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  1. Dacder said this the other day. Drawing attention away from mcgill and pointing it toward grv. Knowing what we know now, would mcgill be somewhat suspicious based on this?
  2. As I said before, I can't really say anything if all we're basing this on is people's posts in the thread. With the lack of action roles in this game compared to the last one, all we really can do is throw accusations at others based on their posts on who they accuse as being mafia. I don't really know what else you expect me to do. If you feel that I am a wolf, then feel free to lynch me; I'm happy to take one for the team. I haven't noticed anything oddly suspicious about everyone else, although this whole lynch Cade thing does make some sense given his early role claim. Grv seems kinda suspicious given his role in the jamzz vote, although he was like this last game too as a town. I'll vote for him today just so I don't get questioned for not voting again. vote grv
  3. I got nothing. I don't really have anything to say until someone puts forth evidence from night findings. I can't really tell based on the talk so far given it's been mostly nemo roasting and questioning whether to random lynch or go after Jamzz, Cade, or an inactive. Out of the current options listed, not sure which would be best atm. Given Cade basically claimed already, not sure if mafia would go after him since he isn't a useful role. Jamzz may or may not be mafia, but this is being based on nemo quotes, which don't make sense to begin with.
  4. Edit @joedchi sorry
  5. He actually outed himself lmao
  6. PG Darren Franklin 6-3 222 R Oregon [*] 1 years // 0.75 million // 100.00% Guaranteed G//0.75//Total:0.75 $//0.0//Total:0.0 Total//0.75//Total:0.75 Value//0.75 SG Kavion Nash 6-5 234 R Tennessee [*] 1 years // 0.75 million // 100.00% Guaranteed G//0.75//Total:0.75 $//0.0//Total:0.0 Total//0.75//Total:0.75 Value//0.75
  7. PG K'aundre Williams 6-2 200 R Villanova [**] 1 years // 17.0 million // 100.00% Guaranteed G//17.0//Total:17.0 $//0.0//Total:0.0 Total//17.0//Total:17.0 Value//17.0
  8. SG Farrell Wright 6-4 225 R UTSA [**] 1 years // 3.0 million // 100.00% Guaranteed G//3.0//Total:3.0 $//0.0//Total:0.0 Total//3.0//Total:3.0 Value//3.0
  9. SG Farrell Wright 6-4 225 R UTSA [**] 1 years // 1.5 million // 100.00% Guaranteed G//1.5//Total:1.5 $//0.0//Total:0.0 Total//1.5//Total:1.5 Value//1.5
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