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    1. With a rushing TD too! We got a run game!
    2. WEEK 1 OVER-REACTION: Aaron Shea is a lock for the MVP, but Rashad Simon’s injury might mean the offense gets one-dimensional as the Mosi Bartos Show. Like it wasn’t already?
    3. Hot Stove 2017-18

      Sounds like a whole lot of nothing. Lotto tickets for the Marlins.
    4. Hot Stove 2017-18

      We being St. Louis in case you didn’t know his team. Any idea what you’re giving up?
    5. Hot Stove 2017-18

      Well the two largest dominoes have fallen now with the Angels getting Ohtani (and his fucked up arm apparently) and Stanton going to the evil empire for pennies on the dollar. What are you guys looking forward to for your team this offseason? Where do you think think Arrietta will sign? How much will the Marlins trade away?
    6. [2021] Bottom Ten Power Rankings: Week 1

      Bottom 10 poll result for sure
    7. [2021] Bottom Ten Power Rankings: Week 1

      A win should keep you off the list for a couple weeks probably
    8. [2021] Bottom Ten Power Rankings: Week 1

      Just week one. Hard to really pick out the truly terrible. At least you weren’t actually ranked
    9. [2021] UConn Early Season Press Conference

      Ape, from the Moscow-Pullman Daily News Coach what do you think your chances of winning are this week going on the road against a Power 5 team.
    10. [2021] Bottom Ten Power Rankings: Week 1

      I wish the #5 slot was reserved for underperforming blue bloods but nice job.
    11. [2021] Week #1 - MNF

      Another TE out too. RIP TE position
    12. Favorite Chatbox Quotes

      Getting Retro. Reuploading my old ones that got photobucket cancer