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    1. Calvin Ray was our top rated player last week and our lowest rated player this week. Why is he suddenly the worst player to ever play football? I want a refund
    2. For us: Round 1 - Pick 10 - C Charlie Becker B+ Always hard to figure out offensive linemen, but he's gotten 3 additional info reports saying that he played at an 89+ overall rating so we're feeling pretty good about his development so far overall. Round 2 - Pick 40 - CB Leonard Revis C- Only 1 interception so far this season as a starter, although only in 3 CB sets. He's been solid but not spectacular, but I would want more out of a top 40 player honestly. Our secondary has been pretty good so I might be underrating him a little bit but I
    3. You guys are forgetting long snapping legend Philip Crowe
    4. Oh yeah? DM me every screenshots of every single week's gameplan to prove it or it didn't happen
    5. MIN Bryce Thompson, 10 yard pass short right from Jacory Kessler (Anthony Harris Kick; A.J. Wallace) Surprised we don't see this more often from Minnesota
    6. That's a nice way for our passing defense to return to form after the bye. Love having the run game able to carry us when Wegert isn't at the top of his game now, really helps our team function better. GG Buffalo
    7. In 2014, we traded with the Raiders, moving pick #48 in the draft for picks #99, #108, and a 2015 5th. This turned into: ILB Rodrick Milligan for CB Shawn Tennell (99), OLB Tommy Leonard (108), and the 5th was used to trade up 12 spots in the 3rd round for #loltar Milligan was a longtime stud for both the Raiders and Eagles, while Tennell was a solid CB2 for us and then the Giants in the beginning years. Unbelievably, Tommy Leonard was still a starter in NFLHC up until last season and has been a solid contributor for a long time for b
    8. I think interim HC should get fewer skill points than normal just to prevent any abuse of firing. Or, could promote your OC/DC/ST to HC and create an interim for that position with fewer skill points than normal. Unsure if interim OC/DC/ST would be a good option though.
    9. Best player in a 35-point output being a DE is quite encouraging. 8-0 start is great. Go Trojans!
    10. Was a bit worried, but we've gotten 2 or 3 player notes that Becker played above his rating at an 89 or 90+ so we're pretty happy with his contributions so far overall.
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