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    1. Updated post Masterson Trade: 6/6/22
    2. I’lll return to Texas, unless someone feels a way and wants them. In that case I’ll go somewhere new and take… UNLV
    3. Not much. Having to put in a new furnace, paying for new furniture and a tax bill we weren’t expecting and having a 3 month old right now doesn’t lend to doing very much. We have season passes to the Zoo and I have a 3 day golf trip planned in July.
    4. #3 CB/FS Dominique Dawkins 6-2 199 3 Georgia [Man Coverage] [0] 88- Accepted $8,050,000
    5. Right now the baby controls the temperature and she gets cold easily so we’ve been at 72 the last couple months. Before that we’d be at 68 in the winter and fall. During the summer we generally let it sit around 74 unless it gets up in the 90s or 100.
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