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    1. [2021] Week 10 Headlines

      WHAT'S A PICK WOODWORTH? CB Nathaniel Woodworth picks off Seahawks QB Jarius Jones twice as Jets cruise to 23-8 win
    2. I'm super happy for you bro
    3. [2021] Week #10 - FNF

      It turns out that competent QB play is an important factor in winning games.
    4. [2021] Week #10 - FNF

      Oh, so that's what it's like to have an offense. I'd forgotten. Today, we scored 17 points in the first quarter. In our previous 3 games, we didn't score 17 points total for the whole game a single time.
    5. [2021] Week 9 Headlines

      WEGRETS Jets star QB and the front office at an impasse over new contract for expiring QB; will re-visit in offseason
    6. CFBHC Mocks the 2018 NFL Draft

      My prediction for the next 5 picks based on current mock trends: 13. Washington Redskins- Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama - need more WR 14. Green Bay Packers- Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming - Rodgers is old, get his successor 15. Arizona Cardinals- Isaiah Wynn, G, Georgia - Sure we need a QB, but let's just draft a guy at a different position for the lolz 16. Baltimore Ravens- Da'Ron Payne, DT, Alabama - Why draft someone at a position of need, we can draft a Bama player 17. Los Angeles Chargers- Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M - Just keeping giving Rivers weapons and everything will be fixed
    7. [2021] Week #9 - 1 PM

    8. [2021] Week #9 - 1 PM

      The Pats started Ike freaking Nimmo at RB and we still let up 27 points. Gotta fix the defense, still.....
    9. Eurovision 2018

    10. I'm a big fan of the Cowboys' secondary, mostly because Chatman and Romulus Jackson are very effective. I also like the Packers with Reed, Bowman, and Barnes. Traditionally it'd be the Falcons but not so sure with Rone gone.
    11. [2021] Week 8 Headlines

      BOOOOOOOOOOO Jets fans, spoiled by the last few seasons, put paper bags on during Jets' 2 game losing streak... as team drops to 5-2
    12. Stars of Tomorrow: Kayvon Webster, CB

