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  1. FROM DREAMS TO NIGHTMARES Giants start the seaon by firing GM Dream and suffering a crushing 28-6 loss to Dallas
  2. Nah I got the joke, it was just lame and I'm not in the mood for that shit right now
  3. I'm sure you're aware at this point of the multiple issues we have working together. Unfortunately this wasn't the only incident we were forced to take into consideration...
  4. This issue has been fixed. I apologize for not taking care of this sooner, please let me know if there is anything else that needs to be addressed.
  5. It is full time for now, I have zero interest in hiring a 3rd member at this time. I don't believe so, Dream has only been GM for a short time so the team is still largely built in my view. Additionally when I handed the official role over to him, I still had a large say in all personnel decisions. I'm leaving it up to Dream on whether or not he remains. I understand how that may not be desirable, especially with the GM and HC roles being secure for the near future.
  6. New NYG contract sheet:
  7. East Rutherford, New Jersey The New York Giants are announcing they are splitting ways with General Manager iliveinadreamatorioum. After having been a member of the organization since the 2016 season it has been increasingly clear that the Giants organization and Dream have different expectations on how the franchise should be operated. Owner Notoriousbigej will assume GM duties immediately and HC believer is secure in his position for the time being. I now open for questions.
  8. Can confirm: John Varela is basically Mark Starnes 2.0
  9. pussy
  10. I've known this dude since like 7th grade. He's a sewer rat irl
  11. Lets not forget the GOAT preseason QB performance tho: Brian LeBlanc, NYG, 1 of 10 for 5 yards, 0 TD, 3 INT Brian LeBlanc, NYG, WR - ACL - Out for season. #RIPBrianLeBlanc
  12. R.J. Stanford, NYG, 11 of 23 for 99 yards, 0 TD, 3 INT
  13. I came over during bowl season. My first game was getting blown out by my old team lol
  14. #IndependentMasterRace

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