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    1. 0-2 and dead last in points allowed...thank goodness Leshoure has given us a half-decent offense.
    2. These slow starts are killing us - once again we end the first quarter down 10 and it gets worse before halftime. Also, who let Eli Austin back on the field after Sharpe took his only catch 49 yards?!
    3. Very top and very bottom of the overall list suggest there's some correlation there, but then again the Patriots are #8...
    4. Patriots: Trevor Workman is missing his TD reception (Leshoure threw 4, receivers only show 3) Brad Weathersby is listed as 0/0 on FG, but should be 0/1 per the scoring summary
    5. @Soluna Weathersby shows 0/0 on FGs but scoring summary says he missed one.
    6. GG @Kirby Great first game for Leshoure, disappointed our rushing attack was basically non-existent. At least we made it a game after being down 20. And no stats from either of our ILBs? Yikes.
    7. Nice article, I appreciate the work that went into it. Having said that, the Patriots are returning all 5 starting lineman and the top 3 running backs from the team that ranked 9th in rushing yards in 2024 (the next best in the division ranked 22nd) despite mostly playing from behind. But sure, 3rd in backfield and last in offensive line.
    8. Active Roster (55/55) Practice Squad (4/12) IR (2)
    9. Grant Barclay 3 TFL on 4 tackles... immediate impact from the 17th overall pick.
    10. Super Bowl: Washington FT AFC Champion: Las Vegas Raiders NFC Champion: Washington FT MVP: Ryan Harris Passing Yardage Leader: Joel King Rushing Yardage Leader: Trevon Yeldon Receiving Yardage Leader: Monte Jackson First Overall Pick: Cleveland Browns Last Undefeated: Kansas City Last Winless: Houston Texans And I'll toss in two more: Off RotY: Byron Suggs Def RotY: Leonard England
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