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  1. Here are some hot takes for each of the Week 1 PAC-12 games: CFBHC Kickoff Game: Notre Dame (0-0) at Stanford (0-0) Nicholas Garland puts himself in the Heisman race with a dominant week 1 performance: If Stanford is going to have success this season, its going to be on the back of Garland. With a weak OL and a 3.0/3.0 RB, Garland is going to have to shoulder the offensive load for the Cardinal. Week 1 provides him a chance to come out strong against an average Notre Dame pass defense, look for him to connect with his plethora of weapons at the WR spot (Stanford boasts 3 WRs at 4.0/4.0 or better). Oregon State (0-0) at Central Michigan (0-0) Oregon State breaks their losing streak: Oregon State is in a much better place than they were last season, and look to improve on a dismal 0-12 2019 campaign. With Ralph Julian (JR) at QB and Lloyd Samuels (SO) at RB, the Beavers look to have a threatening ground game for the first time since the Ryan Clark era. They face a first time HC at CMU, and as long as they can win the battle of the trenches, look for OSU to finally get a W. New Mexico (0-0) at Washington (0-0) Jake Davis struggles in his CFB debut: All eyes will be on Freshman QB Jake Davis as he makes his long awaited college debut. The Huskies however seem to lack the play-makers around Davis to ensure he thrives right out of the gate, and couple that with a strong Lobos D and coaching from dml1, don't be surprised if Davis's first game looks rough. Ultimately the Huskies should win this game, but if they plan on contending in the North they are going to need Davis to outplay his current skill level. Connecticut (0-0) at #9 Washington State (0-0) Washington State holds Marshawn Miller to less than 100 yards rushing: Most of the attention on Washington State is currently on QB David Oates, and for good reason. Oates had a stellar 2019 season leading the Cougars to the playoffs and looks to only improve in 2020. The defense in Pullman should not be overlooked, as they have a shutdown front 7 anchored by Beckett Couch (DT - 4.0/4.0), Riley Nichols (DE - 4.0/4.0) and Redshirt Freshman Quincy Hobson (DE - 2.0/5.0). UCONN will struggle to win the battle at the line with just an average OL, allowing the Washington State front 7 to wreck havoc and shut down Miller. #24 Vanderbilt (0-0) at #22 Oregon (0-0) Trevon Yeldon runs for at least 125 yards and 2 TDs: Vanderbilt looks to have a stout defense in 2020 with one of the best line-backing corps in the nation, but Yeldon doesn't care. Arguably the best back in the conference in 2019, Yeldon looks to have a monster Sophomore year. Oregon benefited from some key OL transfers to strengthen Tevon's support, only helping his case for a repeat, if not better, performance in 2020. While Vanderbilt has a strong LB unit, their line lacks in the same type of fire power, giving Yeldon the potential to have a huge day if he can power through the second unit. UCLA (0-0) at #15 Baylor (0-0) UCLA pulls of the upset: Baylor should have a good 2020 season if Marcus Swartz and Lamont Wilder can find some magic, but their offensive line leaves a lot to be desired. UCLA has the potential to expose this if DE Blake Tipton can create pressure and force Swartz into making bad decisions against a solid Bruins secondary. The key to UCLA's offense will be their 2019 leading reciever, Darius Waters (ATH), an explosive play maker who can turn the game on either side of the ball, as Waters starts at both WR1 and SS. If Waters can explode for a huge offensive game or force some big turnovers on D, UCLA should be in good shape to pull off the upset. Colorado (0-0) at #2 USC (0-0) Buffs lose by less than 1 TD: USC is early favorites to win the PAC-12, as they clearly have one of the most talented teams not only in the conference, but in the nation. Star QB Luke Trickett (JR) is an early contender for Heisman, and is surrounded by studs on offense. The Trojan's defense might somehow be even more talented than their offense, as they have a 4.0 potential player or better at 10 out of 11 starting spots. Colorado should have their hands full in trying to contain USC, but their roster gives them an interesting chance to win. Feeding Latvious Murray the ball as much as possible will be the Buffaloes' primary offensive goal, and should allow them to chew clock and keep the ball out of Trickett's hands. Deasean Barkley (CB) and Seth Scott (FS) give the Colorado secondary the playmaking potential to maybe not stop a guy like Trickett, but at least slow him down and force him to make a mistake or two. This game will definitely be a lot closer than most think, as Colorado should be able to slow the game down and force some turnovers to prevent USC from building a huge lead.
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  3. Class of 2018 QBs>>>
  4. First off s/o to @Soluna, @alienufo, and the rest of the mod staff for making this all possible S/o to to all my NYG fam @believer for putting in a ton of work since he's been here, @iliveinadreamatorium for being a great person to work with and still chill to talk to even after the firing, and @Nmize0 for getting a lot of the building blocks in place and being someone I can still bounce ideas off of S/o to @deandean1998 you've become one of my favorite people on this site to talk both about the sim and just in general and I love seeing you succeed here (even if it hasn't happened much lately) S/o to that late night shout box crew @Darman, @stormstopper, @paperllamasunited, @DangerZoneh, @Emperor_of_Orange and anyone else I'm missing. The conversations maybe random and downright stupid at times, but as a west coaster I love being able to talk about anything with you guys late into the night S/o to @CadeRich5 for being a chill dude both here and IRL, we've had some wild times together and its crazy to think its all because of this random site S/o to @Jumbo for dank memez and being someone I can talk econ shit with There's probably a lot of people I'm missing, but if I had to list everyone who made this site great I would end up listing just about everyone
  5. IT WASN'T RJ FOR ONCE QB RJ Stanford continued to exceed expectations vs the Cowboys in week 7, but was let down in a 17-20 loss
  6. The PAC-12 North is complete!
  7. JET FUEL CAN MELT GIANT DREAMS The Giants' plan for a return trip to the playoffs looks grim after a loss to the Jets drops them to 1-4 on the season.
