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  1. Jumbo

    [2022] NFLHC Positional Conversions

    WR Jesse Scott 5-11 179 4 Purdue [Speed] [0] 72 to PR
  2. Last chance if you're interested in polling! Use this link ---> cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/23471-2022-coaches-poll-interest-thread/

  3. Jumbo

    [2022] Miami Dolphins hire scout

    Jam Bro from the New York Jete-Times: After vtvtgorilla leaves following this season, how much time do you plan to let elapse before re-hiring him?
  4. ILB Adam Lovelace 6-2 234 R Vanderbilt [Mike] [0/C] 80 4 years // 16.0 million // 50.00% Guaranteed G//4.0//3.5//0.5//0.0//Total:8.0 $//0.0//0.5//3.5//4.0//Total:8.0 Total//4.0//4.0//4.0//4.0//Total:16.0
  5. Jets 53-man Roster projection: Entering training camp, who can we expect to make the roster? Who will start? Posted June 27, 2022 at 9:00 AM By Rich Cimini | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com Jets coach grv413 is entering his 8th season with the team. Entering training camp, let's take a look at the Jets' 53-man roster, including Erik Wegert and Reshad Jenkins, and see who we can expect to start at each position. Projected starters are bolded, and rookies are italicized, and overalls are in parenthesis. QUARTERBACKS (3) RETAINED: Erik Wegert (96); James Dale (83); Tyson Chadwick (76) CUT: A.J. Bowden (78) ANALYSIS: Wegert just signed a 5-year, $125 million extension, so it would be relatively surprising if he didn't start. Dale has been the backup since 2018, but faces some competition from Bowden as a veteran presence. We'll give it to the guy who's been around for 5 seasons for now. Chadwick is the front office's favored developmental quarterback, and coach grv413 has spoken highly of his potential. RUNNING BACKS (4) RETAINED: Sam Chapman (81); Marvin Washington (80); Emmanuel Fields (80); Eli Tuitama (80) CUT: Kai Bender (76); Pete Choboian (76); Ben Curry (72); Justice Womack (69) ANALYSIS: Last year's starter was Chapman. He hasn't been that great in the running game, but this is a passing-based team and his ability as an all-around back gives him the edge at the starting job. Washington will probably retain his role as 3rd down back and kick returner after leading NFLHC RBs in YPC last year. Fields is said to be unhappy with his lack of playing time, but the team has reportedly not found a suitable trade offer and prefers to keep him as good depth. Tuitama had a nice rookie year last year, and faces little competition from Bender for his starting job. Choboian and Curry, unless they show anything they haven't before, are camp fodder. WIDE RECEIVERS (6) RETAINED: Paul Howell (94); Israel Hawker (75); Eli Austin (82); Adam Coles (81); Rocky Kruse (76); Jesse Scott (72) CUT: Douglas Chadwick (74); James Jones (73); Samuel Ritter (72); LaRon Crocker (65) ANALYSIS: The first four listed are virtual locks; Howell is the team's mainstay star receiver, and Hawker played really well with his opportunities last year and so should have the upper hand. The team really likes Austin but it remains to see how he's recovering from last year's torn ACL; and it remains to be seen how Coles has dealt with his concussion issues. Kruse continues to somehow stick around as depth despite any real lack of playing time, and Scott can't play receiver but is a great punt returner, so should stick around for that. Chadwick hasn't made a roster in a while, but could have a chance in the preseason. The team is said to like Jones as an option, but it may be tough to justify keeping 7 receivers. Ritter played with Coles at Pitt, and could have a chance to stick around if he plays well in preseason. Crocker is UDFA competition at returner but it's hard to see him winning a job at either return spot. TIGHT ENDS (4) RETAINED: Matt Stone (87); Shane Kaufman (81); Dillon Abbrederis (77); William Bouchard (77) CUT: Robert Ford (75); Hunter Goodson (72) ANALYSIS: Stone had a great sophomore year of 900 yards followed by a disappointing third-year barely half above that. Still, the team picked up his fifth-year option so he'll still get at least two more opportunities to start. The team acquired Kaufman at last year's deadline and he played solidly as a backup; with his ability as a blocker he should retain the role. Abbrederis and Bouchard are competing for the third tight end role. Abbrederis tore his ACL in last year's training camp and it remains to be seen whether he can bounce back to where he was before. Ford is camp fodder, and Goodson is likely PS-bound once again. OFFENSIVE LINEMEN (9) RETAINED: Darnerien Sohn (94); Joe Farmer (96); Aden Hastings (80); David Schlereth (92); Joel Snow (82); Arthur Bonds (80); Oliver Lewis (79); Mark Lattimore (77); Raymond Kline (79) CUT: Matthew Grossman (75); Tavon Logan (74), Jayden Grove (72), Enele Malifa (70); Tyler Green (69); Maximillian Pope (69); Manuelu Tauanu'u (67) ANALYSIS: Not 100% sure the team will keep 9 on the line, but the team does love to acquire them so it wouldn't be surprising; they could even keep 