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  1. Thanks for tuning in! As you'll remember, last time we revealed players 15-11. Here are the voting results from the fans as to whether these players were overrated or underrated on our list: Ranking Player Rating Description 15 ILB Andre Brooks (Lions) 2.83 Somewhat Underrated 14 DE Ryan Frey (Eagles) 3.33 Somewhat Overrated 13 OG David Wilson (Raiders) 2.58 Pretty Underrated 12 SS Dane Wilson (Steelers) 3.83 Incredibly Overrated 11 OG Jace Brown (Cowboys) 2.75 Kinda Underrated Now, it's time to reveal the rest of the players on our list! These are the top 10 players in NFLHC, the very best of the very best. When points are revealed, each player got a certain number of points from each ballot cast. A first place vote was worth 50 points, second place vote worth 49, etc. Player #10 Player #9 Player #8 Player #7 Player #6 Player #5 Player #4 Player #3 Player #2 Player #1 Thanks for tuning in for all these lists! Here is the ranking of all players who received votes: Who should have made the list that didn't? Who was really overrated? Any further comments?
  2. They let up 21 points in the first quarter
  3. Darth Paul Paul Howell puts up 6 catches, 131 yards, and a TD against his former team as the Jets win 31-14
  4. Fields is missing a TD on the stat sheet
  5. That NYG punishment seems a bit harsh... But dream pls
  6. He already did last year Also, only #4? Wow bingo I didn't know u were such a h8er
  7. Jets move: DE Charles Anderson 6-3 245 R BYU [Blitz] 69 to IR
  8. Eugene Sanders was who I wanted to be our WR4 going into the preseason. His stats this preseason: Eugene Sanders, NYJ, 4 for 28 yards, 0 TD,1 DRP Eugene Sanders, NYJ, 2 for 22 yards, 0 TD Eugene Sanders, NYJ, 4 for 51 yards, 0 TD, 2 DRP Eugene Sanders, NYJ, 3 for 41 yards, 0 TD, 2 DRP Total: 13 receptions for 142 yards, 0 TD, 5 drops He is not who I want to be our WR4 anymore.
  9. Start Luke tbh
  10. That's why he's called Legzilla!
  11. The Saints starting defense let up 35 points to our offense consisting of 2nd and 3rd stringers. Jesus Christ
  12. Well to win 20 games in a year, you'd need to go 16-0 in the regular season and then win 4 playoff games, which is only possible without a playoff bye. Since only 2 teams within a single conference could possibly go 16-0, you can't win 20 games in a single season.
  13. Assuming it follows real life the option is 100% guaranteed but I'm not sure that's ever been confirmed
  14. So.... I really hope neither of our starting CBs get injured

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