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  1. Cowboys Place: CB Jeremy Evans 6-0 191 3 BYU [Zone Coverage] [-1/C] 83 On injured reserve. He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture in week 12 and is out for the season.
  2. For us it’d have to be Khairi Bryant. A future superstar on a rookie contract who’s already better than any DE we’ve ever had? Sign me up. If not Bryant I’d go for Maurice White. Troy White’s been much better this year, but is also much older, and i wonder how much longer he’ll last. Either one would be a major improvement to our running game.
  3. Yeah that makes sense. I definitely remember gameplanning like Waffle wasn'tt going to change anything after our previous matchup that season, but maybe that was just a coincidence.
  4. Wasn’t it because Waffle wasn’t gameplanning or updating the depth chart?
  5. Good game Eagles, glad to take one from you in Philly. Glad to see Gibson performing at the level he did last year. I was getting a bit concerned.
  6. Don't forget to talk to your kids about the SEC East leading Vanderbilt Commodores.
  7. Excellent performance all around for us, especially in the pass game. Burnett was a machine, Montgomery continued to impress, and Gibson played great from the slot. Donte Floyd continues to make stat sheets, if he keeps this up he take the starting job even after Randolph comes back. Good game Seahawks, I really like the way you've built your team. Dowden really looks like he'll be a great QB in the next couple of years.
  8. Definitely prefer this poll.
  9. Good game Ravens, I absolutely despise having to gameplan against your defense, and Black's looking like he'll be a great QB. Just wish we could string together two wins in a row at some point this year...
  10. Good game Franz, Georgia's always a good team, so I'm glad to get a win here. Especially since I was expecting to have my miracle adjustments feat finally activate here.
  11. Pretty happy with Floyd's performance in his one start so far. Glad to see it reflected on his statsheet!
  12. Good game niners! I was honestly convinced that we were going to lose this one. Burnett and Montgomery once again proved themselves to be a lethal connection. Pretty happy with the way our DL played as well. Grady turned up his game with Randolph gone, while Donte Floyd was amazing in his first start, getting a sack.
  13. Good game @bbates728! Glad to see the team start to gel and take control of a game again. DEs and run game look good, hopefully we can keep this up through the rest of the season.
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