10 with Grossman. Sohn, Farmer, and Schlereth are all former All-Pros and locks to start. The team is said to have been shopping Hastings, and he may face a push to start from Kline. Snow was solid as a rookie last year, with Bonds and Lewis solid as backup swing options. The team traded up for Lattimore, presumably grooming him to replace Farmer or Schlereth. Grossman is the most borderline to make the roster, as he's certainly the third best center but was also a 5th round pick. Logan has long been a fringe roster guy on the Jets, but the acquisition of Lattimore probably pushes him out, and Grove and Malifa are fringe NFLers. Green and Tauanu'u might be practice squad caliber guys depending on their preseason performance, but Pope likely doesn't have NFLHC size unless he bulks up a bit. DEFENSIVE LINEMEN (9) RETAINED: Alvis Brumm (94); Jonathan Bridges (88); Kyle Pratt (84); Keith Hooks (80); Javier Davenport (77); Samir Dixon (74); Luca Bragg (76); Russel Brandt (76); Dwayne Montgomery (74) CUT: Charlie Morrall (73); Thierno Mingo (71); David Lane (76); Matthew Mayfield (69); Stephen High (68); Kahau Posala (68) ANALYSIS: The Jets d-line has consistently been good but takes a hit with the loss of Bob Ballard. The team traded for Hooks during the draft, and he's probably a lock to start unless pushed out by rookie Bragg. The team likes the depth drafted last year with Davenport, Brandt, and Montgomery. Dixon is on the bubble, and might get beaten out by one of the defensive ends on the bubble. Lane has an uphill battle to make the roster but his overall could give him a shot should he perform well in preseason. Among the UDFAs, Mayfield probably has the best shot of beating out Dixon. LINEBACKERS (7) RETAINED: Chris Tucker (85); Daquan Darcey (83); Dennis Himes (82); Adam Lovelace (80); Omar Trotter (78); Matt Okoye (75); Brett Wilson (74) CUT: Yasper Goins (72); Nicolas Kowalski (69); Omar Gore (68) ANALYSIS: This is the first year the Jets linebacking corps is without someone from the inaugural draft as Kwazi Robb departed in free agency. It's now time for Darcey and Himes to step up to try to stop scramblers. Tucker is a free agent after this year, and will presumably be allowed to walk to make room for Lovelace as a starter. Trotter has reportedly developed nicely in the background, and Okoye has always been a solid backup/All-Pro level special teamer. Wilson is an NFL journeyman who will compete against 6th round pick Goins. He gets the nod for now, as Goins has reportedly looked sluggish in the early going. Kowalski might be in the OLB competition, and Gore is a PS candidate. DEFENSIVE BACKS (9) RETAINED: Corey Quinn (90); Nathaniel Woodworth (80); Reshad Jenkins (94); Sebastian Vaughn (86); Samuel Shaw (80); Lee Davis (77); Kristian Harvey (74); Jose Ortiz (80); Xavier Burroughs (77) CUT: Adam Goss (74); Zachary Waller (71); DeAndre Bynum (69); Khalil William (68); Benjamin McGee (69); Shamar Knox (68); Clyde St. Pierre (76); Bennie Richardson (77) ANALYSIS: The Jets secondary was up and down last year, but Jenkins holds things down nicely in the backfield at least. His partner-in-crime Vaughn re-upped on a new deal, so they should be around for at least another couple seasons. Quinn was reportedly unhappy with his play last year, but with Marques Warner leaving he'll have to step it up, and the Jets are expecting him to. The team traded for Shaw in exchange for Jesse Hutchins, and he should at least compete for a starting role with Woodworth. Davis is one of the few free agents the team has ever signed, so he should stick around for at least one season. Harvey is the favorite to make the roster as a backup, though Waller likely has a shot as well. Backup safeties go to the rookie and the incumbent. SPECIAL TEAMS (2) RETAINED: Chris Hoag (90); John Maslowski (93) CUT: Dustin Peters (73); Graham Chandler (78) ANALYSIS: Hoag was the best kicker in the league last year, and Legzilla has been consistently in the league's top 5 punters since he entered the league. No real surprises here.
  6. FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- It was an eventful 3-day weekend for the Jets with a trade up, a trade away of a pick, and hopefully, the acquisition of some future building blocks. Here are your newest New York Jets, who will hope to help the team make the playoffs for a 6th consecutive season. Round 1, Pick 28 ILB Adam Lovelace 6-2 234 R Vanderbilt [Mike] [0/C] 80 With the team's first selection, the Jets took one of the highest ranked linebackers in the 2022 draft class in Lovelace. Lovelace was a 2021 AP All-American linebacker, finishing the season with 62 tackles, 5 TFL, and a sack. At the combine, he showed off his impressive intelligence that brought him to Vanderbilt in the first place, posting a 41 Wonderlic which was the third-highest mark among all players attending the combine and highest among linebackers. He was a 3-season starter at Vandy, but will likely begin his first NFLHC season on the bench with the Jets running a 4-3 and starter Chris Tucker seemingly