by Muslim Radicals Ozzy Officials have concluded their investigation of the recent explosion of a ship off the Iberico coast. They have found substantial evidence that muslim radicals from Morroco were the culprits of the explosion, setting a bomb to destory the ship. STAT UPDATES Alayska: +.2 Tech, +.4 Infra, +.1 Sea MP, +.6 ED ASA: +.2ED, +.1 TECH, -.3 Sea MP, -.2 Land MP assFAT: +.1 ECON Britons: -.4 ECON, -.7 ED, -.1 TECH, -.5 Health Delta: +.5 Infra, +.1 Sea MP, -.3 ED EPCOT: -.4 Land MP FAT: +.2 ECON HORDE: +.2 ED Iberico: +.4 Infra, +.4 Health Imperium: +.6 ED, +.3 ECON, +.5 Land MP LION: +.6 ED, +.4 Infra, +.1 Tech LOTH: -.5 ED, -.5 Land MP OZZY: +.3 Tech RUSS: +.2 Infra, +.5 Land MP, +.3 Sea MP
  7. Edition #3 Jan 1901 Man Flies “Aeroplane” in Uruguay! An outstanding invention has turned up in Urugentina as the Gomez Brothers have invented an aeroplane powered by an engine that has sustained flight. The amazing invention has people all over the world praising the Gomez Brothers and frantically working to replicate their work. Urugentina now certainly has superiority in the aeroplane industry. Attempted Kidnapping Spoils Spirit of World Conference of Nations An air of cooperation was spoiled at the World Conference of Nations in Montevideo. Leaders from many of the nations of the world gathered to discuss multiple topics, including the current situation in Ghana. The group was not able to do anything for Ghana as the representatives were indecisive. The Urugentian representatives proposed a World Currency which had some support but will be needed to be brought up in individual capitals. Other minor issues included the rights to free exploration and some representatives wanted to discuss the militarization of the skies. All of this good work however went out the window when the representative from the GDJ was a victim of attempted kidnapping. Three men were captured by local authorities and identified as citizens of FAT. It remains to be seen what will happen to them and to future WCoN Meetings as a 2nd WCoN was proposed at the conclusion of the meeting. Delta Republic Sweeps Olympics Sending athletes for every event, the Delta Republic was by far the most prepared nation for the 1900 Olympics in Paris. They took Gold in all the events that occurred this year. Organizers are looking to decouple this event from the World's Fair in the future but it drew massive crowds from the Fair. Iberico and LION Unveil “Radar” at World's Fair End A novel device has been unveiled by Iberico and LION called “Radar”. Using radio waves to bounce off objects it is able to detect the distance between objects. Reportedly this will be used to detect ships coming into harbors and hopes to stop avoidable accidents. Urugentian’s Unveil Mechanical Air Cooling Device Researchers in Urugentina have unveiled a new device to cool the air indoors called an “Air Conditioner.” This device is in its infancy but will help to moderate hot climates or help in the summer months across the world. McKinley Wins Election Despite Militias Rising Up William McKinley has won another term as President of the United States of America. The President defeated William Jennings Bryan despite many local militias rising up in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio demanding reforms. McKinley has pledged to keep all the current states in the Union. Seen as a large victory, voters in Minnesota and Wisconsin both voted down referendums to leave the Union as well. Unsurprisingly, the people that bothered to vote in the states that are associating with the AssFat voted overwhelmingly for the McKinley Ticket after their government endorsed it. Boxer’s Agree to Truce with ASA Citizens, Continue Fighting, Intensified in Manchuria The Boxers leadership has agreed to stop targeting citizens from the ASA but do not recognize their claims in China and have made it known they will not stand for further aggression in China. The Boxers acknowledge the losses on their Western frontier to the Great Horde but will not retaliate as they feel a kindred spirit towards the Great Horde. Illustrating their point is their counter offensive against RUSS troops encroaching