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  1. AI Lineup Colorado Buffaloes First Half Early PG Takeo Godson 6-3 219 Sr Rangeview (Aurora CO) [*] SG Nicholas Moss 6-4 228 Jr Sterling (Sterling CO) [Aggressive] SF Caleb Phillips 6-4 230 (Jr) Kanab (Kanab UT) [Ferocity*] PF Rayon Gibbs 6-5 232 Sr Centauri (La Jara CO) [*] C Andrew Palmer 6-10 268 (Fr) Denver East (Denver CO) [Talent*] AI Instructions: Don't Use Aggressive Colorado Buffaloes First Half Late PG Takeo Godson 6-3 219 Sr Rangeview (Aurora CO) [*] SG Rafik Muhammad 6-3 218 (So) Mead (Longmont CO) [Press] SF Caleb Phillips 6-4 230 (Jr) Kanab (Kanab UT) [Ferocity*] PF Rayon Gibbs 6-5 232 Sr Centauri (La Jara CO) [*] C Jordan Baldwin 6-9 272 (So) Faith Christian (Arvada CO) [Leadership] AI Instructions: Use Press Colorado Buffaloes Second Half Early PG Sakeem Wright Jr. 6-4 231 (Jr) Valor Christian (Highlands Ranch CO) [6th Man*] SG Rafik Muhammad 6-3 218 (So) Mead (Longmont CO) [Press] SW Roderick Bush-Hacker 6-6 242 (Sr) Rangeview (Aurora CO) [6th Man*] PF Rayon Gibbs 6-5 232 Sr Centauri (La Jara CO) [*] C Jordan Baldwin 6-9 272 (So) Faith Christian (Arvada CO) [Leadership] AI Instructions: Use Leadership on Highest Roll Colorado Buffaloes Second Half Late PG Takeo Godson 6-3 219 Sr Rangeview (Aurora CO) [*] SG Nicholas Moss 6-4 228 Jr Sterling (Sterling CO) [Aggressive] SF Caleb Phillips 6-4 230 (Jr) Kanab (Kanab UT) [Ferocity*] PF Will Gilbert 6-7 259 (Sr) Columbine (Littleton CO) [6th Man*] C Andrew Palmer 6-10 268 (Fr) Denver East (Denver CO) [Talent*] AI Instructions: Use Aggressive if an attributes total net effect exceeds 4. Colorado Buffaloes Overtime PG Takeo Godson 6-3 219 Sr Rangeview (Aurora CO) [*] SG Nicholas Moss 6-4 228 Jr Sterling (Sterling CO) [Aggressive] SF Caleb Phillips 6-4 230 (Jr) Kanab (Kanab UT) [Ferocity*] PF Will Gilbert 6-7 259 (Sr) Columbine (Littleton CO) [6th Man*] C Andrew Palmer 6-10 268 (Fr) Denver East (Denver CO) [Talent*] AI Instructions: Use Aggressive if an attributes total net effect exceeds 4, if Aggressive has not been used already.
