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  1. Weis

    [2018] Week #11 - MNF

    Thompson 70% completion 3 TD 1 INT, Cole, who was questionable, 4.9 YPC, Tunch 8 tackles Galbreath 6 tackles Not even mad, my team was super solid today.
  2. I WENT TO THE NATTY BUT OKAY GUESS MY TEAM WASN'T THAT GOOD Thanks for making it though, cool stuff.
  3. Weis

    [2018] Week #10 - MNF

    Chargers winning the division again
  4. Good roleplay as a Panthers fan
  5. You still think that our school will be ranked #6 after our predicted loss to BC? Pollsters tend to drop you several ranks no matter who you lose to.
  6. Weis

    [2018] Week #9 - MNF

    At least then TheSam would have an excuse for getting pounded at home besides his own incompetence
  7. alien always doubts my team lol
  8. There's a mistake in your article. You wrote "#1 Alabama" where you should have written "#1 Florida State".
  9. My B on the contract for my DT, it said Front Loaded but it's only a 1 year contract so obviously its Even. Shouldn't matter though
  10. Idk if you know about this smckenz3, but you should include the story about how Matty Swift first got the starting job as a Freshman due to an injury. http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/4083-2015-week-3-saturday-evening
  11. awww I was looking forward to some rabid posts in here but I realized he doesn't coach Nebraska anymore
  12. alwl doesn't gameplan but still posts in threads like "guess my age"
  13. Meanwhile, I jump you for beating up on a really shitty team coached by a really shitty coach
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