entrenched at the position; he will be given the opportunity to compete for the starting role, however. Career Stats: 143 tackles, 5 TFL, 3 sacks, 1 INT Round 3, Pick 74 OG Mark Lattimore 6-1 291 R Southern Miss [Pass Blocking] [+1] 77 Lattimore, a 1st-team All-CUSA player in 2021, was a JUCO transfer to Southern Miss from Lawson State Community College in Birmingham, AL. Lattimore was the key cog in a Southern Miss offensive line that was the 2nd best in Conference USA this season. Lattimore impressed the Jets brass at the combine, specifically with his 31 reps on the bench press which was the most in this guard class. He obviously won't start immediately over two former All-Pros at guard on the team, but the brass is apparently planning to groom him to take over for one of them. Career Stats: 25 starts Round 4, Pick 112 DT Luca Bragg 6-4 276 R Iowa [1-Gap] [+3/C] 76 The Jets continued to address the trenches with the selection of Bragg; this is the second consecutive year the team has taken a DT in the 2nd after Russell Brandt's selection last year. Bragg was ranked as the 2nd best 4-3 DT in Mike Mayock's pre-draft rankings after posting a 4-sack, 1 FF, 1 TFL season in 2021. Bragg was a two-year starter at Iowa following his transfer from Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska; he was elected a captain at Iowa in all three of his seasons, including one where he was redshirted. With the departure of Bob Ballard, the team is relatively thin at DT, and Bragg could have a chance to start as a rookie. Career Stats: 29 tackles, 1 TFL, 5 sacks, 1 FF Round 4, Pick 133 SS Xavier Burroughs 5-10 185 R Alabama [Zone Coverage] [0] 77 Burroughs, from Lexington, SC, was a 2-year starter for the Crimson Tide, and the only player drafted to have won a national championship. In his two years as starter, he only managed to get 2 interceptions, but he is mainly known as a box safety rather than a coverage safety. Though he didn't dominate the combine or his pro day athletically, the team's front office liked him as an option to play in the box in some of the team's "Big Nickel" packages. He'll compete with free agent signing Bennie Richardson for the gig. Career Stats: 12 tackles, 2 INT Round 5, Pick 167 C Matthew Grossman 6-4 286 R South Carolina [Run Blocking] [0] 75 Grossman was a 4-year starter for the Gamecocks as well as a 2021 2nd-Team All-SEC selection, behind top 10 pick Xavier Cuellar. Grossman did not get an invite to the combine but put up a solid showing at South Carolina's pro day with 28 reps on the bench. With two centers currently ahead of him on the depth chart, Grossman is not a lock to make the team's opening day roster, but he's expected to compete for backup spots at both guard and center. Career Stats: 50 starts Round 6, Pick 200 OLB Yasper Goins 6-1 234 R Colorado State [Coverage] [0] 72 Goins was a senior JUCO transfer from Sheridan College in Gilette, Wyoming. He was somewhat quiet on the field for CSU, but the Jets front office has no expectation of him to be a future starter; he's expected to contribute mostly on special teams, so that will likely be how he earns his roster spot should he make the roster. Career Stats: 10 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 FF The Jets also made a surprise draft-day trade, trading their second-round selection - 60th overall - to the Arizona Cardinals along with the 206th selection in the sixth round. The Cardinals used the second rounder to take Penn State running back Ricky Vega. In exchange for the picks, the Jets received third-year receiver Eli Austin and ninth-year defensive tackle Keith Hooks, both of whom are expected to compete for starting spots. The Jets were heavily linked with Eli Austin prior to the 2022 NFLHC Draft, as they scouted him heavily at Tennessee and conducted an hour-long interview at the combine, but he was selected at #30 by the Cardinals, just one spot ahead of the Jets. Jets GM Jumbo confirmed this weekend that the team would have taken Austin would he have dropped to #31; the team ended up taking TCU OLB Daquan Darcey instead. Austin will compete with fellow third year, but UDFA receiver Israel Hawker and 2021 first rounder Adam Coles to be the team's #2 receiver; coming off a torn ACL early last year, the team is still having Austin take reps slowly as he tries to build chemistry with QB Erik Wegert. The team also acquired veteran defensive tackle Keith Hooks in the trade; along with Alvis Brumm, he is the only player from NFLHC's inaugural draft on the Jets roster. With just Kyle Pratt and two mid-round 2021 rookies on the roster at DT following Bob Ballard's departure in free agency, the team was looking to add help at the position depending on what else happened during the draft. Hooks is the current favorite to start, but will compete with rookie Bragg and second-years Russel Brandt and Dwayne Montgomery to earn the team's starting DT role. We would like to officially welcome all these players to the team! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!
  7. Jumbo

