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  1. Sam Gulla and Harper High School: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Samuel_Gulla http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Harper_High_School
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    [2022] Roster Cut Downs

    Updated it before and it apparently didn't save. Should be fixed now.
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    [2022] Roster Cut Downs

    are down to 53
  4. so, essentially a resignation eh?
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    Top 10 anime betrayals
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    [2022] Week #0 - Saturday Night

    What a first game for the Nigerian Nightmare, 2 sacks and 2 TFL. Happy with the contributions from 2 JUCOs and a true freshman on defense, along with the offense immediately clicking to start the year. Was worried about my secondary but seems like they played well until garbage time. Can't be too mad with the outcome here.
  7. Hey! So as promised, here's an update on some of the feedback that's been proposed by users. Feel free to comment on anything that's been proposed here and potential implementations thereof if you think you might have any potential improvements. If you want to get in any feedback for improvements, or even general comments that wouldn't go in a post like this, please do post in the committee feedback forum - thanks. Approved Feedback Request: Could we set our pass rush front 4? Some teams might want one scheme as their base, but have a better pass rush during obvious pass downs from the other. Like, maybe I want DE - DT - DT - DE as my 1st and 2nd down front four, but when it comes to passing, I would prefer OLB - DE - DT - DE. This has been approved for implementation in the 2023 season (NFLHC only), assuming no bugs in the implementation process. ___________________________ Request: Coaches would like the ability to have separate aggression sliders for offense and defense. The consensus seems to be if it’s an easy item to add it would be a great addition. This has been approved for implementation in the 2023 season (NFLHC only), assuming no bugs in the implementation process. ___________________________ Request: Change the 20% minimum dropoff per year of NFLHC contracts to a higher number to avoid gamey contracts such as those that have occurred in recent free agency periods. This has been approved for implementation starting this NFLHC offseason, though the exact change to these rules is yet to be exactly determined. Here's an example of rejected feedback --- Request: We feel the IR rules would benefit from the addition of some flexibility. A team should be able to designate a guy for return from IR regardless of how long they are out. They would just be required to sit out 8 total weeks before return. Keep the limit to 2 returners per year to limit abuse of the system. Reason for rejection: People already mess up their DC often enough by playing injured players that I don't want to make the system more flexible right now. If people can follow the rules in place, I'll consider changes. If you have any comments or expansions on what's been mentioned in here, please feel free to post! The whole purpose of this system is to engage with the community.
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    [2022] Week #0 - TNF

    Adrian Goldson got destroyed by the Cornhuskers defense, Jesus
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    [2022] Week #0 - TNF

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    Who commits where?

    Riley Sharp to USC
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    [2022] Pre-Season Week #3 - SNF

    Man, I wish we could start Javier Davenport. Dude has looked great every time he's gotten an opportunity.
  12. Hey guys! In case you've forgotten, and I wouldn't blame you in the slightest since I haven't given any update on it since the initial announcement, committee feedback is now available! If you don't know what that means read here - Just to give a small update on how that's been going, we've had some discussion with Soluna and alien based on the feedback those of you who've posted in the forum have given on ideas that you want implemented. Some of them may come to fruition, some may not - we'll try to update those who specifically gave feedback on the direction their feedback might go in going forward, as we've not been great at that so far. I don't want to give too much detail here in case something changes, but if you have any further ideas please feel free to drop them in the feedback forum. But the main reason I've made this post is because, well, a lot of you have probably forgotten about the feedback forum's existence, or didn't feel your issue could be addressed by posting there, or you might have a multitude of different reasons. And I think part of the reason for that is that I haven't been to transparent with what's been going on and haven't been communicating with the community as a whole. So, I want to try to give more updates relating to the community and what's been going on to the extent I can. Similarly to Soluna's monthly admin newsletter, I'll try to give some monthly updates on what's been going on moving forward, as far as how I can reveal information, and what I and the committee have been doing to improve the user experience here. If you have any ideas as to how I can give more feedback, be more transparent, continue to improve communication between the community and the admins, or just generally be more helpful to the community as a whole, please drop me a PM here or on discord and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Just try to make sure your idea has a chance of being feasibly implemented if you do send something. -Jumbo
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    ACC Top 5: Quarterbacks

