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  1. we love to see this. <3 Roll tide
  2. CadeRich5

    I am done

    Probably coulda left my take in the drafts... hand up my bad
  3. CadeRich5

    I am done

    Why post at all if you’re leaving? Thanks for the input, but you quit too sooooo bye bye
  4. 5 sacks and none of them made it on the stat sheet, I gotta imagine Deandre Kelly racked up some and could be potentially tied for the lead in sacks
  5. Donald Yazzle is an great name
  6. you wanna know what the girls actually said
  7. With what's happening around the league I suddenly feel much less bad
  8. There's no way you meant to include the Panthers in this statement. the GOAT with a top 3 WR and the best TE in the league? That's the part of the team we're least concerned with over here Great article Bingo, love the power rankings each and every season.
  9. heyyyyyooooo look at that Haynes rating slide in my trade DMs
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