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      1. 4 years, $40M (82.5% guaranteed) with $18M of incentives ($14M LTBE) 2025: $10M GTD, $0 non-GTD, $4.5M potential incentives 2026: $10M GTD, $0 non-GTD, $4.5M potential incentives 2027: $10M GTD, $0 non-GTD, $4.5M potential incentives 2028: $3M GTD, $7M non-GTD, $4.5M potential incentives $20M signing bonus fully within the first 2 years. The rest is full guarantee money, and $7M non-guaranteed in 2028. Incentives for each year: Pro Bowl (NLTBE): $1M 10 Sacks (LTBE): $2M 10 TFL (LTBE): $1.5M @Bubada
      2. Other Ideas: Autograph session with fans Press Conference Visit college team Charity dinner
      3. OG David Schlereth 6-4 298 8 Wisconsin [Pass Blocking] [0] 91 (New York Jets, contract up this season)
      4. FS Reshad Jenkins 5-11 198 6 Houston [Man Coverage] [+1/C] 99 (New York Jets, contracted through 2025)
      5. RECEIVING REC YDS TD DRP F/L Curtis Henry 7 86 1 0 0/0 Curtis Henry once again being the bright spot in a not great offense
      6. CB Dave Stokley 6-2 199 9 Minnesota [Man Coverage] [0] 89 New England, under contract through 2025
      7. ILB Garrett Holliday 6-3 234 3 Arizona State [Mike] [-1] 88 (New Orleans Saints, under contract through 2025)
      8. RUSHING ATT YDS TD LNG F/L Kenyon Randall 23 185 4 28 0/0 heh heh heh
      9. OT Shane McCord 6-6 290 1 Georgia [Run Blocking] [0] 88 (Minnesota Vikings)
      10. RB Kenyon Randall 5-6 209 2 LSU [Power] [-1] 91 A player I have been very excited to add to my team. The 14th selection in the 2022 draft holds immense promise to be a defining character of NFLHC's future. After a stunning rookie season that saw him lead the league with 1,425 rushing yards, Randall followed it up with 1,564 yards last season (second only to Solomon McLaughlin who had 7 more yards). It will be a few years before Randall is up for a new contract, but he will surely demand a high price when that time comes.
      11. DE Tyler Jones 6-1 257 4 Mississippi State [Contain] [0] 93 The former #1 pick from the 2020 draft is ending his contract this season. Jones has racked up double digit sacks the last 2 seasons, as well as being a consistent tackler at the DE position. I look forward to securing him a deal that is reflective of the great talent he adds to any defense he is a part of!
      12. DT Sila Lotomau 6-5 296 3 Hawaii [2-Gap] [-1] 92 will be the first defensive player on our team. Lotomau is tied as the highest rated DT, but is a youthful player still on his rookie contract. The Bengals accepted the 5th year option for him, so he is under contract until 2025. He was the 11th overall pick in 2021 and appears to have a very bright future ahead of stuffing RBs in the backfield and terrorizing QBs.
      13. RB DeNorris Jackson 6-0 235 3 UCF [Power] [-1] [#] 89 will be the first RB on our team! Jackson was the 10th overall pick in the 2021 draft. He has been a consistent offensive threat over the past 3 seasons, and continues to improve. Jackson is under contract with the Giants through 2025.
      14. The press conference at the Four Seasons I think I can afford a trip to the four seasons now
      15. QB Matt Jones 6-3 208 2 Purdue [Pocket] [0] 89 We are extremely excited to add the #1 pick from the 2022 draft to our roster. He is highly touted by opposing coaches and GMs, and we see a very bright future for Jones. Jones currently leads all QBs in passing yards for the 2024 season.
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