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  1. Appalachian State Football Names 2024 Season Captains Boone, NC - Appalachian State Football has named the Team Captains for the upcoming 2024 Season. The Team Captains are: (from left to right): Cornerback Shane Pepper (JR), Wide Receiver Julian Shipman (SO), Center Owen Driver (JR), Inside Linebacker Marshall Emmons JR, and Starting Quarterback Aaron Walsh (SO). "It is with great pride that these five student athletes has been chosen to provide leadership to the team this season. They represent a group that has a lot to prove this year and the team and I feel that their leadership and character exemplifies the ability to expect, to give and to get the best out of everyone involved in our program. They have a tall task - with no seniors on the two deep roster this is my first experience in my coaching career that the Captains are all Juniors and Sophomores. In addition to this core group, we have Seniors and representatives from each class that will make up the Appalachian State Football Leadership Council that will meet regularly with coaches to discuss the culture of the football program and the team's chemistry. I strongly believe that it is critical to develop leadership skills within our team, not only for this year, but to prepare these young men for life after Appalachian State." declared Head Football Coach Nittany Boiler. Cornerback Shane Pepper (JR) is a returning third year starter and will anchor the secondary this season as the #1 CB and future NFL prospect. Wide Receiver Julian Shipman (SO) showed significant off-season growth after a successful Freshman year and will start as the #1 WR. Center Owen Driver (JR) provides experience as a returning starter on a much improved and high potential Offensive Line. Inside Linebacker Marshall Emmons JR returns as a three year starter and a highly ranked Georgia All-State HS recruit. Emmons leads the Linebacker group and has the size, strength and growing potential as a NFL prospect. Aaron Walsh (SO) has been named the starting Quarterback and brings arm strength and running ability to lead the multi-dimensional App State offense. Congratulations to these student athletes. Looking forward to the 2024 Season.
  2. App State got better today - did your team?
  3. Appalachian State (3.7-8.3 overall, 1.9-6.1 Sun Belt) / Appalachian State (6.8-5.2 overall, 4-4 Sun Belt) / Appalachian State (0.8-11.2 overall, 0.2-7.8 Sun Belt)
  4. Original Post: Posted July 23, 2019 (joined on July 20) In breaking news, APP State has just learned that they will suck! One win will bring down the goal posts! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the second annual Nittany Boiler review of the Chicago Tribune National Preseason rankings posting, App State again has just learned that they will suck coming in at 139 for 2024.
  5. Sun Belt 2024 Transfer Portal News The Sun Belt was active in the recently completed 2024 Transfer Portal process. Eleven new faces join the Sun Belt Conference, including the gem of the transfer portal class, immediately available, 4.0/4.0 RB Amir Turner Jr. Two Sun Belt players sought opportunity elsewhere. And in a rare move, QB Hernando Cortez moves south within the conference from Appalachian State to Arkansas State. Previous Team New Team Player ECU Appalachian State RB Bradley Holmes 5-11 207 (Jr) Mineral Wells (Mineral Wells TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Power] Colorado State Appalachian State K Miles Stevens 6-4 200 Sr Chamberlain (Tampa FL) 3.0 of 3.0 [Power] Auburn Appalachian State TE Hunter Templeton 6-2 224 Sr Fayette Academy (Somerville TN) 3.0 of 3.0 [Blocking] Appalachian State Arkansas State QB Hernando Cortez 6-1 196 (Jr) Sullivan West Central (NY) 3.0 of 3.5 [Pocket] Boise State Arkansas State K Dustu Cavanaugh 6-3 188 Jr Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale FL) 3.0 of 3.0 [Power] Houston Coastal Carolina OG Matteo Richards 6-5 291 Sr Kaufer (Riviera TX) 3.5 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] Nevada Coastal Carolina OT Dennis Cody 6-5 255 Sr Douglas (Minden NV) 3.5 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] Washington