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    1. [2021] Week 1 Headlines

      Heartbreak in Philadelphia Cowboys Comeback Crushed in Overtime
    2. [2021] Inactives - Week #2

      Cowboys Week 2 Inactives: DE Kevin Mims 6-2 266 2 UCF [Blitz] 74 OG Cameron Schreiber 6-7 270 R Kansas [Run Blocking] 70 DT Patrick Garber 6-2 303 1 Buffalo [1-Gap] 73 ILB Steve Pointer 6-0 229 5 Clemson [Will] 77 OLB Nikolas Blevins 5-11 226 R UCF [Coverage] 71 WR Vincent Ortiz 6-1 174 1 New Mexico [Speed] 73 SS Wesley Rosado 6-0 173 2 North Carolina [Man Coverage] 77
    3. [2021] Week #1 - SNF

      Almost pulled off the comeback. Good game Eagles, hopefully we can return the favor back in Dallas.
    4. [2021] Inactives - Week #1

      Dallas Cowboys Week 1 Inactives: DE Kevin Mims 6-2 266 2 UCF [Blitz] 74 DT Patrick Garber 6-2 303 1 Buffalo [1-Gap] 73 ILB Steve Pointer 6-0 229 5 Clemson [Will] 77 OLB Nikolas Blevins 5-11 226 R UCF [Coverage] 71 WR Vincent Ortiz 6-1 174 1 New Mexico [Speed] 73 SS Wesley Rosado 6-0 173 2 North Carolina [Man Coverage] 77 OT Giovanni Garrison 6-5 288 2 ECU [Pass Blocking] 81
    5. [2021] Rookie Minicamps

      Dallas Cowboys are sending: DE Javier Grady 6-1 238 R North Texas [Blitz] 81 DT Nikolas Gleason 6-2 317 R Army [2-Gap] 79 ILB Antoine Mayfield 5-11 226 R Syracuse [Will] 77 SS Noah Tubbs 6-1 205 R Syracuse [Man Coverage] 79 RB Jayden Huff 5-7 213 R LSU [Speed] 75 FB Rory Horton 5-9 228 R Illinois [Pass Blocking] 80 C Robert Troutman 6-1 299 R Georgia [Pass Blocking] 72 CB Jaden Dixon 5-11 172 R Washington State [Man Coverage] 71 OG Cameron Schreiber 6-7 270 R Kansas [Run Blocking] 70 OLB Nikolas Blevins 5-11 226 R UCF [Coverage] 71 TE Justin Burris 6-4 205 R Missouri [Blocking] 74 QB Benjamin Hanson 6-2 230 R Toledo [Pocket] 73
    6. [2021] Pre-Season Sign Ups [OWNERS]

