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  1. I didn't feel like I had enough evidence. I listed multiple names, and (from what I remember) you just picked one out without adding anything else. I felt that I had more reason to be suspicious of Jamzz than one person you randomly picked out of my quiet list.
  2. I also agree that most mafia are probably playing it low, which is why I brought up that quiet list. And I can understand how the vote wouldn't sit right (especially after the result), but nothing was happening. I wasn't gonna be online so I had to make a decision.
  3. Also, I didn't respond to this. DCP said this in response to my saying jmjacobs and Jumbo died because they are good at the game. Which is exactly my thoughts. Because of loinspls, I had said RIP to jmjacobs when he died. And he responded that he is used to dying early, along with Jumbo for the reasons I explained. I don't think this is at all something that "sounds exactly like a werewolf would want us to think". I think this is plain fact. Which in turn, makes me a little suspicious of DCP, a long-time site member, for bringing this up. But for now, I will assume his Lynch decision is based off my lynching of Jamzz and not that statement.
  4. Does anyone know what time this day ends? I won't be on for a bit again but should be on later tonight.
  5. Sorry I wasn't here at all yesterday. My family is on a road trip. Obviously I was the most vocal and essentially the leader of the Jamzz Lynch. The reasoning behind it was the whole interaction with Nemo. I admitted that I felt the odds Jamzz was mafia were less than 50%, but at that point there were less than 2 hours in the day and no one else was really bringing up targets. Someone had to make a decision, so I stuck with my main suspicion. Afterwards, I was suspicious of how grv responded when he got on the vote, but I was not here for the end of the day when votes started coming in on him, too. And honestly, I was so invested into Jamzz at that point that I'm sure I would have switched my vote. As Jamzz obviously turned up villager, from a mafia perspective, I think it would been pretty foolish of me to be THAT vocal about my suspicion for Jamzz. A 1-for-1 trade is not favorable for the mafia. Especially for someone who has no night powers. If I was mafia, why would I have spoken up as much as I did when the town was already clearly floundering on who to Lynch? This was brought up a lot last game where the town was lynching their fellow town members because they were trying to get discussion going and come to decisions that weren't within 5 minutes of the deadline.
  6. I've heard through the grapevine that Jumbo is good at these games and is usually killed early. Same with jmjacobs, who was killed first night. That is my guess for Jumbo's death last night. Also would point to some older players being on mafia
  7. Not sure if I'll be here later so... Lynch Jamzz Sorry man, you can blame Nemo
  8. Multiple people have said it is suspicious when people use the "Fine Lynch me then" line. To everyone, I know we don't have many targets right now. I would probably even say that the odds Jamzz is mafia is less than 50%. But if there aren't any other targets that people can agree on, this is probably where my vote will land today.
  9. My point when I brought this up was that it wasn't a master plan. But that it was Nemo, so he would be one to accidentally out another wolf by asking "Did you look at who got wolf?"
  10. The point is at least to bring people out and get them to say something. I understand most people are also working or have other commitments. Also kind of interesting that 3 people that were on my quiet list all comment shortly after each other. Probably a coincidence, but someone in mafia chat could have been like you guys were mentioned for not talking, you should all say something. I'll reiterate I highly doubt all 3 of them are mafia, but something to watch later in the game.
  11. The comparison was directed at GK23, not you.
  12. I also like to give benefit of the doubt, but this is also exactly what imerman did. Like exactly: busy, nothing to add, no info
  13. anonemuss Swipet GK23 brightfalls fever_ful quiet people = dangerous people
  14. Odds are pretty low we hit the Alpha; I don't think we should focus on that as our main concern at this point. Personally, I think it might be better if the Seer and Fool are targeting different people. It gives them more targets to hit that will likely die (either by lynch or werewolf kill). I think that will be the fastest way for both the Seer and Fool to verify themselves. I think it's also risky declaring who we want them to look into. Werewolves could manipulate this, and what if the werewolf kills the person that night? Seems risky to me
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