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  1. - Utah Utes – QB Donald Culver was selected as the 1st team All-Pac 12 QB but has not lived up to the hype. He has thrown as many interceptions as TDs and is completing <60% of his passes. The Utes offense is averaging only 10 ppg while the defense is giving up 32.6 ppg. Utah gets the week off to try and regroup. Clearly we should just revote on that.
  2. Mock Draft v1.0 will be up later tonight or tomorrow. I feel any expansion franchise would like to feed me info (or misinformation) pm me. 

  4. I usually go with best skill regardless of type when ordering. I've been blessed with multiple 4.0+ receiving TEs this season at Washington State and I've been mixing them in on the WR depth chart. So far the experiment seems to be going very well and I'll have to explore it further. I have not tried mixing in RBs or FBs but if I get thin on WR depth I might. I've always tried to have good TEs so I've never substituted OL in for my TEs For reference I'm playing my TEs at WR3 and WR5
  5. I will do an NHL Expansion Mock Draft after Tampa gets everything posted

  6. A win is a win. Will have to adjust a bit it looks like
  7. I'm only 2-0 but thanks for predicting me beating down Utah this weekend
  8. Nothing like Thursday night PACtion!
  9. Titans QB Battle for next week or
  10. Damn Titans couldn't have done us a solid?
  11. Try next year
  12. Luke then David then Luke. I see a pattern
  13. Can't wait for Sochia on the next episode
  14. You've built a legit contender with a style that most people are afraid of running on the site. Well deserved
  15. Unlucky #13.
  16. Wayne trying out for next year. Trying to stay in the league
  17. Hitting The Trail Coach Ape answers media questions about recruitment during the teams off week.
  18. Ted pls
  19. USC taking out frustration from last week on SJSU
  20. Harrison Lancaster, UMASS, 1 of 4 for 8 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT
  21. Looks great. Can't wait for the added role play depth
  22. Worked pretty well for me when I hadn't Sochia
  23. That worked for the most part Gore wasn't the most efficient. (Sub 65% completion) Jake Davis still looks overmatched
  24. lol Washington
  25. First of many for the returning player of the year