  2. Active Roster PG Takeo Godson 6-3 219 Sr Rangeview (Aurora CO) [*] PG Sakeem Wright Jr. 6-4 231 (Jr) Valor Christian (Highlands Ranch CO) [6th Man*] PG Reshard Caldwell 6-2 209 Fr Woods Cross (Woods Cross UT) [Blocker] SG Nicholas Moss 6-4 228 Jr Sterling (Sterling CO) [Aggressive] SG Rafik Muhammad 6-3 218 (So) Mead (Longmont CO) [Press] SG Sevon Dunn 6-5 235 So Yutan (Yutan NE) [Steal Artist] SW Roderick Bush-Hacker 6-6 242 (Sr) Rangeview (Aurora CO) [6th Man*] SF Shane Wright 6-5 240 Sr Chaparral (Parker CO) [Fatigued*] SF Caleb Phillips 6-4 230 (Jr) Kanab (Kanab UT) [Ferocity*] F LaMarcus Reed 6-6 249 Fr Skutt Chatolic (Omaha NE) PF Will Gilbert 6-7 259 (Sr) Columbine (Littleton CO) [6th Man*] PF Rayon Gibbs 6-5 232 Sr Centauri (La Jara CO) [*] C Jordan Baldwin 6-9 272 (So) Faith Christian (Arvada CO) [Leadership] C Andrew Palmer 6-10 268 (Fr) Denver East (Denver CO) [Talent*] Redshirts F LaMarcus Reed 6-6 249 Fr Skutt Chatolic (Omaha NE) SG Sevon Dunn 6-5 235 So Yutan (Yutan NE) [Steal Artist] PG Reshard Caldwell 6-2 209 Fr Woods Cross (Woods Cross UT) [Blocker] Colorado Buffaloes First Half Early PG Takeo Godson 6-3 219 Sr Rangeview (Aurora CO) [*] SG Nicholas Moss 6-4 228 Jr Sterling (Sterling CO) [Aggressive] SF Caleb Phillips 6-4 230 (Jr) Kanab (Kanab UT) [Ferocity*] PF Rayon Gibbs 6-5 232 Sr Centauri (La Jara CO) [*] C Andrew Palmer 6-10 268 (Fr) Denver East (Denver CO) [Talent*] Colorado Buffaloes First Half Late PG Takeo Godson 6-3 219 Sr Rangeview (Aurora CO) [*] SG Rafik Muhammad 6-3 218 (So) Mead (Longmont CO) [Press] SF Caleb Phillips 6-4 230 (Jr) Kanab (Kanab UT) [Ferocity*] PF Rayon Gibbs 6-5 232 Sr Centauri (La Jara CO) [*] C Jordan Baldwin 6-9 272 (So) Faith Christian (Arvada CO) [Leadership] Colorado Buffaloes Second Half Early PG Sakeem Wright Jr. 6-4 231 (Jr) Valor Christian (Highlands Ranch CO) [6th Man*] SG Rafik Muhammad 6-3 218 (So) Mead (Longmont CO) [Press] SW Roderick Bush-Hacker 6-6 242 (Sr) Rangeview (Aurora CO) [6th Man*] PF Will Gilbert 6-7 259 (Sr) Columbine (Littleton CO) [6th Man*] C Jordan Baldwin 6-9 272 (So) Faith Christian (Arvada CO) [Leadership] Colorado Buffaloes Second Half Late PG Takeo Godson 6-3 219 Sr Rangeview (Aurora CO) [*] SG Nicholas Moss 6-4 228 Jr Sterling (Sterling CO) [Aggressive] SF Caleb Phillips 6-4 230 (Jr) Kanab (Kanab UT) [Ferocity*] PF Rayon Gibbs 6-5 232 Sr Centauri (La Jara CO) [*] C Andrew Palmer 6-10 268 (Fr) Denver East (Denver CO) [Talent*] Colorado Buffaloes Overtime PG Takeo Godson 6-3 219 Sr Rangeview (Aurora CO) [*] SG Nicholas Moss 6-4 228 Jr Sterling (Sterling CO) [Aggressive] SF Caleb Phillips 6-4 230 (Jr) Kanab (Kanab UT) [Ferocity*] PF Will Gilbert 6-7 259 (Sr) Columbine (Littleton CO) [6th Man*] C Andrew Palmer 6-10 268 (Fr) Denver East (Denver CO) [Talent*]
