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  1. Love the rankings, bingo. I have a few quibbles here and there but I'd say these are some of the most accurate (at least IMO) I've ever seen you put out!
  2. STOP! STOP! THEY'RE ALREADY DEAD Jets don't stop, destroy Patriots 44-7
  3. Since we scored 5 TD I assume since we had 3 FG, who on our defense had the pick six?
  4. Hey Pats
  5. First win against a #1 team in Pitt history! Fuck Penn State!
  6. DEFENSE-LESS Coach grv413 blasts defense after allowing 37 to the Eagles in Jets loss
  7. Eat shit Pitt
  8. Just a question: If a player rejects because of certain free agent reasons, will it affect their free agency in any way? Theoretically a player could reject a team because of wanting to go to a contender team and then would go back to them in free agency under our current system anyway. Same goes for coaching style.
  9. RESHAAAAAAAAAAAAD JENKINS Jenkins' 2 INT help Jets to 34-24 win over Oakland, extending 6-game winning streak
  10. Taaaake me home [to Pittsburgh] country roads
  11. Doesn't Matter; Won Game Jets nearly blow lead after entering 4th quarter up 24-0; Sam Chapman leaps to seal the game
  12. http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Atlantic_Coast_Conference_football_venue_navbox
  13. It's 1 AM here so sorry if I forgot anyone. @grv413 If I had a dollar for every message we've ever sent back and forth, I'd have a lot of dollars. It's always great coming on to the site and having that 1 in the inbox though, and it's great just talking about literally anything even though like half is NFLHC related. This site wouldn't be the same for me without you on it, if I'm being honest. Thanks for always being around. @Soluna even though you're literally the antithesis of me as a person, apparently, at least you created this site so there's one positive thing about you @smckenz3 for being the new, shittier version of Soluna. Thanks for making it easier for me to beat my rivals. But in all seriousness, you're a great dude to talk to and talk shit with. @inspiral I know I was definitely overbearing with the Jets, but I still always thought very highly of you and you're clearly an extremely intelligent person. Sorry for all the times I annoyed you with not using all our cap space. Without you I'm not sure the site would still be running as is, but I'm sure you know that. @notoriousbigej for always keeping it dank af, and for being someone who actually knows how economics works amirite @Jumanji As your mentor, I think you should cut Todd Lester. Just saying. But in all seriousness, thanks for always being around to talk shit about the Super Bowl, it helps keep me motivated. And also, for being a great guy to talk to about anything else. @SageBow @stormstopper @Bubada I always enjoy reading your work, that type of media keeps the site worth visiting. Thanks for continuously contributing (especially you storm) @npklemm There's no particular reason for this one, you're just an awesome guy so keep being you @bingo415 I didn't even know we had a rivalry... but now that we do, screw Oregon they're not even the best Ducks on this site and a Bronco is a bad mascot @deandean1998 For being the Rome to my Soluna. And also for sharing so many interests with me, and being an awesome guy to talk with, but minus points for being a Pats fan bro. @smokingcricket Even though you're clearly a better chess player than me, you still tried to tell me that I was better than you. Something about that is hilarious to me, but it also shows that you're a great guy. @DangerZoneh those plug.dj hangouts where it's literally just us still manage to be a lot of fun. And there's so many more people really... @thatfunk @Dean_Craig_Pelton @ImposterCauster @TuscanSota and many more To be honest I could probably list like half of this site. Thanks for making this a great place to hang out no matter what else is going on in my life!
  14. Shouldn't it be just bowl participant with a flat number of points and then the bowl winner/bowl loser comes in through the bonus (since the bonus is +3/+2 or +2/+1 etc.)? Under the system as currently written, someone who lost a +3/+2 bowl gets fewer weekly points than someone who won a +2/+1 bowl and someone who lost a +4/+3 bowl gets the same as someone who won a +2/+1 which seems to negate the purpose.
