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  1. damn I initially had Shea stadium as my answer but changed it.
  2. are we GUARANTEED to be able to come back? If so, I'm going to check out Pyonyang. As long as I don't have to spend much time there, and won't be kidnapped, it would be interesting to check out North Korea
  3. p.s. - post here when you have posted your finished re-signings for easier processing
  4. Thread needs to be titled [2023] Re-signings. Post it in your team club.   Once posted they are considered final, and can be processed at any time even if the deadline has not been reached yet, so don't make a post thats half done and expect to finish it before the deadline.   Format:  NEW CONTRACT (EXPIRING) DT Some Player 6-5 299 4 Michigan [1-Gap] 95 Old Contract: 3 years // 22 million // even New Contract: 4 years // 40.0 million // 30.00% Guaranteed G//5.0//5.0//2.0//0.0//Total:12.0 $//5.0//5.0//8.0//10.0//Total:28.0 Total//10.0//10.0//10.0//10.0//Total:40.0 EXTENSIONS QB Some Player 6-5 199 6 Toledo [Pocket] 95   Old Contract: 3 years // 22 million // even Extension Contract: 3 years // 60.0 million // 50.00% Guaranteed G//10.0//10.0//10.0//Total:30.0 $//10.0//10.0//10.0//Total:30.0 Total//20.0//20.0//20.0//Total:60.0 TAGGING WR Some Player 6-6 220 4 Virginia [Target] 95  Old Contract: 3 years // 30 million // even New Contract: 3 years // 36.0 million // 80.56% Guaranteed G//12.0//9.0//8.0//Total:29.0 $//0.0//3.0//4.0//Total:7.0 Total//12.0//12.0//12.0//Total:36.0 OR Franchise Tag:   1 years // 13.0 million // 100.00% Guaranteed G//13.0//Total:13.0 $//0.0//Total:0.0 Total//13.0//Total:13.0 not you can only use the franchise/transition tag on ONE player. If they reject your extension, they will be given the tag. You cannot attempt to tag multiple people.  Use the calculator on the interface: http://cfbhc.herokuapp.com/contract/  at the bottom of your post, YOU MUST LIST ALL PLAYERS THAT HAVE EXPIRED CONTRACTS THAT YOU ARE NOT ATTEMPTING TO RE-SIGN.
  5. you have until friday to post these. Im planning on opening up coordinator hiring around the same time as player free agency.
  6. Can someone do me a solid and compile a list of all the current free agents' player lines so that they can be progressed? thanks. Just post it here.
  7. on appeal, Im reducing this punishment to 2.5 million.
  8. Great career. Probably the most consistent of the big 3 TEs from the 2014 class.
  9. Raiders: Offensive Coordinator - Rob Chudzinsky  +8% TE progression  +2% TE skill +2% TE durability +12% OT scheme change penalty  Defensive Coordinator - Pete Carroll   +5% FS/SS Skill  +9% CB/SS aggressiveness +8% FS/SS/CB scheme change penalty
  10. Please post here if one or both of your coordinators is no longer under contract. Post their full line.
  11. just incase it wasn't clear, EVERYthing will be postponed until after progressions so you will have ample time to submit stuff. Once they are done, I will update all the dates.
  12. Please negotiate a contract between your GM and Head Coach privately and post the result here. Coaching contracts must be the same value each year with 50% guaranteed money but the years and total are up to you. If a coach is removed early they will count against your coaching cap.  If the GM and Head Coach are the same user the can simply choose how much they would like to make.  The Head Coach must always make more than at least one coordinator. Format: HC [coach username] # years // $total  $ per year   Only post if you do not currently have a coach under contract.
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