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  1. Oops I'm not even going to fix that because that’s how much CFBHC and NCAA have merged in my brain.
  2. WR Alex Gash 2023 - DAL  PLAY - Score 3 points immediately or SACK one of your own QB, RB, or WR cards (not including this one) and score 7 points immediately instead.  RB Marvin Washington 2023 - NYJ PLAY - Score 7 points immediately for every DL or LB previously played by your opponent that has a Star value of 3 or lower. RECENT - The opponent may not play a DL card.
  3. Ape with Longhorn Network, What are your goals for the upcoming season?
  4. PRAISE Portal. The first week of the NCAA Transfer Portal has just wrapped up and there are a ton of hotly contested transfers out there (We see you there QB Savion Knox 6-4 228 (So) Avenal (Avenal CA) 3.0 of 4.0 [Hybrid]). But we're here to talk about the guys who went unbid upon. The guys who fell through the cracks week one and will be getting a rush of calls for their services as teams who missed out week 1 move to plan B or C. This list is going to focus mostly on the pro potential players who went unbid on. There are plenty of 3.5/3.5 guys who will make a difference somewhere but there are too many to focus in on, some of them will be listed as honorable mentions at the bottom. TE Kingsley Webb 6-1 238 Sr Lake-Sumter State College (Leesburg FL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Blocking] from Auburn Webb is a pro level blocking Tight End out of Auburn who didn't attract any attention week 1. Webb signed with Auburn as a JUCO last season and promptly is transferring out of the program (Coach Rome thanks him for the recruiting rank boost). Webb is an unknown quantity that can help a lot of programs around the nation, especially those that are run based offenses. He can go to either FBS or FCS teams. If he goes FCS he will be immediately eligible and enter the draft after next season. Otherwise we will have to wait a year to see what Webb has to offer. RB Amir Turner Jr. 5-8 195 Sr Louisburg College (Louisburg NC) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] from East Carolina Amir Turner has been trash talked by his former coach @Weeze56m but he still is seen as having an outside chance of making the NFL by scouts. Turner Jr. was underwhelming to say the least last season at ECU. Turner had 122 rushes last year for 427 yards and 3 TDs, he did fumble the ball twice and averaged 3.5 YPC. That being said the Pirates relied almost exclusively on Kyler Murray last year, throwing the ball 490 times. In the right environment Turner might be able to show his pro potential more effectively. I'm not saying he's a 1000 yard back but I don't think the about 10 touches per game last year did this back any favors. Turner like Webb will have a season left to play and is either FBS or FCS eligible. QB Eli Sherrill 5-10 215 Sr Bainbridge (Bainbridge, WA) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pocket] from Oregon State Sherrill is the only 4.0+ QB that's transferring that did not receive any interest from schools in week one. This isn't the most surprising thing in the world as the Oregon State product can only be described as having a mediocre track record on a good day. Last season starting for the Beavers he was 182/311 (58.52% completion) for 2025 yards, 12 TDs, 12 INTs, 1 FUM, 118.23 QBR. This is not great looking but was a higher QBR that Oregon Starter Jason Baum among others. There is something there, it might not be a world beater but he could be a starter outside of the P5 pretty easily in my opinion. It's well known that Oregon State has been a "shit show" for a while. I think Sherrill may end up in FCS with Luck going to UCD and Harvard leading on both Beckwith and Best maybe one of those QB hungry teams at the FCS level takes a chance. Either way he has a single year of eligibility. RB Kenneth Love 5-10 204 (Sr) Notre Dame (Quincy, IL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] from Michigan Love is only eligible for a FCS Transfer (sorry RB hungry FBS teams!). Love surprisingly went unbid on in week 1 in the portal. This commentator thought that he'd be someone's top target but it just didn't shake out that