  8. My first game was in 2014 and featured BYU vs Taffy's Wisconsin team. I remember asking in the shoutbox the night before if anyone thought I could win the game, only to get a "lol no" response from Sophos. I got blown the fuck out the next day...
  9. Is there a way to change the high schools players are coming out of? I've noticed Oregon has a lot of players coming out of 4A (Oregon uses a 6 division system with 6A being the biggest schools) and lower schools, even 2A/1A which play 8 man and never have D1 croots. It's not a necessary thing but it could add to the realism of the site.
  10. Samuel Beck, Center, Stanford Dear Mom, When I was a high school junior, starting to receive offers to play football in college, you gave me a very important piece of advice. “Football is just temporary, but your education will last you forever”. I’d like to think I knew what you meant. I like to think I understood the value in picking a school not only for football, but for academics, and I tried to show you this. I worked my butt off in school. While my teammates were partying, I was studying for classes. While they were bouncing from girl to girl, with date after date, I was focusing on studying for my SAT. And it paid off. Not only did I get that football offer, but I got it to one of my dream schools, Michigan. Michigan meant more to me than just football, although that was a big part of it. Michigan is a really good school, and I was proud to go there. I was proud to not only wear the Maize and Blue on game day, but to go to class in Ann Arbor. And I tried to focus on what you taught me. I focused on not only going to team meetings, but going to classes. Not only to hit the weights, but hit the books.My football career may not have panned out the way I wished. I may not have gotten to play much for Michigan, and I probably won’t be playing next fall on Sundays. But mom I hope you’re proud of my next step. This small town Kansas boy is going to be transferring to Stanford, something I never would have dreamed of in high school. One of the best academic schools in the nation, if not the world. It may not have the football history of Michigan, but that doesn’t matter. I’m going to be playing the sport I love still, while getting a world class education. I’m going to finish my degree, and probably go pro in something other than sports, as cheesy as that sounds. I’m going to continue to show you that the 16 year old boy you gave advice to was listening. I’m gonna make you proud mama. Love, Sam
  11. Stanford's depth chart has been updated. Welcome to The Farm Samuel Beck!
  12. Richard Brown was my first QB at BYU. Being new to the site, I wasn't sure exactly what type of offense I wanted to run, let alone what type I should be running. I relied largely on a Vertical offense as I had a power HB and a couple of decent speed WRs. Looking back I probably threw the ball too much, as he had 460 PA that season. However the next season I like to think I figured things out as I ran a more game control style offense that allowed my defense to win us games. In NFLHC the first QB I had was Thomas Wheeler. I know the decision to draft him over Brian Brown is heavily criticized now, but back then as an expansion team I worried heavily about my lackluster OL and their abillity to keep Brown upright. Wheeler always seemed to struggle with having chemistry with his WRs, usually picking one guy to target every game, rather than try to work the ball around. I think this difficulty in running a somewhat predictable offense is what lead to Dream and I pulling the trigger on trading him.
  13. Nautical Nonsense Giants skill position players caught partying during bye week after a poor 1-3 start.
  14. BACK TO REALITY RJ Stanford returns to his struggling ways after a disappointing loss to Atlanta
  15. Nicholas Garland plays for Stanford but is listed as WSU
  16. lmfao
  17. NOW I'M A BELIEVER Rookie HC Believer gets his first career victory after a stunning performance by RJ Stanford
  18. RJ Stanford 1-0 career record in the playoffs vs Skaggs so...
  19. R.J. Stanford, NYG, 5 for 75 yards, 1 TD, 1/0 F/L
  20. MIGRAINES IN THE MEADOWLANDS QB RJ Stanford shows up for once, only to be let down by his defense and Carano in a loss to the Rams.
  21. >mrw we start the season 0-2
  22. FROM DREAMS TO NIGHTMARES Giants start the seaon by firing GM Dream and suffering a crushing 28-6 loss to Dallas
  23. East Rutherford, New Jersey The New York Giants are announcing they are splitting ways with General Manager iliveinadreamatorioum. After having been a member of the organization since the 2016 season it has been increasingly clear that the Giants organization and Dream have different expectations on how the franchise should be operated. Owner Notoriousbigej will assume GM duties immediately and HC believer is secure in his position for the time being. I now open for questions.
  24. Nah I got the joke, it was just lame and I'm not in the mood for that shit right now
  25. I'm sure you're aware at this point of the multiple issues we have working together. Unfortunately this wasn't the only incident we were forced to take into consideration...

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