  3. I believe it. Everything will come together...UTU just has been treated like trash the last few years.
  4. OFFSEASON OUTLOOK: Utah State Aggies (Logan, Utah) by NateTheGreat Dark Days in Logan Maverik Stadium in 2023 (Chris Detrick / Salt Tribune) There's not many positives you can point out about Utah State's 2023 season, I guess maybe that they managed to play all 12 games or at least they didn't go winless, finishing with a dreadful, 1-11 record (0-8 in MWC). Sadly, this has been the state of the Aggies since 2020. 2020 being the year they won the St. Petersburg bowl with famed Utah State coach ZachTyzwyz; outside of that season there's been a revolving door of coaches like @jrram4, @Phillyfan3, @CoachEdwards and @TuscanSota. None of them were as fortunate, finding little to no success here in Logan, eventually leaving the program or being fired. Quite frankly, Utah State has been one of the worse football programs in the entire country and it's going to take a special kind of coach to overhaul the culture here at in Logan. Could new hire, @believer be the answer? The Mountain West native, coached Boise State for 4 seasons ending his MWC career with a respectable [conference] mark of 15-8 and an 1-2 bowl record. He went onto the Pac-12 for a season at Stanford, before returning at the end of the 2023 season with a simple message, "I'm back." at his introductory press conference. There's no question @believer has the skills and credentials within the conference to turn this program around but we all know this is a long-term project and nobody has been willing to stick by for it, yet. When asked about it, believer responded "Right now, I'm here for the long haul. Utah State is a school where I can lay back and really take my time and can manage multiple things in my personal life and still be the best coach for this team." Who knows, this could be the very beginning, as we check into how the 2024 season is shaping up for the Aggies. Quinn Lauer and the 2023 Utah St. Aggies taking on in-state rival, BYU (K. Dyson / Associated Press) Departures Quinn Lauer, TE (RS Senior) 6'1, 229lbs | Career Highlight: Transferred to Utah State 2022 and started all 12 games for the Aggies in 2023. Jackson Helm, LS (Senior) 6' 252lbs | Career Highlight: Started at Long Snapper for the Aggies the last 2 seasons. Outlook: Yes, you're seeing this right. The Aggies welcome back every member of their roster except these two players. Both happen to be starters but they weren't crucial to the team; tightend Quinn Lauer was used mostly for blocking assignments and his peers handled receiving duties, then, Jackson Helm was solid but they already have a backup in place and nobody ever has lost sleep over a long snapper. This is the best case scenario for a team that is considered to be bottom of the barrel. They'll be welcoming back a huge class of seniors and we all know how vital experience can be when it comes to winning games. There's not many things UTU fans can smile about but, this is one. Incoming transfer, ILB Savion Spears played as a reserve for the BYU cougars, 2020-2022. (J. King / Associated Press) New Faces Savion Spears, ILB James Bernard, QB Raymond Earl, WR Jalen Daniel, TE Kyle Reagan, OG Nathan Martin, DE Jayson Dowell, DE Bryce Fleming-Roberson, DE Kwon Small, DT Shane Switzer, DT Neal Lundy, ILB Jamel Redd, OLB Iye StJohn, OLB Cooper Bynum, OLB Amir Parris, CB Xavier Melvin, FS Ajani Hardy, FS Nicolas Greene, FS Owen Burnett, K Hakeem Hicks, LS Jayden Marroquin, LS Chance Haywood, ATH Outlook: The Utah State Aggies are welcoming a nice quantity but poor quality recruiting class. No names jump off this list, although I do like the Amir Pharris signing and think he will be a good player in the future, there's just not enough talent. The most talented athlete they are adding this offseason is transfer, Savion Spears, who hadn't even started a game for BYU before transferring and is currently a grad senior. That is not a good look for a team desperately in need of talent. In the team's defense this class is probably due to the ever revolving door at Utah State, nobody wants to commit to a team that has no idea what they're trying to do and sorry, but I don't think a bunch of 2 players are going to get the job done either. That could change with a new coach on board though. He will will have to go back to the drawing board and keep an eye out on the crooting trail, in hopes of the upcoming 2024 class not being as ugly as this one, especially if they plan on digging this program out the dirt anytime soon. It'll be interesting to see what this program and Coach @believer can come up with. Kieron Farmer led the charge for the Aggies in 2023. (G. Henry / Associated Press) Returning Starters SENIORS HIGHLIGHTED IN BOLD Kieron Farmer, QB Delontey Austin, RB Makai Simpson, WR Booker Randolph, WR/PR Willy Waldron III, WR/KR Cyrus Smalley, FB Damani Crawford, OT Hudson Wilkes, OG Marc Whalen, C Raymond Cuevas, OG Marlon Jefferson, OT Jalen Wooten, DE Jermon Ransom, DT Harry Winter, DE Darius