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    1. [2021] Week 7 Headlines

      Seahawks, Browns, Rams did not submit headlines last week. Violations so far: Cardinals: 2 Seahawks: 2 Jaguars: 1 Patriots: 1 Giants: 1 Redskins: 1 Falcons: 1 Rams: 1 Browns: 1
    2. Making a new one since everyone's cap sheets have to be updated for the new contract changes. Post yours here ONLY after you convert yours to the new system. AFC North Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers AFC East Buffalo Bills New England Patriots New York Jets Miami Dolphins AFC South Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Tennessee Titans AFC West Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders Los Angeles Chargers NFC North Chicago Bears Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings NFC East Dallas Cowboys New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins NFC South Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC West Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Rams San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks
    3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pHEImcSPhEVE8D14jk-SlK4nHpIgABjqhs6ml9EdjP4/edit?usp=sharing should be up to date for camp.
    4. Trade deadline + Re-signings

      pushing this back due to the site shutdown. Will update when we find out when we will be back to games.
    5. Trade deadline will be Wednesday at 11:59pm Eastern prior to week 8 (whenever that is) Mid season Re-signings will be due exactly a week from then. will update when I have more concrete dates.
    6. Trade deadline + Re-signings

      trade deadline is THIS wednesday (14th) at 11:59pm eastern. re-signings due NEXT wednesday (21st) at 11:59pm eastern.
    7. [2021] Week #7 - 4 PM

      the chargers are so fucking bad.
    8. [2021] Week #7 - 1 PM

      don't let the vikings injuries distract you from the fact that the Bears lost to the Bengals.
    9. [2021] Week #7 - 1 PM

      probably got run into after a kick
    10. [2021] Week #7 - 1 PM

      Jared Lee, DT - Moderate Ankle Sprain Stephen Elliott, FS - Severe ACL Rupture Tyler Trent, SS - Moderate Biceps Pull Ilan Youngblood, K - Moderate Elbow Sprain
    11. [2021] Week #7 - TNF

      Isaac Montalvo, OT - Moderate Calf Tear
    12. you can still match.
    13. Franchise Tagging. This will happen during the re-signing period. A franchise tagged player signs a 1 year contract at a salary equivalent to the "Star" equivalent for on their position based on this chart: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/main/index.php?title=NFLHC#Free_Agency, OR 20% higher than the average salary of their previous contract, whichever is higher. A team cannot franchise tag a player multiple times. The limit is 1. A franchise tagged player cannot be traded or cut for that season. A franchise tagged player will be slightly less likely to re-sign with the team the next cycle. Transition Tagging This will happen during the re-signing period. A transition tagged player signs a 1 year contract at a salary equivalent to the "Above Average" equivalent for their position based on this chart: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/main/index.php?title=NFLHC#Free_Agency , OR 10% higher than the average salary of their previous contract, whichever is higher. A team cannot transition tag a player multiple times. The limit is 1. Any team can sign them away (first dibs) but must provide their nearest two 1st round picks as compensation to do so. A transition tagged player is not impacted in likeliness to re-sign. A team can only Franchise OR Transition tag, but not both. A player cannot be transition tagged and then franchise tagged in different years. One counts for the other.
    14. In addition, you will now be able to place a tag on a player and ALSO try to give them an extension during the same signing period in the offseason. If they reject your contract offer, they will be tagged.
    15. [2021] Week 6 Headlines

      CLASH OF TITANS Raiders trounce Titans in Tennessee on back of terrific defense. Shah Vereen pressures Thomas Wheeler before his first interception.
    16. [2021] Week #6 - 1 PM

      Thomas Wheeler after this game:
    17. [2021] Week #6 - Saturday Evening

      Did not expect my defense to fall apart quite that hard... Bowden had a hell of a game but that's pretty much it. Gg Todd. Hopefully I get you back tomorrow.
    18. [2021] CFBHC Stats

      AAC defensive stats don't seem to have copied over correctly. PDs are copying into sacks, sacks are into an empty column, etc.
    19. [2021] Week 5 Power Rankings

      for once it seems like the AFC is finally stronger than the NFC
    20. [2021] Week #6 Inactives

      DE Omar Vasquez 5-11 236 R Duke [Blitz] 70 QB David Oates 5-11 201 R Washington State [Pocket] 77 OLB Joel Siegel 5-11 241 R Wisconsin [Coverage] 70 WR Darryl McGlockton 6-1 199 2 USC [Speed] 73 ILB Bobby Oakley 5-11 249 R Air Force [Will] 71 RB Major Morris 5-10 207 1 The Citadel [Speed] 79 C Brendan Doherty 6-3 262 2 Washington State [Pass Blocking] 84
    21. [2021] Week #5 - MNF

      of course Brett Fisher has his first good game against grv
    22. [2021] Week #5 - SNF

      you know its not the pre-season anymore, right San Fran?
    23. [2021] Week #5 - 4 PM

      panthers are 2-3. so much for "all in"