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  1. Dallas Cowboys @Yellow_Evan 1 year
  2. Cowboys: Offensive Coordinator - Darrell Bevell +4% WR skill +9% QB progression +4% WR/TE scheme change penalty -3% OT/OG/C progression
  3. As Rodney Montgomery had over 900 yards on the season, and didn't make an all-pro team, the Chiefs will get the Cowboys' 3rd rounder this year.
  4. serwendel

    [2022] All Pro Team

    Congratulations to Justin Campbell and Travis Chatman for their first team all-pro selections. Kind of surprised Jace Brown didn't make it. It's a little shocking to me that there were four AFC OGs that were better than he was.
  5. HC serwendel extension 2 years/$6.5 million $3.25 million per year
  6. Glad that Felder got that +1 skill boost. I really want him to be great in the NFL.
  7. Congratulations to Justin Campbell, Jace Brown, and Travis Chatman for their pro bowl performances!
  8. Glad that Jace Brown, and his teammates are giving back so much to their communities!
  9. Didn't Felder have 2019 stats? I'm pretty sure he started all four years. Felder will always feel like a missed opportunity to me. He was one of two NFL potential players in his recruiting class, and I had high hopes for him, but could never really get it going before this year. I'm pretty sure that our iffy QB play didn't help him either, but I still expected more. Looking forward to his pro day and combine though! His size can be such an asset, and hopefully he'll improve when paired with a better QB.
  10. I’m not sure about a pass heavy team, but I’d say that pro style is absolutely worth it for a team built to run more. Pro style with slightly more run gives an RB enough carries to convince an opponent to defend the run, which in turn makes life easier on a weak passing offense.
  11. Good game man! Hope that the game next week is a bit closer for my sake!
  12. I always love a good snow bowl. Good game inspiral, hopefully next time we play it won't be so ugly.
  13. That went about as well as expected. Good game Eagles.
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