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    1. We don’t get a single 5-star player, yet Northwestern does?!
    2. For anyone saying that I'll change that, yes I will. Because I don't know what the fuck SouMiss's recruiter is doing.
    3. My old team has more players in this mock draft than my new team.
    4. It pains me to see that I am going to miss out on some potential NFL stars 😢
    5. Thompson - LSU Robbins - USC Jordan - Illinois Luke Landry - Michigan State
    6. For now I think I'll change to the CFBHC logo. I think if I become an owner of an NFLHC team I would definitely switch to NFLHC.
    7. Negative Readiness? This guy's better suited for McDonald's at this point.
    8. How the hell did Idaho get an 81 overall player in the draft
    9. This will be the Packers 8th round draft pick
    10. @Dr_Novella Did you guys prepare a dome?
    11. HYPE IT'S BACK You know, I would go the boring route and try to go to my Alma Mater, but I want to go back to my roots. Which means... I will be going back to the state in which I called home most of my life... Illinois! Unless the person that played Illinois wants to come back, then yes. California.
    12. UPSET ALERT! UPSET ALERT! Oh, who am I kidding? I expected this to happen!
    13. - Kyler Murray gets drafted to the Dolphins and suprisingly becomes a franchise QB for them, removing all doubt.
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