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  1. Boston College: 120 (+5) Syracuse: 90 Pittsburgh: 50 (-5)
  2. Illinois: 175 (+5) Northwestern: 95 (-5)
  3. Are you saying that Jamzz is baner? You are just saying that to protect yourself
  4. How Jamzz worded his posts lately has been the cause for suspicion, while I did almost nothing wrong.
  5. I already answered the question.
  6. And with that being said... Lynch Jamzz
  7. Just because I acted a certain way once doesn't mean I'll act the same way again. I have already read the last 4 pages of the thread and I'm keeping up to date on what to do. It's another shot in the dark.
  8. You can’t assume from previous games. I might’ve changed my strategy since that last game.
  9. Boston College: 120 (+5) Syracuse: 90 Pittsburgh: 50 (-5)
  10. And if I don't it probably means I'm busy at the time or I'm sleeping. But I'll still follow up when I go away for a while.
  11. Dude, no need to be sorry. I have read the first 3 pages and you think I'm not going to follow the thread? I will.
  12. If I did I would get whiny about it. And wouldn't have said "Also doesn't mean you can lynch me for no good reason" because the only reason I can assume is "Oh let's lynch nemo because he did bad last game."
  13. OK. I understand that. I'm holding my vote. Voting for Jamzz would just mean I am such a salty bitch for him insulting my name.
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