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  1. My offensive line is my biggest concern. But my most exciting piece is my young QB
  2. @TheLiberator did what not many could do. Serving up revenge for the Black Knights
  3. I am sadly stranded in the middle of Oklahoma but I will post up for my state. Only I’m allowed to hate it
  4. Following a disappointing 2023 campaign under first time coach StorMy, Army looks to rebound and improve in the upcoming season. With a disappointing recruiting effort that is headlined by JuCo running back Khiry Woods, not many of Army's problems can expect to be solved. A weak O-Line and lackluster Quarterback play held back the Black Knights but they showed flashes of promise in their only win of the season and in several close games that were decided by excessive turnovers. One of the more promising aspects of the Black Knights 2023 season was then freshman QB Hototo Benally. He assumed the starting position midway through the season and led Army to it's only win on the season. Poor game planning may have been the biggest obstacle for the now Sophomore Benally, as head coach StorMy heads into his second season we may expect to see an improved game plan system for the young QB. FS Xavier Bonner was the lone Army player to make the all independents team in 2023 and he is looking forward to another successful campaign for the black knights. He may be the focal point of a mediocre defense that in the previous year gave up plenty of big plays to opposing offenses. As with QB Benally, an improved game plan can be the first step to improving off of the 1-11 record from 2023. Overall, The Army Black Knights can expect to have another rough season but due to having a young roster and head coach who continues to learn the game, the Black Knights should expect an improved record from the Previous Season.
  5. Xavier representing us well as the lone army player to make the all independents team
  6. To answer the question more directly. The change at QB allows us to determine the true problem with the team. If he has success it may have been the schemes we’ve tried or who we had under center. If we still struggle than we know that our problem more than likely lies with our O-Line. Any defensive problems we have also must be addressed .
  7. The change should allow Benally to develop more while we allow our already developed quarterback take the reins for a while. And if this change and new gameplan doesn’t change results than Benally will be reinstated as our starter
  8. Army has chosen to bench Freshman QB Hototo Benally following two costly interceptions this week against temple. After a string of mediocre performances and only improving the team by one win, Coach StorMy has decided to move forward with Sophomore Vince Larue for the final game against Navy
  9. We are too turnover prone. The numbers are there but the mistakes are too numerous
  10. StorMy

    [2023] Week #12 - TNF

    gg, really needed this one to keep my bowl hopes alive. It's always a great day when Roger Reese doesn't throw a pick Best of luck friend. Go secure that bowl game
  11. StorMy

    [2023] Week #12 - TNF

    Too many mistakes. disappointed
  12. Am I sensing a weakness @TheTodd15
  13. I’m not entirely sure but all I do know is that Hototo Benally is our man
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