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  1. alienufo

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Temple: Week 1: Mississippi State Week 2: @ Pittsburgh Week 5: Penn State (Metlife Stadium) Week 14: @ Army
  2. i disabled that part when i posted it because i didnt want you guys to break it.
  3. the people have spoken. Draft marathon it is.
  4. I made this for my web development class this past semester. thought you guys might think its cool. https://football-plays-brian-becker-alienufo.c9users.io/play_designer.php
  5. option 1 would probably be: 5/25 - 6pm est 5/26 - 4pm est option 2 would probably be: 5/25 - 8pm est 5/26 - 7pm est 5/27 - 4pm est
  6. the 2 day draft will have to start in the afternoon.
  7. WR Lindsey Thomas 5-11 163 2 Arizona [Speed] [-1] 77 was on KC's roster the entire 2022 season but was actually on the Packers. Unclear whether he played for them (was inactive on latest depth chart), but he was a FA the previous season. In addition, they removed player colors during re-signings. (minor issue) KC will lose their 4th round pick in 2023 as well as a 3 million cap penalty. @Nmize0 Browns mistakenly listed a player that was not a FA in their released players during re-signing. The player went to FA and was signed by Atlanta before the error was found out. They then released the player to waivers and claimed by the Colts. Cleveland's 2023 7th round pick will be forfeit. @brightfalls @Kirby Because Atlanta kind of got screwed in the above issue, I am awarding them a compensatory 5th round pick. It will be the final comp pick in the 5th round. @acewulf @Rocketcan @Quasar
  8. based on Storm's rankings you are #41. NC State: #74 NMSU: #125 UAB: #43 WMU: #50
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