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    1. Tanner Bowman is the key for this Washington squad
    2. I see a possibility the giants could win it but I think it’s pretty unlikely when considering their previous three games. I do however think they will win a few games this season
    3. NFC East Season Recap (Season only played until week 3) Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys were a solid 2-1 on the back of some fairly solid defensive play through the first 3 games. The defense had posted 7 sacks, 4 takeaways, and had just held the New England Patriots to just 7 points. The offense has also been very solid to this point. They hung 38 points on New England and have only allowed 2 sacks all season. The offense has also turned the ball over a total of 4 times through these 3 games but QB Graham Burnett has posted 986 yards and 10 TDs through the same stretch. The Cowboys have potential and have shown it in spurts and I hope to see some entertaining football the rest of the season! Philadelphia Eagles: Another 2-1 team coming from the NFC East is the Eagles. They play a safe brand of football compared to other division members such as the Cowboys. QB Allan Taylor has a division low 736 yards and only 4 TDs. The Upside to this brand of football has been only giving away 2 turnovers through 3 games. The defense has also been solid through the start of the season. The Defense has posted 7 sacks and 4 takeaways and this is a good sign for a the rest of the season New York Giants: The New York Football Giants have been off to a dismal start to the season. At the time of the hiatus, the Giants had gotten off to a 0-3 start. Led by QB Eric McLean who has thrown for 1,018 yards but only 4 TDs, the team will need to find a spark to set them on the right path. The offense as a whole has had 4 turnovers which is tied for the worst in the division and has another division worst 8 sacks allowed. The New York defense has also played a large role in the teams 3 straight losses to start the season. Having only generated 2 takeaways and 3 sacks, which is yet again at the bottom of the division. The Giants will need to turn things around in a major way to have a shot in the division race, but it will be a hard fight. Washington Football Team: Washington has posted arguably the best passing attack in the NFC East through 3 games so far this season. QB Tanner Bowman has thrown for 1,171 Yards and 10 TDs so far and the offense in total has only had 2 turnovers and allowed 3 sacks. However, this has not been enough to secure more than a 1-2 record. The defense has also been solid with 5 sacks and 3 takeaways, it is a wonder how this team managed to only win one game so far. It seems that the Football team is only in need of some good fortune and they have a chance to take the whole division. Overall: The NFC East is still a wide open race with every team having at least 1 loss and 3 teams having at least 1 win. In a 16 game season, any one of these teams can make a run and have a legit shot at a division crown. As for my pick to take the division based on these early numbers? I am inclined to say that Washington is my pick. Despite ranking 3rd at the time of writing this article, I believe that they are a well rounded team that can be a real problem for teams above them and a menace for those below them. Let's hope this season is as entertaining as It appears it will be!! NFC East Week 4 Preview By: StorMy Game 1: New York Giants at New York Jets Predicted Winner: New York Jets Betting Lines: Jets (-13.5) Action Preview: For the Jets this game seems to be a forgone conclusion to push the team to 2-2 on the young season. As for the Giants they appear to be bound for an 0-4 start. The Giants will need to see major defensive improvements as well as an increased number of points put on the board. For this to happen the coach will need to create a great game plan and hope that his offense, especially QB Eric McLean, can put it together and secure their first win early in the season. Game 2: The Washington Football Team vs Tampa Bay Bucs Predicted Winner: The Washington Football Team Betting Lines: Bucs(+18.5) Action Preview: Washington Looks to make it to .500 on the season after 4 games with what is being projected as a runaway victory for them. Washington will need to continue their formula of airing it out. With QB Tanner Bowman putting up great numbers to start the season, it only makes sense to keep feeding him and ride his arm all the way to .500 and up. Game 3: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Predicted Winner: Dallas Cowboys Betting Lines: Eagles (-0.5) Action Preview: This game will determine the early leader of the NFC East. The Eagles are tied for the best record in the division (2-1) despite having some of the worst QB play in the division due to their defensive play so far. The Cowboys have reached 2-1 through great defense and solid offense with few turnovers. This game is shaping up to be a defensive struggle and I would not be surprised if this is a low scoring but highly competitive divisional matchup in which the cowboys offense is the deciding factor. Preview Final Thoughts: This week is shaping up to be a solid week for the NFC east as it features a great match at the top of the standings but also a potentially fierce Washington Football Team that is looking to make its name known to the league. The Giants have the potential to make changes that can help bring them into the conversation if this week goes their way. All in all this week should create an interesting path for the rest of the season. Score Predictions: NYG @ NYJ: 14-31 WFT @ TB: 35-21 DAL @ PHI: 14-10
    4. What kinds of media roles would be introduced? Are we talking team specific media? Maybe the networks? Possibly even discussion shows similar to undisputed and first take? I’d personally like to be an independent media outlet with no connection to teams as a way to present my opinions on the season and teams around the league.
    5. I’d like to find a new role in NFLHC!! I’m in
    6. Good game bro @Rocketcan it’s really time to reassess the future of Army football
    7. TBH you walked into a tough job. Impressed at what you're able to churn out and the optimism when faced with a lot of obstacles. Hoping you keep building up and making army cool 

    8. I would have to assume. It’s the only logical answer. He pulled a Brett farve for the TD
    9. I see you took “ have a good game” too literally
    10. If there was a way to automate the games I would join for sure. How games were played was what held me back from joining
    11. What a way to kick off the new season. Im hoping all games are like these ones. Love me some shootouts
    12. Injuries would be a more random issue than the violations would be. I would imagine when recruiting certain prospects would have a marker that indicate discipline issues if possible so coaches would know to avoid those recruits I understand where he is coming from but like I said, its for realism and this isn't something that is definitely being done. According to the poll it's more than likely not happening
    13. I’m not too sure how many people are looking for division 2 CFBHC when we don’t even have all D1 schools filled
    14. I’ve got plenty of ideas but this was one that felt like it would add something to the sim and improve the experience. I’ve saved some of my more grandiose or personal suggestions as no one wants they or can do them
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