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    1. constapatedape

      [2021] PFF Draft Evaluation: Cincinnati & Cleveland

      I cant wait to see Hudson Adam's grade
    2. constapatedape

      [2021] Week #17 - 1 PM

      Hit fan expectations!
    3. constapatedape

      [2021] Big XII Season Awards and All-Conference Team

      Only one All Conference Player for the Longhorns. Got a long way to go
    4. constapatedape

      Steam Keys

      Remind me in the shout box tomorrow
    5. Yeah that mid late part is a struggle. Maybe you can slot into a conference spot in the future?
    6. Texas has not been very good since the NC season. Very mediocre over the last 3-4 years. I’m clearly in favor of them being better
    7. Given NDs many rivals it shouldn’t be that hard to squeeze in 3 ACC games a year given that BC, Pitt, GT, Miami, FSU and UNC can all to different extents can be considered rivals which is important to the ND fan base.
    8. constapatedape

      [2021] PFF Draft Evaluation: Carolina & Chicago

      Wow so much info on Carolina's draft.
    9. constapatedape

      [2021] Conference Championship Games - Day #2

      Culver did not come to fuck around this year wow. Pac 12 so strange. No one wouldve Picked Utah to win it this year
    10. constapatedape

      [2021] Conference Championship Games - Day #1

      Not trying to disparage your accomplishment at all. Georgia State should have run the SBC but didn’t and you put together a sneaky good year
    11. constapatedape

      [2021] Conference Championship Games - Day #1

      The fact that Georgia State didn’t win the SBC despite being in the sim for multiple seasons beforehand is a huge choke job
    12. constapatedape


      Lemme know if want the lowdown on Wazzu
    13. constapatedape

      Steam Keys

      Santa Ape has visited everyone through Weeze