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  1. Sun Belt goes 2-1 in non-conference games. Wins: Louisiana - Monroe and Texas State Loss: Georgia Southern Sun Belt Conference games: Georgia State and South Alabama with wins; Coastal Carolina and Troy with losses. Appalachian State, Arkansas State and Louisiana-Lafayette with byes.
  2. Did you miss your quickie? Sun Belt loses 4 games but does not lose 6. A good week, right? Well, 2-4 in Week 4 games played with 4 byes. Coastal Carolina and Louisiana-Lafayette with wins. Appalachian State, Georgia Southern, Arkansas State and South Alabama with losses. Georgia State, Louisiana - Monroe, Texas State, and Troy with byes (non losses).
  3. Did you miss your quickie? Sun Belt Conference goes 1-8 in Week 3. Ouch! Georgia State with a win. Appalachian State, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana - Monroe, Troy, Coastal Carolina, Texas State, Georgia Southern, and Arkansas State with losses.
  4. Sun Belt Conference goes 3-5 in Week 2. Georgia Southern, Georgia State and Arkansas State with wins. Louisiana - Monroe, Troy, South Alabama, Coastal Carolina and Texas State with losses.
  5. What Does the Future Hold? - Sun Belt Prospective Texas State Coach Stability: Rabidsnownman - Third Year (check out the gif!) Three year Record: 11-14 2023 0-1  2022 5-7 2021 6-6 Freshman and Sophomore Classes: Sophomores - 16   Redshirt Freshman - 11   Freshman - 14 Redshirts - 4 Freshman and Sophomore Starters: Offense: 9 Defense: 8 Special Teams: 3 + KR + PR = 5 Freshman and Sophomore Classes: Greater than or equal to 4.0 = 7   Greater than or equal to 3.5= 10  Conference Recruiting Rankings: 2022 = 4 2021 = 1 Average = 2.5 Future Stars QB Thomas Maddox 6-3 189 (Fr) Henrietta (Henrietta TX) 2.5 of 3.5 [Scrambling] * RB Bradley Carmichael 6-0 231 (Fr) Greenhill (Dallas TX) 2.0 of 4.0 [Power] * WR Miguel Madrigal 5-10 193 Fr Robert E. Lee (Midland TX) 1.5 of 4.0 [Speed]* TE Leon Jansen 6-3 240 (Fr) Eden (Eden TX) 2.0 of 4.0 [Blocking]* OT Brody Reagan 6-1 284 Fr Tarkington (Cleveland TX) 1.5 of 4.0 [Run Blocking]* DE Gerald Johnson 6-6 256 Fr Eden (Eden TX) 2.0 of 4.0 [Blitz]* ILB Jim Gossett III 6-0 220 (Fr) Van Vleck (Van Vleck TX) 2.5 of 4.0 [Will]* OLB Kevin Hart 6-4 224 So Bonham (Bonham TX) 2.5 of 3.5 [Coverage]* CB Caleb Ali 6-1 180 So Robert E. Lee (Baytown TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Zone Coverage]* FS Benjamin Beach 6-0 212 (Fr) Joaquin (Joaquin TX) 2.0 of 3.5 [Man Coverage]* SS Myles Goode 6-1 203 So Shelton (Dallas TX) 2.5 of 3.5 [Man Coverage]* PLUS: Transfer Ineligible QB Savion Knox 6-4 228 (So) Avenal (Avenal CA) 3.0 of 4.0 [Hybrid] Analyzing the future: Reloading, Rebuilding or Declining? Someone get a babysitter for this Texas State Team! It is like Varsity Blues in here as you can't help but notice all Future Stars are from the great state of Texas! 20 of 25 starters have at least three years left. 8 Offensive starters, 8 Defensive starters and 5 Special Team players check in as Freshmen, Redshirt Freshmen or Sophomores. Plenty of 4 year starters to be sure. QB Maddox and WR Madrigal will make plenty of plays over the next four years or will it be transfer eligible (SO) QB Knox? Add in RB Carmichael and you have triplets in diapers. Four Offensive Line starters are FR or SO plus blocking (FR) TE. On defense, both Safeties, 3 of 4 LBs and DE Johnson and DT Spears are all Sophomores or more eligible. But this team is not just about the quantity - seven FR/SO as 4.0 and ten as 3.5 stars. Recruiting has been strong for this team over the last two seasons and it shows. With only four Redshirts, plenty of room to build depth and sustained growth, especially in talent-rich Texas. This team's foundation is already strong. Maturity towards potential and some spot upgrades will put Texas State at the top of the Sun Belt with some potential to make some national scene noise. This team is poised. Judgement: Rebuilding (Ascending!)
  6. The next great recruit name: Mortimer Waldorf (MLB or head hunting Safety, of course)
  7. Ape - actually you may be one of these guys:
  8. What Does the Future Hold? - Sun Belt Prospective Troy Coach Stability: Zero years - currently no coach Three year Record: 7-18 2023 0-1  2022 3-9 2021 4-8 Freshman and Sophomore Classes: Sophomores - 21   Redshirt Freshman - 10   Freshman - 21 Freshman and Sophomore Starters: Offense: 2 Defense: 1 Special Teams: 0 Freshman and Sophomore Classes: Greater than or equal to 4.0 = 2   Greater than or equal to 3.5= 11  Conference Recruiting Rankings: 2022 = 9 2021 = 5 Average = 7.0 Future Stars QB Bartlett WR Warren DE Stubbs DE McNeil ILB Gamble CB Monroe Analyzing the future: Reloading, Rebuilding or Declining? This team needs a coach to continue some recruiting momentum and youthful foundation. Has some talent at Quarterback, Defensive End and Inside Linebacker that can be four, if not, three year starters, Does not appear to have any NFL talent in its Freshman and Sophomore classes but has spread some solid players throughout. Needs a strong year of recruiting to fill key holes to continue to develop. Without this as a key year in the build, Troy seems to be on the dangerously close to losing momentum and not having a well rounded team for the future. Judgement: Declining
  9. Ape, are you Randolph Duke or Mortimer Duke? I am like William Raymond "Billy Ray" Valentine.
  10. You have to admire the consistency of App State!
  11. Sun Belt Conference goes 2-5 in Week 1. Louisiana - Lafayette and Louisiana - Monroe with wins. Appalachian State, Georgia State, Troy, South Alabama and Texas State with losses.
  12. Looks like App State was a lock for 10th. Looking for that one magical wins and some covers.
  13. Well that looks like all the questions for now. Learning begins Week 1. I hope that in the future, many see Appalachian State as the model rebuild. Thank you!
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