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    1. Raiders place WR Marc Ponder 6-3 190 R USC [Speed] [0] 80 on Injured Reserve He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture in Week 3 and is out for the year.
    2. Didn't allow an offensive TD and lost.... Have only allowed 4 offensive TDs in 3 games and I'm 0-3. Lost my #2 receiver. Well this is gonna be a long season.
    3. Raiders place: RB DeSean Madison 5-7 222 1 Western Michigan [Power] [0] 82 on IR. He suffered a Severe PCL Rupture in Week 2 and is out for the season.
    4. Damn nice win Pittsburgh
    5. well, my offense has been shit so far but ive faced two elite defenses. My defense has also been elite, but 0-2 is not a great look. At least those are two of my tougher opponents this season. Losing Madison for the year is also extremely shitty.
    6. I think Marcus Black is broken.
    7. Who needs offense anyway. Gg Ravens. You guys have had my number for a while now.
    8. Forgot Yeldon was on the Titans now. Fuck, what a debut.
    9. Vikings missing a game winning FG just seem so right.
    10. Updated sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FG1blaRqGwrHBr9nEow7oEVL_MT59AI2PZS4p4w5dBk/edit?usp=sharing
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