    I see you disrespekting the Messiah
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    [2022] Pre-Season Week #3 - TNF

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    CFBHC v1.5c-2

    If it's still in, it was going to start in 2023 I believe.
  16. "Peters is their starter because Hoag was starting to slip, and they couldn't afford to re-sign him" All of those statements are wrong, Hoag was the All-Pro kicker last year and we have him for 2 more years brah
  17. Los Angeles, CA -- In a continuation of last year's article, we'll be taking a look at 5 new players on the Trojans set to receive playing time in 2022 who the fans may not be as familiar with. Following a disappointing season in which the team struggled to 7-6 following the loss of starting QB Marc Lockwood, USC is looking to contend for the PAC-12 title once again in 2022. Some players here were already in the building last season, while some are true freshmen who are pushing to start early on in their careers. The coach picked out these 5 as players fans should know going into next season: RB Charles Bowser 5-7 216 (So) Vernon Kilpatrick (Malibu CA) 4.0 of 4.5 [Power] Bowser rode the pine last year behind 2022 4th round pick Bernard Shook, but he's pushing for playing time in his redshirt sophomore year. A fierce competition is underway between him and senior Marcus Copeland, but Shook has been said to be the more impressive of the two. A small but incredibly muscular back, Bowser is more in the Jesus Cordero mold than the Chester Henson mold, although his talent level is thankfully closer to the latter's. Bowser has the potential to be a 3-year starter if the pans out the way the coaches expect him to. His low center of gravity means he's more of a run at the defenders type of back than one who tries to run around them, so it'll be interesting to see how he fits into the Trojans' current option-based offense. OT Anthony McGregor 6-4 319 Fr Desert (Edwards CA) 3.0 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] McGregor was one of head coach Jumbo's primary targets in last year's recruiting class, and he's shown why early in this year's practices, as last year's starting DE Terrell Francis has struggled immensely when facing him. From Edwards, about an hour and a half away from LA, McGregor seems to be the probable left tackle going into next season. On a team that had up-and-down offensive line play last year, but returned 4 of its starters - one of whom McGregor is set to replace - it'll be interesting to see if the increased cohesion along with the talent of McGregor can give Lockwood & company more time this season. And hopefully keep him healthy, as the team's QB depth is still a serious concern after last year. DE Damien Bethea 6-6 269 Sr Los Angeles Harbor College (Wilmington CA) 4.5 of 4.5 [Contain] A JUCO transfer from LA Harbor College in nearby Wilmington, Bethea grew up dreaming of playing for local schools USC or UCLA despite his family connection to Penn State. He ended up committing to the Trojans due to the team's pitch of an immediate starting spot at the position. Bethea hasn't looked amazing in practices, but he is noted more for his ability to stop the run than to rush the passer. We'll see how he performs this year, but the team did experience some struggles last season at the position following both 2019 starting defensive ends declaring for the draft unexpectedly; Bethea, for now, looks to give a boost. DT Oluwatoke Abiodun 6-5 289 Sr (Abuja Nigeria) 4.5 of 4.5 [1-Gap] Abiodun is a relative newcomer to American football, as he calls it, having only played for two years. He only began playing when coach Daryl Hayes at the Nigerian Institute of American Football noticed him playing rugby, where he was the biggest man on the field. He was convinced to play football, and was coached up by Hayes for the last two years. Hayes used his connections to get Abiodun noticed by the USC coaches, who were impressed enough by his game tape to offer him a scholarship despite never meeting him in person. Abiodun has already developed a reputation for his comedy in the Trojans locker room, and with his only real competition in camp this year coming from 5* recruit Christian Callahan, he has a chance to start in the team's 4-3 in his only year. He hopes to get drafted into the NFL this next offseason, which with his practice performance thus far at a high profile school, might not be such a high bar after all. CB Maximillian Wilcox 5-11 164 Fr Long Beach Polytechnic ( CA) 2.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] There's something quite different people notice about Wilcox when they see him playing corner - he's white. "Most teams recruiting me thought I should be playing receiver or safety instead, but I've always wanted to play corner" he told reporters at his commitment press conference. USC was one of the few schools that offered to let him play corner in his recruitment process. And with USC's weak returning depth at the position, he has a rare chance to play immediately as a true freshman. In fact, it looks like 3 true freshmen might end up as the team's top 3 corners. Wilcox just has to be glad that his coach gives young players the opportunity to start, but with 3 picks in the first two days of practice along with his status as a 5* recruit, he might have been able to fight his way into a starting position anyway. After a disappointing first year in charge, coach Jumbo is looking to fulfill a goal he set out last year - "to win the PAC-12. Hell, I still haven't won a conference championship in my coaching career thus far" he told me with a laugh. We'll see if the team can finally get him to the top in 2022.
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    [2022] NFLHC Positional Conversions

