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  1. 16th feels a bit harsh, but I can understand your reasoning. Big test for us this week against Philly! How our defense can overcome Slade’s absence is going to be a big storyline in Dallas for this part of the season.
  2. GG! Your team looks pretty scary this year, and looks to be set up well for the future.
  3. GG! You guys with Davenport are surprisingly difficult to gameplan against. On the other hand, our team was uniformly awful. Need to get it together for next week.
  4. Welcome to 2024's version of Serwendel's Stats Corner: B1G Edition. In this space, that I shamelessly stole from Sage, I will recap the stats leaders of the greatest conference in the nation. Week 1 showcased most of the rest of the conference (sorry Rutgers), and also provided a second week of games for Ohio State, Iowa, and Michigan State. Stats Leaders Passing Yards Matt Ballard - 746 yards Ryan Corbin III - 624 yards Isaac Tyson - 540 yards Passing Touchdowns Matt Ballard - 7 TDs Ryan Corbin III - 4 TDs Isaac Tyson - 4 TDs Brandon Murphy - 4 TDs Rushing Yards Julius Wesley Jr - 255 yards Vernon Muhammad - 239 yards Kedaveon Vaughn - 206 yards Rushing Touchdowns Julius Wesley Jr - 3 TDs Vernon Muhammad - 3 TDs Kedaveon Vaughn - 3 TDs Receiving Yards Dajuan Page - 240 yards DeMaurice Sloan - 162 yards Ajani Jennings - 157 yards Receiving Touchdowns Dajuan Page - 3 TDs Emmanuel Lanier - 2 TDs Damian Metz - 2 TDs Chance Thurman - 2 TDs Marquise Donaldson - 2 TDs Tackles Connor Bradshaw - 12 Tackles Chidiegwu Ekwueme - 9 Tackles Aziz Harvey - 9 Tackles Tackles for Loss Chidiegwu Ekwueme - 4 TFLs 11 Tied - 2 TFLs Sacks Chidiegwu Ekwueme - 3 Sacks Xavier Rawls - 2.5 Sacks 5 Tied - 2 Sacks Interceptions 21 Tied - 1 INT Notable Tidbits Unsurprisingly the teams with the advantage of having an extra game ended up winning every one of these categories. Ohio State almost achieved the sweep due to their momentum from week 0, only Michigan State Linebacker Connor Bradshaw managed to take a category (tackles). Shoutout to B1G West teams Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois fro breaking into the top three in several categories, even with a game disadvantage! Two DEs with NFL aspirations currently lead the B1G in sacks. While B1G QBs can only hope that Chidiegwu Ekwueme and Xavier Rawls go pro early, but that still leaves at least one year with both standout defensive ends. Sources say that at least one NFC East team is currently scouting both Ekwueme and Rawls. Matchup of the Week Week 1: RB Julius Wesley Jr. vs. ILB Luke Gann In what was a pretty lackluster week when it came to Big Ten matchups, Ohio State RB Julius Wesley Jr. went up against the USF defense led by ILB Luke Gann. Let's see how they did: RB Julius Wesley Jr: 15 carries for 92 yards, and 1 TD ILB Luke Gann: 6 Tackles, 1 INT While Ohio State almost took the loss against a strong USF team, Wesley Jr. wasn't the reason. OSU's decision not to feed the star RB confused some outsiders as Wesley Jr. averaged over 6 yards per carry. Gann had a pretty good day picking off B1G leading passer Matt Ballard, but didn't manage to slow down the Buckeyes' run game at all. Verdict: Julius Wesley Jr. Week 2: WR Logan Miles vs. CB Isaiah Simpkins While it's tempting to showcase Ohio State getting destroyed this weekend, this isn't a space for solely talking about the Buckeyes. In a more interesting matchup this week, the Maryland Terrapins host the Duke Blue Devils. Maryland standout Isaiah Simpkins will have his hands full dealing with Duke's passing attack, led by Bryce Thompson's replacement Rasheed Bullock. With top receiver Jeremy Foley playing out of the slot, Simpkins should be matched up against a future NFL WR in Logan Miles.
