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  1. East Rutherford, NJ -- The New York Jets are waiting to find out who their first playoff opponent will be next week in the Divisional Round, but in the meantime, after a search to replace the recently ousted LDYo as the team's Head Scout, the Jets have finally settled on a preferred candidate. TazerMan will be taking the role. A relative newcomer to CFBHC, he has been looking to get a start in NFLHC and will be getting a chance with one of the league's premier organizations. TazerMan will oversee the team's college scouting, focusing on areas of need with some input in the team's war room when draft day hits. Owner/GM Jumbo and TazerMan are available for any questions.
  2. Fuck Ronnie Peterson. Also, gg Darman
  3. Jets give: C T.J. Brumm 6-1 267 3 Arizona State [Pass Blocking] 85 Cardinals give: 2020 2nd round pick (#42) (from Pittsburgh) 2021 conditional 6th round pick: Becomes 4th if Brumm makes the Pro Bowl Becomes 5th if Jarius Jones (or ARI #1 QB) does not miss any games due to injury in 2020 and Brumm does not make the Pro Bowl. No Arizona QB was injured during the regular season, and Brumm did not make the Pro Bowl, so Jets receive 2021 ARI 5th. @randye4
  4. In the light of LDYo's recent death inactivity, the J E T S are searching for a scout. Please PM me if you have any interest in the role, thanks

    1. Soluna


      I think this is the 4th time LDYo has gone inactive. A new site record.

    2. neovenator250
    3. UBL
  5. BYE, BYE, BYE Jets get a few days off before returning to practice after earning a first round bye
  6. Who the hell was predicting a team with BB to win 5 games?
  7. The New York Jets once again nominate: RB Marvin Washington for his work with the Starvin' Marvin Foundation. The Starvin' Marvin Foundation is a highly regarded charity around the world, known for feeding starving African children and finding them new ACLs to replace their previously torn ones. The Foundation also brings benches to cities in order to help children get used to sitting on them.
  8. Very well-spoken
  9. Third Time's the Charm? Jets take third consecutive AFC East title, hoping to convert this one into more than an AFC Championship
  10. Meet me in Temecula
  11. At least this one was closer than Super Bowl V amirite guys guys?
  12. Fib Ur Loins! Way to hurt AT's chances of making the playoffs! #WeHateScramblers
  13. Your face wishes it was 2014
  14. In college, I inherited Mason Singleton and Stanley Brewster (both 5.0s and both playing for the Giants) at P and K. Both were pretty good, Singleton ended up winning the Ray Guy Award in his last year, and Brewster was solid though I still hold a grudge against him for missing a game-winning kick against Virginia in 2014. I think having really good special teams might have helped my teams overperform a bit both years as I easily won the field position for a couple of years until they graduated in '17 and '18. I ended up getting a 4/4 redshirt freshman punter to replace Singleton and he's been solid in both of his starting years. I have a 3.5 power-player at kicker, but he went 30/31 last year with multiple 50+ kicked so I think that's pretty good. IIRC, he hasn't missed a field goal this year either. So I guess you can have success with lower-rated players theoretically (they just have to be the right ones). Hell the best college RB I've had so far is a 3/3. In the pros, we had really terrible punting in our first year. And our second year. (Our punter, Dennis Carson, had something like a 37 average in 2015). In the 2016 draft, my biggest goal was to fix the QB position (sorry loltar) but my second biggest goal was to fix special teams. We ended up taking John Maslowski (#LEGZILLA) in the 5th round and he's pretty much solidified the punter position for us, turning it from one of the worst units in the league to a top-5 one every year until this year. He even made his first Pro Bowl last year! At kicker we had Ken Hodel in 2014 and 2015. I think he was a 3.5/3.5 coming into the pros but that was acceptable back then and he did make 83.3% of his field goals in his first two years. Unfortunately he was a power kicker who'd never made a field goal from 50+ so I figured it was time to move on. We ended up signing Paul Compton out of Boise State, and boy was he terrible. He was 11/18 in his one year as our kicker, and missed multiple game-winning field goals in a year where we went 10-6 (if my memory is correct). So I again resolved to fix the position in the draft, and we ended up taking Chris Hoag in the comp picks in the 3rd round. The panel on that draft trashed me for it a bit but that draft had terrible depth so I don't really regret it, though we maybe could have taken Gino Chiaverini instead. He did solidify our kicking position and has been solid, though missed XPs have been a slight problem. He made a game-winning kick in the 2018 divisional round against Miami to give us our first ever playoff win so I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for him for that. Still better than Paul freaking Compton.
  15. Get Stoned at Mile High Matt Stone adds 8 catches, 102 yards, and a TD as Jets take driver seat in quest for first round bye