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  1. Losing the superbowl isn't the biggest regret, surprisingly. Not getting to the Superbowl in 2019 is my biggest regret. I think I had the strongest team, but injuries at the end of the year really screwed me over in the playoffs. I still almost beat the Jets with my 3rd string RB. I'm not sure I'll have a team as strong as that one again.
  2. I'll have at least 3 more players on this list at the end
  3. My 4.5/4.5 senior punter can't make either list?
  4. Aaron Shea to Tyrone McGee, 8 yd TD pass - 3:50 (20-6) 20 points for Tyrone McGee
  5. Aren't smu and ucf already ranked
  6. danger rn:
  7. A forum specifically for NFL Headlines. hide the spring games depth chart forum now that they are done (annoying to see when looking for current depth charts)
  8. fixed the raiders. had some backups playing because of injuries.
  9. jesus christ air force
  10. Time For A Major Change? Raiders only manage 9 points in Los Angeles. Something has to change to get the offense rolling.
  11. I like how Hagan has an N64 poster on his wall but doesn't appear to be old enough to even have been alive when the N64 came out.
  12. people aren't going to "let" you have shit, you have to earn it.
  13. the instate bonus is 25 right? so putting 50 points on a player in your state should be 50 + 20 (free) + 25 (state bonus) for a total of 95 points?
  14. its quite clearly separate. You should be able to use normal points on them too, or they would just be automatic croots for some teams.
  15. true. a few clarifications on how stuff stacks would be nice, but the changes look pretty great.

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