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  1. damn that North-Taylor connection could be dominant. Glad he likes throwing to TEs cuz its all I got right now.
  2. if I lose to NE my season is basically over. Lawyer is gonna throw like 5 picks.
  3. Blacknall with the butter fingers again.
  4. Artemio plz
  5. its pretty easy to add schools to the list. for reference, heres all the schools currently in it:
  6. minor point but Deleware doesn't have any in-state schools in the sim.
  7. in the final round, i think it would be interesting if players would walk on to schools in neighboring states. I'm not sure how you would do it, but maybe it could just be like a 10% chance they would go to a neighboring state.
  8. Depth chart updated
  9. Was listed as #3
  10. OVERTIME MELTDOWN Jaylen Harris gets torched for 50 yard score less than a minute into OT.
  11. im completely average in every way
  12. Mike Hill. He took the Raiders to the superbowl in his only year as a starter. I'm pretty sure he hasn't played in a game since. Hes currently a free agent. I think he coulda been decent if someone else gave him a chance to start, but I had no problem getting rid of him when I got Nick Hall. I didn't have anything for receiving targets for him except for Brian Gary, so I tried not to rely on him much and instead chose to run Justin Buchanan into the ground that year. It worked.
  13. Nick Hall clutch again, only for the defense to pull an irl packers in OT.

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