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  1. This is not going according to plan lol still, had a chance to win it in the 4th, Skip couldn’t make it happen
  2. Colorado USC was just ugly bad football
  3. played a bunch of super good teams, the core talent is there but an awful kicker and a lot of penalties hurt. Plus redshirt freshman starting RB has had some tough growing pains
  4. perfect for me to knock em down
  5. MoFo is doin the mofo-ing thing. Just had catch up to the speed of the game
  6. QB Erik Wegert - Severe PCL Rupture
  7. Jermaine Bishop has been a decent player for the Panthers. As a rookie he caught 63 passes for 926 yards, and 9TDs. He averaged 14.7YPC and 77.17YPG. came out hot. Second year slowed down a bit, 62 catches 866 yards 6TDs. A pretty significant drop off in 2020, 44 catches, 628 yards, 5TD appearing in only 9 games. Only 7 games in 2021, 32 catches, 417 yards, 5TDs. 2022, appeared in all 16 games, but only 52 catches, 675 yards, and 5TDs. edit: totally forgot he was doing solid so far this year until he shredded his ACL last game in the blowout of the Bucs Chip Johnson has also been a decent WR4 option for the Panthers when healthy. Loved having him since he was one of my favorite players from back when I coached Oregon.
  8. Week 5 Power Rankings 1. LSU Tigers vs South Carolina, 27-6, W 4-0 (2-0) The Tigers sit pretty atop the conference after easily dispatching the Gamecocks at home. With a huge win over Auburn already, LSU is firmly in the drivers seat in the SEC West, albeit with competition right on their tail. 2. Mississippi State Bulldogs at Alabama, 23-20, W 4-0 (1-0) The Bulldogs survive an upset scare on their trip to Tuscaloosa. Storm Whittaker weathers some adversity with 2 turnovers on the day but still finds the OT victory. 3. Georgia Bulldogs BYE, 4-0 (0-0) 4. Tennessee Volunteers BYE, 4-0 (1-0) 5. Missouri Tigers vs Kentucky, 41-14, W 4-0 (1-0) Missouri flattens Kentucky at home. The Tigers could find themselves in the SEC East mix late if they can get past Florida in week 8. 6. Texas A&M Aggies vs San Jose State, 45-3, W 4-0 (1-0) The Aggies put on a dominant performance against SJSU Saturday, scoring 14 points in three out of four quarters. 7. Florida Gators vs Utah State, 41-0, W 3-1 (0-1) The Gator D pitches a shutout against an outclassed Utah State team. The UF offense was firing on all cylinders, scoring 41. 8. Vanderbilt Commodores vs Ohio, 27-10, W 3-1 (1-0) Vandy puts on a solid showing for the home fans against Ohio. Everything went right for Vandy on offense, with a great performance from QB Tyler Mackey, completing 21 of his 28 passes. 9. Arkansas Razorbacks vs Ole Miss, 22-20, W 2-2 (1-0) Arkansas improves to .500 on the season after taking down division rival Ole Miss. The Razorbacks sealed the win with a crucial interception by Franklin Holloway III. 10. Ole Miss Rebels at Arkansas, 20-22, L 2-2 (0-1) The Rebels upstart season is handed an early blow, suffering a loss to Arkansas. The Rebels came up just short during their 4th quarter comeback 11. Auburn Tigers vs Oklahoma 21-48, L 1-3 (0-1) Auburn loses big with an awful injury to FS Daniel Joyner 12. Alabama Crimson Tide vs Mississippi State, 20-23, L 1-3 (0-1) The Tide still struggling to find their stride lose a nailbiter at home to cowbell. 13. Kentucky Wildcats at Missouri, 14-41, L 0-4 (0-1) The Wildcats are lost at sea with two players playing hard to keep their season afloat. Devin Burton and Alshon Sinclair are the bright spots for Big Blue Nation. 14. South Carolina Gamecocks at LSU, 6-27, L 0-4 (0-1) Hagan's Gamecocks lose big on the road in Death Valley. The South Carolina offense could hardly muster anything against the stout Tigers defense.
  9. Carolina can't get out of our own way? we just got all of our best players fully healthy and Skaggs just set the record for passing yards in a game.
  10. Skaggs, the best to ever do it
  11. That’s the best turnaround game I’ve ever seen. Watson needs to continue to play at this level to have a high stock heading into the draft. Stone and Shapiro finally showed some of what they could do. And the kicker makes all of his XPs and a 44 yarder to boot. Bama spoiler tour let’s do it
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