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  1. Yeah, don't want to create any blisters. Gotta be gentle.
  2. VT finally unclenching their cheeks after that game.
  3. Sarge

    [2024] Week #2 - FNF

    So UTSA needs to play TAMU TCU and TTU now to establish Texan dominance and seize control of the state.
  4. I did the homework on the DC which is why it went unlisted is all. Maybe I should've explained that in the OP.
  5. Yes but, the score has Arkansas at 23 points scored, there are three touchdowns in the box score from their QB, RB, and a WR. The WR with the TD was not the returner. I But thanks for the solid analysis!
  6. Offense QB - Gael Cambeiro - While Ricketts dropped another 450+ yards and 5 TDs, it was against an opponent that it was expected to be torched. Coming off a hard fought loss to Ohio State, everyone knew Ricketts would be money so he gets an honorable mention here. Cambeiro isn't here because I'm writing this, but the prior JUCO standout made his first SEC start against UNC in a battle between the Carolinas and it was nothing short of awesome. Cambeiro completed over 70% of his passes, threw a total of three touchdowns all to different receivers, and didn't turn the ball over. He also sprinkled in another 31 yards over 5 careers with a long of 14. As the season continues, his chemistry with the young WR corps in Columbia will continue to grow and so will the offense's performance. Defense CB - Amral Waters - Waters is only a Junior but he's one of the best defensive backs in the country. Tulane paid dearly for throwing it anywhere in his general vicinity as Amral consistently attacked the football throughout the course of the game. Waters had TWO interceptions and a pass deflected. Tulane's Platt was able to throw a few screens underneath, but even then, Waters came crashing down each time with aggression and added three tackles to the stat total. A pure clinic was put on by the Missouri secondary and Amral Waters lead the way. SEC Quarterbacks will have to look elsewhere if they want to try to push the ball down the field this season. Special Teams Whoever returned the punt for a TD for Arkansas, which the stat line is messed up so I can't determine who it would be.
  7. Norris Nolan why you do that to us baby?
  8. Sarge


    Welcome to the dood
  9. How did Rice even drop?
  10. Giants to shock the world (hopefully).
  11. Awesome write up. Rice really looks like the cream of the crop this year. UTSA had a bunch of big dick energy coming in and being the Longhorns was impressive.
  12. Haven't forgotten about y'all. I'm driving to Missouri and moving this weekend/next week. Sorry for the delay.
  13. Holy shit. The most boring state in the country probably produced the best game of the week. GJ Utah bros. Awesome game. Those QBs are going to put up a LOT of numbers.
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