  5. ARob's back and still looking good! Good game Panthers, I'm always scared of facing off against SKAGGS.
  6. Hopefully it doesn't get that bad, but the next couple weeks are gonna be rough.
  7. Welcome to 2024's version of Serwendel's Stats Corner: B1G Edition. In this space, that I shamelessly stole from Sage, I will recap the stats leaders of the greatest conference in the nation. Stats Leaders Passing Yards Matt Ballard - 462 yards Evan Perkins - 256 yards Dillon Sneed - 251 yards Passing Touchdowns Matt Ballard - 5 TDs Evan Perkins - 2 TDs Dillon Sneed - 2 TDs Brian Andersen - 2 TDs Rushing Yards Julius Wesley Jr - 163 yards Hakeem Nixon - 102 yards Kedaveon Vaughn - 99 yards Rushing Touchdowns Julius Wesley Jr - 2 TDs Hakeem Nixon - 2 TDs 5 Tied - 1 TD Receiving Yards Emmanuel Lanier - 152 yards Dajuan Page - 138 yards Antonio Jackson - 121 yards Receiving Touchdowns Emmanuel Lanier - 2 TDs Dajuan Page - 2 TDs 11 Tied - 1 TD Tackles Robert Devlin - 8 Tackles Joel Baumann - 8 Tackles Damiano Fiorelli - 7 Tackles David Evans - 7 Tackles Connor Bradshaw - 7 Tackles Tackles for Loss Robert Devlin - 2 TFLs Aziz Harvey - 2 TFLs Chidiegwu Ekwueme - 2 TFLs Clinton Noel - 2 TFLs Sacks Clinton Noel - 2 sacks Chidiegwu Ekwueme - 1.5 sacks 9 Tied - 1 sack Interceptions 12 Tied - 1 INT Notable Tidbits Quite unfortunately, this article is mainly just hyping up Ohio State's offense. Ohio State players lead the conference in all six major offensive stat categories, as the Buckeyes took care of Missouri at home in a shootout, winning 55-45 in a game where defense seemed optional. With half of the conference on bye this week, look for the Buckeyes to stay atop these lists. Defensively, outside linebacker Robert Devlin came up strong for Purdue, leading the conference in both tackles and tackles for loss against Syracuse. Devlin feasted as the Orange tried to avoid running towards star DE Landon Crowder, getting two tackles for loss against a run heavy Syracuse offense. Take note B1G OCs! Matchup of the Week Week 0: N/A Week 1: RB Julius Wesley Jr. vs. ILB Luke Gann As much as I hate hyping up OSU players, this just has to be done. Wesley Jr. absolutely mauled the Missouri defense week 0, averaging 7.76 yards per carry. Up next is a surprisingly talented USF Bulls defense led by ILB Luke Gann. While Gann appears to be overmatched this week, NFL scouts are looking forward to this matchup between the second best RB in the Big Ten and an NFL level AAC talent in Gann.
  8. Cowboys counter offer for Kendall Hill: 4 years // 35.0 million // 68.57% Guaranteed G//14.0//6.0//4.0//0.0//Total:24.0 $//0.0//2.0//3.0//6.0//Total:11.0 Total//14.0//8.0//7.0//6.0//Total:35.0 Value//20.96378318775329
  9. Woo! Starting out my time at Michigan with a win over my old nemesis. Need to figure out what happened with Rowland though, I felt like he should have had more carries. Good game @TazerMan! I was pretty worried about your defense, glad we managed to figure it out enough. DeSean Thomas is an absolute monster.
  10. I have faith the @lrickar1 will keep the team running well. The roster's probably more talented than it was in the Pennington era, and could even survive a terrible recruiting class this season. I definitely think the team is able to make some noise in the East!
  11. Sure would suck to be one of those guys.
  12. Huh, didn’t realize I ended up that close to .500 at Vandy.
  13. Cowboys place: OLB Ryan Bailey 6-3 216 1 Florida [Blitz] [+1/C] [+] 83 On injured reserve. He suffered a severe shoulder rotator cuff in training camp and is out for the season.
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