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  1. Beyond nervous for the game this weekend. The team has a lot of momentum and @Hagan has been killing it. The NFC East is a tough division.

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    2. Dean


      You’re killing it.  I believe in you.

    3. D Stack

      D Stack

      This could be the end of the steak...

    4. Hagan


      WE'VE been killing it!! And no doubt we will continue

  2. That shit hurts to read but is also awesome to read. Thanks stormbro.
  3. I literally can't believe we're .500. great game Saints. The win feels good but it sucks we only scraped by an injury riddled Saints team. It was an away game against a tough secondary and I couldn't be more proud of the midway monsters.
  4. @Soluna thanks boo. Pretty surprised Frank Williams performed the worst on the team, but maybe that's a pleasant surprise. Very excited about McLean getting over the turnover bug and maturing as a passer. We just need to get him help.
  5. Sarge

    New York Giants

    Coaches 55 Man Roster (55/55) Practice Squad Injured Reserve
  6. New York Giants activate the following players from IR: DE Tyler Ashworth 6-3 243 3 Florida State [Blitz] [0] 79 He suffered a Moderate Shoulder Rotator Cuff. He was out until week 9, and will be fully healthy by week 12. (let me know if I've templated this wrong because I haven't seen anyone activate off the IR all season)
  7. McLean is finally putting it all together and it's super exciting. Great game Vikings bros, sorry another of your starters went down. Hopefully they come strong and quickly. BT looks awesome.
  8. Yeah, I'm watching it by myself on Saturday. Stop hating on my shitposting. <3
  9. New York "Football" Giants are ready.
  10. As new GM my number one priority is getting Bryant a new deal and focusing on constructing a roster that will bring the Giants to the playoffs and beyond. I'm excited by the opportunity Hagan has provided and wish Dean the best in his new gig. @Dean I will trade you McLean for all of your picks for the 2026 season
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