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  1. Team Posistion Player Skill Potential Class TDs Statsheets RB Alex Terry 4 5 (So) 4 2 RB Marcos Orellana 3 4.5 (So) 4 2 RB Rafael Larimer 3.5 5 (So) 3 2 CUSA front 7s will have their hands full the next few years
  2. Wahoo


    Someone should post some updates here (league standings, top scorer, etc) so I can follow along
  3. GG @SyndaKyt First win! Rafael Larimer played like I was hoping he would every game. But 2 special teams TDs (shoutout to Quinton Dickerson) means the offense still isn't operating where it could be. Better showing from the defense this time around, though.
  4. Man, that N/A guy is 5-22. WF must really be desperate since they keep hiring him too!
  5. RUSHING ATT YDS TD LNG F/L Calvin Jones 6 139 1 92T 0/0 23.17 YPC (plus a TD reception) *mind explosion emoji*
  6. This entire "debate" can be summed up in 3 words: Strength of Schedule (or opponent)
  7. I was expecting FAU to be much lower after disappointing game 1. I definitely need to find fixes on both sides of the ball if this team is goin to compete for a division title.
  8. Wahoo

    [2024] Week #1 - FNF

    RUSHING ATT YDS TD LNG F/L Vernon Muhammad 27 239 3 92T 0/0 Had himself a day
  9. Mason also brought up the AI thing. Score calculator would make it so much better for running a person vs AI game. And for AI vs AI games, there should be a few people who help run CBBHC that are in charge of doing those games.
  10. I think CBBHC would be perfect for the time after CFBHC. I also think the major holdback was score calculating/auditing games. If there were a score checker (on Excel or some other way), that would significantly improve that aspect. Either way, I really loved CBBHC and would definitely be willing to help organize anything!
  11. Wahoo

    [2024] Week #1 - TNF

    First game, first loss. Now that I got it out of the way, I can run the table. Offense did not do what I thought they would. Definitely some work to do on that end. Game looked pretty even statistically. GG @imerman, happy I could play someone as nice as you in my first game!
  12. I'll be sure to stay around for Week 16 to see FAU still ahead of FIU
  13. I, for one, think RNN ratings are extremely accurate
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