      Dallas Cowboys: @DEN TEN BAL @MIA
    7. Serwendel's Pre-Combine Mock Draft

      He's accumulated some fairly decent counting stats this year, although that might just be the competition. I more mocked him there because of how much I dislike the Rams' rushing game.
    8. The combine comes out tonight, so I figured why not make a mock draft that'll become outdated almost immediately. Sorry if I misread your team needs/mocked you a player that you hate. Please remember to direct all salt to the Cowboys' headquarters, we're running low on ingredients for Vaughan Abraham's anti-aging potion. So with no further ado, here's serwendel's mediocre pre-combine mock draft. 1. Los Angeles Chargers - OLB Shane Easley 6-4 236 R Penn State [Blitz] 83 Even though the Chargers drafted edge rushers in the past two drafts, they aren't talented enough to pass on the best player in the draft. Adding Easley to a linebacker corps that includes Tunch Richardson would instantly solidify the Chargers run defense, and hopefully takes some pressure off of their last two first round picks. 2. Washington [Redacted] - QB Tanner Bowman 6-2 203 R Penn State [Pocket] 82 With Mohammed Foster's early declaration, Washington is guaranteed one of the two good quarterbacks in this year's draft to replace Javier Fields. I think that the [Redacted]s would prefer a pocket passer in Bowman over Foster to build up a passing game with Sam Hiller-Weeden and further differentiate themselves from a run-first division. 3. Buffalo Bills - QB Mohammed Foster 6-0 194 R West Virginia [Scrambling] 82 This is where things get difficult. The Bills have made it pretty clear that they only view Kamau Davis as a stopgap QB. While the Bills do have a few holes on their roster, they'll probably look to grab their future QB here, and try to solidify their secondary with the 13th pick. 4. New England Patriots - WR J.C. Weldon 6-2 183 R West Virginia [Target] 82 With Darren Werner's return to New England, the Patriots look to give him a WR here to line up across from Beckham. JC Weldon has had a monster season this year, which should propel him above Tyron Chambers and Luke Cobb on most teams draft boards. 5. Chicago Bears - C Dean Strauss 6-3 284 R Auburn [Pass Blocking] 82 Da Bears' disappointing season was lead by a disappointing interior offensive line performance. With a weak guard class, Chicago ends up emulating division rival packers by drafting a great center in the first round. Chicago might also take OT/OG Beckett Miller, but I feel like he projects better at tackle than guard, leading the Bears to take Strauss. 6. Minnesota Vikings - CB Kordell McKinnon 6-0 195 R Michigan State [Zone Coverage] 81 The Vikings have enough holes that they could go in a few directions here. They look to continue to rebuild their secondary by drafting McKinnon, the latest export of Michigan State coach Slinkyjr's CB cloning facility. I could also see the Vikings trying to build up at WR, OG, or RB here too. 7. Arizona Cardinals - OT/OG Beckett Miller 6-1 300 R Oklahoma State [Pass Blocking] 82 Randy marvels as he is able to grab the top OL prospect at 7. Beckett Miller is probably the safest pick in the draft, but falls to 7 due to a deep tackle class. Great value drafting a potential top tier left tackle at 7. 8. Tennessee Titans - OG LaMichael Harley 6-2 297 R Michigan [Pass Blocking] 80 The Titans look to bolster their line play by grabbing the only 80+ guard available. Harley should slot into their depth chart pretty easily and hopefully will be a contributer in the future. 9. New Orleans Saints - CB Sean Taylor 5-9 193 R Western Michigan [Man Coverage] 81 Once again, New Orleans enters a draft needing corners. They have a tough decision here between Sean Taylor and Boston College star Andrew Boyd. Boyd does have better stats in a better conference, but he seems too small to stick in the league. This choice that'll probably come down to combine and pro day performance, but size is pretty important, so I'd bet on former MAC commissioner Imposter taking the Western Michigan standout. 10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - ILB Garrett Holliday 6-3 234 R Arizona State [Mike] 81 Tampa owner/GM Rabidsnowman has made it clear that he wants a monster ILB who can rack up tackles. Holliday was a beast for the Sun Devils last season with 68 tackles, and a couple of sacks. 11. Cincinnati Bengals - OT/OG Justin Way 6-2 294 R Marshall [Pass Blocking] 80 With both guards thinking about retiring, Cincinnati needs a replacement quickly. Way is a big body who can play guard, something that's lacking in this draft. The Bengals do have quite a few holes on their defensive roster, so I could definitely see them looking in that direction with this pick though. 12. New York Giants - WR Luke Cobb 6-5 198 R Florida State [Speed] 81 The Giants desperately look to add more weapons in the vain hope that RJ Stanford will live up to his potential. They end up taking a great player in Cobb who somehow managed to live up to his hype at Florida State. 13. Buffalo Bills (from Houston) - CB Andrew Boyd 5-10 175 R Boston College [Man Coverage] 81 This pick feels like a foregone conclusion looking at Buffalo's roster. Their current number one corner, Anthony Hotchkiss, is a 77 overall veteran who is more suited to be a nickleback. They end up grabbing Boyd and hope that this early exposure doesn't end up ruining him. 14. Kansas City Chiefs - CB Kevin McQueen 5-11 176 R UCF [Man Coverage] 80 The Chiefs look to give Teddy Walker a partner at cornerback. McQueen has done a great job at top-2 UCF, and looks to parlay his great season into a high draft pick. It's quite possible that KC just goes BPA here; their roster has a ton of holes, and NMize isn't expecting this squad to be competitive next season. 