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  1. I have that game in my office. I can post the rules
  2. Fucking hell. Have to think if Braxton plays I might have pulled off the upset
  3. Considering the Redbirds haven’t made a tournament in over 20 years now I’d just be thrilled if they made one. Someone please come revitalize our program. Im rooting for Wofford because they have a Boston Terrier as a mascot and I have a Boston. I’m really hoping they can win a game, Seton Hall came in hot. I have them in a joke bracket winning it all because why not
  4. I had the Fisher Price castle and pirate ship when I was really young and I loved that. then when I was a bit older 4th/5th grade I had an aircraft carrier and diecast fighters that I’d play with all the time. Would have huge imaginary battles all over my moms apartment
  5. Was rooting for my boys Rashad and Jeremy but also my Packers bros. Very conflicting
  6. Tennessee got strong by coming through the tough AFCS
  7. I still feel very attached to some OG Packers that are around like Jason Johnson (JJFORHEISMAN!) Bernard Taylor and Wayne Wegert.
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