  15. WE'LL WIN MIAMI, B!TCH In heated postgame interview, Jets OLB Kwazi Robb guarantees a Jets win at rival Dolphins on SNF next week
  16. My mistake. I had him confused with someone else. I deleted it, nephew
  17. Also, hoo boy, decent game overall but boy does our defense need to start playing well if we want to make a serious playoff run
  18. Our record was 4-1, so we should be 5-1 now rather than 4-2 to 5-2.
  19. I think Mohamed forgot that you generally need something resembling a defense in order to win games
  20. Well I wasn't planning on fully elaborating, because this was on the top of my head/intended to be shorts. There are more than that I've disagreed with as well and that's only in one offseason
  21. Hello, it's 5:30 Eastern Time on the East Coast and welcome to ESPNHC First Take. On today's episode: Each NFLHC team is doing something. They have players that also do things. Is what they're doing good or is it bad? Here are some hot takes from each Week 6 NFLHC game. Broncos 31 - 25 Chargers The Chargers need to start Matty Swift ASAP. In 5 starts, Will Thompson's passer rating is in the league's bottom 5, and he's thrown 5 TD to 7 INT. Swift is in his second year now, and there are only 2 years left on his contract. At this point, Thompson isn't even producing, so what's the point in continuing to play him? Throw Swift into the fire. If he's even worse you just try again in the 2021 draft - even if its QB class isn't the greatest and you wait until 2022, you'll know whether Swift is worth it or not. Raiders 20 - 3 Patriots The Patriots need to start Brad Davis sooner than later. Ya sure my NEW YAHK JETS play the Patriots next week so maybe I'm a bit biased here, but Lawyer Johnson has been on a downward spiral ever since the start of this year. The Patriots are 2-4 and have a significantly hard schedule left. Once they pretty much fall out of playoff contention at 7 losses they should throw in Brad Davis. They didn't exercise Lawyer's option anyway so he'll likely be hitting free agency and if he continues to stink up the joint you may as well evaluate how Davis is as a starter for the QB situation going into 2021. Titans 29 - 22 Bills Kevin Williams is a top 3 receiver in NFLHC. As Bubada pointed out in the game thread, Williams has 97 receptions, 1,451 yards, and 11 TD in the combined 16 games he's had since last year when he first came in after Tommy Furrey tore his ACL, a higher number of yards than anyone had last year and only one fewer reception than last year's leader. And that's with elite QBs Kareem Taylor and Xander Williams throwing to him. At this point, it's hard to argue very many receivers you'd want to take over Kevin Williams, and he's currently in the midst of proving that last year wasn't a fluke, as he's #2 in NFLHC in receiving yards thus far. Who cares about his overall at that point? Browns 23 - 20 Bengals The Browns will win the AFC North. Everything is finally clicking in Cleveland. Ryan Clark and the offense are playing well even without a consistent run game, and the defense is playing well after adding two top 10 defensive players in this past draft. The Ravens are clearly not playing well enough this year, and with the Steelers missing Davenport for at least another 3 games and the Bengals starting Joel King, this division looks like Cleveland's for the taking (especially after this divisional road win). I think at this point, it's the Browns' to lose. Jaguars 31 - 28 Ravens Raheem Robinson will win Offensive Rookie of the Year. You may be wondering how this is a hottake, but Curtis Henry is currently top 5 in NFLHC in receiving yards as a rookie tight end. That's incredible. Nonetheless, Raheem's all-around work as a passer, runner, and receiver, and the Jaguars being surprisingly really good, plus him playing a more "premium" position will lead to his winning the award. Even if Henry ends up deserving it more. Panthers 17 - 16 Steelers Chester Henson will retire or not be starting in NFLHC within the next 2 seasons. Even when Paul Davenport was playing, Henson did not look too hot. Through 5 games, he has a 4.11 YPC, 5 TD, and 3 fumbles. Sure he is top 5 in rushing yards, but that's just because the Steelers are riding him. Whether he's out of juice, isn't effective with scramblers, or just isn't as good without Brian Vardell for defenses to focus on, Henson is in his 7th season and looks like he's on his last legs. Perhaps there have been too many carries in his illustrious career and the wheels are falling off. 49ers 28 - 16 Eagles The Eagles will miss the playoffs. Last year's #1 seed in the NFC is now 2-3 in 2020. With some tough games remaining including @ the Rams, @ the Jets, @ the Cowboys, and vs the Dolphins, Lions, and Seahawks, I have a tough time seeing Philly winning enough games to make the playoffs. This is especially true when taking into account the defense's current performance (bad) and QB Allan Taylor's current production (7 total TD in 5 games is not a good look for him). And with Taylor only getting older and having taken a significant beating in his career already, this should be concerning for the Eagles brass. Buccaneers 23 - 20 Saints Everyone not named Aaron Devereaux or Sean Jenkins must go. Listen, neovenator, ImposterCauster, and deandean are