    2022 Pre-season sign up

    New York Jets @ San Francisco 49ers vs Detroit Lions vs Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings
  8. Jumbo

    Best Draft Through 3 Rounds?

    Considering where they've picked, I really like the Broncos draft so far. Not sure about where they fit in, but I thought Walsh/Allen/Porter were really great values where they were picked.
  9. Jumbo

    CFBHC v1.5f

    Think it makes sense to have the cap a bit above 21 to allow for wiggle room with recruiting battles
  10. Jumbo

    Who will be overdrafted?

    Matt Jones Serious answer: Jarvis Ward strikes me as a guy who got by with athleticism in college but won't be able to translate to the pros. Could see him as a nice contributor, but don't expect him to be even a #1 caliber WR.
  11. This video will never be more accurate than today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpjmATbb0h8

  12. A couple of weeks ago, prior to the free agency period article, I wrote an article on this year's top 10 free agents as can be found here. Now that all have been signed, I'll review my prediction and the player's actual destination, and what that means for the landscape of NFLHC. 1. RB Vaughan Abraham 5-10 201 8 LSU [Speed] [-1] 94 Former Team: Dallas Cowboys Projected New Team: New England Patriots Actual New Team: Chicago Bears The Titans, Vikings, Bears, and Cardinals were all in on the action, but reportedly only the latter two were even in a close salary ballpark. At the end of the day, Abraham got a large deal for a runningback likely exiting his prime, receiving $20 million upfront in 2022. The contract: 3 years, $42.5 million, $33 million guaranteed This signing's impact on NFLHC in 2022: Maybe a lot. Maybe a little. It's tough to tell at this exact moment in time since the Bears are a team in massive transition. Switching starting QBs over to last year's #5 pick Mohammed Foster completely changes the look of this Bears offense, and with a lot of the team retiring and in transition this team is one that's in a giant transition. Foster is a QB who could help make a RB look good whatever his passing performance, which is good news for Abraham; the bad news - he's going from an offensive line that's been #1 in NFLHC for the last god knows how many years to one that ranked 30th in 2021. He'll also have to play with a scrambler and likely a lot more from the shotgun from the first time in his career. This could be very boom or bust for both parties - though if I had to predict right now, I'd call it likelier to bust as there are too many variables working against the success of this signing. 2. WR Greg Cobb 6-3 188 5 Cincinnati [Target] [0] 90 Former Team: Miami Dolphins Projected New Team: New York Giants Actual New Team: Los Angeles Chargers of San Diego The bidding on this one was competitive. I was somewhat correct in that the Giants were extremely interested in Cobb, but at the end of the day the Chargers gave him too much upfront for the Giants to compete, as the Chargers decided to go more all out this free agency compared to the more conservative Giants strategy. The Chiefs were also in on the bidding, but the rumor mill has said that that was more to run the price up on the Chargers than any legitimate interest. Impressively, Cobb signed the richest free agent deal of any player on the market, receiving the most total and most guaranteed money of any player including the quarterbacks. The contract: 4 years, $59.5 million, $55.5 million guaranteed This signing's impact on NFLHC in 2022: Not particularly much. Matty Swift has been without functional receiver help for the first three years of his career, so in that sense Cobb does help him out, although I'd project Cobb as more of an elite #2 than a contributing #1. On a team like the Chargers he's more than an acceptable option. This also does making drafting Matt Jones at #1 overall a more palatable option if the team chooses to go in that direction. The Chargers are still a couple of years away from true contention, though, so if this signing long-term Cobb will need to remain at the same level of skill as he hits his 30s - or at least aid in the development of Swift. 