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  1. Head Coach Trey Chaffin steps to the microphone: "It pains me greatly to say this, but after a great run at Georgia Tech, I will be stepping down as head coach. I know it isn't an ideal time, but it is time for me. I am open to any questions." Stepping out of character, I want to say a few things. I know a lot of y'all probably thought I was already gone or whatever. I never thought this day would come. Never. This site meant so much to me for so long. Some days it felt like I was online all 24 hours. Anytime I was at home I was on, as soon as I got on the bus to go across campus I'd be on on my phone, I'd be on in class, it just meant everything to me. Soluna, I know I could rub you the wrong way, and I know I truly pissed you off sometimes, but I want to thank you. This site is incredible. It really is. To everyone I've gotten to know over the years here, whether we got along or not, I am thankful for all of you. The hours spent in the shoutbox no matter the topic no matter how vicious the arguments were always fun. I am ready to step down immediately if that is what is best and there is a coach in the waiting, but I am also willing to continue as long as y'all need me too. As soon as I write this post I'm gonna go do recruiting for the upcoming week. Also, I will not be stepping down from my role within the Bengals organization. I am far more active there than I am in cfbhc. I am truly sorry for how inactive I have been for quite a while, I know it hurts the sim as a whole and especially my team and my conference. I want everyone to know I tried, I really did. I fully expected to be back up to my past activity levels in 2017, but a lot has happened in my personal life and things that I used to enjoy just don't hold my attention anymore. After graduating in december I expected to be more active, however a lot has happened since then. I won't go into any excuses, but this year, especially since March, has been really tough. Sorry this post is kinda rambly, it's late and I do feel bad about this. In hindsight I should have done this a long time ago, but every time I thought about doing it, I would convince myself I could become more active. And I would try, I really did, I would log on a few days in a row check stuff out make my gameplan, and then it would slip again. I know there is someone out there that can take care of my beloved team and players better than me. Its been fun guys, I won't just disappear, I'll still have the Bengals to be disappointed by, uh I mean to be excited about.
  2. Closer than I expected
  3. You know when you throw posts out of order like this it makes it real difficult to go back and do history stuff
  4. I like the play by play of the old.
  6. Hell yeah!
  7. Ayyyyyyyyy
  8. Cincinnati Bengals Green Bay Indianapolis at New Orleans at Seattle
  9. Damn that sucks. we'll back for you next season UGA
  10. Beckett ayyyyy
  11. Bump for two new trades. Trades will be kept in chronological order
  12. PM me if interested in grading one or both of the Bengals trades
  13. Here I will grade all trades made throughout the off-season. (I will have uninvolved parties grade trades the Bengals are involved in.) There will be a summary of the trade outlining all players and picks involved, their production in 2019, their future outlook, and the draft implications when picks are involved. After that each team will receive a grade, followed by a reasoning for the grades. The grade scale is as follows: A: Excellent B: Good C: Average D: Poor F: Terrible + and - may be used in each letter grade to denote slightly better or slightly worse. Green Bay Packers WR Matt Kreutz for Miami Dolphins OLB Garrison Jackson Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Adrian Jankowski, 2020 4th (100 OVR) for Cincinnati Bengals WR Marcus Ratterman, DE Demarius Strong (by npklemm) Cincinnati Bengals WR Jamal Brunell, 2020 2nd (37 OVR) for Miami Dolphins WR Rodney Montgomery, DE Gary Redmon (by npklemm) New York Jets C TJ Brumm for Arizona Cardinals 2020 2nd round (#42) (from PIT) and 2021 conditional 6th