in Manchuria where they routed an invasion force. The Boxer’s are close to gaining full control over the nation and are very hostile to all outsiders that they feel are ruining their lands. Brewing Suez Crisis? Multiple nations have made overtures to the former British Colony of Egypt, which has gained independence with the takeover of Britain by the Union of The Britons, to join the Ottoman Sultanate. These all were rebuffed by the Egyptians however who wish to remain independent and control the Suez Canal for themselves. Many observers are worried that this rejection will lead to bloodshed as it is reported that the Ottoman’s have started a “Foreign Corps” that has bolstered both their navy and army. The Suez Canal is one of the most important pieces of infrastructure in the world and as of now it remains open for trade. If it closes the world economy could plunge towards a depression. Many are calling on the Union of The Britons to take action but their calls are unanswered as of now. GOLD! Alayska Flooded with Immigrants A substantial amount of gold has been discovered in Alayska near Nome. The nation has been flooded with immigrants seeking fortune. Potential citizenship also was a draw for some but mostly the GOLD. This has given the Alayskan economy a big boost. In addition to the Gold the Alayskan government has announced the discovery of Continuous Tracks for vehicles which should help to tame their rough nation a bit. Ghana Rebels Emerge, Remain Under Imperium Rebel bands are now roving the countryside in Ghana as they resist Imperium rule. The nation remains very much under Imperium but Fmr. President Buhto’s plea at the WCoN has inspired many to rise up against the Imperium government. Imperium officials are working to integrate the broader region with religion, making Vodun the official religion of the state and sending missionaries to the surrounding areas to try and convert them. Large Shipping Accident in Iberico Waters A large ship has exploded killing all 100 crew members off the coast of Barcelona in Iberico. It is unknown why the ship exploded but Ibericans are weeping for the lives of the poor souls that were lost. Mexico Sells Baja California to Kingdom of Lili Seeking to expand their nation, the Kingdom of Lili has bought Baja California from Mexico. The Mexican government was looking to get rid of Baja California since it became cut off from the rest of the nation (separated by GDJ). The Kingdom of Lili paid a hefty sum for the land and it’s unknown if they will recover economically right away but the land area has expanded greatly for the Kingdom with the acquisition. Ozzy Colonizers REJECTED Colonizers from OZZY have been murdered in Botswana. Attempting to make a peaceful acquisition quickly turned bloody as they were quickly murdered upon crossing the border. Other colonizers in Namibia were kicked out of the nation and returned to South Africa. Kingdom of LiLi, LION Broadcasts Voices Over Radio Building upon Mr. Marconi’s inventions, the Kingdom of Lili, have successfully transmitted sound over radio waves. This breakthrough has been widely sought after and will improve the lives of many on the island nation. This will certainly bring great interest to the isolated nation. It’s reported that LION scientists have also broadcast voice over the radio. The Pacific Rim has become the hotbed of radio advancement and both island nations will benefit from this. Urugentian Antarctica Expedition Feared Dead A brave crew of explorers searching around Antarctica from Urugentina are all feared dead. They were supposed to send one of the ships back for supplies before the end of the year but it has not returned to port yet. Marconi Visits Delta Republic, Establishes New Business Venture Italian radio pioneer Gugliemo Marconi has visited the Delta Republic’s Universities and created brand new radio technical programs at them all as a great benefit to the nation's education. Mr. Marconi has also established a new business venture in the Delta Republic that is expected to be lucrative moving forward. No Progress on Panama Canal GDJ Engineers have arrived in Panama to resume the Panama Canal but have run into