3. DT Bob Ballard 6-1 292 7 Penn State [2-Gap] [+2/C] 89 Former Team: New York Jets Projected New Team: Houston Texans Actual New Team: Houston Texans Hey, it's one I got correct! The Vikings, Giants, Jaguars, and Redskins also got in on the bidding. Ballard was reportedly mulling the offers between Houston, Jacksonville, and Washington, D.C. but opted for the Texans, stating that "they don't have income taxes, but I also don't have to live in Florida." The contract: 3 years, $44 million, $42 million guaranteed This signing's impact on NFLHC in 2022: The Texans are quite a few people's dark horse team for 2022, so signing a 2021 All-Pro will definitely help out a defense that was 31st in PPG allowed and the pressure he helps create will help relieve pressure on a secondary that was last in yards allowed. If the Texans are good, I can imagine that Ballard will be a pretty decent part of the reason why, as becoming good will likely necessitate a defensive improvement. Looks like firing his agent paid off, with him doubling his previous $7 million a year contract. 4. QB Reggie Watkins 6-4 200 8 Alabama [Pocket] [+3/C] 89 Former Team: New England Patriots Projected 2022 Team: Arizona Cardinals Actual 2022 Team: New England Patriots Watkins ended up opting to stay with New England - not as if he had much choice, as they were the only ones to offer him a deal, and surprisingly so. Watkins signed a 3-year deal with New England, but with no guaranteed money, it's likely to be a 2 year deal in actuality unless the Pats struggle to find a successor. Considering the team's track record, that wouldn't ultimately be that surprising. The contract: 3 years, $55 million, $30.55 million guaranteed This signing's impact on NFLHC in 2022: I can't imagine it's super high. The Jets bled some talent this offseason but the team is still in decent shape as long as Erik Wegert is at the helm, and the Dolphins are back to being an elite team. It'll be tough for the Patriots to compete with those two as long as they're there. Watkins can function as a QB that will make this team not be super terrible as might happen without him, and they might sneak in as a wild card in '22 or '23, but I can't imagine him doing much else over this contract. 5. RB Chad Dess 6-1 241 7 Virginia [Power] [-1] 88 Former Team: Los Angeles Rams Projected New Team: Kansas City Chiefs Actual New Team: Arizona Cardinals The Texans, Titans, Chiefs, and Saints were all also in on the bidding, but a source within Dess' camp says that the Saints and Cardinals both offered way more money and longer deals than the other suitors. Dess ended up signing a 4-year deal with the Cardinals that will effectively only last two until he ends up holding out for the last two or retiring, as he makes $0.9 and $0.5 million respectively in those two years. The contract: 4 years, $23.4 million, $22 million guaranteed This signing's impact on NFLHC in 2022: The Cardinals have been built up a bit but have yet to find a franchise QB or success in any form, as the team has yet to even field a winning record in their first 5 seasons. With the division in decline a bit - the Seahawks and the 49ers both struggled in 2021 and the Rams lost a lot of contributors this offseason - the Cardinals do have a chance to capitalize, but that'll require good QB play, which I'm not sure new signing Paul Davenport will deliver. I'm not even sure that Dess is a good fit with Davenport scheme-wise. Dess was playing alright, but lower than his previous highs, in Buffalo before being traded to LA, where he played better but not that much better. I'm not sure he'll be getting much better going forward, but he's still way better than the team's previous options, even in the wrong scheme. 