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  1. Is there a way to change the high schools players are coming out of? I've noticed Oregon has a lot of players coming out of 4A (Oregon uses a 6 division system with 6A being the biggest schools) and lower schools, even 2A/1A which play 8 man and never have D1 croots. It's not a necessary thing but it could add to the realism of the site.
  2. Samuel Beck, Center, Stanford Dear Mom, When I was a high school junior, starting to receive offers to play football in college, you gave me a very important piece of advice. “Football is just temporary, but your education will last you forever”. I’d like to think I knew what you meant. I like to think I understood the value in picking a school not only for football, but for academics, and I tried to show you this. I worked my butt off in school. While my teammates were partying, I was studying for classes. While they were bouncing from girl to girl, with date after date, I was focusing on studying for my SAT. And it paid off. Not only did I get that football offer, but I got it to one of my dream schools, Michigan. Michigan meant more to me than just football, although that was a big part of it. Michigan is a really good school, and I was proud to go there. I was proud to not only wear the Maize and Blue on game day, but to go to class in Ann Arbor. And I tried to focus on what you taught me. I focused on not only going to team meetings, but going to classes. Not only to hit the weights, but hit the books.My football career may not have panned out the way I wished. I may not have gotten to play much for Michigan, and I probably won’t be playing next fall on Sundays. But mom I hope you’re proud of my next step. This small town Kansas boy is going to be transferring to Stanford, something I never would have dreamed of in high school. One of the best academic schools in the nation, if not the world. It may not have the football history of Michigan, but that doesn’t matter. I’m going to be playing the sport I love still, while getting a world class education. I’m going to finish my degree, and probably go pro in something other than sports, as cheesy as that sounds. I’m going to continue to show you that the 16 year old boy you gave advice to was listening. I’m gonna make you proud mama. Love, Sam
  3. Stanford's depth chart has been updated. Welcome to The Farm Samuel Beck!
  4. Richard Brown was my first QB at BYU. Being new to the site, I wasn't sure exactly what type of offense I wanted to run, let alone what type I should be running. I relied largely on a Vertical offense as I had a power HB and a couple of decent speed WRs. Looking back I probably threw the ball too much, as he had 460 PA that season. However the next season I like to think I figured things out as I ran a more game control style offense that allowed my defense to win us games. In NFLHC the first QB I had was Thomas Wheeler. I know the decision to draft him over Brian Brown is heavily criticized now, but back then as an expansion team I worried heavily about my lackluster OL and their abillity to keep Brown upright. Wheeler always seemed to struggle with having chemistry with his WRs, usually picking one guy to target every game, rather than try to work the ball around. I think this difficulty in running a somewhat predictable offense is what lead to Dream and I pulling the trigger on trading him.
  5. Nautical Nonsense Giants skill position players caught partying during bye week after a poor 1-3 start.
  6. BACK TO REALITY RJ Stanford returns to his struggling ways after a disappointing loss to Atlanta
  7. Nicholas Garland plays for Stanford but is listed as WSU
  8. lmfao
  9. NOW I'M A BELIEVER Rookie HC Believer gets his first career victory after a stunning performance by RJ Stanford
  10. RJ Stanford 1-0 career record in the playoffs vs Skaggs so...
  11. R.J. Stanford, NYG, 5 for 75 yards, 1 TD, 1/0 F/L
  12. MIGRAINES IN THE MEADOWLANDS QB RJ Stanford shows up for once, only to be let down by his defense and Carano in a loss to the Rams.
  13. >mrw we start the season 0-2
  14. FROM DREAMS TO NIGHTMARES Giants start the seaon by firing GM Dream and suffering a crushing 28-6 loss to Dallas
  15. Nah I got the joke, it was just lame and I'm not in the mood for that shit right now

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