    WR Jesse Scott 5-11 179 4 Purdue [Speed] [0] 72 to PR
  19. Last chance if you're interested in polling! Use this link ---> cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/23471-2022-coaches-poll-interest-thread/

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    [2022] Miami Dolphins hire scout

    Jam Bro from the New York Jete-Times: After vtvtgorilla leaves following this season, how much time do you plan to let elapse before re-hiring him?
  21. Jets 53-man Roster projection: Entering training camp, who can we expect to make the roster? Who will start? Posted June 27, 2022 at 9:00 AM By Rich Cimini | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com Jets coach grv413 is entering his 8th season with the team. Entering training camp, let's take a look at the Jets' 53-man roster, including Erik Wegert and Reshad Jenkins, and see who we can expect to start at each position. Projected starters are bolded, and rookies are italicized, and overalls are in parenthesis. QUARTERBACKS (3) RETAINED: Erik Wegert (96); James Dale (83); Tyson Chadwick (76) CUT: A.J. Bowden (78) ANALYSIS: Wegert just signed a 5-year, $125 million extension, so it would be relatively surprising if he didn't start. Dale has been the backup since 2018, but faces some competition from Bowden as a veteran presence. We'll give it to the guy who's been around for 5 seasons for now. Chadwick is the front office's favored developmental quarterback, and coach grv413 has spoken highly of his potential. RUNNING BACKS (4) RETAINED: Sam Chapman (81); Marvin Washington (80); Emmanuel Fields (80); Eli Tuitama (80) CUT: Kai Bender (76); Pete Choboian (76); Ben Curry (72); Justice Womack (69) ANALYSIS: Last year's starter was Chapman. He hasn't been that great in the running game, but this is a passing-based team and his ability as an all-around back gives him the edge at the starting job. Washington will probably retain his role as 3rd down back and kick returner after leading NFLHC RBs in YPC last year. Fields is said to be unhappy with his lack of playing time, but the team has reportedly not found a suitable trade offer and prefers to keep him as good depth. Tuitama had a nice rookie year last year, and faces little competition from Bender for his starting job. Choboian and Curry, unless they show anything they haven't before, are camp fodder. WIDE RECEIVERS (6) RETAINED: Paul Howell (94); Israel Hawker (75); Eli Austin (82); Adam Coles (81); Rocky Kruse (76); Jesse Scott (72) CUT: Douglas Chadwick (74); James Jones (73); Samuel Ritter (72); LaRon Crocker (65) ANALYSIS: The first four listed are virtual locks; Howell is the team's mainstay star receiver, and Hawker played really well with his opportunities last year and so should have the upper hand. The team really likes Austin but it remains to see how he's recovering from last year's torn ACL; and it remains to be seen how Coles has dealt with his concussion issues. Kruse continues to somehow stick around as depth despite any real lack of playing time, and Scott can't play receiver but is a great punt returner, so should stick around for that. Chadwick hasn't made a roster in a while, but could have a chance in the preseason. The team is said to like Jones as an option, but it may be tough to justify keeping 7 receivers. Ritter played with Coles at Pitt, and could have a chance to stick around if he plays well in preseason. Crocker is UDFA competition at returner but it's hard to see him winning a job at either return spot. TIGHT ENDS (4) RETAINED: Matt Stone (87); Shane Kaufman (81); Dillon Abbrederis (77); William Bouchard (77) CUT: Robert Ford (75); Hunter Goodson (72) ANALYSIS: Stone had a great sophomore year of 900 yards followed by a disappointing third-year barely half above that. Still, the team picked up his fifth-year option