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  1. The Dallas Cowboys place: ILB Marcus Grant 6-2 239 7 Notre Dame [Will] [-2] 83 On Long term IR. He suffered a moderate rotator cuff in week 2 and will be out/questionable until week 13 when he will be eligible to return.
  2. Goddamn, that 3rd Quarter was rough. Glad Burnett had a good game, but it just wasn't enough. Must have been a fun game for neutral fans though. GG WFT, we'll get you back next time.
  3. What a game! Looks like the RBs followed Vaughan Abraham's lead and had some great performances. Glad to see Ryan Bailey come back from his injury to lead the player scores, and that our new additions (Thompson, Lovelace, Douglass, and Evans) all made contributions! Good game @stormstopper! I'm glad to see Nick Rowland looking good, I wasn't sold on him when coaching at Michigan. You guys terrified me heading into this week, and I'm glad that luck ended up on our side after last season.
  4. The Dallas Cowboys place: OT Carlos Gothard 6-8 290 8 Clemson [Run Blocking] [+1] 81 on the short term injured reserve. He suffered a Moderate Ankle Fracture in the second week of the preseason and will be out until week 9. We also place: DE Adalius Proctor 6-7 258 1 Notre Dame [Contain] [0] [+] 78 on the long term injured reserve. He suffered a Moderate Shoulder Rotator Cuff in preseason week 3 and will be out until week 11.
  5. The Cowboys place: TE Charles Sherrill 6-4 212 3 Southern Miss [Receiving] [0] 81 On long term injured reserve. He suffered a Severe Achilles Rupture, and is out for the season.
  6. @cmcgill Packet 1: 7 Personal Wealth, 1 Medical Fund Packet 2: 1 Personal Wealth, 2 Stadium Upgrades, 2 Influence, 2 Medical Funds
  7. The Dallas Cowboys place: QB Evan Perkins 6-3 214 R Michigan [Pocket] [0/C] 74 on long term IR. He suffered a moderate achilles rupture in rookie minicamp, and is out until week 16, when he is probable.
  8. Gameplan Primary Offensive Formation: Pro Style Secondary Offensive Formation: Spread Primary Defensive Formation: 3-4 Secondary Defensive Formation: Nickel Coaches HC Jack Del Rio (Age 62) Descended from John Fox Linebacker Skill Level 3; Run Defense Aggressiveness Level 3; Linebacker Durability Level 2 OC Doug Pederson (Age 57) Descended from Andy Reid Offensive Fitness Level 3; WR/TE Skill Level 2 DC Damian Blanchard (Age 63) Descended from Jack Del Rio Secondary Skill Level 3; De
  9. The Dallas Cowboys would like to create a Special Teams Coordinator: Age: 62 years old (9) Kicker Skill Level 2 (30) Punter Skill Level 2 (30) Special Teams Fitness Level 2 (30) 99 Points Total @Soluna
  10. The Cowboys will send the following players to Rookie Minicamp: QB Evan Perkins 6-3 214 R Michigan [Pocket] [0/C] 74 RB Kofi McCullough 5-9 177 R Iowa State [Speed] [-1] 80 RB Luca Spurlock 6-1 232 R UCF [Power] [-2] 76 WR Leon Marsh 6-1 206 R Virginia Tech [Target] [0] 76 WR Jeremy Thompson 6-3 207 R Washington [Target] [0] 75 WR Mateo Gates 6-3 198 R Florida State [Target] [0] 72 OG Matthew Jones 6-3 276 R Troy [Pass Blocking] [0] 83 DT Adam Gibson 6-3 331 R California [2-Gap] [0] 73 OLB Blake Burns 6-1 241 R TCU [Coverage] [+1/C] 80
  11. OG Matthew Jones 6-3 276 R Troy [Pass Blocking] [0] 83 4 year(s) // 25 million // 70% GTD G//6.25//6.25//3.25//1.75//Total:17.5 $//0//0//3//4.5//Total:7.5 Total//6.25//6.25//6.25//6.25//Total:25
  12. I’m going to be out of town for the draft. Get in touch with Yellow_Evan if you want to trade with us.

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