Mayfield, OLB Nikolas Sutherland, ILB Roman Coker, ILB Asher Hancook, OLB Preston Handy, CB DeSean Vinson, CB Benjamin Pennington, CB D'Andre Kemp, FS Kimbrell Joseph, SS Ronan Snow, K Chase Duval, P Outlook: As mentioned earlier, Utah State is only losing two players in general so they welcome back almost all of their starting lineup, seven of which will be seniors. At the top of the list and rightfully so is star quarterback, Kieron Farmer. Farmer, a Utah native and former 4 prospect, posted tallies of 3,153 passing yards (3rd in MWC) and 22 total TDs (T-2nd) which should be viewed as quite the accomplishment considering how bad the Aggies' were at winning games. Farmer has the type of game that elevates his teammate's play, he has a rocket of an arm and isn't afraid to make any throw. He, of course is joined by his #1 target in Booker Randolph, who led the conference in receptions (79) and placed 3rd in receiving yards with 931, senior Makai Simpson and physical wideout and returner, Willy Waldron III. They figure to piece together one of the most potent Arial attacks in the Mountain West with this offensive line coming back better than ever. IF these new coaches can utilize his weapons correctly by putting them in the right spots. Coach @believer had high praise for his guys, saying in a press interview "I'm gonna evaluate every part of the team and see what works. I want a complete team, but when we have an enormous talent like Farmer, we gonna ride him as much as he can and have him captain and lead this team. That's not to disregard everyone else. This team has talent and we have the opportunity to bring in more." The concern however, is that they don't have a true every down back, finding themselves without any true consistency on the ground. Word around the campus early is that there will be an open competition at running back, it'll be interesting to see who will come out top. The offense is surprisingly young but I expect them to still take step forward. Despite the hype surrounding the returning players on offense, the same cannot be said about the defensive side of the ball. It's a fact, they'll be getting back all their defense starters but last year they proved time after time they just weren't capable of playing at a high level, in fact the only reliable player for them was 2nd Team All-MWC DT, Jermon Ransom but even he had his troubles. It might be nice to have all these guys coming back but it won't matter much if they haven't grown up a ton this offseason. Hell, a couple of these guys could lose their spot come springtime and you don't like being able to say that about your starters. Final Thoughts & Grade I'm going to start off with the things Aggie fans want to hear. Firstly, this offense has a chance to be really good this year and I can see Kieron Farmer taking home Mountain West honors and being nationally recognized. I'm very sold on him and his ability to put up numbers. Next, I'd like to say @believer was the right hire, he knows the conference well and is constantly searching for ways to improve; when it's all said and done it could be a match in heaven. Finally, the abundance of youth puts Utah State in a good place, sure there will be growing pains and such, but they could turn out to be complementary pieces later down the road and that's always a plus. Now after getting the good news out the way, reality is about to kick in for UTU. Simply put, this team is not good enough to win now. They just haven't been successful enough on or off the field to indicate any expectations and you can't anticipate a team this bad, to turn things in a day (or a year per se). Hawaii and Boise State seem to have a hold on the rest of the conference anyways, so I wouldn't be surprised to find poor ol' Utah State battling at the bottom of the standings. Honestly, I would be surprised if these boys even made it to a bowl game. For these reasons, I gotta give UTU a grade of D-. It's hard to point to anything the Aggies did last year and be confident heading into this season. This upcoming season I expect them to struggle the same way unless these guys somehow start playing beyond their potential or asking Farmer to score a lot every game to have a chance, which is ideal when you think about it but no team has won playing football on one side of the ball, it just doesn't happen. In short, just not enough progression from last season to this one for there to be any major changes in 2024. I hope the Aggies prove me wrong, for their own sake because, I don't think this program can handle another near winless season and it's bad business for the Mountain West. Tags: #AggiesAllTheWay #UTUFootball
  5. OFFSEASON OUTLOOK: United States Air Force Academy (Air Force, CO) By NateTheGreat New Beginnings in Air Force? (M. Freeman / Associated Press) USFA wraps up another below average season finishing 5-7, going 3-5 in the Mountain West and very narrowly missing out on a bowl appearance. Coach @stinsy compiled an 11-14 record and a bowl apperance over the two seasons he coached Air Force, before leaving this offseason to become head coach at Texas A&M. Lots of fans and cadets around the university felt like all of was lost, losing such a great coach to his alma matter but they weren't angry at him knowing it was a very tough decision to make, he ultimately decided to go home. This had been the 'feeling' around the Academy until Coach @kwheele had accepted the opening and was introduced as head coach last month as well as an almost entire new staff. Since kwheele has arrived he has embraced the underdog role, preaching teamwork and discipline to being the key to success, stating during his press conference, "We are not going to masquerade who we are. There will be very few Saturdays where we are bigger, faster, more athletic or stronger than the teams that we play. We believe it doesn’t always take the best players to win, it takes the best team to win. And we are going to field the best team." So far the 2nd year coach has talked a good game and seems to be the right fit, but let's be honest the @DescretoBurrito era is behind this program and is a far cry from what it use to be during that time period. So, we're left wondering are better days really coming to Air Force or will this new look team follow the same footsteps as its predecessor? We'll take a little deep dive to this upcoming season's roster to find out just how good this team will hold up in 2024 and seasons ahead. Starting senior guards, Gregory Jack (77) and Elijah Berger (70) in 2023 (P. Miller / Associated Press) Departures STARTERS HIGHLIGHTED IN BOLD Elijah Berger, OG Gregory Jack, OG Armando Puente, DE Brian Lewis, DE Antonie Murphy, DE Amari Iverson, OLB Caleb Pyle, ILB Jabari Heckle, OLB Benjamin Slack, OLB Kristian Chrisholm, FS Victor Shanks, K Joseph Gore, LS Coach stinsy Wesley Kyle, LS Van Cooney, LS OUTLOOK: Air Force is parting ways with their solid class of 2023. There are no slouches in this class, which features two of their starting guards, Gregory Jack and Elijah Berger who have been solid pieces for Falcons and quite frankly won't be easy pieces to replace. There's no doubt there were a few notches above their current backups too. Next on this list is probably the headline of this productive defensive group, 1st Team All-MWC and standout end, Brian Lewis who posted a school record for sacks (11). Lewis has some NFL scouts drooling over him and figures to be a potential day 2 pick for his relentless motor and restless work ethic. Leaders of the linebacker corps Amari Iverson and Jabari Heckle, also figure to join their teammate in (PUT CITY HERE) next month, projecting to go in the later rounds. They have been cornerstones for this defense during their tenure at Air Force and will leave lasting impressions, the Falcons however, have two replacements lined up in Joel Decker and an incoming JUCO transfer which is good news but don't expect them to immediately be as good. Starter, Kristian Chrisholm joins the list of Academy graduates. He had good moments with the football program but, will be pursuing a military career after gauging his chances to make a NFL roster. Special teams will lose 4 players, graduating cadets and starters, Victor Shank and Joseph Gore. JUCO Transfer, Sebastian White will step in right away for kicking duties which may be slight improvement for the Falcons. These loses may be big but are manageable if that's much of a compliment, lucky for USFA they are returning a big class of incoming seniors who can step in as veterans and attempt to fill the necessary holes. Freshmen, Matt Mosley practicing last year during spring training before he was redshirted the 2023 season (P. Miller / Associated Press) New Faces REDSHIRTS HIGHLIGHTED IN BOLD • Matt Mosley, QB • Julius Moss, QB • Myles Mulligan, QB • Cameron Kelly, OLB • Xavier Munson, OG • Stephen Carpenter, FS • Sebastian White, K • Derrick Reid, RB • Deondre Queen, WR • William Sexton, WR • Hakeem Muhammad, WR • Oliver Walls, WR • Justice James, TE • Peter Patten, OT • Jefferson Ibarra, OG • Alex Joiner, C • Tiontay Proctor, DE • Joe Doran, DE • John Lawson, ILB • Darren Hodge, OLB • Kamar Calloway, CB • Andrew Watts, FS • Adalius Myrick, SS • Aaron Ackerman, SS • Nick McAruther, K • Anthony Swift, K • Elliot Sanders, ATH • Hunter Chaney, KR/PR • Evander Pope, KR/PR OUTLOOK: Surprisingly, Air Force welcomes a lengthy amount of good players (Thanks to Coach @stinsy) headlined by former 5 quarterback, Matt Mosley; he had been redshirted during the 2023 season, and is expected to compete during the spring for the starting QB spot against last year's starter, Ted Blake who was notably underwhelming at times last season. Mosley had questions about his accuracy and decision making coming in as a freshmen which is why he was ultimately redshirted. However, he is way too talented not to figure it out. A year away from the game to study the playbook and put in extra work in the weight room should pay off and don't be surprised to see the redshirt freshmen leading the charge for this new look offense in 2024. He will have a nice target for years to come in freshmen, Deondre Queen, who joins him coming off his own redshirt season, will also likely be apart of this offense. My favorite pickup of this entire list of new players though is Cameron Kelly, the Florida native has exceptional reaction time and ball skills and the Falcons will get a Day 1 starter in JUCO product. Kelly who will be tasked with the tough job of helping filling the big hole at linebacker. It seems, defense was the gift that kept giving, after successfully signing Elliot Sanders, John Lawson, Aaron Ackerman and Tiontay Proctor during the recruiting period. All four, coveted high school superstars won't probably see the field much out the gate but I would keep an eye out for Ackerman who could make the jump some point in the season to free safety, if needed or wait for 1st teamer Cameron Harley to graduate and take over then. Either way this class is talented, provides them with some depth and some guys to lean on in the future. Recruiting wise, last year's crew did a very good job. The question then is can Coach @kwheele can bring in talent? Air Force's new staff should be pleased with this foundation though and hopefully can keep up this level of crooting up for the betterment of the program...IF they plan on having big plans in the future and being nationally recognized like they once were. Tran Nguyen (9) scoring a touchdown against rival Boise state in 2023 (P. Miller / Associated Press) Returning Starters SENIORS HIGHLIGHTED IN BOLD Ted Blake, QB Matt Schilling, RB Elijah Peters, FB Jonah Dutton, WR Tran Nguyen, WR Tavarreus Redd, TE Andrew Sample, TE Pat Linder, OT Terrence Gilmore, C Dylan Baker, OT Derrick Dukes, DE Fredrick Stone, DT Keenan High, ILB Raekwon Hemphill, CB Benjamin Broussard, CB Joshua Donohue, CB Simon Keene, ILB Cameron Harley, SS Theo Ray, P Outlook: As you see, this team is quite experienced and skillful welcoming back 19 starters in total (10 offense, 8 defense, 1 special teams) which is refreshing to see but there has been no true consistency of either side of the ball except for their rushing attack which was lead by Junior back, Matt Schilling. Schilling had a great season, running for over 1,100 yards and 10+ touchdowns this year for the Falcons. In order for them to be successful, they have to figure out a style of play and stick with it. On top of that who's ever calling shots under center this upcoming season MUST feed Tran Nguyen, who has been neglected at times during his freshmen season. Nguyen, who might honestly be the most talented player Air Force has, is a physical receiver that can make plays on any ball within his 6'6 arm span radius. It's likely he'll open the season as the clear #1 option for the Falcons and rightfully so after spending most of his playing time this past season as a complementary wideout. The most encouraging sign has to be 1st team All-MWC right tackle, Dylan Baker returning another season after generating pro interest throughout the year with his dominating performances against his Mountain West opponents. He has been a brick wall since he arrived at USFA. On a different note, the defense returns three seniors who have been there through the peak years of Air Force's program, so therefore they know what it takes to win and will be counted on to show the way to the rest of this inexperienced crew. Cameron Harley, star of the Falcon's defense and one of the best safeties in the MWC will return with a vendetta after putting together an All-MWC 1st season in 2023, setting the school record for forced fumbles along the way. He will look to round out this team and be the catalyst that pushes them back into glory. Overall, nice group to have. Final Thoughts & Grade On paper Air Force is one of the more talented rosters in the Mountain West conference but unfortunately football games aren't played that way (well in our case they might be lol) and the Falcons have to find their identity. Too many question marks surrounding this team on offense and defense and that's without mentioning the fact they will be ushering in a new system and breaking in a new head coach. I just don't see it THIS upcoming season, I find myself constantly saying, pound for pound they stack up against the best teams in the Mountain West but will they be able to put it together? We don't know who's going to be their quarterback, how will Nguyen respond to a heavily ridiculed freshmen season? Will the defense be able to recover of the loss of team MVP Brian Lewis, outside linebackers Iverson, Heckle AND both your starting guards? That's a lot to ask any team to do in a season. So, for that reason I think they will be battling for a bowl appearance in the middle of the MWC in 2024. Don't be discouraged though Falcon fans I believe they will return to form whether it be next season or the season after, they have enough talent to do it they just have to mold together and that will come with experience and continuing to be successful in adding big time players. I gave these guys a C+, I really like what they did off the field, not so much on but there's a lot of potential there, I'd even gamble around and call them a sleeper. This offseason grade is mostly a judgement of the previous coach though so USFA's new guy has a lot to prove. Coach @kwheele is hungry and committed and that's what great coaches are made of, he just has to grind through those recruiting periods, utilize their talent and they will be back to winning bowl games again. Tags: #LetsFly #BoltBrotherhood #GoAFF #N8Articles
  6. Business is Back Boomin' in Southern California Quarterback, true freshmen Riley Sharp started all 13 games for the Trojans in 2023 (J. Smith / Associated Press) The USC Trojans appear set to dominate the Pac-12 for years to come after posting a solid 8-4 record with majority underclassmen starters. The Trojans started off the season projected to finish 3rd in the conference (1st in Pac-12 South) but ended up finishing *5th and coughing up the division to Arizona. The season was far from a disappointment, even with all the growing pains they found themselves winning the Bay Area Bowl, 23-20. Coach @Jumbo believes this season was went as it should have—"Coming off of a playoff appearance in 2022, but losing quite a few starters and breaking in a true freshman QB, 9 wins about met my expectations." All valid points by the coach coming into his fourth year in Southern LA. Ultimately this team looks built to win in 2024 and beyond with the abundance of youth and talent at their disposal, many analysts believe they could be playoff contenders, only time will tell though especially after falling short in 2022. (Pictured) USC's Gregory Gibson (#47) making the tackle on Colorado's QB Mike Naylor (#12).. (B. Newman / Associated Press) Players Leaving Sebastian Reardon, QB Javorius Gipson, WR Temetiu Ponifasio, OL Riley High, OL Conor Hall, OL Chris Shell, OL Dennis Gonzalez, OL Evan Valdivia, OL Jake Peko, DE Dovid Cutler, DT Mose Iakopo, DT Jake Daugherty, DE Gregory Gibson, OLB Terrence Wynn, OLB Lawrence McFadden, ILB Jermon Ellis, ILB Janoris Bailey-Simon, OLB Caleb Bernard, SS Austin Bowling, K Outlook: This long list of graduating players only features 3 starters (2 offense, 1 defense), however those 3 players happened to be key pieces for the cardinal and gold. One of them was former 5 linebacker and likely NFL player, Gregory Gibson who has occasionally showcased his blazing athletic ability against the pass. The other two? a talented guard named Dennis Gonzales (again a NFL prospect) and an All-American and overall one of the best centers in the conference, dare I say nation, in Conor Hall. That's a tough class of guys to have to replace especially when your backup center, Chris Shell is graduating as well. It leaves glaring holes in the offensive line and a lot to be desired at outside linebacker. The good news for USC fans is that they have plenty of depth when it comes to lineman I'm sure they will find replacement level starters during camp whether it's one of their transfers, redshirts or backups. The same cannot be said about USC's linebacker corp, losing Gibson, who tied-2nd for forced fumbles in the conference, was a legitimate loss. The rest of the group are serviceable backups that will be missed but quite frankly weren't anybody college teams were up game planning against. (Pictured) Quarterback, Riley Sharp (14) handing the ball off in practice to redshirted runningback, Max Olson (23)...(T. Davis / Associated Press) Player Additions Javari Hightower, OT Max Brabham, ILB Kamar Lott, DE Sean Graham, TE Rashawn Brinson, CB Ma'teo Martinez, DT Kamar Brandon, OLB Wayne Carter, OG Mohammed Vincent, QB Jon Erickson, QB Ronan Harbaugh, WR Steven Cobb, WR Calvin Gaines, TE Dovid Noonan, OG Rey Trujillo, DE Robert McDowell, DT Paul Valenzuela, OLB Brayden Land, SS Tim Rosenberg 5-8, K Adam Stearns, LS Luca Morse, KR/PR Max Olson, RB DeMarcus Dickens, WR Dwayne Hopkins, WR Kevin Hill, TE Robert Mackey, OT Jamir Newton, OG Delontey Muhammad, ATH Cory Jenkins, OLB Tyshaun Graves, CB Bradley Cotton, FS Outlook: Talk about a stacked class, which is to be expected of USC given it's prime location and prestigious football program. Coach @Jumbo and his staff put together the #7 ranked class in the nation (#1 in Pac-12) by snagging seven 5 athletes. Top recruits Kamar Lott (#4 DE), Sean Graham (#5 TE) and Rashawn Brinson (#7 CB) are all slatted to have a chance to start immediately over the spring with linebacker Max Brabham potentially having a chance to serve in a complementary role if star ILB, Nate Garrett decides to declare for the draft. But none of those players happen to be the best pickups, that title is held by coveted JUCO prize Wayne Carter who without a doubt will step into fill one of those holes in the line almost immediately. Coach Jumbo had very high remarks to say about his new big man saying in an interview, "Wayne is a guy we valued for his versatility along with his obvious talent. He'll definitely start at guard or center in 2024 -but we're not sure which yet. We still need a good look at him in practice." There's not much, if anything negative to say about the 2023 class of croots, they were able to fill their needs and have plenty of talent moving into the future. If you could point to one thing though, they focused a lot of their energy on big time prospects in this class, so it is very top heavy and features a long list of walk-ons. Thanks to the plethora of youth though, a lot of their star prospects will be redshirted, a luxury to most programs. Last year's redshirts brings in a group of members from a solid 2022 recruiting class. They'll all be in the mix for minutes and wouldn't be surprised if a few became starters. USC showed how much of a force they are in the recruiting period and that there clearly a program that has championship ambitions. Redshirt Junior, Charles Browser rushed for over 1,000 yards and 12 touchdowns during his 2023 campaign (J. Grays / Associated Press) Returning Starters Riley Sharp, QB Charles Bowser, RB Brandon Willis, WR Wendell Causey, WR Marc Ponder, WR/PR Anthony McGregor, OL Mohammed Still, OL Solomon Levesque, OL Austin Mason, DE Christian Callahan, DT Terrell Francis, DE *Nate Garrett, ILB Raekwon Rowe, OLB/FS Maximillian Wilcox, CB Darren Tamayo, CB Chase Clemons, FS Ryan Smiley, SS Victor Oliveira, K Albert Abbrederis, P Zion Rivers, LS August Kenney, KR Outlook: As mentioned earlier in the article, USC returns every starter except the three until we hear from a few underclassmen that potentially could decide to go pro. This is every's coach dream though, it's almost like a do-over and with them being so young, they'll get a couple more cracks at immortality. The biggest question mark is at the quarterback position, QB Riley Sharp faced a lot of scrutiny last year as a true freshmen and rightfully so throwing close to 2,700 passing yards and a lousy 14 touchdown to 9 interception ratio. He still has a lot of maturing to do and there's no time like the present especially with fans saying he is to blame for them not being able to repeat as Pac-12 South champion. He's young and overall a talented, tough and competitive kid. He will only get better as he gets more reps in, I expect him to take a huge leap this year with his favorite targets—team leader in touchdowns and receiving yards, Brandon Willlis, Causey and Ponder all being back. One of the problems from this past year was simply that their players were inexperienced, now that they have games played at the collegiate level I expect real good things from this team. Final Thoughts & Grade This is a great roster from top to bottom, that's being led by an experienced coach in Coach @Jumbo. There is a few questions surrounding this team, of course but the same can be said about any other team in the nation. Coach has shown faith in his guys, and more importantly to his QB. I like Sharp, he has a big arm and he isn't afraid of the pressure therefore will be a fine leader for this offense, but Browser needs to be getting consistent looks in the midst of this loaded receiving corps. Majority of analysts, have USC finishing first in the Pac-12, slightly edging out their rivals, UCLA. I think as long as they stay humble and disciplined they could very well finish top 3 in the Pac-12 to possibly making some noise for the college football playoffs. The defense is there, just needs to put these guys in the right places and I could see it all coming together. They have a chance to hone the best secondary in the Pac-12 with all the weapons they have there including All-PAC corner, Darren Tamayo and Max Wilcox as well as a monstrous d-line that features Christian Callahan and Nate Garrett. As it stands, I give the Trojans an impressive A- grade considering all their improvements and success in recruiting and keeping most of their starters in-tact. The whole Pac-12 better keep an eye out for these boys, it very well could be USC's conference to lose now and the only team standing in their way, UCLA has struggled historically against them. Anything less than what they accomplished this year will be a huge disappointment...Will the Trojans answer the call in 2024? We'll have to find out. Tags: #ReignOfTroy #FightOn #RuntheSCene #LApost
  7. Hopefully we can get a few solid wins, potentially surprise the division and secure a bowl bid. UCLA-USC will dominate the South though, I think that's a given just all about closing the gap these next few years. I'm excited for another year of Pac-12 ball and to be going through it with you group of men. Don't sleep on us over in Boulder though
  8. Anything can be a real name b lol, I get that I never was saying they couldn't be. I don't get why you're so invested in trying to debate this with me lol. It was a question, I don't want to change everybody's name on every roster just tweak mine here and there if it is possible. I just don't see athletes or starting athletes named Johnny Hough and Ted Gore (it's a possibility I get it) ps you sent a link with John Hough
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