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    1. Patriots give: OLB Daquan Darcey 6-4 232 6 TCU [Coverage] [-2] [#] 85 Saints give: 2026 5th (#135) Darcey is in the final year of a 3-year, 16.25M contract. He is owed 3.5M this year (0.5M guaranteed, 3.0M non-guaranteed) @Rocketcan
    2. FOXBOROUGH, MA - After a breakout year in which he posted team-leading career highs in sacks (14.5) and tackles (105), OLB Phillip Davenport cashed in with a 5-year, $60 million contract extension that includes $42 million in guaranteed money. The pass rusher is now under contract through the 2031 season, as he’s currently on his 5th year option. The deal is similar in structure and payment to two other elite AFC linebackers: Baltimore’s Kenyatta Henderson (5 years, $13.4M AAV, 100% guaranteed) and Los Angeles’ Shane Easley (5 years, $12.7M AAV, 75.6% guaranteed). “An elite pass-rusher can define a defense, “ GM @Piercewise1 said at a press conference announcing the extension. “Davenport is an exceptional athlete who elevates the play of everyone around him. We’re delighted to reward his on-field performance and excited to see his continued growth as both a football player and a member of the Patriots organization. The future is bright in New England, and I hope our fans are as eager as I am for the seasons ahead.” Davenport’s is the second big move the franchise has made to keep its most talented players; during the season they re-signed Pro Bowl left tackle Taylor Randolph to a 5-year, $65 million extension. With these deals, the Patriots now have 8 of their top 10 most skilled players under contract for at least the next two seasons*, a good sign for a team coming off its best performance in years. One of the exceptions is center David Sutton, who was drafted in the 2022 1st round along with Davenport and is also playing on his 5th year option. Insiders report the two sides have begun negotiations on a new contract, though they have not yet agreed on terms. The other is Brad Weathersby, the 12-year veteran kicker. With a cadre of young players and six picks in the upcoming draft (including #21 overall), the Patriots are prepared to compete in 2026 and beyond. *Final year of contract // position // player // skill 2027 - QB Alex Leshoure (93) 2027 - OG Gary Gaines (87) 2027 - DE Deontre Graham (90) 2027 – SS Jarvis Bolton (88) 2028 - WR Geno Harris (88) 2028 - OG Josh Jones (87) 2030 – OT Taylor Randolph (97) 2031 – OLB Phillip Davenport (94)
    3. #4 DE Deontre Graham 6-7 244 3 Alabama [Contain] [-1/C] 90 - Accepted $8.0 million
    4. @Soluna updated my most recent (2026) Teams post to include coaches.
    5. New England Patriots 2026 Roster Coaches HC Jay Gruden (Age 59) Descended from Marvin Lewis QB Skill Level 2; Offensive Fitness Level 2; QBProgression Level 2; O-Line Chemistry Level 2 OC Darrell Bevell (Age 56) Descended from Brad Childress WR/TE Skill Level 3; QB Progression Level 2 DC Gus Bradley (Age 60) Descended from Jim L. Mora Secondary Skill Level 2; Defensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement Level 2 ST Darren Rizzi (Age 56) Descended from Tony Sparano Linebacker Chemistry Level 2; Kicker Progression Level 2; Special Teams Versatility Level 2 Active Roster
    6. This makes a lot of sense to me. Isn't too onerous to disrupt trading, but prevents (or at least mitigates) a lot of the gimmicks people use to front load contracts. No more signing a guy for $20M fully guaranteed in year 1 just to pay him $7M in year 4 with only $2M guaranteed.
    7. Finally a Patriots All-Pro! First one since 2017... Congratulations Davenport!
    8. Pittsburgh through week 16: 7-8 record Never scored more than 27 points Longest win streak: 2 games (twice) 11th seed in AFC playoff race Pittsburgh since week 16: 4-0 record Hasn't scored less than 27 points (45, 27, 28, 29) Current win streak: 4 games Playing in AFC Championship Game
    9. LAC Zion Hopkins fumble recovery, return for 5 yards (Alex Leshoure Fumble; Isaiah Hall) Where's the tuck rule when you need it? XD
    10. Live by Leshoure, die by Leshoure. Two picks in the red zone and a fumble on the final drive. We definitely don't get this far without him, but it's a disappointing performance. Defense played great outside of that final drive. ILB is becoming a concern though, given recent grades. Newhouse has shown up in a couple big games recently, wonder if he comes back for the last year of his contract. Congrats @pumph on your victory and amazing season.
    11. Good to see some Patriots in the Pro Bowl! Congratulations to Randolph and Davenport on their incredible seasons.
    12. Got it, that makes sense. Thank you for clarifying.
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