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  1. Chargers are worse than the skins imo
  2. probably another Artemio return
  3. Hallow Nick Hall's injury exposes Raiders lack of depth in loss to struggling Cardinals.
  4. picking in the teens boys
  5. coulda been a return
  6. pretty sure the giants have still never beaten the eagles.
  7. Dylan Stone, TEM, 1/2 (43 -- 45)
  8. FSU gonna go from top 10 to unranked.
  9. play less agressive
  10. Wyoming is 1/6 on field goals the last two weeks.
  11. is Chris Billings shit or the rest of Charlotte bringing him down?
  12. the view outside the titans training facility:
  13. Kaleidescope time! Titans need to hire a new training staff.
  14. nah, you're pretty appropriately ranked. You would be favored against any team below you, and 1 or 2 above you too.
  15. FSU continues to be far too high