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  1. DC updated
  2. P Tyson Evans 5-8 187 Jr Decatur (Federal Way, WA) 2.5 of 4.0 [Power] from Washington to Washington State let the transfers begin! QB coming next year
  3. Way to high on the Cougs but that's just my opinion. OL took a step back and no Cook. Defense is possibly slightly upgraded but I think Oregon has the talent to win the North. I had CU 5th or 6th in my poll and UCLA 6th or 7th I believe. I think both will put a scare into the top teams and finish close to the top of their division.
  4. Come to Papa Connor
  5. Hey yo!
  6. A little high but I appreciate the confidence
  7. David Oates is going to kill all of you again for this snub
  8. I'm dead inside
  9. 0-2! Colts drop another on the road to start the season.
  10. Close But No Cigar: Colts Drop Opener in OT Colts drop Monday night opener in Oakland after Hall converts on last second TD to send the game into OT.
  11. Hoch gunna get you
  12. I can't even be mad. This was a great game.
  13. AFC South is going to be a bloodbath
  14. Bernard Taylor, GB, 7 for 166 yards, 2 TD, I love that guy. Such a beast
  15. Indianapolis Colts Move: C Tim Thomas 6-3 288 2 Florida [Pass Blocking] 80 To IR

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