so he'll still get at least two more opportunities to start. The team acquired Kaufman at last year's deadline and he played solidly as a backup; with his ability as a blocker he should retain the role. Abbrederis and Bouchard are competing for the third tight end role. Abbrederis tore his ACL in last year's training camp and it remains to be seen whether he can bounce back to where he was before. Ford is camp fodder, and Goodson is likely PS-bound once again. OFFENSIVE LINEMEN (9) RETAINED: Darnerien Sohn (94); Joe Farmer (96); Aden Hastings (80); David Schlereth (92); Joel Snow (82); Arthur Bonds (80); Oliver Lewis (79); Mark Lattimore (77); Raymond Kline (79) CUT: Matthew Grossman (75); Tavon Logan (74), Jayden Grove (72), Enele Malifa (70); Tyler Green (69); Maximillian Pope (69); Manuelu Tauanu'u (67) ANALYSIS: Not 100% sure the team will keep 9 on the line, but the team does love to acquire them so it wouldn't be surprising; they could even keep 10 with Grossman. Sohn, Farmer, and Schlereth are all former All-Pros and locks to start. The team is said to have been shopping Hastings, and he may face a push to start from Kline. Snow was solid as a rookie last year, with Bonds and Lewis solid as backup swing options. The team traded up for Lattimore, presumably grooming him to replace Farmer or Schlereth. Grossman is the most borderline to make the roster, as he's certainly the third best center but was also a 5th round pick. Logan has long been a fringe roster guy on the Jets, but the acquisition of Lattimore probably pushes him out, and Grove and Malifa are fringe NFLers. Green and Tauanu'u might be practice squad caliber guys depending on their preseason performance, but Pope likely doesn't have NFLHC size unless he bulks up a bit. DEFENSIVE LINEMEN (9) RETAINED: Alvis Brumm (94); Jonathan Bridges (88); Kyle Pratt (84); Keith Hooks (80); Javier Davenport (77); Samir Dixon (74); Luca Bragg (76); Russel Brandt (76); Dwayne Montgomery (74) CUT: Charlie Morrall (73); Thierno Mingo (71); David Lane (76); Matthew Mayfield (69); Stephen High (68); Kahau Posala (68) ANALYSIS: The Jets d-line has consistently been good but takes a hit with the loss of Bob Ballard. The team traded for Hooks during the draft, and he's probably a lock to start unless pushed out by rookie Bragg. The team likes the depth drafted last year with Davenport, Brandt, and Montgomery. Dixon is on the bubble, and might get beaten out by one of the defensive ends on the bubble. Lane has an uphill battle to make the roster but his overall could give him a shot should he perform well in preseason. Among the UDFAs, Mayfield probably has the best shot of beating out Dixon. LINEBACKERS (7) RETAINED: Chris Tucker (85); Daquan Darcey (83); Dennis Himes (82); Adam Lovelace (80); Omar Trotter (78); Matt Okoye (75); Brett Wilson (74) CUT: Yasper Goins (72); Nicolas Kowalski (69); Omar Gore (68) ANALYSIS: This is the first year the Jets linebacking corps is without someone from the inaugural draft as Kwazi Robb departed in free agency. It's now time for Darcey and Himes to step up to try to stop scramblers. Tucker is a free agent after this year, and will presumably be allowed to walk to make room for Lovelace as a starter. Trotter has reportedly developed nicely in the background, and Okoye has always been a solid backup/All-Pro level special teamer. Wilson is an NFL journeyman who will compete against 6th round pick Goins. He gets the nod for now, as Goins has reportedly looked sluggish in the early going. Kowalski might be in the OLB competition, and Gore is a PS candidate. DEFENSIVE BACKS (9) RETAINED: Corey Quinn (90); Nathaniel Woodworth (80); Reshad Jenkins (94); Sebastian Vaughn (86); Samuel Shaw (80); Lee Davis (77); Kristian Harvey (74); Jose Ortiz (80); Xavier Burroughs (77) CUT: Adam Goss (74); Zachary