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  1. Good to see that Thompson's stepping up his game. Such a shame that the team didn't back him up.
  2. It's not like I don't know about the CROOT system. I didn't notice the fact that alien has told me.
  3. So what you're telling me is that you have a system completely identical with what I recommend. All right, then. Just wanted to give more high schools the spotlight. Let's hope CROOT does it's justice. Someone close this thread. (Also, I'm not trying to bias certain schools. I'm trying to add schools unknown to the high school football scene (aka the high schools that haven't been playing the best in football) in.)
  4. Extra Work? I'm not saying that you should use completely different high school every year. You should add in a couple more (like 1 or 2, possibly even 3-5 more) each year. You can also remove high schools (you already know that) and after a year or a couple of years you can add them back.
  5. That’s what I’m saying. My idea can cause some interesting scenarios for specific states, counties of states, even cities.
  6. With Recruiting out of the way until next season. I really think that this season you should focus on adding these updates to the recruiting scene. Here is my pitch: High School Development: Here is what I mean by that: The strength of a high school's football team changes from time to time. Every class is different, and it is unknown to what a high school's individual class's talent is at. That's why we need high school development to make sure we don't have the same exact high schools from time to time. It would basically resemble real-life logic. For example, Mater Dei High School from Santa Ana, CA could be dethroned by Bishop Gorman High School from Las Vegas, NV in the year 2025. Or maybe Bergen Catholic High School from Oradell, NJ could be removed off the Top 25 High School Football Rankings list completely and replace it with... I don't know... Concord High School from Elkhart, IN. This can also be the opportunity to spotlight some high schools that have not been noticed in the high school community. Warren Township High School from Wilmette, IL has a good football team yet there is no college team (from this sim at least) that has a player from that school. I suggest this addition because one year a school will excell in the high school football community and the next they just fall flat. When I went to Glenbrook South in my first two years there, our football team was regarded as one of the best in the state -- made it to the ISHA Class 8A tournament both years. During my last two years, our team started playing terribly all of a sudden (My Senior Year, our team ended up 1-8.). To summarize, adding a system of progressing high school and degressing high schools would help put in real-life standards as well as bringing overlooked schools -- especially schools (good or bad) who have gone unnoticed in the high school football world -- into the spotlight. So, what do you guys think? I think it's a good idea.
  7. Illinois State! Champions! Well Deserved!
  8. Southern Miss Fotball (@SouthMissCFBHC) Congrats SMU! NOW OUR TURN. #EagleUp
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