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  1. The Dallas Cowboys place: ILB Sam Richardson 6-2 221 2 South Dakota State [Mike] [0] 81 on IR. He suffered a severe ankle fracture week 12, and is out for the remainder of the regular season
  2. I mean Henson was certainly the best for the first couple of seasons, but Abraham caught up by his MVP season in 2016.
  3. That was a good solid game after the bye. Chatman and ARob showed that they still have it. Losing Richardson is tough though, especially late in a game like this. Good game Jets, glad to see Lovelace balling out!
  4. The Dallas Cowboys select: Remain Cowboys Stadium (through 2027)
  5. Cowboys abstain. I like this idea, but I think it can be improved upon in the areas listed above. I look forward to seeing the next version of this! @stormstopper
  6. Man that second half was rough, losing the lead on a pick six and then not being able to punch it in to take back the lead is a bad way to lose. Good game Bills. sorry about Matt Jones. On the plus side, Kamau is more than capable to take a team to the playoffs!
  7. Justin Campbell’s still got it. Amazing that the Cowboys first pick ever is still playing at a top-3 tackle level.
  8. @lucas Packet 1: 1 Personal Wealth, 2 Stadium Upgrades, 2 Influence, 3 Practice Funds Packet 2: 1 Personal Wealth, 1 Stadium Upgrade, 2 Influence, 1 Medical Fund, 2 Media Funds
  9. The Dallas Cowboys would like to welcome back @Yellow_Evan to the position of Head Scout, after a short hiatus. Yellow_Evan previously held the position from late 2019 to early 2024 after a brief stint as head coach.
  10. Phew, managed to stop the bleeding. Glad Burnett managed to bounce back after a rough week 7. Good game Rams, I feel like every time we play at lest one of your receivers just goes off, this time it's Peck and Oldham, I guess.
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