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    1. Dallas gives: QB Jordan Godwin 6-0 190 3 Nevada [Pocket] [0/C] 82 Tampa Bay gives: 2026 4th Round Pick (#100) Godwin is in the final year of his 4 year, $2.0 million. He is owed $0.5 million this season, all unguaranteed. Godwin resets to neutral. Dallas confirms. @Dacder
    2. So it's been a while since our last mock draft, so I figured I'd make a quick, pre-FA version. As always, I don't have every bit of information, and probably missed some obvious pick, so if you think I made the wrong choice for your team, its because I want you to fail. Anyways, without any further review: Serwendel's Pre-Re-Signing Mock Draft CIN - DE Myles Wallace 6-7 244 R Auburn [Contain] [-1] 83 While the 2026 draft class has a lot of talent, it only really has one top-tier prospect in Myles Wallace. Don't let Wallace's designation as a contain DE fool you, the Auburn star has good pass rushing instincts as well, putting up 13 sacks to go with his 19 TFLs in the 2025 season. CAR - OLB Darien Bullock 6-1 226 R SMU [Blitz] [0] 82 With Wallace off the board, the Panthers quickly snap up Darien Bullock, the early dec out of SMU. Bullock should be able to help improve Carolina's pass rush off the bat, which is something that Panthers fans will love. HOU - QB Aaron Harden 6-3 218 R UCLA [Scrambling] [+1/C] 82 Houston has quite a few holes in their roster, so don't expect them to draft a quarterback in this draft who they don't like. But there's quite a lot to like about Harden, a scrambler who was 5th in passing yards per game in the 2025 season. Harden's legs are also noteworthy, as the scrambler rushed to the tune of 46.5 YPG that season. CLE - FS Brandon Brown 6-0 208 R NDSU [Man Coverage] [0] 82 Cleveland could also go a few different ways here, but after spending the last two drafts upgrading their offense it's time to improve the defensive side of the roster. Brown is a bit of a rarity, an elite FS in a league where FS talent is thin. Don't be surprised if the Browns instead look to bolster their defensive line either. TB - DE DeMarcus Cannon 6-5 270 R Missouri [Blitz] [0] [#] 82 Looking to build through the trenches, Tampa takes an exceptional defensive end in Cannon here. The Missouri standout had 12.5 sacks last season to go with 15 TFLs, showing skill that should help the Buccaneers improve their defensive play. NO - OLB Sebastian Shockley 6-3 217 R Tennessee [Blitz] [-1] 81 As of writing this article, it appears that the Saints have no OLBs under contract for next year. With that being the case, they'll draft the best remaining blitz OLB in Shockley. Shockley was an important member of a strong Tennessee defense, including an incredible performance against current Chicago Bear Nick Rowland and the Michigan Wolverines. ARI - DT Christian Callahan 6-3 331 R USC [2-Gap] [0] 82 Arizona quickly runs the card up to the commissioner here, as a rare top tier defensive tackle is available. Even with some potential issues switching to a 4-3, Callahan should be the best player on the Cardinals' interior defensive line day 1. SF - CB Marcus Ivy 5-10 195 R Tennessee [Man Coverage] [+1] [+] 82 The 49ers struck gold in waiting to replace Bashir Rodriguez. Ivy, the stronger of Tennessee's two top tier cornerbacks should fit right in with San Francisco's aggressive man defensive schemes. Ivy's injury concerns might see him drop, but the upside of a strong CB should keep him in the top 10. MIA - CB Victor Austin 6-1 166 R Michigan [Zone Coverage] [0] 82 While Cornerback isn't really a need for Miami, after picking Patrick Ross last season, it's hard to see them pass on adding Victor Austin and creating the best cornerback corps in the league. Austin would immediately make a difference at nickel corner, while being able to take over at either CB1 or CB2 as Justin Davis ages. Miami does have other needs, but should be able to pick them later in the draft, including in the first. BUF - WR Devin Samuel 6-1 220 R SMU [Target] [+1] 82 Buffalo has a potential superstar in Matt Jones, but only some aging weapons for him to throw to. Picking Samuel allows Jones to open up the field more, and might even let Jones get the ball out of his hands earlier, lessening the amounts of hits the fragile QB takes. DAL - RB Robert Harden 5-6 