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  1. alienufo

    [2022] NFLHC Schedule

    the whole nfc east was messed up with their afc south cross games. Fixed it.
  2. alienufo

    Contract Lookup Thread v2.0

    this is the old thread.
  3. alienufo

    Depth Chart Reminder

    You may only have 46 players active on gameday. This means you must have at least 7 inactive players every week (you can have more)
  4. alienufo

    [2022] Roster Cut Downs

    Raiders are down to 53
  5. Georgia absolutely dominated. UNC is pretty bad, but that was a great performance. Nebraska also surprised me. Thought Tennessee would keep it close if not win outright.
  6. I still don't trust the Cowboys receivers or Graham Burnett. Cowboys have had a lot of draft busts in recent years. All of their stars are old at this point.
  7. alienufo


    Randeye in the AAC
  8. alienufo

    Practice reminder

    before your game
  9. alienufo

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #4 - SNF

    Simpkins is bad
  10. alienufo

    Practice reminder

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cpUZsguSG5tpuUNXzCNUY9Js8rhb6w2k7E7TxGfsPlU/edit#gid=1988681161 Make sure your coaches are filling in their practice schedule for week 1 and beyond.
  11. good thing for the packers, its not January yet.
  12. two teams on opposite trajectories in my mind. Bears are up and coming, Cowboys are on a downward trend. Either way, start of a new era for both teams.