      Rebuttal: no u
    13. I'm taking this to mean that there will be an event with him announcing his retirement tomorrow
    14. 12. Stanford Cardinal (0-6, 0-4 PAC) -- The Cardinal got destroyed by Notre Dame this week. The offense struggled mightily in the first half, putting up 0 points with QB Clyde Campbell throwing 2 picks, before turning things up a bit and throwing 3 TD in the second half. 21 points is solid, but not if your defense allows 45 including letting the opposing QB throw for 67% completion, 365 yards, and 4 TD to 0 INT. This team is bad. They'll get to learn for certain that they miss a bowl this week against Arizona. Next: vs Arizona 11. California Golden Bears (0-6, 0-4 PAC) -- Props to the Bears for keeping things close against UCLA this week. They lost by just 3 at home, and the offense was on fire, playing efficiently while putting up 34 points. Unfortunately, the defense was nowhere near as good. Blaine Lewis-Thompson continues his struggles, although CB2 Aaden Dent got destroyed even worse, allowing 124 yards and 2 TD vs BLT's 92 and 1 TD. Either way, this team is essentially eliminated from bowl contention unless they pull off a miracle run to end the season. Next: vs Oregon State 10. USC Trojans (1-5, 1-3 PAC) -- And thus finishes the run of PAC teams with losing records. The Trojans got blown out for the first time this year this week. Sam Goldberg replaced Sebastian Reardon at QB and somehow played even worse. The defense couldn't handle the offense scoring in single-digits for a third consecutive game and finally ran out of gas. A bye mercifully comes this week with starting QB Marc Lockwood likely to return post-bye. A bowl isn't looking likely for the Trojans, but it's within the realm of possibility. Next: Bye 9. Washington State Cougars (4-2, 1-2 PAC) ↓1 The Cougs had a classic PAC-12 afternoon game against Army this week. Each team put up 7, 14, and 7 through the first 3 quarters. Army took the lead 35-28 before two Bradley Hassan TDs to Luke Sikuli put the game away for Wazzu. Unfortunately, this team gets the boot despite the win due to, well... beating Army not being all that impressive, them only doing that by 7 at home, and the defense playing pathetically once again. Once they start back up against PAC-12 teams, I really am worried about this team's defense. With Trevon Yeldon and crew coming to town this week, I'm not counting on a Coug win. Next: vs Oregon 8. Washington Huskies (3-3, 2-3 PAC) ↓1 The Hooskies fall through no fault of their own, as a team below them pulled of a nice win this week. The bye did give the Huskies an opportunity to recover after a really tough loss to the Beavs of Oregon State as they take on the Colorado Buffaloes this week - a team that just beat Oregon State. Jake Davis will be looking to bounce back, and with a relatively tough remaining schedule including non-conference games against Western Michigan and Tennessee, this a crucially needed win on the road to a bowl. Next: vs Colorado 7. Arizona State Sun Devils (3-3, 2-2 PAC) ↓1 The Devils faced the Utes of Utah this week and unsurprisingly came up with a loss, but they played relatively well all things considered. Israel Carlson especially played well, putting up 24/145/2 including a 47-yard TD scamper. 3 different defensive players also managed to sack Donald Culver. Unfortunately, sacks were the only way this team managed to stop Donald Culver as he threw for 300+ yards and 3 TD en route to 31 points as Utah took care of business in Tempe. This team seems right in their place as average; though with tough games @ UCLA and hosting Vandy coming up, and with games @ Oregon and @ Arizona still remaining, I have a hard time seeing this team in a bowl. Next: @ UCLA 6. Colorado Buffaloes (4-2, 2-2 PAC) ↑3 I'm still not sure how much I like this team with their often stagnant offense, but they did manage to do something no one else had done this season quite yet - beat Oregon State. DeSean Barkley picked off Ralph Julian twice while Latavious Murray added 108 and a TD. Seth Scott may not exist anymore, but that's alright. Barkley's overtime pick against Julian in the second half of OT managed to seal the win. The other worry with this team now is that coach Franz Kafka has left to take the Georgia job (bye, Franz!) and with a much less experienced coach coming in they might face some coaching problems against more experienced PAC coaches. Still, with remaining games vs Marshall and vs California they might be able to sneak into a bowl anyway. Next: @ Washington 5. Oregon State Beavers (5-1, 3-1 PAC) ↓2 With this team playing on Saturday Evening for the first time in a while, spirits were high in Corvallis. Unfortunately, the wind came out of the sails as Colorado's defense stifled Lloyd Samuels and flustered Ralph Julian enough to end the game on a thrilling overtime interception. I'm still not sure how real these Beavers are - with a loss to a not super impressive Colorado along with OOC wins over UAB and UNLV and PAC wins over the two winless teams and a streaky Washington, this team might not be as good as advertised. The hard part of the schedule is coming up after two more incredibly easy games... and winning anything over 7 would be the most in program history, so it's all really gravy from here. Next: @ California 4. UCLA Bruins (4-2, 2-2 PAC) -- After destroying UTSA last week, the Bruins defense must have felt like they were on cloud nine. And they sure played like they were up in the clouds as they let up 34 points to a Cal team that still hasn't won a game! The Cal offense has been relatively good for a winless team, but still, that isn't a great sign. Luckily, Steven Gore carried this team to 37 points thanks to impressive performances from Jay Arreola and Ronan Humphreys, with both putting up 90+ yards and 3 TDs combined. Blake Tipton also had a nice day with 2 sacks and 2 TFL. With nary much of a challenge left on the schedule, I still think this team could easily hit 10 wins. But probably not if they keep playing like this. Next: vs Arizona State 3. Oregon Ducks (5-1, 3-1 PAC) ↑2 The Ducks manage to leap over the Bruins as they put a rightful walloping on Houston this week. Trevon Yeldon is a well-known monster, and he showed it again with 180 yards and 3 TD including a 56-yard touchdown run that included 4 broken tackles. The defense did what they needed to do with 2 secondary members nabbing picks and 2 linemen getting sacks. With Oregon State being a bit exposed this week, it's mostly confirmed that this team is likely to waltz to the North title this season. Next: @ Washington State 2. Arizona Wildcats (5-1, 4-1 PAC) -- The Wildcats went on bye this week with time to recover from their mostly minimal injuries. This team's remaining schedule is pretty dang easy, and outside of maybe playing in Corvallis against Oregon State, I have a hard time seeing them lose a single remaining game. It's unfortunate that they lost to Utah also in the division, as I still think they're the best team in the conference, but that might be an easy route to a playoff berth should they finish out 11-1. Just bad luck that they had to play that Utes game on the road. 1. Utah Utes (6-0, 4-0 PAC) -- Donald Culver had a nice, clean game against a solid Arizona State team. He took 3 sacks due to poor o-line play but outside of that managed to put up 300+ yards and 3 TD to lead Utah to a mostly smooth victory. Once Mohammed Hedrick nailed a field goal to start the 4th the game was basically over, as the defense finally got to stop Parker Townsend throwing instead of Israel Carlson rushing. Carlson's performance against this team is definitely worrying for the state of their defense, but as long as the offense keeps playing well and doesn't turn it over this team will remain pretty dang good. Up next, a mediocre BYU squad that this team should dispose of easily. Next: @ BYU
    15. The Patriots! That core of JC Weldon and Jamel Beckham is really something to build on. OK, serious answer: Rams with Peck/Banta/Schwartz, probably.
    16. [2021] Week #8 - Saturday Evening

      Great game, [[[AI coach]]]! Boy can I not wait to get real QB play back next game.
    17. Colts have struggled to start the year, will continue to struggle against good teams like the Jags if they can't run the ball
    18. If my offense scores 17 it'd be a goddamn miracle. Maybe half that if I'm lucky.
    19. My Departure (Arizona and OSU Open)

      Bye randy. You'll be missed. Good luck with your career and everything else!
    20. Hello. I need a replacement voter for the coaches poll. SEC coach preferred. Pls respond to this status if you are interested,...

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        Are you still looking for someone to vote?

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        I do need one more replacement presumably if llamas isnt gonna continue to do it

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        If llamas isn't going to continue doind this, I 'ould like to start voting, if possible

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    21. Auburn and Georgia Openings

      Applicants have begun to drop out of contention for the Georgia job as they realize they'd have to marry Rome
    22. NFLHC Check in

      Jets owner/GM, HC and scout are here.
    23. [2021] Week 7 Headlines

      Jets Come Crashing Back to Earth The defense continues to play poorly as the Fins win by multiple scores