231 R Florida [Power] [0] 82 With the Adrian Robinson experiment finally ending, the Cowboys look to replace him with a strong power back. Harden would instantly let the Cowboys play the more balanced offensive game they've been trying to run for a couple seasons. BAL - TE Jeremiah Kendrick 6-5 197 R Southern Miss [Receiving] [-1] 82 If there's one thing that Baltimore lacks, it's a big red zone target for Marcus Black. Adding Jeremiah Kendrick gives Black yet another weapon to throw to, making the Ravens offense much more efficient. KC - DE Malachi Pickett 6-0 249 R Minnesota [Blitz] [-1] 82 With both Preston Bryant and Barron Anthony looking to retire, the Chiefs need to find a replacement fast. Enter Malachi Pickett, a powerful pass rusher out of Minnesota. The Gophers star should be able to slot in at DE immediately, giving his aging teammates some rest. NYG - WR Marcus Hightower 6-3 192 R California [Speed] [-1] 82 Eric McLean and the Giants took a large step forward last season, and a lot of that was due to the young stars on offense. Adding Hightower, a speedster who ran a 4.25 40 at his pro day, would allow spread the field more for McLean and his favorite target Marcus Lattimore. LVR - C Luka Kearns 6-3 302 R Michigan [Run Blocking] [+1] 81 With aging center Brendan Doherty's contract expiring, the Raiders look to replace him with Luka Kearns, the better of the two center prospects from the state of Michigan. Also look for a receiver here, with reports that Las Vegas had made star wideout Lamont Crawford available for trade. MIN - SS Erick Babcock 6-2 179 R Missouri [Zone Coverage] [+2/C] 82 Sometimes picks just seem to make themselves. Strong safety is Minnesota's biggest need, and having Babcock fall to them would be ideal for the Vikings. Erick played 4 seasons for the Tigers, and is considered one of the most pro ready prospects in this draft, immediately strengthening Minnesota's secondary. PHI - WR Kareem Jackson 6-5 200 R Pittsburgh [Target] [-1] 82 The Eagles grab a top WR to aid in the transition from Allen Taylor to their next quarterback. Jackson immediately would improve Philly's WR corps, and give Taylor and their next QB a large target to throw to in the red zone. JAX - SS Reggie Colston 6-0 196 R Miami (FL) [Man Coverage] [+1] 82 Jacksonville fans rejoice as their biggest defensive hole is filled without needing a trade. Colston can take over from an aging Larry Reeves to instantly improve the Jaguars secondary. GB - OT Matt Maynard 6-6 314 R Clemson [Pass Blocking] [+2] 82 After the Packers' top two tackles both retired this offseason, the Packers reload by adding the top LT prospect in the draft. Maynard is a top 5 talent, who likely will drop due to team needs. If he's still here for GBs pick, expect to see Packers' GM dean sprint to the phone to call in the pick. NYJ - DE Jermaine Caldwell 6-0 263 R Tulane [Blitz] [+2] 82 With Alvis Brumm's reign of terror over the AFC East ending more with a whimper than a bang, the Jets look to grab a replacement in Jermaine Caldwell. Caldwell is a star edge prospect out of Tulane, who somehow managed to not recruited by LSU. NE - CB Maximillian Wilcox 5-11 164 R USC [Man Coverage] [+1] 81 New England's surprise season last year was buoyed by the trade for quarterback Alex Leshoure. Now, the Pats look to upgrade their defense by adding star USC corner Maximilian Wilcox. Wilcox has the potential to end up as the Patriots top corner, allowing the franchise to rely a bit less on their offense. LAR - CB Nate Hutson 6-1 194 R Auburn [Man Coverage] [0] [#] 81 The Rams decide to give last years standout rooking Isaiah Simpkins some help by drafting Auburn corner Nate Hutson. Adding Hutson to their pass defense should help Los Angeles keep up with their division rivals improving passing games. DET - C Manuel Ochoa 6-1 262 R Michigan State [Run Blocking] [+2] 81 Slinky gets his guy. While Ochoa is not as good as University of Michigan center Luka Kearns, he is still a great center prospect. The Loins fib ur their hole at center and continue as a strong playoff team. Some say Super Bowl favorites? IND - CB Laquon Boston 5-9 185 R Buffalo [Man Coverage] [-2] [#] 81 A rarity of a Colts first round draft pick meets another rarity, a Buffalo Bulls first round pick. Boston would aid Dominique