multiple issues that have hampered their progress on the canal. It’s unknown how long this will continue. Still NO Gold in Amazon FAT explorers have not found any gold in the heart of the Amazon to the continued detriment of the nation's economy. The GDJ withdrew from the venture after 6 months. Borat Tour of World Starts Borat, a man that the Great Horde has many hopes for has started his tour across the world in the Middle East and Europe. He plans to head across to the North American continent in 1901. Thailand Joins LION, Cambodia and Malaysia Form Anti-LION Union The nation of Thailand has decided to join LION and IPPPC. This will add to the already expansive Pacific nation. However it’s reported that Cambodia and Malaysia have rejected LION and formed their own Anti-LION Union, calling for LION to stop their expansion. Rio Grande do Sul to hold Referendum The Brazillian state of Rio Grande do Sul is going to hold a referendum in 6 months to see if they will join Urugentina or continue to be Brazillians. ASA Opens “Red Light District” The ASA has opened a “Red Light District”. You know what that means ;). Many men from around the world are flocking there for pleasure trips. AssFAT Resarchers Dig Up Ancient Beast Digging in the Bad Lands has revealed many ancient beasts that assFAT researchers are still studying at great length. Stat Changes Alyaska: +.5 ECON, +.4 Tech ASA: +.6 Econ, -.3 Health assFAT: +.4ED Delta: +.7 ED, +.1 Infra EPCOT: +.4 ECON FAT: -.1 ECON, +.2 Sea MP Hindustan: +.1 ED, +.1 ECON Horde: +.6 Econ, +.2 Health Iberico: +.2 Tech, +.3 Infra, +.1 Health Imperium: +.3 Land MP LiLi: -.2 Econ, +.3 Tech LION: +.5 Tech, +.2 Infra, +.2 Health Ottoman: +.3 Land MP, +.6 Sea MP RUSS: +.1 Infra URU: +.9 Tech
  8. Update #2 July 1900 WAR, Imperium du Dahomey Invades and Overtakes Ghana The Imperium du Dahomey has launched a successful invasion of Ghana. Imperium battalions and Navy overran their neighbors and pushed their forces all the way to the border with the Ivory Coast. Many locals are cheering the decision and welcomed the troops with open arms and assistance. Ghana is suing for peace but there are reports that the Imperium may not be done with their territorial conquests. Pope Visits Iberico, Praises Contraceptive Law Making a routine visit to his loyal followers Pope Leo XIII praised the newly passed law in Iberico that bans the sale of contraceptives. Pope Leo XII hopes that other Catholics will follow suit and ban the sale of contraceptives like Iberico has. (Iberico will receive a population bonus at year end) IPPPC Announced The Indian-Pacific Peace and Prosperity Coalition (IPPPC) was announced today. This coalition includes 6 nations and will provide multiple benefits for the involved nations. The biggest immediate benefit was the dropping of tariffs among the member states: L.I.O.N, Asiatic State Alliance, Aussieland, Kingdom of Lili, Hindustan and Iberico Madagascar and South Africa Join Aussieland Citing the benefits of IPPPC and the protection that Aussieland’s navy can provide, the island of Madagascar and the people of South Africa have signed a treaty joining the nation. Some local bands of militia have risen up but no major organizational efforts are being undertaken at this point. Great Horde Intervenes in China, Takes Land by Force Claiming the land as their divine right, The Great Horde has advanced into Western China. The nation is still in the throes of revolution as the Boxers still are fighting to control the nation. The Great Horde was met with some resistance from local fighters. They risk involvement in the revolution if they move further East than where their advance has stopped. Panama Absorbed By GDJ, Canal Resumes Construction Finding a suitor for their pleas, Panama has agreed to join the nation of Guerreros del Jardin. This is a strategic and diplomatic victory for GDJ as it will give them control of the Panama Canal when completed and access to a route to the Atlantic. Fat, GDJ Expedition Unsuccessful So Far A joint expedition by the Florida Alliance of Tribes and Guerreros del Jardin has turned into a wild goose chase as they were not able to find any gold so far. The