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  1. The previous coach brought these kids in but goddammit I put them in the place to succeed. Onward and upward to these falcons.
  2. Your predictions for these games were really quite good.
  3. It’s a shame he probably won’t get any all-conference honors. He’s basically carrying me to bowl eligibility.
  4. I really need some players to commit soon or else it’ll be a pretty disappointing class if commitments.
  5. This is such a difficult game to predict. I need to ride that Coyne train and get some turnovers and be that much closer to bowlbound, which I didn't think would happen this season.
  6. I didn't have my hopes up on winning the East but with the unexpected win over Ohio, I'm dreaming of great things. Next week's game against could Toledo could be the deciding factor and they have a pretty loaded roster so I'm still being cautious.
  7. With it being my first year recruiting, I can tell I have a lot to learn.
  8. Thanks for doing all that you guys do @robcarlson77 and @npklemm it makes things so much more fun
  9. Nice try. Another good prediction @robcarlson77
  10. Can’t get cocky against those eagles.
  11. @robcarlson77 good call on the prediction! I was worried you were gonna jinx me there.
  12. Miami had a big day on offense. MAC win #1 for me.
  13. I'm still pretty butthurt about this one guys.
  14. gg @Jordan your run game was too much it looks like. Just another Thursday night full of high quality football MACtion.
  15. Base starting skills Offense: 10 Defense: 10 Special Teams: 10 Clock Mgmt: 10 Discipline: 10 Youth Mgmt: 10 CFBHC Career: Bowling Green Falcons (2023 - Present) NFLHC Career: N/A Achievements: N/A Lemme know if anything else is needed.
  16. Thanks for the vote of confidence, I hope you don't jinx me. Come on you beautiful Falcons!!!
  17. Kewl bewbz #picklez4life
  18. Aye first win for me as well. It's a good feeling. Time to get the season turned around!
  19. Why you gotta keep comin after the pickles?? In all seriousness I have to get this offense figured out. It doesn't have to be for 150 yards a game but if I could just get the rush average up that would help a lot.
  20. Time to get this season turned around. Wish me luck.
  21. Hey I was approved for Bowling Green Falcons in the MAC. Thanks!
  22. No one has reached out to me. Did I fail the application process?
  23. I totally get that reference.
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