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  1. I don't think Kamau is a top 10 QB in NFLHC, he doesn't even start
  2. In no order: Aaron Shea Allan Taylor Brian Brown Christian Skaggs Darrell Murphy Graham Burnett Jason Johnson Nick Hall Ryan Harris Tanner Bowman
  3. Tom Branchg=* I can't believe he had this game in the Super Bowl two years after he looked done here, crazy
  4. Well I can't use this as the headline picture because the resolution is bad, but this hilariously would make a lot of sense to use
  5. "The Coaches Poll But Only Azul's Vote Counts" is delayed, sorry, I'll post it later
  6. Coach Tuscan, Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?
  7. Coaching Skills Changes Offense: 16 (+1) --------> 17 Defense: 19 (+1) --------> 20 Special Teams: 11 (+1) --------> 12 Clock Mgmt: 12 -----------> 12 Discipline: 12 (-2) -------> 10 Youth Mgmt: 11 (+1) -------> 12
  8. Jumbo


    pls put trigger warnings on your future posts
  9. This season should be fun. Only 3 departing starters and a lot of the youth I started this year on a team that went 8-4 should improve. Gonzalez probably upgraded with Carter. Hall will be tough to replace with (probably) a 3.5 redshirt freshman but we'll see how he does. I never was a huge fan of Gibson, think I can get adequate replacement with some rotation of Rowe/Jenkins/Hooper. If Sharp significantly improves next season the sky is the limit but that's a big if.
  10. I would give the irl Jets Darnerien Sohn. Darnold needs OL help badly. Alternatively, Reshad Jenkins with Jamal Adams would be freaking incredible. And I'd love to take Le'Veon on the sim Jets because our coach isn't Adam Gase, and we could actually use him.
  11. Nope, only had 16 sacks. Nope, 84 sacks. Here's a hint: He was on the 2000s All-Decade Team
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