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  • (SAT - 4 PM) SEA at WAS
  • (SAT - 8 PM) DEN at LV
  • (SUN - 3 PM) BUF at BAL
  • (SUN - 6 PM) PHI at DET
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      1. @Soluna @Osu @llamas @caesari @Dacder @TazerMan @Dr_Novella @Jieret @cultur3
      2. @Soluna @anonemuss @Osu @llamas @nemolee.exe @caesari @Dacder @TazerMan @alienufo @TheSam @Dr_Novella @Jieret @cultur3 Time to vote!
      3. I think the advanced contract stuff is still a keeper assuming it's not too much of a hassle to implement on your end.
      4. College Choice: USC First Name: Brandon Last Name: Willis Position: PG Secondary Position (Optional): SG Jersey Number (No digits higher than 5): 11 Dominant Hand: Left Playstyle: (Isolation, 3pt shooter, Mid Range, pick & roller, Post up, etc. Just describe what you want and I can probably get close): Short Mordechai Skin Tone: 1-10: 8 Hair Style/Color: Buzz Cut, Black Facial Hair: Goatee Height: 5'10 Weight: 175 Wingspan: 50 Tattoos: None, he is a clean boi obviously Shoe Brand will m
      5. He was also our highest rated player last week lmao
      6. The Hoosiers - Up To No Good
      7. Bringing it back since the Jets are out of the playoffs. Remember to send me the votes. I'll keep it open for a few days or until we get around ~20 submissions. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD USE THE BELOW FORMAT. Submit votes to me via PM. Please fill out the following ballot with Artist - Song (user that submitted): 1st (12 Points): Artist - Song 2nd (10 Points): Artist - Song 3rd (8 Points): Artist - Song 4th (7 Points): Artist - Song 5th (6 Points): Artist - Song  6th (5 Points): Artist - Song 7th (4 Points): Artist
      8. FWIW I think this is a good idea - I haven't done much public facing in a while so someone to handle that side of it could be a good idea. Just change the name so it's not so similar
      9. 5 years is way too long, should just be eligible if they're 90+ OVR OR if they have some high (5-7?) years of service (for older vets)
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