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  1. git gud
  2. hah, I did this like an hour ago
  3. this is actually wrong. I think it has something to do with the trick plays messing up the calculation (looking into it), but their actual YPA is 8.2 which is just above average. edit: fixed it
  4. 16/32 offense 17/32 defense literally average
  5. first ever NFL games, New Orleans Saints Vs. St. Louis Rams. Walk off TD from Walt Peck for the win.
  6. major morris was snubbed. Singlehandedly dropped the bills from 2nd best run defense in YPCA to 6th.
  7. AJJ with 5.2 YPA on 47% passing with 2 ints, no tds. YIKES!
  8. Stayin' Alive Raiders re-take lead in AFC West race with OT win in Buffalo. Major Morris dives for the goal line for his second TD of the day.
  9. back on top!
  10. Alexander Baumgartner, OAK, 2 INT, 6 Tackles not the person I'd expect to pull off a two int game.... Major Morris continues to be unstoppable. barely skated by though. GG Bills, really hoping Hall can play next week.
  11. Ryan Harris is a bit surprising on here. He hasn't been as impressive as those other QBs imo.
  12. also Memphis allowed 10x as many points to Tulsa as I did last week. GJ bro.
  13. how is washington so bad.
  14. first was probably Justin Buchanan. Dude carried my team to the superbowl. Was sad to see him get picked up in the expansion draft, especially by a team who didn't even let him start. All time though is definitely Nick Hall. For Temple, its gotta be Ricky Lewis. Similarly to Buchanan, he was the only bright spot on my team the first year, and ended up having quite a nice career. I am glad I got to send him out with a Bowl win.
  15. North's game was better given the opponents