State Coastal Carolina WR Landon Muse 6-4 165 Sr Olympic Heights (Boca Raton FL) 3.0 of 3.0 [Speed] Missouri Georgia Southern RB Amir Turner Jr. 5-8 195 (Sr) Louisburg College (Louisburg NC) 4.0 of 4.0 [Speed] USF Georgia State OT Jeffrey Jameson-Hinson 6-2 306 Sr Chipley (Chipley FL) 3.5 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] Kentucky Georgia State OT Charles Laird 6-6 268 (Jr) Palm Harbor University (FL) 3.0 of 3.0 [Pass Blocking] South Carolina Georgia State P Francesco Rutherford 5-8 186 Sr DeLand (DeLand FL) 3.0 of 3.0 [Power] Losses Coastal Carolina Navy OT Brett Walter 6-4 284 Jr Lake View (Lake View SC) 3.0 of 3.0 [Run Blocking] Georgia State Syracuse TE Brandon Gunter 6-0 227 Jr Richlands (Richlands NC) 2.0 of 3.0 [Blocking] Appalachian State Arkansas State QB Hernando Cortez 6-1 196 (Jr) Sullivan West Central (NY) 3.0 of 3.5 [Pocket] Comments: Truly the diamond of the transfer portal, RB Amir Turner Jr. was granted a hardship transfer and comes to Georgia Southern ready to play. As a 4.0/4.0 Speed back, he should be a terror to the Sun Belt in his one eligible season. Rumor has a two-back offense about to be implemented. Other teams pursued a combination of depth and front line help. Coastal Carolina had an impressive haul of three players; solidifying the offensive line with a 3.5/3.5 OG and 3.5/3.5 OT. They also added a 3.0/3.0 Speed WR. With three new faces, including two from the SEC, Georgia State added offensive line help with a 3.5/3.5 OT as well as a 3.0/3.0 OT. GA State also added a Punter. Arkansas State added an inter-conference transfer with a 3.0/3.5 QB from Appalachian State and a 2 year eligible Kicker. Appalachian State adds three transfers; a Kicker and a blocking Tight End plus a 3.5/3.5 Power RB. Coastal Carolina and Georgia State each lost a player, but clearly upgraded during the process. Appalachian State loses a former starting QB, now buried on the depth chart, but filled needs with three key adds. Teams in the Sun Belt conference can be a huge beneficiaries of the Transfer Portal Process. As it was called in the Shoutbox, the process can be summarized as trickle down "Croot economics". This is an advantage to the Sun Belt, especially in the talent-rich South. Georgia Southern and Coastal Carolina appear to be the clear winners with Arkansas State, Georgia State and Appalachian State coming out better. Looking forward to seeing RB Amir Turner in 2024 and the others in the 2025 season.
  6. Illinois: 75 Northwestern: 195 (-5) Penn State: 10 (+5)
  7. Illinois: 60 (-5) Northwestern: 190 0 Penn State: 25 (+5)
  8. Illinois: 70 (-5) Northwestern: 180 0 Penn State: 25 (+5)
  9. Appalachian State Mountaineers OOC Week 1 - Wyoming @SyndaKyt Week 3 - at New Mexico State @Falcon Brotherhood Week 4 - Army @StorMy Week 5 - at UMass @TBoostR
  10. Illinois: 80 (-5) Northwestern: 140 Penn State: 55 (+5)
  11. Illinois: 90 Northwestern: 124 Penn State: 50 (+5) Wisconsin: 11 (-5)
  12. Wyoming is booked. I was trying to work with your commish to replace games if you needed to move to Week 1.
  13. Illinois: 80 Northwestern: 104 (-5) Penn State:75 (+5) Wisconsin: 16
  14. I had agreed with Wyoming for Week 1. Let me see if we can adjust.
  15. Illinois: 80 (-5) Northwestern: 109 Penn State: 70 (+5) Wisconsin: 16
  16. Illinois: 70 Northwestern: 100 (-5) Penn State: 80 (+5) Wisconsin: 25
  17. Illinois: 65 Nebraska: 10 Northwestern: 90 Penn State: 85 (+5) Wisconsin: 25 (-5)
  18. Sun Belt NFLHC 2024 Draft Picks Congratulations to Sun Belt Conference players selected in the NFLHC 2024 Draft: Round 3, Pick 76 - Sawyer Dobbs OT - Texas State Round 5, Pick 158 - Abdoul Brinson TE - Louisiana-Monroe Round 6, Pick 172 - Sean Boone DE - South Alabama Round 6, Pick 190 - Shane Gallegos DT - Coastal Carolina
  19. Wow, as expected, lots of youngsters here. Ready for it? The Pennsylvania State University - B.S. - 1988 Purdue University - M.S. - 1995
  20. Illinois: 65 Nebraska: 5 Northwestern: 85 Penn State: 85 (+5) Wisconsin: 35 (-5)
  21. Illinois: 50 Minnesota: 20 Nebraska: 20 (-5) Northwestern: 80 Rutgers: 10 Penn State: 70 (+5) Wisconsin: 30
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