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  1. Gross. I hate Dan Auerbach and all of his projects
  2. They were thinking BRILLIANT thoughts with their BRAIN and they were CORRECT. (It wasn't me, though. Probably @cultur3)
  3. Artists: 1. The Black Keys 2. cleopatrick 3. Nothing But Thieves 4. I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME 5. The Dear Hunter Songs: 1. IDKHBTFM - Do It All The Time 2. cleopatrick - The Depths 3. cleopatrick - Youth 4. Nothing But Thieves - Forever & Ever More 5. Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry 6. Des Rocs - Dead Ringer 7. Death From Above 1979 - Keep It Real Dumb 8. Slothrust - Double Down 2019 Mix 9. The Black Keys - Shine a Little Light 10. cleopatrick - Hometown
  4. Nothing, I don’t like ruining the look of things
  5. Jets have finished those errands
  6. Jumbo


    bigdickrocket been here for hours and already brought more people to the site than me
  7. Man that's a rough loss. Took it to OT but just couldn't finish it off. GG @bingo415
  8. Just to make a bunch of excuses, we were scheme changing significantly because of new QB and it was a road game. But Swift still looked good so who knows
  9. Jets tank is off, surprise wild card run is my new best friend. Also we’re 3-5, bingo pls
  10. Seneca, SC -- "What do you mean, Los Angeles?" Sean Graham was born and raised in Seneca, South Carolina, a town of about 8,000. He lives with his parents and younger sister next door to the house of Senator Lindsey Graham, who has now been in Congress for over 20 years. Graham has always been into football, and he plays TE and DE for Seneca High's team. Recruiting service Rivals ranked him as one of the top two receiving TEs in the nation. When the time to begin the recruiting process began, he decided to leave the handling of his recruitment to his father, Brittany. "I knew he could help me along the way to make the best choice for my future," he told the Los Angeles Times. Graham received interest primarily from two schools - USC (in California) and Clemson. "When my dad told me that the two schools that were coming after me were Clemson and USC, I was very excited. I'm really close to my family and I wanted to stay nearby, so the two main schools in South Carolina recruiting me sounded like a dream." As the cycle went on, Clemson's interest started to drop off and USC was coming after Graham hard. "I have a lot of respect for Coach @Hagan, but I was wondering why he had changed his accent while he was talking to me," Graham said. "Still, there were signs I should have known. When I asked coach how [true freshman from Seneca, ILB Greg] Schlosser was doing at inside backer, he was really confused and said that someone named 'Nate Garrett' was playing very well. I thought he was just having a moment." Since USC was the only school still showing significant interest, Graham decided he would commit so he could focus on his academics first. It was only after he announced his commitment on Twitter and he began receiving excited replies from the Trojan faithful did he realize what he had done. Two days after his initial Tweet, he tweeted once again: "My dad has always told me I should keep my word no matter what, so I've decided to head out to California to play under Coach Jumbo despite my mistake. Hopefully we can can compete for the SEC next year!" He probably has some learning to do - but it'll have to happen quickly, as he could reportedly start for the Trojans as soon as next season.
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