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  1. bbates728


    Ahh, well if the hikes don’t count then that makes sense. Either way, good job everyone!
  2. bbates728


    Any idea why my time didn’t show up? Is there a submission step that I need to have taken?
  3. Only negative I see from this week (mind you that I don’t much care about Miami losing again) is that we don’t have more MAC games to prove our dominance on the rest of these conferences.
  4. You’d have to consider this to be a good weekend for the MAC. We got some good wins and flipped the media’s expectations in a few games and had landmark wins for our new coaches. Good job to everyone!
  5. We are a bit overrrated right now. I would put us more reasonably around #12.
  6. Thanks! Tough win against a P5 opponent. I hope I can keep the good times rolling in Athens this year. GG @Jamarquan I will be following your progress the rest of the season. Let me know if you want to compare game plans for the future.
  7. Oh hell no. The thing about college football is every game is circled. Every game counts unlike my colleagues in the NFL.
  8. I am aiming to win the division though I expect it to be a tight competition. Our defense has some depth this year and will likely take a back seat to recruiting replacements for my veteran offense.
  9. Great question. My biggest struggle has to be on the offensive side of the ball. Our defense doesn’t look good enough to offset the mediocrity of the offensive side of the ball. Hopefully they get us enough stops against other teams in the conference that allows some mistakes in the running game and some dropped balls.
  10. I am hoping to survive a season in Athens! *chuckles nervously* More seriously, I am expecting to challenge for the east and consider myself among the two favorites for the division. As mentioned before, I am eager to put a majority of my time into recruiting and I expect to be able to pull in a solid class that can provide us some depth. It’s an exciting time to be a bobcat.
  11. Is it meat and toppings inside two pieces of bread? Yes, yes it is. The selling points of Athens and recruitment of new players is one of my top concerns in this role. It isn’t USC or ASU where I can rely on the natural (or not) scenery. I am hoping I can have success finding and recruiting a stable of dudes who can gel together instead of necessarily finding stars and supports. it is definitely going to be a process and I expect it might provide me my greatest frustrations this year.
  12. Sorry to all, I am not sure how I missed these comments. I will be working on answering them in quick order.
  13. Coach, to ask an indelicate question, what has been going on in Iowa that has led to this? What are some of the main takeaways that you would give to young coaches to make sure they don’t fall into the same lifestyles your boys chose last year?
  14. Ehh, defense is t necessary at OU. Not to mention our history with new qbs and rbs
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