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    1. constapatedape

      Podcast recommendations

      Slow Burn is a must The RFK Tapes is also amazing
    2. constapatedape

      Play Matchmaker: Which Players should play together?

      You guys literally could have had Sammy
    3. Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Mock: (Sorry, Indy, you're on your own. You're more than welcome to do a three four seventy-five round mock to get your picks in!) You think we haven’t?
    4. constapatedape

      Daily Discussions: Your dream job?

      Won the Natty at one of my dream jobs in ND. I don’t know if I’d go back there though. Joe is doing a good job and I had my run. Id say Illinois State but I’m not going to take it even though it’s open right now. Texas is very prestigious and very competitive. I want to try it out
    5. constapatedape

      [2022] Post Progression Strong Safety Ranking

      Do these rankings correlate roughly to he suggested salary’s on the wiki. Like the top 4 would want Star money and the next set above average etc?
    6. constapatedape

      Last Chance U: Season 3 - Indy

      New lady didn’t look as good.
    7. constapatedape

      [2021] PFF Draft Evaluation: New Orleans & New York (Giants)

      Zahir Watts ouch
    8. constapatedape

      [2021] PFF Draft Evaluation: Seattle & Tampa Bay

      Thatd be interesting.
    9. constapatedape

      What do you look like?

      Or there is a Thursday Bears preseason game with some cheap ass tickets on seatgeek. Id be dragging ass the next day with the 4th graders but that'd be cool.
    10. constapatedape

      What do you look like?

      @stormstopper offended we still haven’t gone to a Sox game
    11. constapatedape

      What is your favorite vintage collegiate logo?

      I hate U of I but appreciate this logo
    12. constapatedape

      [2022] IndyStar: Colts Trade Ryan Mitchell

      Really excited to have him in Indy.
    13. constapatedape

      [2022] Progressions

      (GB) DE Mike Taylor 6-4 295 7 Virginia [Contain] [0] 79 (GB) OLB Damione Ellis 6-2 249 8 Oklahoma State [Coverage] [0/C] 88 Wow two of my boys Great career boys. Glad you got those Rings
    14. constapatedape

      [2022] Coaching Contract Extensions

      HC Emperor_of_Orange 2 years // $4,950,000 $2,475,000 per year