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    1. #1 QB Eric McLean 6-2 206 3 Rice [Pocket] [+2/C] 88 - Accepted 18.5 Million
    2. Chill bro. We have the best strength coaches in the NFL.
    3. Sarge

      [2025] All Pro Team

      Not a single NYG
    4. SCAR again pls since @Hagan is taking my Dawgs
    5. Byron Suggs had an ugly game completion wise but just enough to come out with the win. Playoff football is rough. Gj Packers and Falcons on y'all's season so far.
    6. So sick to see our Rookie Barrett making a pro bowl in his first season. He's been so incredible for us, playing through injuries and carrying our secondary. Also shout out to our boy Khiari!!! Can't wait to pay him.
    7. I haven't been with the Giants for too long but I think our secondary gave us problems in the past at all levels and the patchwork we've done has helped but I'm very concerned for 2026
    8. I joined 100% for the CFB and only got on an NFL team here because I felt I had additional time and being a scout was a perfect role for me. I think there's a lot more than just adding game modes, leagues and teams needs to happen in order to draw people in or retain them. i.e. I have yet to use the GM's office thing with any players since its inception. I don't know if it was supposed to start this season or next but the "extended" player lines with the differences in colors. A better way to manage depth charts and team pages. Quite honestly I think QoL stuff needs to be at the forefront to streamline things which lessens your workload before adding anything additional in any capacity to the sim.
    9. Looks like a TD to me because it's articulated in the exact same format as every other TD ever. This is huge because if it's a TD this turns the game into a win and keeps us in the playoffs.
    10. Just do a one week timeline from the start of the voting process. Voting starts X-day ends X-day. Do simple majority. All absent votes aren't counted towards the simple majority. e z clap. If people don't want something or do want something, they'll vote. If they abstain then they can just let everyone make policies and change the sim however and they just have to adapt.
    11. Absolutely huge win by the team to keep us in the playoff hunt. Rookie SS Blake Barrett continues to cement his first round status playing above and beyond expectations every week and Khairi showed out. Awesome effort from the defense with four sacks. GG Vikes
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