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  2. the injury stuff is wrong. He had injuries in both 2019 and 2017. 2019 was like 6 or 7 games.
  3. Coming for Denver! Raiders clinch 6th seed on tiebreakers after victory over hapless Chargers.
  4. AFC QB: Aaron Shea (IND), Brian Brown (MIA), Erik Wegert (NYJ) RB: Asante Sowell (JAX), J.B. Blacknall (DEN), Chester Henson (PIT) WR: Mosi Bartos (IND), Raheem Robinson (JAX), Tai Miller (CLE), Adrian Jankowski (CIN) TE: D.J. Gibson (MIA), Spec Davidson (KC) FB: Neil Sharper (JAX) OT: Brandon Reamon (TEN), Gary Tomlinson (DEN), Greg Sewell (PIT) OG: David Schlereth (NYJ), Robert Roaf (JAX), David Wilson (OAK) C: Jon Zatkoff (DEN), Enoch Dickenson (CLE) DT: Michael Carrol (DEN), Malik Dawson (KC), Bob Ballard (NYJ) DE: Anthony Ortiz (BUF), Benjamin Blankenship (MIA), Tyler Jones (TEN) OLB: Tyrone Jones (BAL), Jason Bryant (MIA), David Doherty (TEN) ILB: Cameron Jonah (DEN), Phillip Moore (MIA) CB: Jack Ramsey (TEN), Justin Davis (MIA), Troy Marshall (BAL), Aaron Samuelson (IND) SS: Dane Wilson (PIT), Larry Reaves (JAX) FS: Sean Burton (IND), Reshad Jenkins (NYJ) K: Alejandro Aguirre (JAX) P: Jason Sochia (JAX) KR: Marvin Washington (NYJ) Coach: Soluna NFC QB: Christian Skaggs (CAR), Jason Johnson (GB), Darrell Murphy (LAR) RB: Vaughan Abraham (DAL), Akili Wallace (ATL), Mike Latta (CAR) WR: Sean Jenkins (NO), David Gaines (CHI), Gary Faneca (SEA), Kevin Branch (SF) TE: Curtis Henry (CAR), Jerry Cipa (TB) FB: Donnie Hubbert (CAR) OT: Tron Moses (CAR), Justin Campbell (DAL), Quin Bouman (GB) OG: Jace Brown (DAL), LaMont Sheriff (DET), Jack Green (PHI) C: Sid Henson (DAL), LaMarcus Smith (LAR) DT: Earl Jackson (DET), David Medley (CHI), Jeremy Miller (NO) DE: Early Davis (ATL), Ron Rice (CAR), Michael Bruce (LAR) OLB: Derrick Martin (TB), Kenyatta Henderson (NYG), Paul Goodman (MIN) ILB: Daleroy Smart (SF), Malcolm Douglas-Scott (SEA) CB: Travis Chatman (DAL), DeAndre Hawkins (PHI), Matt Cowan (SEA), Keyshawn Thompson (DET) SS: Julio Barnes (GB), Brandon Sauter (LAR) FS: Darius Jones (ATL), Prince McGill (SF) K: Cliff Chamblin (LAR) P: Steve Noonan (ARI) KR: Christopher Johnson (PHI) Coach: Inspiral
  5. No, but the sim does and it said Noonan was better
  6. average isn't the only thing that matters though.
  7. also should be noted that the only player that was unanimous was Aaron Shea
  8. Marcus Barry got snubbed. Also MIA has so many pro bowlers how are they not better.
  9. OT Jack Allen 6-4 279 3 USC [Run Blocking] 85 he went +0 and +1 after two years, then I trade him and he goes +3. Of course.
  10. Great work yet again
  11. added him
  12. You have until Friday at midnight to submit your votes.
  13. open again
  14. i know i closed it because I forgot to add the comeback players
  15. Every team can nominate one player from their team to be considered for the award. You may post media about the player's charitable activities, and why they deserve this award to improve your player's chances. Remember, this has nothing to do with on field performance. I will narrow down the results to a top 5 for the final awards poll. Post who you want to nominate in this thread. If you've written media about the player, link it in the post where you nominate them (edit it in)
  16. I feel like this is a somewhat flawed metric because it doesn't really take into account how long the line has to block. Teams that rely on short passing take less sacks than teams running a deep scheme. Still interesting to see and appreciate the hard work.
  17. Nick Hall is a fucking rock.
  18. Fib ur
  19. Playoffs baby!
  20. Will you still be an occasional broadcaster?
  21. Voting is now closed
  22. Win And In* Loss to Broncos puts playoff hopes on the line in Week 17 Showdown against L.A. Pictured: Matt Fisk misses a FG. Or an XP. Whatever he sucks. *Still one scenario where they don't make it even if they win.
  23. How's your ACL?