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  1. Depth chart updated
  2. Was listed as #3
  3. OVERTIME MELTDOWN Jaylen Harris gets torched for 50 yard score less than a minute into OT.
  4. im completely average in every way
  5. Mike Hill. He took the Raiders to the superbowl in his only year as a starter. I'm pretty sure he hasn't played in a game since. Hes currently a free agent. I think he coulda been decent if someone else gave him a chance to start, but I had no problem getting rid of him when I got Nick Hall. I didn't have anything for receiving targets for him except for Brian Gary, so I tried not to rely on him much and instead chose to run Justin Buchanan into the ground that year. It worked.
  6. Nick Hall clutch again, only for the defense to pull an irl packers in OT.
  7. Arizona with that 50.6 punting avg.
  8. i almost never change my safety looks. I try to run a defense similar to the irl seahawks, so my FS has to be a center fielder, and my strong safety has to be versatile guy who can cover TEs or defend the run. I have both of those now, and it seems to work pretty well how I have it set up. I don't typically give up very many big plays, which is the goal of my defense. The more plays it takes them to get to scoring range, the more chances I have to get a turnover or stop them. Chunk yardage plays are cancer. For heavy volume passers, I think either can work, but I'd stick to my main defensive philosophy. One weakness of man is that your corners aren't always looking in the backfield, so they are more likely to miss a RB taking a handoff and taking it outside. Don't have to worry about that as much against heavy volume passers though.
  9. blacknall with them butter fingers
  10. Tampa could legit go 0-16.
  11. so 80 yard screen pass TD every time I get the ball?
  12. whats 20% of zero
  13. closed
  14. If DNJ fell to me I'd take him
  15. ive tried it with a speed / power back and pocket passer. Didn't like the production I got out of it so decided to stick with just one back. I think it could work if you have two similar backs and a pocket passer, but you really have to build your team towards it if you don't have a scrambler I think. Dallas is running it this year to great success, but they have the ideal team to run it. Not everyone is gonna be able to emulate that.
  16. you can all update your cap sheets
  17. you guys can update your cap sheets.
  18. Current deal: QB Nick Hall 6-2 221 5 Syracuse [Pocket] 97 // 5 years // 4 years // 105 million // even Restructured deal: QB Nick Hall 6-2 221 5 Syracuse [Pocket] 97 4 years // 84.0 million // 50.00% Guaranteed G//12.0//9.5//10.25//10.25//Total:42.0 $//12.0//9.5//10.25//10.25//Total:42.0 Total//24.0//19.0//20.5//20.5//Total:84.0
  19. extending the deadline for this til Tuesday due to the site being down a lot.
  20. one of the things that people overlook with Skaggs too is that he has never missed a game. All the other "top" QBs have missed significant time. Thats fucking huge.
  21. Yeah. Why would you even field a punt at the one? Let it bounce. Crazy he was able to get it in for a TD.
  22. F tor tampa bay
  23. Viva Las Vegas? Oakland stadium plans fall through. Move to Vegas seems inevitable.
  24. this is who caught the td: CB Marcus Farmer 6-1 177 5 Louisville [Zone Coverage] 70
  25. ill give people til 4pm today to get this done since the site was down for a few hours before the deadline yesterday.

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