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  1. Heading into the 2024 CFBHC football season the independents has a chance to make some noise with some interesting story lines and strong teams. I will be previewing each teams schedule as well as reviewing recruiting classes, rosters (in lieu of official depth charts since not everyone has posted them), and last seasons performances for both coach and team. So without any furthur delay, StorMy presents.... THE 2024 CFBHC Independents Preview Notre Dame: Coming off of a season in which the Fighting Irish posted a Independents best 10-2 record as well as ranking 13th in the seasons final polls Notre Dame plans to improve on that performance and make a push for the playoffs this season. The Fighting Irish schedule is full of great match-ups highlighted by games such as ND @ Michigan, Navy is@ ND, and an Orange Bowl rematch with Clemson @ ND. Notre Dame posted the 34th ranked recruiting class to bolster an already very talented roster. A solid O-Line, stacked in all skill positions, and great top to bottom on defense this Notre Dame squad lead by Coach @joedchi is primed to make a real impact in 2024. UConn: Fresh off a move to the independents, the UConn Huskies, led by seasoned head coach @jmjacobs have a chance to improve on their 5-7 record from last season. The Huskies are coming off a lackluster year that didn't even result in bowl eligibility. UConn also posted the 139th ranked recruiting class so it may seem bleak for the Huskies but all is not lost. The Huskies biggest off-season acquisition was the hiring of head coach @jmjacobs and that could be all they need. JmJacobs decided to join the Huskies following a season where he led Michigan to a Big 10 Title and an appearance in the college football playoffs. While this season may feel uncertain I believe that the Huskies will make an immediate impact and make huge strides under their new leadership in 2024. BYU: Following a 9-3 season BYU looks to continue to improve and make an impact on the national stage. Coming off a season where they posted the second best record in the Independents and managed to post the 44th overall recruiting class in the nation as well as gain a bowl birth in the Hawaii bowl where they fell short of a victory, the cougars are set to make another solid run. BYU is great at all skill positions along side having a very solid O-Line and having a solid overall defense this team is set for great things this season. Good luck @NDIrish21 Liberty: The Liberty Flames are hoping to find more success in this upcoming season than they saw last season. The flames posted a 1-11 record which was tied with Army and UMass for the worst in the Independents. Liberty also posted a bottom 3 reruiting class coming in at number 144. But their roster has some solid pieces on both sides of the ball. Their schedule has a few games that they can win, it's just a matter of if it this roster can put it together and make the plays when they really count. UMass: UMass is another team that failed to make much happen last season. Like Liberty the Minutemen posted a 1-11 record on the year and fell to the bottom of the Independents. Despite the results of last season UMass is set to turn it around this around upcoming seasons. UMass managed the 112th overall recruiting class to add to the already solid roster. While the minutemen have no real standout position they still have potential to make progress from the previous season. Coach @TBoostR hopes to turn the program into a winner. New Mexico State: New mexico State ranked 3rd in the Independents but despite that they only managed to post a 2-10 record over the year. The Aggies only managed the 138th ranked recruiting class but this does not do much to address the weak skill positions on the offense. While the offense is lackluster, the defense has some potential to make so good plays but I'm not sure how much they can do to offset the struggles of the offense. The biggest upside for this team is a fairly weak schedule. Army: Army struggled tremendously last year and only managed to post a 1-11 record which was tied with Liberty and UMass for the bottom of the Independents. While the roster has potential with very solid skill positions, their ability of stop offenses is what may hold back this team. Army also managed to land the 119th ranked recruiting class and managed to address the offensive line. But how this season turns out is anyone guess. Projected Rankings Notre Dame BYU UConn Army UMass Liberty New Mexico State
  2. I dropped all my points in pursuit of him to avoid a drop in production if I get a development recruit this year
  3. StorMy

    [2024] CFBHC Schedule

    @joedchi @Rome
  4. StorMy

    [2024] CFBHC Schedule

    Me and @Jamzz have worked out a week one game at Wisconsin
  5. StorMy

    [2024] CFBHC Schedule

    Any word from Wyoming yet? if not i will go ahead and line up another week 1 game @joedchi @rabidsnowman
  6. Injuries would be a more random issue than the violations would be. I would imagine when recruiting certain prospects would have a marker that indicate discipline issues if possible so coaches would know to avoid those recruits I understand where he is coming from but like I said, its for realism and this isn't something that is definitely being done. According to the poll it's more than likely not happening
  7. I’m not too sure how many people are looking for division 2 CFBHC when we don’t even have all D1 schools filled
  8. I’ve got plenty of ideas but this was one that felt like it would add something to the sim and improve the experience. I’ve saved some of my more grandiose or personal suggestions as no one wants they or can do them
  9. I understand thst and it would probably require a team of people to properly manage because we couldn’t honestly expect soluna to manage everything he does already along with that. An idea I have would be to put it up to conference commissioners but yet again that would still be a large work load to implement into the sim. These are just ideas I feel would make it more realistic but I understand not everyone wants that
  10. I just had the idea and though why not throw it out and see what people think. Obviously the idea could be expanded and improved upon. This was mostly just to test the water. I understand though why people may not like it because it isn’t really necessary.
  11. Random idea for the sim that isn't necessary and may be too much work to be beneficial but could add just another layer of realism to the sim. I would like to see how everyone would like a system of player suspensions and team punishments for academic, legal, and other infractions. This system would hopefully function similar to the system found in older NCAA football games. Some examples of violations could be... Cheating on a test - 2 game suspension Legal trouble for a student - Suspension varies based on offense Roster violation, student still on roster following transfer or graduation, - loss of scholarships etc. This idea was inspired by the NFLHC twitter articles that involve player drama and legal troubles on and off the field. VOTE HERE https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf0IK89aC7mAZpgdjrCpOOc6yENURCUdJUnGkT0_1Atm3ug1w/viewform?usp=sf_link
  12. StorMy

    [2024] CFBHC Schedule

    That works for me, but if need be I'm sure i can find another game for week 1
  13. StorMy

    [2024] CFBHC Schedule

    I noticed that my week 1 is listed as Harvard while Harvard's week one is listed as James Madison. I had an agreed game vs Harvard before the coaching change so could that have caused the issue?
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