way. Love played 3rd Down Back last year for the Wolverines. He put up a very respectable 37 carries for 193 yards, 4 TDs for a 5.22 YPC. Love clearly has some skills that would translate over to the FCS level. It's clear that he would benefit from a feature back roll somewhere. I expect heavy competition on him this week from the FCS squads. Those are the four pro potential players that didn't receive any attention this first week. There are many of those near pro players (3 or 3.5/3.5) that didnt get any calls either. Some notable ones will be listed below (FBS/FCS Eligible only) CB Marlon Ceballos 5-11 169 Sr Sinton (Sinton TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Man Coverage] from SMU DT Mayer Cary 6-4 270 Sr Huntsville (Huntsville TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [1-Gap] from Rice DT Bryan McGill 6-6 279 Jr Northwest (Germantown MD) 3.0 of 3.5 [1-Gap] from Minnesota FS Corey Littlejohn 5-11 224 (Jr) Warren County (McMinnville TN) 3.5 of 3.5 [Man Coverage] from Vanderbilt ILB Reshad Guillory 5-11 242 Sr Coronado (Colorado Springs CO) 3.5 of 3.5 [Will] from Colorado ILB Isaiah Little 6-1 221 Sr Crescent (Iva SC) 3.5 of 3.5 [Will] from South Carolina ILB Jonathan Christy 6-3 235 (Jr) Gore (Gore OK) 3.5 of 3.5 [Will] from Oklahoma State K Henry Burgos 5-11 208 Sr Ray (Ray, ND) 3.5 of 3.5 [Accuracy] from North Dakota State OG Jack Tabor 6-1 318 Sr Seneca (Seneca SC) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] from South Carolina OG Jorge Bravo 6-4 259 (Jr) Warren County (McMinnville TN) 3.0 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking] from Tennessee OLB Ryan Schulz 6-1 219 (Jr) Fultondale (Birmingham AL) 3.5 of 3.5 [Blitz] from Auburn OLB Abdul Tucker 6-3 218 Jr Mark Twain (Center MO) 3.5 of 3.5 [Blitz] from Mizzou OT Elias Conn 6-1 299 (Jr) South Heart (South Heart ND) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pass Blocking ] from USF P Jude Foles 6-2 188 (Jr) Riverside (Durham NC) 3.5 of 3.5 [Power] from Charlotte QB Buster Posey 6-6 222 (Jr) Yuma Catholic (Yuma AZ) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pocket] from New Mexico QB Phillip Duvall 6-4 216 (Jr) Marshall (Milwaukee WI) 3.5 of 3.5 [Pocket] from Virginia QB Nat Powell 6-2 204 Jr DePaul Catholic (Wayne NJ) 3.0 of 3.5 [Scrambling] from Army QB Finn Lantz 6-4 190 (So) Capital (Boise ID) 3.0 of 3.5 [Pocket] from Boise State RB Stephen Dawkins 5-11 175 (Jr) Jupiter (Jupiter FL) 3.0 of 3.5 [Speed] from USF RB Bradley Holmes 5-11 207 (So) Mineral Wells (Mineral Wells TX) 3.0 of 3.5 [Power] from LSU TE Gustavo Adame 6-1 226 Sr Northwestern (Flint MI) 3.0 of 3.5 [Blocking] from Michigan TE Buster Porter-Stuckey 6-1 210 (Jr) Port St. Lucie (Port St. Lucie FL) 3.5 of 3.5 [Receiving] from UCF TE Kareem Giles 6-2 202 (So) Port St. Lucie (Port St. Lucie FL) 3.0 of 3.5 [Receiving] from USF
  5. Ok I was just reading up on this and found out some fun shit. Bert is the basis for the character Van Wilder. Back when he was at FSU in 1997 Rolling Stone did an article about him (https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/bert-kreischer-the-undergraduate-240847/). Oliver Stone optioned the rights to his life but it fell through so all the writers who sent in scripts got them back. The people who wrote one of them changed the names and some details and sold it to National Lampoon as Van Wilder. Bert said he’d never sue them for doing this without his permission.
  6. Go get a CB and you’ll be so ready to dominate. ROLL BIRDS
  7. How do you plan on “selling” this job to a new coach? How can you make this position more attractive than say an FCS or Sun Belt opening?
  8. Not a great selling point there. And missed opportunity for a program like this not having a coach for transfers that could have helped stabilize them next season.
  9. Coach do you intend to bring in any transfers yourself?
  10. I've always wanted to have an extremely run heavy attack. I've always had QBs that didnt really allow for it and now I have Milner for a year but a freshmen RB so it won't really work out. I also recruited a 1/5 Pocket QB so I guess I'm just comfortable with a more traditional offense.
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