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  1. Powering Through Cowboys Eke By Packers for Eighth Win
  2. Definitely didn't expect to make it to 9 this early in the season. Hopefully we can keep it going.
  3. Good game storm, your team is pretty well built as well. You'll be really scary once Graham gets more experience running the offense.
  4. Cowboys Crush Cardinals Abraham and Robinson Score in 30-10 Win
  5. Michigan is absolutely my dream school. I've put so much work into Vanderbilt that it would be really hard to leave though. I might take the jump if I won a championship at Vandy and Michigan was bad. I prefer building a program to maintaining one.
  6. I assume that the second Abraham is Adrian Robinson? Also, RIP Romulus. Good game Cards, I was worried that you'd beat us. Your team is much better than I thought at the beginning of the year.
  7. THE TENNESEAN REVENGE! Commodores Crush Ducks in Autzen
  8. Goodbye to BYE Week Cowboys Finish Week Off With Practice
  9. Good game Bingo. Glad I was able to play you this early in your tenure at Oregon. You guys are gonna be scary in a couple of weeks.
  10. Abraham, Cowboys Slip Past Giants Cowboys Make it to 6-1 Heading Into Bye Week
  11. Fun In the Sun Taylor Rodriguez Leads Cowboys to Win Over Dolphins
  12. Yeah, I remember that. It amused me because that was the whole reason I picked Vanderbilt. Am I really that high on the list of longest tenured coaches? I feel like there's a decent amount of people who've been around longer than I have.
  13. My first game was against cmcgill's Kentucky wildcats in 2014. I'm pretty sure it was his first game too. In any case we got destroyed, Kentucky had Javier Fields and Robert Medina on their team while my best player was a 4.0/4.5 strong safety who transferred in from Florida. I definitely tried to gameplan on my own that game, and it was bad. I vaguely remember trying to have a balanced defense while Kentucky threw a ton. Afterwards I got some help from Sophos, who gave me a couple of pointers and I ended up beating AJJ and UNC a couple games later for my (and Vandy's!) first win ever.
  14. Good game Miami, I was really nervous about this one. Glad to see TRod come back strong after last week.
  15. Vanderbilt's depth chart has been updated. Good luck at Akron, Darnell!