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  1. 4th Quarter Comeback.
  2. Trading Our 2nd and 3rd Round picks from the initial draft. I really wouldn't repeat this move again. While it gave us mobility it took away top talent that could have stuck around with the team. I don't regret trading from 1 to 2 as the JJ hype was so real. Going all in on KD really stupid move. I should have stuck with my original spread the points around plan. I kinda fucked over ND and it really sucks after all I built there. This is my biggest failure on this site I regret how I left the site for that little period. At the time I was overwhelmed with life, grad school and working etc and wasn't in a good place. Coming back was a good decision even I forgot i left my former teams kinda a mess (Sorry Packers and Irish)
  3. Lol UDub now officially worse than Oregon State
  4. Luis Robert to the White Sox! Got a little La Habana Norte going on in Chicago 

  5. RIP Chris Cornell :(

  6. Wheres the cyber nations recovery center?
  7. Woah this is probably going to be a long post. As the second person to join the site I've seen every change to this site and the countless hours people have poured into this endevour without getting compensation, thank you everyone. specific shoutouts to admin type people @Soluna : Thank you for putting up with so many people's shit. I really appreciate the amount of work you put in here. I can never tell if you like me or not but thanks for putting up with my ass since day 1. You're a fair but tough moderator and I appreciate how you've handled the site through the years. @alienufo : thank you for running the NFL side with an even and steady hand. You're one of the more insightful people on the sight to listen to for roster composition and I always enjoy you on the draft casts. Go pack go @inspiral : thank you for providing an amazing platform with the interface. But Fuck Purdue. Go Pack go @stormstopper : thanks for all the extra shit you do to make sure we get games on time etc. Go Hawks! Other non admin people @ChicagoTed1 : thanks for jumping on with me as an OG Packer. Even though our original team plan didn't win us that first super bowl it was fun as hell working with you for multiple seasons. Go Pack Go @DescretoBurrito : thank you for joining the Packers and balancing myself and Ted out. I'm still salty you left us but I'll never forget how much fun it was thinking through the roster with you. Miss working with ya buddy. @Dacder : although I kinda just left you hanging, I'm glad that we got to work together. It was nice bringing in someone who didn't agree with my shit at all and trying to working with it @npklemm : Klemm, thanks for taking me in after my hiatus. I was having a rough go of it and found a nice landing spot with you guys. I've really enjoyed my second NFL home with you and Emp. Go Irish. @Emperor_of_Orange : Emp, thanks for being a great sounding board for ideas about the franchise. I'm glad we have a great synergy between what I'm thinking roster wise and your coaching. Always great talking strategy or shooting the shit with you. @Franz Kafka : Always great shooting the shit with you. Although you may have said I was the gentleman and scholar I think it's the other way around. @notoriousbigej : ayyyyyy #independentmasterrace forever. @believer : it's been great just talking since I've made my return to the site. To the many others on the site thank you for making it what it is. I'm sure I left out people so please don't feel personally slighted. It's hard mentioning everything and everyone from the entire site history that I'm so honored to be a part of in the Natty Club.
  8. I love how my backup Kicker and redshirt LS made all 2nd team
  9. Because Oregon State has always been terrible.
  10. I've always tried to have top kickers and punters in CFBHC. When I got to the Colts we've had garbage kickers until this season, where we grabbed the top rookie and he's working out pretty well (given that he's a rookie) I think Kickers and Punters are undervalued to a certain extent because teams don't want to commit points to them, even though a top punter could make a bad team more mediocre. I'm not sure about the value of LS and KR/PR yet. I got a 1/5 LS last cycle and I'm putting a redshirt on him. I'm not sure how to quantify his contributions once he starts playing. I think we'll start to see the value of the KR/PR this season with some of the JuCo high skill ones playing. I think their contributions might be easier to see than LS and we'll see if people Test them out at WR. I agree with Bingo on the special teams hands teams and coverage teams.
  11. Jesus Waggoner is a Junior already?
  12. UVA deserved to be in there. I think you are all too high on my chances but thanks guys
  13. Go to Hell edTPA. 

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    2. constapatedape


      Turning it in Tuesday morning. Thanks for the support

    3. Rome


      Good luck, brudda. Thankfully it's almost over.

    4. constapatedape


      Yeah I've sent in Task 1 and 2 for my adviser to look over. Almost done with 3 as well. I need to do all the compiling all the stuff into one place and properly naming the files etc. But I can see the light 

  14. DC updated
  15. P Tyson Evans 5-8 187 Jr Decatur (Federal Way, WA) 2.5 of 4.0 [Power] from Washington to Washington State let the transfers begin! QB coming next year

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