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  1. Soluna has noted that a 1/5 isn't really considered a 5* player... a 3/4.5 would be considered superior to a 1/5 for instance. Not sure how you'd take that into account for a star system though
  4. I didn't really talk about him much at all or do any hyping in his regard, but my first starting QB was this 5/5 QB named James Dale. He was also the only 5/5 and only 5 potential player on the initial roster I inherited. In my mind and in the way I used him, he was a gunslingin' throw-the-rock-down-the-field Brett Favre type, and his combine pretty much confirmed that. Obviously, I overhyped him way too much, but that was part of the fun for me back then. People can see through that type of thing though and that's why he was a 5th round pick. That said, he's a pretty good backup QB for me on the Jets right now so I can't say I'm too sad with how it worked out. Plus when Wegert gets inevitably injured for a game a year I get to see him play for my NFLHC team that's actually pretty good, so that's nice. That arm will probably keep him on NFLHC rosters, whether it's with us or somewhere else, for some time. In NFLHC my first QB was [Pro Bowl Quarterback] Onterrio Smith. I knew nothing about the sim when I conducted the first draft, but seeing PBQOS' college stats I didn't really care that he was a 71 overall. Seriously, if you don't know yet, go check them. He should have won the Heisman that year. Anyway, he was alright but not great even though he made the Pro Bowl (6 TD / 7 INT) and I kinda saw the writing on the wall that he wasn't a future NFL starter. Thus, I made the executive decision to go after a QB who would be more usable in the pros, which is why we drafted Aaron Kotar. He actually played a bit in 2015 but once we drafted Wegert in 2016 he was a full-time backup for us until he declined our contract offer and went to Pittsburgh. Still, PBQOS was not only fun to have for a year, he also became one of this site's best memes, so I regret nothing.
  5. LET'S GO SERVE A GODDAMN SNACK Jets players (left to right) Reshad Jenkins, Raoul Gomez, and Jonathan Bridges work at local food bank during the bye week
  6. The return of Nick Hall fumbling a million times
  7. If anyone on an NFLHC team wants to make a season wiki page more adjusted for NFLHC, you can copy my format: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=2020_New_York_Jets_season http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=2019_New_York_Jets_season http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=2018_New_York_Jets_season
  8. I think we'll be mocked OT in the first round for the next 1,000 years lol
  9. Jets Current deal: OG Joe Farmer 6-1 322 5 Virginia Tech [Run Blocking] 96 // 4 years // 3 years // 40 million // frontloaded Restructured deal: OG Joe Farmer 6-1 322 5 Virginia Tech [Run Blocking] 96 3 years // 24.0 million // 50.00% Guaranteed G//3.0//4.5//4.5//Total:12.0 $//3.0//4.5//4.5//Total:12.0 Total//6.0//9.0//9.0//Total:24.0 Value//11.3925895868
  10. LEAVING ON A JET CART Jets nab a close win heading into the bye to hit 3-1, but lose star WR Paul Howell indefinitely to a hamstring injury
  11. RIP Paul Howell. We'll get Stoned in your memory
  12. NO STONE LEFT UNTURNED TE Matt Stone catches career-high 10 passes as Jets top Chargers 21-6
  13. I don't think anyone's ever said the Bucs aren't talented... the same basic team made the NFCCG in 2018 lol

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