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  1. On a YouTube show with Schaub (I’m a schaub stan admittedly) and another one of those mma reporter guys they were talking about both Sandhagen and Heinsch as dudes who are really Locked in and confident that they’ve got these fights figured out heres the video
  2. Who I want to win: Heinsch, Yusuff, Costa, Diaz, Miocic Who I think will win/will potentially bet on: Heinsch, Yusuff, Costa, Pettis, Cormier
  3. Heavyweight·Main event DanielCormier StipeMiocic 22-1-0 , 1NC 18-3-0 Welterweight·Co-main AnthonyPettis NateDiaz 22-8-0 19-11-0 Middleweight YoelRomero PauloCosta 13-3-0 12-0-0 Featherweight GabrielBenítez SodiqYusuff 21-6-0 9-1-0 Middleweight DerekBrunson IanHeinisch 19-7-0 13-1-0
  4. Near heart attack but we ok bois
  5. I sure would like a chip but I don’t think it’s coming
  6. SLANDER & Said the Sky - Potions
  7. Ducks didn’t move? How Nvm I guess they weren’t ranked at all before
  8. mfw I'm already ahead of Auburn in the poll by week 1, haven't even played a game
  9. As long as you’re confident that you won’t have lasting consequences at work tomorrow from drinking tonight, definitely go for it.
  10. look out, the bust hype train is coming down the tracks right at Donald Culver! it's only 5 (GB, PHI, BYE, NO) weeks away
  11. Pretty solid game from my squad. Sucks not having two crucial players at LT and MLB, but if it’s just a 3 point OT loss, I’m not mad
  12. Week 1 Power Rankings 1. Mississippi State Bulldogs BYE (1-0) The Bulldogs of Starkville remain atop the SEC Power Rankings for week one. Storm Whittakers incredible week 0 performance locks in cowbell at the #1 spot. 2. Texas A&M Aggies at North Carolina, 52-21, W (1-0) Not to be outdone, Nathan Singletary reminds everyone what he's capable of by lighting up the North Carolina defense on Friday night. Singletary scored 5 touchdowns on the night, matching Whittaker's total from week 0. Texas A&M was successful in all aspects of the game, getting pressure on the QB, scoring multiple times rushing and passing, and forcing a turnover. Who would have thought these two teams would lead the SEC Week ONE power rankings. 3. Florida Gators BYE (1-0) Florida's powerful win over a talented Miami team in week 0 holds them in the third spot for this weeks rankings. I'm interested to see how the Florida offense performs against SEC defenses week after week late in the season. 4. Tennessee Volunteers BYE (1-0) I believe Tennessee's hard fought win over BC in week 0 to be better than the rest of the wins in week 1 by SEC teams. Here sits the Vols. 5. Georgia Bulldogs vs Wisconsin, 20-10, W (1-0) Georgia holds steady and turns away a historically great Wisconsin program at home. The Georgia defense was stifling as they held Wisconsin to only 3 points in the second half. Need to see better performances though out of Georgia's backfield. Zeke Burkett still struggling to find the perfect rhythm in prime time. 6. Vanderbilt Commodores vs Louisiana Tech, 31-10, W (1-0) Vandy beats up on LA Tech at home. The Vandy O line puts up a dominant rating of 6.7 as the 'Dores offense piledrove their way down the field drive after drive. Clearly the competition is lesser, but Vandy will be ready to play every Saturday. 7. Ole Miss Rebels vs Troy, 45-6, W (1-0) Ole Miss gets a solid cupcake W at home to start their season. Playing in the SEC West requires them to cherish these victories. I don't see them climbing much higher in the power rankings for the rest of the season. 8. LSU Tigers BYE (0-0) Still ain't played nobody Pawwl 9. Missouri Tigers BYE (0-0) Still ain't played nobody Pawwl 10. Alabama Crimson Tide BYE (0-0) Still ain't played nobody Pawwl 11. Auburn Tigers vs Oregon, 20-23, L (1-1) Down goes the defending champions! Auburn struggles in the thin Denver air and falls in a nailbiter to Oregon. Sherman and Meade both turned the ball over, causing some Auburn fans to question the chemistry between their new backfield pair. Despite the early loss, everyone knows this Auburn team is talented to run the table and make the CFBHC playoff. Doubt they ever go this low for the rest of the season. 12. South Carolina Gamecocks at Rice, 24-27, L (0-1) Quality loss! Losing isn't the goal of the game though, so here sit the Cocks. South Carolina hangs in tough on the road against one of the best offenses in the country. Aidan Peters played alright I guess. Good fight for Hagans boys. 13. Kentucky Wildcats vs Toledo, 27-31, L (0-1) Tololdo 2023 takes down the Kentucky Wildcats in Lexington. Honestly shameful for these next two teams to lose to the MAC. At least you could muster 3 TDs against a MAC defense. 14. Arkansas Razorbacks at Ohio, 19-31, L (0-1) Here at the bottom lies the Razorbacks. Arkansas's offense was a snoozefest. Arkansas defense couldn't prevent Ohio from scoring a touchdown in any quarter. Going into halftime down 7, the Razorbacks recorded a safety in the third quarter for their only points. Meanwhile, Ohio puts up another TD and before you know it, Arkansas loses to a MAC team by double digits.
  13. What I really wanna know is when the two Auburn TOs occurred. Especially the order. Was it the inexperience of Sherman down the stretch, or did Meade crack under the pressure of being the guy under the lights? :ph34r:
  14. LETS GO DUCKS LETS GO DUCKS LETS GO DUCKS LETS GO DUCKS so so proud of @bingo415 and the bois. If there was anyone else besides myself to slay the dragon, this was the best.
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