6. CB Marques Warner 6-1 193 6 Texas A&M [Man Coverage] [+1] 87 Former Team: New York Jets Projected New Team: Buffalo Bills Actual New Team: Kansas City Chiefs The Bills, Seahawks, Redskins, and Buccaneers were all also in on the action for Warner. My predicted team for his services was Buffalo - however, he eschewed that prediction by signing with the Chiefs, tweeting shortly after that "I wouldn't want to play in fucking Buffalo and tutor their shitty corners. I've seen up front and close how bad they are over the last few years." The contract: 4 years, $32.5 million, $32.5 million guaranteed This signing's impact on NFLHC in 2022: Warner will line up across from Teddy Walker, and I'd project him to play as the Chiefs' #2 corner as that is where he's spent his entire career and will likely feel most comfortable. The Chiefs were a near-playoff team last year, and though this acquisition improves their pass defense, that wasn't a particular problem for them in 2021 either. Without a quarterback who can effectively move the chains, I'm still not sure if the Chiefs are true contenders, but they still have quite the nice stockpile of players on the rest of the team. 7. QB Norris Brooksheer 6-3 207 5 Oklahoma [Pocket] [+1/C] 89 Former Team: Chicago Bears Projected New Team: Pittsburgh Steelers Actual New Team: Pittsburgh Steelers The former #1 overall pick becomes the first in that category to change teams as he heads out to the Steel City. This is the only other signing your Nostradamus here predicted correctly. The Cardinals also had some interest in Brooksheer, but opted out to sign Davenport at a cheaper price tag in order to go after a wider spectrum of free agents. Brooksheer obviously isn't elite, but will help out a Steelers team that has never really had a solid QB option. The contract: 3 years, $56.75 million, $51.75 million guaranteed This signing's impact on NFLHC in 2022: Potentially, a huge one. This team was a playoff team with RJ Stanford at the helm last year. Brooksheer probably isn't in the top half of QBs in NFLHC, but he still is a massive improvement on what the Steelers got last year. With this team only improving this offseason with their mixture of old and young talent, I personally have Pittsburgh as a lowkey Super Bowl contender in 2022 if Brooksheer can play well with the team's... questionable receiving corps. Teams have made runs without a great starting QB before, though, and Brooksheer at least has the potential to play well. 8. DT Malik Dawson 6-3 281 4 Illinois [1-Gap] [0/C] 87 Former Team: Kansas City Chiefs Projected New Team: New York Giants Actual New Team: Washington Redskins Editor's Note: Haynesworth is the last name of Dawson's grandmother, who raised him growing up Dawson received interest primarily from my projected team, the Giants, and his actual new team, Washington. The bidding war was reportedly a fierce one, and the former Pro Bowler was having a tough time choosing between the two teams. Doing some internet research on his potential destinations, Dawson got angry when he found out that the New York Giants actually play in New Jersey and he'd likely have to move to New Jersey instead of New York City. He then told his agent that he'd only play for Washington and to take whatever their best deal offered was. The contract: 3 years, $43.5 million, $43.5 million guaranteed This signing's impact on NFLHC in 2022: The Redskins had a surprisingly good year in 2022 as rookie QB Tanner Bowman played quite well, leading the team to a winning record. This team still has a bunch of holes if you ask me, but Bowman is apparently good enough to cover those. So as he continues to improve, more talent can help. With Fred Romanowski also on roster, Dawson will only be the 2nd DT, but he should still be a decent contributor. A bit overpaid, probably, but he'll certainly make this team at least a little bit better and fill in a hole. 9. OLB Kwazi Robb 6-1 232 8 Minnesota [Coverage] [0] 87 Former Team: New York Jets Projected New Team: Philadelphia Eagles Actual New Team: Indianapolis Colts Robb received very minimal interest in free agency, as the Jets didn't offer him a contract going into free agency and the Colts were the only team to offer a contract with any serious money in it. In response to this development, Robb tweeted out that "31 teams are going to regret passing on me this year." The contract: 1 year, $5.75 million, $3.75 million guaranteed This signing's impact on NFLHC in 2022: Robb definitely is not the player he once was in coverage, and that's worrying for a player whose main strength was coverage. Still, many NFLHC teams had holes at OLB, the Colts included, and for at least a season he should slide in nicely as an acceptable level starter. Not much else to say about Robb, his production has been down lately and he likely won't stick in the league for more than a couple more seasons. 