Waller (71); DeAndre Bynum (69); Khalil William (68); Benjamin McGee (69); Shamar Knox (68); Clyde St. Pierre (76); Bennie Richardson (77) ANALYSIS: The Jets secondary was up and down last year, but Jenkins holds things down nicely in the backfield at least. His partner-in-crime Vaughn re-upped on a new deal, so they should be around for at least another couple seasons. Quinn was reportedly unhappy with his play last year, but with Marques Warner leaving he'll have to step it up, and the Jets are expecting him to. The team traded for Shaw in exchange for Jesse Hutchins, and he should at least compete for a starting role with Woodworth. Davis is one of the few free agents the team has ever signed, so he should stick around for at least one season. Harvey is the favorite to make the roster as a backup, though Waller likely has a shot as well. Backup safeties go to the rookie and the incumbent. SPECIAL TEAMS (2) RETAINED: Chris Hoag (90); John Maslowski (93) CUT: Dustin Peters (73); Graham Chandler (78) ANALYSIS: Hoag was the best kicker in the league last year, and Legzilla has been consistently in the league's top 5 punters since he entered the league. No real surprises here.
  22. ILB Adam Lovelace 6-2 234 R Vanderbilt [Mike] [0/C] 80 4 years // 16.0 million // 50.00% Guaranteed G//4.0//3.5//0.5//0.0//Total:8.0 $//0.0//0.5//3.5//4.0//Total:8.0 Total//4.0//4.0//4.0//4.0//Total:16.0
  23. FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- It was an eventful 3-day weekend for the Jets with a trade up, a trade away of a pick, and hopefully, the acquisition of some future building blocks. Here are your newest New York Jets, who will hope to help the team make the playoffs for a 6th consecutive season. Round 1, Pick 28 ILB Adam Lovelace 6-2 234 R Vanderbilt [Mike] [0/C] 80 With the team's first selection, the Jets took one of the highest ranked linebackers in the 2022 draft class in Lovelace. Lovelace was a 2021 AP All-American linebacker, finishing the season with 62 tackles, 5 TFL, and a sack. At the combine, he showed off his impressive intelligence that brought him to Vanderbilt in the first place, posting a 41 Wonderlic which was the third-highest mark among all players attending the combine and highest among linebackers. He was a 3-season starter at Vandy, but will likely begin his first NFLHC season on the bench with the Jets running a 4-3 and starter Chris Tucker seemingly entrenched at the position; he will be given the opportunity to compete for the starting role, however. Career Stats: 143 tackles, 5 TFL, 3 sacks, 1 INT Round 3, Pick 74 OG Mark Lattimore 6-1 291 R Southern Miss [Pass Blocking] [+1] 77 Lattimore, a 1st-team All-CUSA player in 2021, was a JUCO transfer to Southern Miss from Lawson State Community College in Birmingham, AL. Lattimore was the key cog in a Southern Miss offensive line that was the 2nd best in Conference USA this season. Lattimore impressed the Jets brass at the combine, specifically with his 31 reps on the bench press which was the most in this guard class. He obviously won't start immediately over two former All-Pros at guard on the team, but the brass is apparently planning to groom him to take over for one of them. Career Stats: 25 starts Round 4, Pick 112 DT Luca Bragg 6-4 276 R Iowa [1-Gap] [+3/C] 76 The Jets continued to address the trenches with the selection of Bragg; this is the second consecutive year the team has taken a DT in the 2nd after Russell Brandt's selection last year. Bragg was ranked as the 2nd best 4-3 DT in Mike Mayock's pre-draft rankings after posting a 4-sack, 1 FF, 1 TFL season in 2021. Bragg was a two-year starter at Iowa following his transfer from Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska; he was elected a captain at Iowa in all three of his seasons, including one where he was redshirted. With