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  1. Same. Attended Edgewood my freshmen and sophomore year, transferring to UW this upcoming school year because my major calls for it.
  2. looks dope I'll check it out in further detail, but I'll be down eventually. Pokemon brings me back to my childhood, true gems.
  3. People our age felt this on another level. I did it at the court, aau tournaments, video games, etc. The whole world hurt the day Kobe passed and always will.
  4. Aww love this question! I was at my granddad's house a lot during the summers growing up and he always sore by Wilt Chamberlain, claimed he was mythical and there truly will never be another athlete like him. I use to think it was nonsense as a kid but eventually getting older I got really into him, doing a ton of readings and scrimmaging through the internet and now I try to teach people my age about him all the time and how he truly was before his time. But for me personally first and foremost, the great (rip) Kobe Bryant, just because he inspired kids my age and it's just insane
  5. I was hooked on Juuls early as well. It took for me to sell mine and I substituted my urges with eating a fruit or going to the gym in order to keep myself distracted. It’s a hard thing to break, everybody is different so I would also reach out for professional help.
  6. I like your hot take pick, Curtis Jones is a monster but hopefully he doesn't go that high. No way Dickerson drops that low, I think he's a lock for top 5 if not, top 3.
  7. I met Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis at a team USA minicamp they held in chicago a few years ago. I called Davis, AD and Kyrie just by his first name...I would personally call him President Obama or Mr. Obama depending on his preference (I would ask) and Michelle, First Lady Michelle or Mrs. Obama. I'd say you call whatever celebrity/high profile person by the name their profession gives unless told otherwise. Growing up, I called a lot of peers and friends by their last names or their first & last because it was so many recurring names and adults always Mr/Mrs/Miss ___ so I gu
  8. DM me on site or Discord if you're interested in the Miami Heat HC job. Find application process on media post.

  9. I got 11/20 and grew up (mostly) poor ...but then again I was born in 2000.
  10. Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2 (or 1), Monster Hunter World and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are all solid titles worth playing if you haven't already. They will all keep you busy especially Witcher, tons of interaction and side stories. Also if this ventures on into Sep. make sure to cop Cyberpunk 2077, it looks like it's going to be a well put together game.
  11. We should look to China for resourceful tips and guidance, they've seemed to have handled this pandemic the best...ultimately, be as limited with your trips as possible and keep your hands washed and Clorox wipes available to clean your areas. We need to lay low till there's a 'cure'.
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