15. Cleveland Browns - RB DeNorris Jackson 6-0 235 R UCF [Power] 80 The Browns finally take a NFL quality RB here. DNJ has been dominant at UCF, leading his team to the national championship. DNJ should immediately start at Cleveland over Sean Bell and his 3.38 YPC. 16. Miami Dolphins - WR Tyron Chambers 6-4 220 R Arkansas [Target] 82 Miami has a surprisingly well balanced team, but they do have a weakness at wideout with several mediocre WRs to work with Brian Brown. They'll try to fix that by taking Tyron Chambers who had yet another 1000 yard receiving season. 17. Arizona Cardinals (from Seattle) - DE Josiah Harden 6-3 249 R North Carolina [Blitz] 82 Having solifidied their offensive line, Arizona now looks to build up their defensive line. Harden had 10 sacks, helping a mediocre North Carolina team exceed expecations. 18. Pittsburgh Steelers - DE Carlos Washington 6-0 261 R Michigan [Blitz] 80 So I'm not going to lie, I have very little idea of who's on Pittsburgh's roster. They do still seem to have a weakness at DE, so it looks they'll take Michigan's star DE Carlos Washington and his 11 sacks. 19. Atlanta Falcons - DT Sila Lotomau 6-5 296 R Hawaii [2-Gap] 82 Atlanta finally gets the monster space eating DT that they've been looking for. I'm honestly a little confused at why I haven't mocked Lotomau yet, he has all the potential to be the next extremely overhyped NFC South DT. 20. Philadelphia Eagles - WR Malcolm Davis 6-6 216 R Kansas [Target] 80 The Eagles look to improve the quality of Allen Taylor's targets. What they get in Malcolm Davis is a massive receiver who should be as dominant in the redzone as he was in college. 21. Denver Broncos - DE Javier Grady 6-1 238 R North Texas [Blitz] 81 The Broncos look to replace the aging Adam Scott with the last available 80+ DE. Grady is undersized and his competition in college was questionable, so don't be surprised if Denver passes here and goes BPA. 22. Indianapolis Colts - CB Robert Bleeker 5-11 188 R Arkansas [Zone Coverage] 80 The Colts try to improve their aging CB unit by taking the JUCO transfer out of Arkansas. Bleeker has had a disappointing season for his rating with only 3 picks, but solid corner help is hard to find. 23. San Francisco 49ers - RB Marshawn Miller 6-1 225 R Connecticut [Speed] 81 With running back Mike McCray reportedly angry at his team due to usage concerns, it appears that his days in San Francisco are numbered. The 49ers respond by taking Marshawn Miller, who should be happy at being the secondary option after carrying an entire team on his back for four years at UCONN. 24. Detroit Lions - FS D'Qwell Moore 6-3 203 R Florida State [Zone Coverage] 81 Detroit finally looks to replace long time FS Kenneth Farr. In D'Qwell Moore, the Lions get a solid safety who has shown some good ability with his 3 interceptions. 25. Baltimore Ravens - WR Geno Harris 6-5 225 R Ole Miss [Target] 80 Whichever of Baltimore's QBs starts this season will need a target other than David Wells to throw at. Harris had a solidly productive season with Ole Miss this season, his 914 yards show him as a consistent threat on a spotty offense. 26. Arizona Cardinals (from Jacksonville) - TE Noah Hills 6-2 206 R Kansas [Receiving] 82 Arizona fills their gaping hole at TE with their third first round pick. Hills is a little skinny for a TE, but he should give Taylor Rodriguez a nice safety net at a position he loves to throw to. 27. Dallas Cowboys - WR Hakeem Black 6-2 208 R California [Target] 81 The Cowboys hope that Black can improve their putrid WR unit. Black had a surprisingly unproductive year at Cal this year, hopefully it's just a one time issue. 28. Los Angeles Rams - RB Daniel Hutchins 5-7 212 R Northern Illinois [Power] 80 With Chacon dissatisfied with team leadership, Los Angeles look to find a new option for the running back who they ignore. Hutchins had a monster season at NIU this year, but is dogged by competition concerns. 29. New York Jets - WR Josiah McCray 6-1 199 R Clemson [Target] 80 The Jets are pretty happy to get a second wide receiver for Erik Wegert to throw to. McCray had nine touchdowns on the year at Clemson, and New York hopes that he can reproduce that in the NFL. 30. Carolina Panthers - DT Joseph Bynum 6-6 298 R Oregon [1-Gap] 80 Cade looks to reunite with his former defensive tackle Bynum. Bynum took over as the center of Oregon's defensive line this year, where he was moderately effective garnering 13 tackles and 2 sacks. 31. Las Vegas Raiders - OT Shawaun Holsey 6-2 297 R Virginia [Run Blocking] 81 Alienufo ends up ecstatic with the lack of tackles taken this round. He manages to get a long term solution at tackle to replace John McKelvey next year. This might end up as Damian Mason out of Tennessee, although that depends on whether the Raiders view Robert Lee as a long term option at left tackle. 32. Green Bay Packers - ILB Jamal Harley 6-3 222 R Illinois [Mike] 81 Finally we have the Super Bowl champion Packers. This team is pretty balanced at the moment, but it looks to me like Inspiral will want to replace ILB Peyton Roaches. Harley is a solid pick at ILB here, he could either start from day one for Green Bay, or sit a year and learn the position before coming in.
    9. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #4

      Yeah, we should definitely meet on a bigger stage next time.
    10. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #4

      Good game acewulf. It was fun seeing how different your offense was from the last time we played in the Liberty Bowl.
    11. [Survey] Alumni Network

      University of Michigan class of 2012
    12. [2020] Week #16 - Saturday Evening

      Ugh. Ended up losing 3 of my four games by a combined 5 points. Good game Sage, looks like your team is still gonna be good going forward.