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  1. still need headlines from Chiefs, Jags, and Browns.
  2. I, for one, am excited to see how Yancey Musgrave fares against starters.
  3. Kings of Clutch Hall's Last Second TD and 2 PT Conversion Forces OT. Holder Seals the Deal in Final Minutes to Vanquish Colts.
  4. Nick Hall to Emmett Spears, 8 yd TD pass - 0:39 (27-25) (2PT) Nick Hall to Mike Tripplett, 2 yards GOOD - 0:39 (27-27) DAT CLUTCH TRAIT
  5. I would watch this game IRL. gg emperor. Really happy with my rookies this game.
  6. regretting that ravens defense fantasy pick about now
  7. I forgot to add the Bengals to the team page issues. they have 57 players. fix this ASAP.
  8. looks good now
  9. he played pretty well imo considering hes a backup qb
  10. NYG were already on probation for issues earlier this offseason. Its warranted.
  11. New York Giants still have 54 players after the deadline to cut down to 53. Carolina has not updated their depth chart to the new format for the new season after being warned. The Giants will lose their 2021 3rd round pick for failure to meet the roster cut down deadline. If this is not resolved by Saturday at 1:00pm EST (24 hours before the game), it will escalate to a 1st round pick. Carolina's head coach (CadeRich5) will receive a $500,000 fine (deducted from his coaching salary)
  12. Team Pages (Too many / Not enough players) Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers Cincinnati Bengals (also need to fix Deasean Jenkins player line) New York Giants Seattle Seahawks Depth Charts not updated to new format: Carolina Panthers Green Bay Packers Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs Arizona Cardinals The deadline for this has already passed. I'll give you til noon EST to fix it before punishments.
  13. Teams that need to update their depth charts: Panthers, Packers, Cardinals, Colts, Chiefs.

  14. you can change your captains whenever you want.
  15. Post the player line of players you are moving to IR.

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