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    1. Can you check your chatbox please
    2. Being that I had D-line Level 1 do I get to progress to level 2 this year?
    3. Just coming from my perspective as a realtor in SoCal... you will always get more for your home than if you did a cash offer. Open Door and Zillow will only put $1000 as down payment (per their contract) and can back out at anytime...literally up to the time you put your final signature on the paper and all they loose is $1000. Their offers are also contingent on inspections and repairs and expect that payment they offered you to drop (rarely stays the same or gets better). You are more than welcome to reach out to me and I can give you some ideas on how we would sell your home if
    4. Best Potential: RB Raekwon Elam (California) This was a freaking steal.
    5. ahhh, ok thank you for clearing that up.. thought I missed something somewhere...
    6. How does Baltimore and Atlanta both have the same player? Best Value: TE Branden Wilkes (Nevada)
    7. Oh I know Utah was it was more wishful thinking that we could pawn them off with Colorado before the Big12 noticed...
    8. Can the PAC 12 just send Utah and Colorado back to the BIG12, please
    9. My boys made it to the bigs... so proud of them
    10. You misspelled his name, it is Landon "FREAKING!!!" Scott
    11. Could I get Frankfurt if I left scouting?
    12. Maybe it was due to Covid protocols?
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