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  1. Sean Hamilton learning from the GOAT right now, will be a killer someday
  2. Otero being up for that award and not Latta is criminal
  3. Mike Latta also tore his Achilles last season and was better than Otero in almost all ways.
  4. If This Is It, Please Let Us Know Panthers take the #1 seed in NFC, will face Rams, 49ers, or Lions
  5. Curtis Henry fails to make the statsheet. Congrats to Skip Gibson for going 100%
  6. Skaggs Skaggs He's Our Man Christian Skaggs secures first round bye for playoff bound Panthers
  7. But RIP to another Carolina Panther legend's records, poor Bob "Fruit Snacks" Branch.
  8. Has a kicker gone 100% in a season before?
  9. I made it to the second round. Praise Skaggs.
  10. The King in the South For the second year in a row, the Carolina Panthers win the NFC South
  11. NFC! NFC! NFC!
  12. Division champs! Skaggs carry us to the promised land!
  13. #BringBackJoaquin
  14. Purdue survives an upset bid from Notre Dame in Week 8 Purdue Boilermakers These guys are totally deserving of #1. They’ve won against tough competition in great fashion. They’ve held off an upset bid from Notre Dame, handled Michigan and took down Wisconsin in Madison. They avoid Penn State and Michigan State this regular season, and the only close games left looks to be Maryland and the surprising squad from Champaign, Illinois. Auburn Tigers As much as I hate to say it, the Barners deserve the #2 ranking. Marcus Black is an Heisman favorite, and this team is loaded with talent. They haven’t faced the toughest of schedules but they did take down Clemson, who is a great team in their own right. The last two games of Auburn’s season are @LSU and at home against my Alabama Crimson Tide. If Marcus Black can lead them to victory, look for the Tigers to take home the SEC crown, and likely reach the CFBHC championship. Air Force Falcons Here we are at week 9 of the season, and Air Force is still undefeated. Air Force hasn’t had the toughest of schedules, but they’re winning with style. Nico Kaufman is my midseason pick for the Heisman trophy, and he looks to lead this Air Force team to their first championship. Air Force handled Notre Dame considerably better than Purdue, as well as giving Mississippi State the business in their first game. They pass the eye test so far, and have an easy schedule from here on out. Virginia Cavaliers Who would have guessed that the Cavaliers would be the favorites in the ACC? Well, being undefeated through week 8, and taking down Pitt, I have them in the drivers seat. They won’t face Clemson unless they meet in the conference championship game, and I really like their chances in every game from here on out. Matteo Rook might just lead this team to a spot in the CFBHC playoff, but I’m not sure if they could win it. For now, they’re my #4 team. UCF Golden Knights I really struggled between UCF and Virginia at 4 and 5, but I gave Virginia the nod due to their win over Pitt. However, not to be overlooked, UCF just took down an undefeated SMU team. Denorris Jackson is pounding his way to victory week in and week out. The UCF offensive line isn’t too shabby either. The defense looks solid, and I see UCF as a real contender. I think they should be just fine until they hit their last two games, Temple and USF. Temple has some talent, but I expect UCF to win that game, but it might be close. If that game takes a lot out of them, look for a possible upset by currently undefeated USF in the last week of the regular season. Penn State Nittany Lions My first one loss team comes in at #6, the defending champion Penn State. Penn State was handed a loss at home by Pittsburgh, who lost to Virginia. However, I think that coach grv has got the team sorted out and has righted the ship. They smacked Ohio State last week, and probably won’t be tested again until they face Maryland. Bowman looks like a potential #1 pick in the next NFLHC draft, and hopes to lead this team to the promised land one last time. Michigan State Spartans Back to the undefeateds, we have Sparty. Slinky is back with his old team, and they look to contend for the Big Ten once again. This week will be the real test as they face Michigan, who’s faltered a bit but still is a very good team. If they can get past their in state rivals, look to the end of their schedule to see if they are really legit. Illinois Fighting Illini Seems like I’m putting a lot of Big Ten teams at the top of my rankings, but darn do they look good. Illinois just squeaked out a win over a tough Minnesota team, 14-7. You gotta respect winning a defensive battle like that. The loss to Iowa is a tad surprising, and has me a little cautious about having them this high. Hopefully that defense can carry them through a strong conference and keep their dream season alive. LSU Tigers Here we have the second SEC team, LSU. LSU was once at the very top, but has stumbled in their bid to win the SEC West. The door was left open when they lost to my team in week 5. It was on the road though, and this team is deep with talent. As long as they can avoid any more mishaps, they should challenge Auburn late in the season for the division title. I also like that that game is a home game for them. However, if LSU couldn’t contain Alabama, how will they fare against a team with weapons like Auburn? Only time will tell. Pittsburgh Panthers Rounding out the top ten we have Jumbo’s Pitt Panthers. They dethroned the former champs, and were cruising until they were stunned by Virginia. This launched Virginia up the ranks, but I don’t think Pitt deserves to fall very far. They still look like a great team capable of winning against some great teams, but they no longer control their own destiny. I’m sure Jumbo will be closely following Virginia’s schedule in hopes that Pitt can regain their way into the ACC title game. @ Duke might give them a scare though, so beware. USC Trojans Alright, I’ll say it. Every year the Trojans look full of talent, but we never know if they’re really legit. Unfortunately I don’t know if we’re gonna find out until late in the season. They lost to a good Notre Dame team, but Notre Dame was handled by a true contender in Air Force, and lost a close one to #1 Purdue. USC will get their real test at the end of the season when they play @Cal, @UCLA, and @Arizona. Michigan Wolverines Michigan only has one loss so far, and it’s to current #1 Purdue. This is a very talented team, that’s getting pushed down by a lot of quality at the top. If they beat Michigan State, they should easily crack the top 10. It will be a tough game when they head to Happy Valley and face Penn State, but I think they have a good chance to pull out the win. The race for the Big Ten, especially the Big Ten West will definitely be interesting. USF Bulls Another undefeated team, we have the Bulls from South Florida. They’re untested so far besides a win over Tennessee, and I’m not sure they’re legit. For now, they sit outside the top ten, but if they can win out and win the AAC, you’ll find them in the playoffs just the same. I’ve got the game against Denorris Jackson and UCF circled on my calendar. They also lose points for having played UMass because that’s basically like playing College of Faith at this point. Washington State Cougars The Cougs have some real ballers on their squad. David Oates has quickly surpassed Raoul Gomez as best QB in Cougar history, and is hoping to lead his team to back to back PAC-12 titles. At first glance, losing to Oregon may not seem great, but I can vouch that Oregon is better than their record. The Cougs are still my favorite to win the North, but they have to be careful to not slip up @Stanford late in the season. Mississippi State Bulldogs The Bulldogs have really turned it around since losing to #3 Air Force early this season. HC Duncan seems to have figured this team out, and might just cause chaos in the SEC West. They have to travel to Auburn, but they get LSU at home, where they just took down Alabama. Do you see what I’m getting at? LSU seems like they might have trouble on the road, and the Bulldogs would love to play spoiler. Who knows, wouldn’t it be wild to see the Bulldogs win the West? Georgia Bulldogs Georgia is always a good team, but I’m pretty confident they don’t have the team to beat any of the teams likely to win the SEC West, should they win their own division. Beating Vandy was definitely a step in the right direction, but Florida still stands in their way. @ Tennessee won’t be easy either. Salvatore Tanner just doesn’t scream winner to me, and I think he struggles headed down the stretch. Either way, so far they’ve only lost to the #2 Auburn Tigers, so this is where I’ve got them. Vanderbilt Commodores Vandy has a great defense, but I’m not sure if they have the offensive weapons to stay near the top this season. Their linebacking corps is one of the best we’ve ever seen, but there’s other holes to exploit. I liked their performance versus Florida, but I could see them dropping a game against Mizzou, Alabama or Tennessee. The SEC East is really more of a contest of who gets to lose to Auburn or LSU anyways, so maybe Vandy will be the lucky contestant. Arizona Wildcats Similar to Washington State, the Wildcats single loss was to Oregon. They beat UCLA last week, which was a impressive win. The make or break game is this week against the Cougs. Washington State needs this game just as bad as they do, so we should see a top level effort from both sides. If Arizona can pull it out, I think they could challenge USC for the PAC-12 South. Another interesting matchup to look forward to for Arizona is a late season matchup against Hawaii, who is currently undefeated. Clemson Tigers 19 may be a little low for the Tigers, but I have them down since after they lost their second game of the season when they were stunned by Louisville. I expect them to climb back up the ranks as the teams ahead of them start to drop games, especially since a lot of the higher teams play each other. If Jamel Armstrong can avoid turning the ball over, I expect them to win out the rest of their games. Alabama Crimson Tide I’m not gonna bother with talking about myself too much, but I do believe a win over LSU is worth being ranked. Hopefully I can right the ship and get the team back on track before the Iron Bowl. Oklahoma State Cowboys I was pretty surprised when OKST lost to Kansas last week. The Big 12 is one huge clusterfuck right now, and I have no idea how it’s gonna turn out. I think this team is pretty good, and since their rivals just took down Texas, they should be optimistic about their chances to win the conference going forward. However, they can’t drop any more games, or chaos will reign. Maryland Terrapins Yet another Big Ten team in the rankings. Maryland has quietly found themselves at 5-1 at week 9. However, their schedule so far isn’t very impressive. The best team that they’ve played so far, Minnesota, dominated them in week 3. Going forward, the Terps have to face Michigan, Penn State, and Michigan State, all ranked higher than they are. They probably won’t be the favorite in any of those games, but I wouldn’t count them out either. SMU Mustangs SMU did not look good at all last week against UCF. 0 sacks, a sub 6 offensive line rating, throwing 2 picks, 1 offensive touchdown, and a missed field goal does not show me that they have what it takes to stick around in these rankings. However, they have a pretty easy schedule in the AAC, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they meme their way to victory and climb up the coaches poll just to get smacked around by UCF again in the title game. Florida Gators Florida is an very one dimensional team, but they’re getting it done so far. They have a kick ass offensive line, and their running back is feasting behind them. It says a lot that they are able to win even though opposing defenses should know what’s coming. The Gators have a chance to compete in the SEC East if they can continue to pound the ball when they face Georgia. They already took down Tucker Dowden and Mizzou, so I give them a solid shot. Hawaii Rainbow Warriors Alright, I honestly feel like I’m kind of disrespecting Hawaii by having them this low. They haven’t lost a game yet, and are behind some one and two loss teams. When they start to play against some real competition, we’ll find out if they’re legit. They only beat Utah State by 1 point though, so I’m not sure if they have real staying power.
  15. Had to trade for Skip Gibson, that dude is automatic. Kickers are like a closer in baseball, gotta have one that you can count on when it's time to shut it down.