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  1. Get outta here PAC scum
  2. Fake News. The disrespect to Jarius Shaw-Dodd. 44 games, 270 catches, 4533 yards 47 TDs.
  3. Best back in the nation
  4. IRL DJ Chavis would be WAY higher just because both Alabama and Auburn want him
  5. They get it if they put 5 points
  6. Bye Week: DAMN Left End Kendrick Droughns will reclaim his starting role after recovering from a partial bicep strain
  7. hmmmmmm I wonder........
  8. yeah this is all factual
  9. NEVER SKIP LEG DAY Panthers remain undefeated as Pittsburgh's last minute kick comes up short Skip Gibson opened the scoring with a 46 yard field goal in the first quarter
  10. I imagine someone going to this game, and they were so hyped off the second quarter they didn't think to get a hot dog at halftime. Then they were bored AND hungry for the whole second half
  11. Christian Skaggs to Chip Johnson, 24 yd TD pass Chip Johnson, CAR, 6 for 65 yards, 1 TD, 0 DRP, 0/0 F/L 7th Round, 223rd pick, from the University of Oregon in 2018 NFLHC draft hot start Suffers a torn ACL in 2018 was buried on the depth chart all 2019. 5th on the depth chart last week. Comes back to fuck ur bitch this week.
  12. In NFLHC I've noticed that drastically switching the secondary scheme can sometimes result in injury, so I try to avoid any type of changes to scheme if possible. I always target weaker areas of the other teams defense, and I've found what options work well with certain players.
  13. Artemio my boy
  14. And Then There Were Two Panthers and Packers only two remaining undefeated teams in NFLHC The Panthers pass rush swarms Brooksheer for one of their two sacks on the day
  15. SKAGGS - The Greatest Quarterback Ever

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