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  1. Im not biased or anything
  2. Woo +2
  3. Neither a stud nor dud!
  4. Pretty sure OSU was one of the bottom PAC 12 classes last season so yes
  5. I thought I'd be there as well. I'd buy penny stock shares in OSU given your croots this season
  6. Colts to the playoffs!
  7. Something somethingg Charles Woods and Jason Sochia
  8. Question do I just include the weeks I was active my last season at ND or the full season?
  9. Oates...oh wait this isn't gunslinger if the year award.
  10. PAC 12 North is going to be real interesting. Gg Q. Got Me scared there
  11. FINAL SCORE: Utah 21-30 Akron
  12. DeanDean coaches them
  13. You had one job man.
  14. Ohhh tough one first that I recruited probably Austin Olson or Charles Woods generated for me Rocky Waters.
  15. Leon putting the team on his back!