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    1. Can you change my logo to be the Illinois Logo? Please don't let it be white background -- if it's the only one then I understand
    2. I hope you brought a pencil and paper because I am going to give you an entire lecture here. Recruiting would be on the basis of points. Each school in the FBS will start with 250 base points every week, FCS will start with 200 points. That number might go up or go down depending on modifiers. There will be modifiers based off 4 factors. One factor would be on how the team plays: 100 points - Team wins the championship 50 points - Team makes it to the playoffs 25 points - Team makes it to a bowl 0 points - Team does make it to a bowl Another factor would be based off how many wins a team has: 30 points - Team wins 10-12 games 20 points - Team wins 7-9 games 10 points - Team wins 4-6 games 0 points - Team wins 0-3 games The third factor would be based off of how well a team has played based off of how they were expected to play: 100 points - Team played better than expected 50 points - Team played as expected 0 points - Team played worst than expected And the final factor would be based off of fanbase morale from last season -- based off games won in contrast to games they were expected to win (Bowl Eligibility could also be a factor for some teams): 1.5x- Team's fanbase were ecstatic about last season. 1.25x - Team's fanbase were happy about last season 1x - Team's fanbase were okay about last season. 0.9x - Team's fanbase were unhappy about last season. Every week of recruiting you will get the amount of points that you get based on those factors. Simply allocate points to the players that you want. (Make sure you don't spend it all on the player that you want!) It might sound easy, but there is more. Some teams might already have an advantage. Players will release their list of dream schools. The more you bid if you are a dream school of a certain player, the more likely you will successfully recruit that player. This will usually be a higher-prestige team or a team in the same state (or near) a player's highschool/hometown. Recruiting as a dream school could end up giving you a slight advantage... let's say 5% of points allocated... over other schools, so keep an eye out! Besides, you won't know who else bid on your player unless you bid for him.. (Or maybe unless you check out In-Season Scouting High School Scouting threads every week, but you won't know the amount of points each college put out). There are also certain preferences that come into a player choosing a school. These are the "wants" of a player. These factors will include of school location (Close By, No Preference, International), school academic success (Excellent Academic Rating, Good Academic Rating, Okay Academic Rating, No Preference), staff rating (Good Staff, Good Head Coach, Okay Staff, Okay Head Coach, No Preference), school team alignment (FBS (Power 5 Leaning), FBS (Group 5 Leaning), FCS, No Preference), and school rating/prestige/performance (Champion-Caliber Team (11 to 12 wins), Bowl-Contending Team (10 to 8 wins) , Winning Team (6 to 7 wins), Losing Team(5 wins or less), No Preference). These preferences could also give an edge -- 2.5%, in fact -- in the recruiting game for that player. The 5-star recruits will have at least one of these preferences. So.. watch out for those! Each school will also have 5 visits. They can use these visits on any player they wish, although the player can decline based off of the preferences of the player. Each school will be weighed in equally. All total points for a player from all colleges will be added up and each school will be represented with a percentage of how many points they allocated for that player divided by the total points. The school with the higher percentage of votes compared to other schools will successfully recruit that player! Even before the end of the recruiting period, any college that recruits a player with a percentage over 50 percent will automatically recruit that player. Here is an example of what I just said: College A, College B, College C, and College D all allocated points to rising-star QB Soluna Goodplayer to recruit to their team. (Here how the colleges did last season doesn't matter.) Soluna releases his dream school list and his preferences. Colleges A, B, and C are on his dream school list, but D is not. College A put in 65 points, College B put in 32 points, College C put in 49 points, and College D put in 43 points. A, B, C all get more points due to being on that dream school list. Here is the preference list of Soluna Goodplayer: QB Soluna Goodplayer 6-7 225 Fr HighSchool (HighSchool FL) 1.0 of 5.0 [Hybrid] Preferences: Location: No Preference (All schools fit that criteria) Academics: Excellent Academic Rating (College A and College C fits that criteria) Staff Rating: Good Head Coach (College A, College C, and College D fits that criteria) Team Alignment: No Preference (All schools fit that criteria) School Rating: Bowl-Contending Team (College A, College B, and College C fits that criteria) After all of that, College A, B, and C would get 5% of their allocated points for being on the dream school list, and for each criteria matched (other than where there is no preference, the colleges will get 2.5% to their point total after the 5% point allocation. College A and College C would have 7.5% added to their points, While College B and College D will have 2.5% On that note, College A has 73 points. College B has 35 points. College C has 56 points. And finally, College D has 44 points. This makes a new total of 198 total points. College A would be in the lead with 36.9%, followed by College C with 28.3%. College D would be third with 22.2% -- not far behind. In last place we would have College B with 17.7%. These numbers might change if this was somewhere in the middle of the recruiting period -- or the beginning. Anything could change, these colleges would allocate more points then. But if this was the end of the recruiting period, then College A would be the one that wins Soluna Goodplayer. Alright so.... thoughts?
    3. EITHER CFB or HS? Man, you are making this tempting. I would look to go back to my highschool, Glenbrook South. But I'll stick to my roots. Give me Illinois! Unless the old user wants to come back, I'll take California. Unless the old user wants to come back, I'm fine with coming back to SouMiss. But for now I'm going to Illinois.
    4. We don’t get a single 5-star player, yet Northwestern does?!
    5. For anyone saying that I'll change that, yes I will. Because I don't know what the fuck SouMiss's recruiter is doing.
    6. My old team has more players in this mock draft than my new team.
    7. It pains me to see that I am going to miss out on some potential NFL stars 😢
    8. Thompson - LSU Robbins - USC Jordan - Illinois Luke Landry - Michigan State
    9. For now I think I'll change to the CFBHC logo. I think if I become an owner of an NFLHC team I would definitely switch to NFLHC.
    10. Negative Readiness? This guy's better suited for McDonald's at this point.
    11. How the hell did Idaho get an 81 overall player in the draft
    12. This will be the Packers 8th round draft pick
    13. @Dr_Novella Did you guys prepare a dome?
    14. HYPE IT'S BACK You know, I would go the boring route and try to go to my Alma Mater, but I want to go back to my roots. Which means... I will be going back to the state in which I called home most of my life... Illinois! Unless the person that played Illinois wants to come back, then yes. California.
    15. UPSET ALERT! UPSET ALERT! Oh, who am I kidding? I expected this to happen!
    16. - Kyler Murray gets drafted to the Dolphins and suprisingly becomes a franchise QB for them, removing all doubt.
    17. - Jordan Harrison becomes a franchise QB. - Harden will be the first QB picked in the draft and will become a bust - Bears re-sign Mohammed Foster - A really good player (90+) that played for over 10+ years retires. - Brian Vardell lands with Browns and he and Lombardi becomes an intriguing QB battle headline. - Grey Brown, Marshawn Miller, Alex Martin, Antonio Oliver, and Jonathan Goodwin will be the top names in free agency. Where do they go? Not sure yet.
    18. There's a player from DII entering the NFL Draft this year... and their submission is a truck of an offensive tackle. Freaking Sweet!
    19. You already know who it is... ...IT'S YA BOI-
    20. TOP UNDERATED NFL DRAFT PROSPECTS IN 2026!!!! :::::D:D:D:D PEOPLE SLEEPING ON KEELIN "KILLING IT" HARRIS! *excessive pointing up for no reason*
    21. Lol this college has only one person on their pro day and it's a 69 and lower kicker
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