cost has hurt both nations' economies and it will be seen if they decide to continue the venture or cut their losses before too much damage is done. Urugentina Proposes First World Congress of Nations A World Congress of Nations was proposed by Oriental Empire of Urugentina to take place in Montevideo. No particular issues were brought to the forefront but it’s widely known that the Urugentinans were against exploitation of the Amazon’s natural resources by FAT and GDJ. Paris Expo Continues, Olympic Games Announced The Paris Exposition has begun to large crowds. EPCOT unveiled the world's first commercially available tractor. Imperium du Dahomey brought their tattooist guild to exhibit their art. LION brought wonderful agricultural exhibitions. AssFat unvield their new patented assembly line process. Officials for the Expo announced that the Olympic games will take place at the Expo starting in August and running until the end of the expo in October. Rumor has it that the Delta Republic has a headstart on training athletes for this competition. Canada Invests in Alyaska The Canadian government has made investments in their western neighbor Alyaska. The Canadians hope that their investment shows their commitment to a conflict free continent. Hindustan Revamps University System Hindustan has made a commitment to revamping their country's university system. All universities will be organized under the Hindustan Institute of Technology (HIT) umbrella. What kind of developments come from this is unknown but it’s a promising sign for the nation. AssFat Makes Breeding Progress In an attempt to regenerate the bison herd numbers in their territory researchers at the Dakota School of Sciences- Sioux Falls have successfully integrated cattle DNA to increase the resiliency in the bison, a huge breakthrough for AssFat and science. Disney to Open “Parks” Worldwide In multiple agreements EPCOT has agreed to open what they are calling “theme parks” in many nations all over the globe. An undercover investigation into the construction has found that EPCOT might not be on the complete up and up with their intentions and the business agreements might be more than they seem. Greenland, Iceland Reject FAT The islands of Greenland and Iceland have both vehemently rejected FAT’s proposal to join the nation. It is unknown how FAT will react to the news. When asked why they voted no an Icelander was quoted as “FAT destroyed all their schools. We don’t want to be idiots.” Boxers Continue Rebellion, Gain Ground The Boxers have continued their rebellion and look poised to overtake the Eastern portion of the Chinese nation. It’s unknown if they can be stopped at this point. Aussieland Film Industry Booms In hopes of boosting their economy and culture, Aussieland officials have invested into the film industry. This investment has paid dividends as many potential filmmakers have relocated to Sydney and have created multiple studios. The first films are expected by years end Stat Changes Assfat: +.6 Ed, +.2 Tech, +.4 Econ EPCOT: +1.1 Econ Kingdom of LiLi: +.1 Econ Delta Republic: +.1 Sea MP Imperium du Dahomey: +.2 Infra Union of the Britons: +.4 Infra, +.3 Sea MP FAT: -.4 Ed, -.1 ECON, +.3 Sea MP LION: +.6 Econ RUSS: +.6 ECON, +.5 Land MP OZZY: +.9 ECON Iberico: +1 ECON, +.2 Sea MP GDJ: -.1 Econ Ottomans: +.3 Land MP, +.2 Sea MP Alyaska: +.1 Econ ASA: +.3 ECON, +.4 Health Hindustan: +.1 Ed, +.2 ECON, +.3 Health
  9. I’m closing Sign Ups now. Anyone is welcome to come observe but with 19 nations rn and working out the rule set this is larger than expected already. So sorry Nemo and Dean who expressed interest.
  10. Stats: Economy (1-10): 4.5 Education (1-10): 3.0 Military Power Overall (1-10): 4.5 Land Power (1-10): 4.0 Sea Power (1-10): 4.0 Air Power (1-10): 1.0 Technology (1-10): 2.5 Health (1-10): 3.5 Infrastructure (1-10): 4.0 Population: 63,687,000
  11. Stats: Economy (1-10): 2.5 Education (1-10): 3.0 Military Power Overall (1-10): 3..5 Land Power (1-10): 3.5 Sea Power (1-10): 2.0 Air Power (1-10): 1.0 Technology (1-10): 3.5 Health (1-10): 3.0 Infrastructure (1-10): 4.0 Population: 294,000,000
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