Dawkins in Indianapolis' secondary, while also improving the unit as a whole. Also look for the Colts to go WR here, as their current corps is a bit week. SEA - OG Philip Bowden 6-7 272 R Clemson [Pass Blocking] [0] [+] 82 Seattle ends up as the second beneficiary of teams passing on OL. If Bowden came out last season, he'd be considered one of the top 3 of a stacked OG class. This year, he's clearly the best of a second strong class. Bowden might be the second guard taken due to injury risk, but his talent makes him worth it. LAC - QB Nick Brohm 6-4 218 R Oklahoma [Hybrid] [+2] 82 While the Chargers continue to insist that they're comfortable with their QB situation, they absolutely should take a look at Nick Brohm. Not only is Brohm a hybrid style player that the Chargers like, he also has some talent with his arm, being able to score touchdowns in other ways than by vulturing TDs from his RBs. MIA - OLB Jeremy Small 6-4 223 R Oklahoma [Coverage] [+1] 81 I said earlier that Miami would be able to fill the holes in their roster later, and here we are. The Dolphins take the second Oklahoma prospect in a row, while simoltaneouslyimproving their linebacker corps. ATL - OG Isaac Bonner 6-1 265 R Florida [Pass Blocking] [+2] 82 Atlanta happily bolsters their offensive line, giving Suggs and his offense a little more protection. Bonner is one of the top OL prospects in this draft, not too far behind Clemson standout Philip Bowden. PIT - WR D.D. Dyson 6-0 197 R Washington [Target] [0] 81 With Taylor Heiden looking to retire, the Steelers look for a wideout to both improve the team this season and to ease the transition next year. Dyson has been a stalwart wideout for Washington, and should be an asset for the Steelers offense. WAS - DE Roderick Tillery 6-3 264 R Eastern Washington [Blitz] [-1] 82 It seems almost ridiculous to mock a DE of Tillery's ability falling to 30, but here he is. The lack of information on Tillery is what's causing teams to view him cautiously, although Washington will likely be happy to add a player of his quality to their DL. CHI - CB Samir Martin 6-1 173 R LSU [Zone Coverage] [0] 81 After their strong runner-up season, the Bears look to improve their secondary. Martin, a standout LSU player, should slide in at CB2 or CB3, aiding Ivory Hull against the passing attacks in the NFC North. ARI - RB Noel Ransom 5-10 192 R Cincinnati [Speed] [0] 81 With their second pick, the Cardinals look to end the Jamal Trufant experiment. Ransom is proficient in both the running and passing games, grossing over 2,000 total yards for the Bearcats in his senior season.
    3. #19 OLB Ryan Bailey 6-3 216 3 Florida [Blitz] [+1/C] [++] 83 - Declined
    4. 1. 4,346 pts 122 miles - 1 min, 57 sec 2. 4,083 pts 177 miles - 2 min, 28 sec 3. 4,983 pts 2.9 miles - 33 sec 4. 1,825 pts 880 miles - 2 min 5. 4,483 pts 95 miles - 2 min, 34 sec Total: 19,720 pts 1,278 miles - 9 min, 32 sec That was fun! It's been a bit since I last did geoguessr, and it was fun as ever.
    5. 2026 Roster: Coaches Active Roster (56/55) Practice Squad (0/12) Injured Reserve (0)
    6. I'd like to head back to Michigan please.
    7. Cowboys vote yay 1 influence @Jamzz
    8. The Cowboys place: DE Javier Grady 6-1 238 4 North Texas [Blitz] [-1] [+] 85 On Short Term IR. He suffered a Moderate Elbow Fracture in week 17 and is out for the remainder of the season.
    9. Unfortunately, this was Bailey's third +, so I believe he'll be retiring after the season ends.
    10. To clarify something, there is currently no quorum requirement for a resolution to pass. A resolution could pass with only 3 votes, from the sponsor and the two co-sponsors. Resolution 3 is a good example there, as it passed with 24 abstentions. On another note, my goal here was a quick fix to allow resolutions to move on without removing owners for not voting. If any of you want to revamp the current system please feel free to create a proposal yourself. If you're luck we may have a new system by the start of next season. I will vote against any proposal that nerfs influence in voting without a mechanism to exchange influence for other funds, so please keep that in mind.
    11. Isn't that just voting? What happens when an owner fails to declare this influence?
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