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  1. #15 feels right. After I beat dream this week though I'm feeling #10
  2. RIP my Pac12 hopes
  3. Colorado state how?
  4. I should have been more specific. I was referring to Washingtons inept self
  5. Ouch
  6. Go Irish!
  7. Lol Hooskies
  8. Breaking a 6 year streak of being in Pro Bowl: Dan Nomellini, Marcellus Peterson, Quentin Smith, Alvis Brumm, Rodney Galbreath, Andre Brooks oddly sad about this
  9. Dave Stokley, NE love that fast man
  10. Indianapolis Receives DT Dalton McWatters 6-3 269 3 Florida State [1-Gap] 75 Dallas Receives: Indianapolis 7th Rounder 2021 McWatters didn't make any stat sheets. Becomes 2021 7th if McWatters becomes injured for 8 or more weeks or makes less than 3 stat sheets.
  11. That's a lot of stars to just tell Tennessee that they aren't good enough to be ranked
  12. The Colts had a pretty tough schedule this year and played it well. They dominated the weak teams on their schedule and managed to go 1 game up on the good teams. Shea balled out, their running game is still awful, and I don't think their secondary is much of anything either. But they'll go 11-5 or 10-6 again next year, make the playoffs, beat whoever draws them as their opponent, and then lose to NYJ or JAX in the divisional round. Which might happen this year, too. Shea is Peyton Manning confirmed?
  13. Jonathan Goodwin, IND, 1 INT, 0.5 Sacks, 2 Tackles fat guy interception!
  14. Damnit Mamadou lost his NFL record. Not bad for a 7th rounder though
  15. Have to keep winning for any chance at going back to the championship game and playoffs
  16. Whew close one. GG Wrigley
  17. Two Things: If you're interested in playing Warlight over the break from games post here: 

     And if you want to give me information about NHL draft tips I'm thinking of doing mock 2.0 

  18. Only like...80% of them
  19. Damn ND you can be scary.
  20. Better than no one like Oregon
  21. Utah has more players on the list than wins.
  22. Really worried about this week. Also Utah is so sad, they were the only team to beat me in conference last year! What a fall.
  23. Raphael is going to be a nice practice squad piece somewhere in the league I think.
  24. I also have a strong emotional attachment to David Oates, the gunslinger.
  25. A few highlights from my career here Week 4 2016: Triple OT win over Purdue with my backup QB. Became #1 team soon after this game. 2016 Semi Final: OT versus Bama for a chance to play for the national championship. After this game I finally believed I could win it all 2016 National Championship: one of my greatest accomplishments, three point win and I got to join the Natty Club. 2019 Pac12 Championship: a lot closer than I thought but it felt so satisfying winning a conference championship my first year with a team in a conference. Losses that hurt the most Week 13 2015: 4 OT loss at the end of the season to a bitter rival? Yup that one hurt Week 12 2016: 3 OT loss that ended up being the only loss of the season. I still hurt from this one.