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  1. Bowling rink closed for “Talentless Employees” will be opened next year.
  2. waiting for christmas :whistling:

  3. Me and the EMU Athletics Board just recently created an EMU recruiting recap on the recruits we wanted to see on the team next year. Unfortunately, none of our 4.0-5.0 star players committed, putting us 142nd in the nation. Now, it is time to recap the full recruiting year and how we can improve it for the 2024 recruiting season. RECRUITING RECAP Recruited 21 players 8 1 0 0 0 Average stars: 2.69 A statement from HC @wisconsinfan in his end of 2023 season press conference: "I am greatly disappointed by our recruiting efforts this season, from the last coach to our transition time to when I took charge. It is my duty now to make sure that this does not repeat next year. It is very important for a college that wants to rebuild into a bowl caliber team to have decent to stellar recruiting classes, and this isn't what should be represented as even a 'mediocre' or even acceptable recruiting year." LOOKING TOWARDS THE 2024 RECRUITING SEASON From the last press conference near the end of the 2023 recruiting season, HC @wisconsinfan spoke about his plan for the 2024 recruiting season as well. "Our biggest problem is our defense and our OL. Our offensive line rating taken from the W15 game against Toledo only was a 3.9. We also gave 1 turnover on offense. It can be said that the whole offense needs working - a 3/10 3rd down conversion rating that same game. But I believe that the amount of yards we give up on defense is really hurting our chances in big games. We gave up around 430 yards on defense that game and recovered 0 turnovers. Even possibly [the worst part] - 0 sacks. This whole team needs tweaking in order to be a bowl caliber team. So how do we turn this recruiting season into one of a 'stellar' quality? I think our best bet would be drafting pipeline state players that work with our current offensive and defensive plans. It would be great to sign good, reliable recruits that fit into our gameplans. Possibly even some 4-5 players, but I am looking at improving our 3 stars and 2-star recruit numbers. I am not allowing this recruiting season to fall short with 8-1 star recruits, and just 1-2 star recruit. We will need to be aggressive in this recruiting season if we want to build the program like many other teams have been successful in doing. Thank you."
  4. please don't leave tyler pearson

  5. Ah, didn't realize this, will pay attention next recruiting sesaon
  6. The closest to him is Northwestern, -64 pts, it would be great if he committed to the green!
  7. #FlyGreen As recruiting is coming to a close, we're going to update our full class of targeted commits and where our class lays. Players who are considering EMU (Along my arrival from Week 13): PR Leonard Billingsley III (Ashtabula, OH) 1.0 of 3.0 [Hybrid] CB Armel Parham (Dearborn, MI) 4.5 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] DE Kwon Harvey (Maple City, MI) 2.5 of 2.5 [Contain] C Albert Machado (Bellevue, MI) 1.0 of 3.0 [Run Blocking] Coach wisconsinfan's Evaluation: "These players will be a great addition to our offense and defense along with a strong CB and DE that can stop the run; a big problem our defense had in several games this year. The PR Leonard Billingsley III and the C Albert Machado will help our offense, along with a experienced Tyler Pearson [assuming he doesn't leave] that can improve our running game. I believe the addition of the JuCo Armel Parham will help us fill our gaps in the cornerback position as players like David Jefferson have not been playing up to their potential." The top 3 key players that can lead our team to a bowl eligible season: #3: LS Faresa Polu (White Pigeon, MI) 1.0 of 3.5 [Traditional] The addition of LS Faresa Polu will be very beneficial to our special teams. We have had below average punting staff this season and the addition of a long snapper of his quality will benefit us. #2 WR Gary Moreno (North Branch, MI) 1.0 of 3.0 [Speed] A wide receiver of Gary Moreno's speed will allow him to find open spots on the field and open catches, he will be a great addition to our International WR duo and our offense as a whole. #1 QB Jhonny Trejo (Flint, MI) 1.0 of 3.0 [Hybrid] A Hybrid QB will be desperately needed for our offense to improve our yardage and our chances of scoring. Our QB Robert Frazier will be leaving by next year so we will need a new QB to fill the gap. Jhonny Trejo will most likely be red-shirted the first year and will return to play for his Sophomore year (2025) and the committed scrambling QB Luther McGrath (2.5 of 2.5) will take the reigns for the 2024 season.
  8. is it too early to claim a .500 season

  9. tyler pearson only player in Michigan with over 1,450 rushing yards
  10. A close game to cap off not such a close season We will be back 2024
  11. Submit your holes

    1. believer



  12. tyler pearson over 100 yards congrats
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