10. CB Jaylen Harris 5-10 173 4 Louisville [Zone Coverage] [0] 83 Former Team: Las Vegas Raiders Projected New Team: Los Angeles Chargers of San Diego Actual New Team: Chicago Bears For a player who was a first team All-Pro in 2021, Harris received surprisingly minimal interest in free agency, especially for a young corner playing at a high level. The Bears eventually signed him to a deal with a small offer received from Jacksonville rejected. In response to this development, Harris said in an interview with The Chicago Tribune that the rest of the league would "fear playing the Bears secondary for years to come." The contract: 4 years, $22 million, $14.5 million guaranteed This signing's impact on NFLHC in 2022: Similarly to the Abraham signing, it's hard to know at this juncture. The Bears were the only team to sign two of the players on this list, but with the team in such a major transition it's tough to tell for certain. Harris might start for the Bears this year, but obviously he'd likely be better off staying in the nickel position where he had so much success in the past. We'll see what happens moving forward, but I'd expect Harris to at least live up to that deal, and he's easily cuttable in the fourth year if he doesn't. FA Winners and Losers: Winners: Chicago Bears: They signed the top player on the market, got an All-Pro level corner, and also made a low-key nice signing with Charlie Paul to compliment their receiving corps for Mo Foster. This team may be in transition, but the front office is at least trying to make the transition as smooth as possible. Norris Brooksheer: The contract and team situation is about as ideal as it could possibly be for Brooksheer, and he did part amicably with Chicago. There isn't gonna be much excuse for him anymore if he doesn't perform moving forward, but outside of the receivers you couldn't ask for much more as a middling free agent quarterback. Arizona Cardinals: Outside of Dess, they made a smart stopgap signing with OT Tai Burns and also signed some nice contributors with QB Paul Davenport, CB Aaron Sameulsson, and FS Oronde Jackson. If any team could make a randomly surprising playoff run in 2022, it might be this team. Losers: New York Giants: For a team with as many holes and as much cap space as New York had coming into free agency, their haul is definitely disappointing, contrary to what GM deandean1998 would say. Failing to sign top targets Cobb and Dawson is fine if you consider them overpaid, but the Giants opted to sign more third-tier than second-tier free agents and I think that's a disappointing outcome considering what they could have potentially spent with current FA rules. Taylor Rodriguez: Poor TayRod. Despite being a solid QB for Arizona last year, the team had no desire to bring him back, replacing him with a potentially worse option in Paul Davenport, and he's so far received no interest in free agency and remains sitting on the market. He'll probably at least get an offer before training camp, but he's certainly not being paid like he likely would have preferred coming in to the offseason. Buffalo Bills: Would you believe me if I told you the Bills are technically in line to receive a comp pick with their current signings? They only signing of note they made is D.J. Reed, which is an okay signing, but pretty disappointing considering the team's track record and history, as well as available cap space. They tried signing a couple of more marquee players but fell short. I don't think they had the worst free agency, but you would have liked to see them make more of an effort to keep pace with the rest of the division.
  13. Jumbo

    serwendel's 2022 Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    Jones' floor is probably #3, I could see Key and Bryant going first in some weird scenario
  14. Jumbo

    [2022] Free Agency Winners and Losers

    I mean, the way that comp picks work isn't getting an equivalent pick to the level of talent you lost. Those three were all great players for us for 6+ seasons each, but we do have plans to replace all of them.