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  1. 2-0! Cowboys Running Backs Dominant in Win Over Washington
  2. Well that couldn't have gone better for us. Good game Giants, I was really worried about this one.
  3. Sorry Colts, never like to see an injury.
  4. Dallas Cowboys @CAR @IND HOU PIT
  5. serwendel, Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Option C: I will be spending the draft with my GM and scouting team in our war room, but will be available for questions after our pick.
  6. Good game man. I honestly thought that you were destroy me.
  7. It would really surprise me if either of those teams took Burnett in the first. My bet is that he ends up in your division.
  8. Good game Rabid. Kentucky is gonna be really good in a season or two.
  9. Good game Eagles. That was a lot closer than I expected.
  10. Phew, as is tradition, Vandy-Georgia was really close. gg Lasercats.
  11. This was a pretty awesome set of games. Good game fever, and go blue!
  12. Dallas Morning News Cowboys Fumble Away Chances in Loss to Packers
  13. Oh no worries, I just thought it was funny to be honest.
  14. Should I rank Kansas over a team they just lost to?

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