the departure of Bob Ballard, the team is relatively thin at DT, and Bragg could have a chance to start as a rookie. Career Stats: 29 tackles, 1 TFL, 5 sacks, 1 FF Round 4, Pick 133 SS Xavier Burroughs 5-10 185 R Alabama [Zone Coverage] [0] 77 Burroughs, from Lexington, SC, was a 2-year starter for the Crimson Tide, and the only player drafted to have won a national championship. In his two years as starter, he only managed to get 2 interceptions, but he is mainly known as a box safety rather than a coverage safety. Though he didn't dominate the combine or his pro day athletically, the team's front office liked him as an option to play in the box in some of the team's "Big Nickel" packages. He'll compete with free agent signing Bennie Richardson for the gig. Career Stats: 12 tackles, 2 INT Round 5, Pick 167 C Matthew Grossman 6-4 286 R South Carolina [Run Blocking] [0] 75 Grossman was a 4-year starter for the Gamecocks as well as a 2021 2nd-Team All-SEC selection, behind top 10 pick Xavier Cuellar. Grossman did not get an invite to the combine but put up a solid showing at South Carolina's pro day with 28 reps on the bench. With two centers currently ahead of him on the depth chart, Grossman is not a lock to make the team's opening day roster, but he's expected to compete for backup spots at both guard and center. Career Stats: 50 starts Round 6, Pick 200 OLB Yasper Goins 6-1 234 R Colorado State [Coverage] [0] 72 Goins was a senior JUCO transfer from Sheridan College in Gilette, Wyoming. He was somewhat quiet on the field for CSU, but the Jets front office has no expectation of him to be a future starter; he's expected to contribute mostly on special teams, so that will likely be how he earns his roster spot should he make the roster. Career Stats: 10 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 FF The Jets also made a surprise draft-day trade, trading their second-round selection - 60th overall - to the Arizona Cardinals along with the 206th selection in the sixth round. The Cardinals used the second rounder to take Penn State running back Ricky Vega. In exchange for the picks, the Jets received third-year receiver Eli Austin and ninth-year defensive tackle Keith Hooks, both of whom are expected to compete for starting spots. The Jets were heavily linked with Eli Austin prior to the 2022 NFLHC Draft, as they scouted him heavily at Tennessee and conducted an hour-long interview at the combine, but he was selected at #30 by the Cardinals, just one spot ahead of the Jets. Jets GM Jumbo confirmed this weekend that the team would have taken Austin would he have dropped to #31; the team ended up taking TCU OLB Daquan Darcey instead. Austin will compete with fellow third year, but UDFA receiver Israel Hawker and 2021 first rounder Adam Coles to be the team's #2 receiver; coming off a torn ACL early last year, the team is still having Austin take reps slowly as he tries to build chemistry with QB Erik Wegert. The team also acquired veteran defensive tackle Keith Hooks in the trade; along with Alvis Brumm, he is the only player from NFLHC's inaugural draft on the Jets roster. With just Kyle Pratt and two mid-round 2021 rookies on the roster at DT following Bob Ballard's departure in free agency, the team was looking to add help at the position depending on what else happened during the draft. Hooks is the current favorite to start, but will compete with rookie Bragg and second-years Russel Brandt and Dwayne Montgomery to earn the team's starting DT role. We would like to officially welcome all these players to the team! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!
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    2022 Pre-season sign up

    New York Jets @ San Francisco 49ers vs Detroit Lions vs Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings