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  1. Skaggs is still daddy
  2. Corp FTFY
  3. Surprisingly, a Rome idea I can support
  4. IT'S NOT ALWAYS PRETTY Panthers improve to 7-1 after an ugly overtime victory against the Browns
  5. Sent to a Watery Grave Alabama comes from behind to win their first game under new HC CadeRich5
  6. 1-0 at Alabama woooooo!
  7. Corey Quinn tho @Franz Kafka I boo this man for lack of respect
  8. Can we get an exact format so we don't get punished
  9. Gunfight in Green Bay Panthers lose first game of the season in a 35-51 shootout
  10. How you only gonna put 1. Okonkwo is the GOAT
  11. Honestly, not that bad. Mad respect Green Bay.
  12. I fux with it heavy. In all seriousness it looks nice and I won't have a heart attack from scrolling so slow cause I'm scared
  13. Get outta here PAC scum
  14. Fake News. The disrespect to Jarius Shaw-Dodd. 44 games, 270 catches, 4533 yards 47 TDs.
  15. Best back in the nation