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    1. The Kentucky job is now open, please PM me if you're interested!

    2. serwendel


      You're approved for Ole Miss! Request here for a logo for your avatar picture. We're in the offseason, so you'll have to wait for your team to be progressed and the new depth chart forum to post a depth chart. Go here and apply for the Ole Miss account. If you do not log in for 14 consecutive days, you will be removed from the team. If you have any questions, you can send me a message or ask in the chatbox. This leaves the Kentucky job open, I'll make another status update stating this, but please PM me if you're interested in Kentucky!
    3. serwendel

      [2021] All-Americans

      Congratulations to Adam Lovelace on his well deserved All American selection! Too bad I couldn't get the offense to help him out more in the season though.
    4. PM me if you're interested in the Ole Miss job. I'll make a decision on Monday, so please get me your application by then.

    5. serwendel

      Contract Lookup Thread 3.0

      Cowboys: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sUH7q_1DtpyeRpD-Y1Sh09FIteY2_-UtjeqBBujUk6w/edit?usp=sharing
    6. These have been a great series of articles, keep it up! This year was a pretty big lesson on why not to change qbs midseason - I overreacted to Malloy’s injury, and that hurt us big time. Next year should be interesting. It’ll depend a lot on progressions, and Mackey, but we should have a solid young team.
    7. serwendel


      Thanks for applying to Ole Miss, unfortunately as has been stated further up in this thread, I'm waiting until the offseason to approve any new coaches for Ole Miss. Tulane @TheTodd15 and UTSA @rabidsnowman are both available though. I've pinged their commissioners, and they should be along shortly to ask you a few questions, and hopefully approve you!
    8. serwendel

      [2021] NFLHC Franzies

      Kevin Knight’s still in the league? He was one of the original Cowboys iirc. Great article btw!
    9. NFLHC wise, I’d say Washington. They had the second best OL rating this year to go with an excellent young passing attack in Bowman+SHW. Just add a running game and maybe a couple more pieces to the defense and they could be scary.
    10. serwendel

      Top Running Back or Top Wide Receiver

      It depends on the rest of the offense, but I would almost always pick the running back. Someone like Abraham can carry a team, while even the best wideout needs help.
    11. serwendel

      [2021] Wild Card Sunday - 1 PM

      That went about as expected. Good game, bucs.
    12. Ugh, not looking forward to this one. Tampa's always a rough game, which will turn into a slog without Abraham. Oh, and you forgot @Yellow_Evan.
    13. serwendel

      [2021] Pro Bowl Squads

      Is it weird that I think Dallas players were undervalued, even with 7 pro bowlers?
    14. serwendel

      The Dallas Morning News

      Smacked Down Cowboys End Season With Loss to Washington