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  1. Offense: 10 (+1) --------> 11Defense: 10 (+2) --------> 12Special Teams: 10 --------> 10Clock Mgmt: 10 (-1) ---------> 9Discipline: 10 (-1) --------> 9Youth Mgmt: 10 (+1) -------> 11
  2. In theory we’ll be a better team next year than this year so hopefully we can keep punching above our weight and that will translate to more wins. We’ve got a good young defense that I’m pretty excited about. He’s a stat sheet filler that has a real bright future.
  3. AJ Coyne. What a quarterback. Season MVP for sure. Can’t wait for a couple more seasons of having him. And with this game Brandon Lockhart becomes Bowling Green’s first ever 1000 yard receiver. Gg @Buckyb
  4. All 3 of my freshman making 1st team is a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. I was hoping Lockhart would make it but I knew he was on the outside looking in. Congrats to @robcarlson77
  5. I like it when you do these. Really well done.
  6. Really hit the Heartland. Texas was nice to me too.
  7. Oh hell yeah. 2 programs nobody thought would be bowling this season. Let's do it @Buckyb
  8. Who cares if I had the worst SoS in the country. BOWL ME.
  9. Jonathan Eastman (G5) OG Fr 6-1 284 An immediate starter and better than what I have now. I really wanted to improve my O-Line and he helps me with that. Uterius Randolph (JuCo) WR Jr 6-2 167 I really needed to upgrade the WR position and thank the JuCo Gods for Uterius (not Uterus). My QB AJ Coyne is the strength of my team and has carried me this season even without a good WR. I hope next season will be even better now.
  10. bowl bound and bowling green's alltime winningest coach all in one week. papa blessed.
  11. The previous coach brought these kids in but goddammit I put them in the place to succeed. Onward and upward to these falcons.
  12. Your predictions for these games were really quite good.
  13. It’s a shame he probably won’t get any all-conference honors. He’s basically carrying me to bowl eligibility.
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