truly my close friends. And I say this with admiration, and I'd say that these are guys I would speak to about anything. But let me preface my comments by saying I know the men, those are my brothers, those are my friends, love them. HOWEVER, their roster is complete garbage. At the point where you're losing to the Bucs at home, you really need to reevaluate the whole roster. I'd throw overalls out the window and just start random players, and see if anyone performs. Hell, sign random street free agents and players from practice squads and see if you can find the next Kevin Williams. It's pretty clear you won't make the playoffs, so maybe you'll find a gem. What is there to lose? Dolphins 35 - 49 Cowboys The Cowboys made a potentially drastic mistake drafting Graham Burnett. This isn't a knock against Graham Burnett himself. But at this point, with their current performance and Taylor Rodriguez managing the game effectively once again after a weirdly down 2019, it's pretty clear that the Cowboys should have gone a different direction with the #7 pick. Think about how incredible the secondary could have been with Marquise Reed playing the nickel, or even how much more elite the offensive line could have been with Taylor Randolph bookending Justin Campbell. Burnett will probably be a nice QB and will likely take over for TayRod next year whether Dallas can trade him or not, I think their chances of another Super Bowl run would have been much greater using that #7 pick resource elsewhere. That offense put up 49 points on the Dolphins defense. 49! Texans 6 - 16 Colts The division is still the Colts' to win.... if they can find a running game. The Colts won despite Elijah Harden putting up a miserable 16 for 29 performance on the ground when Houston almost certainly sold out on stopping Aaron Shea. Shea, to his credit, is still putting on an amazing season and is currently 2nd in NFLHC in passer rating. After the Colts' 0-3 start, the defense is starting to pick up and Shea is playing even better. It's easy to see the Colts pulling off a winning streak and the current AFCS-leading Jaguars dropping a game or two due to inexperience and people figuring out how to defend trick plays. If Shea can get any help at all from his running game, I think Indy will take the AFC South once again this season. Washington [Redacted]s 10 - 35 Seahawks The [Redacted]s shouldn't look for Javier Fields' replacement yet. This may come as a surprise considering I trashed both Lawyer Johnson and Will Thompson earlier, and technically both are having better seasons as Javier Fields has the second worst passer rating of any QB to start a game this year (only ahead of Washington's own Yancey Musgrave). However, Washington's problem is much more drastic than Fields. This team needs talent in so many different areas that putting a rookie QB in at this point is destined to fail. And with a weak QB class upcoming, they'd more than likely be reaching for a QB in the draft. Fields has proven he can win in the past, though the landscape was different then. Still, I'd try to put at least some talent around a rookie QB before throwing them into the flames. Sam Hiller-Weeden is good and Fred Romanowski is good but name another Redskins player that's good. Go ahead, I'm waiting. Lions 15 - 21 Packers Your 2020 NFLHC Season MVP: Jason Johnson. Who'd have seen this coming? Considered a giant mistake by the Packers after they traded down from #1 to not have to choose between him and Skaggs, Johnson has seen a career resurgence this year as he leads all of NFLHC in passer rating and is 2nd in TDs. With the cast of players he has around him and with Lucas Hurd making the calls, and with the Packers one of the last two undefeated teams left in very unexpected fashion, the MVP's is JJo's to lose. And I don't see him falling off any time soon. Cardinals 0 - 45 Rams The Rams are the current Super Bowl favorites. The Rams only loss thus far is in Week 1 to the 49ers, the defending Super Bowl champions. On the road. In overtime. Starting their backup QB. In all other games, they've outscored their opponents 152 to 51 (basically 3 times the scoring), and that includes another one where the backup played. This team is absolutely ridiculous and is firing on all cylinders with Brandon Sauter looking like an early favorite for DPOY as well. Unless they choke hard like they did in last year's playoffs, I find it hard to see this team losing much this year at all. Jets 35 - 17 Giants R.J. Stanford... isn't the problem? Despite not too many TDs, R.J. Stanford is actually having a solid year this season now that the Giants have elected to run more. Here's the problem: they still haven't figured out that even though he's a hybrid, they should be using him where he's most effective anyway, as a pocket passer. O.J. Carano has struggled significantly this season with 0 TD and 3 fumbles (all lost), and I think it's partially because they're playing too much of a run-based system. If they let Stanford operate out of the pocket with Carano lining up in the backfield I'd think they'd see a lot better production out of the offense. Letting Stanford run is 1.25 years in and it hasn't worked yet. Why keep doing it? Falcons 17 - 6 Vikings Owner paperllamasunited needs to fire GM paperllamasunited. Everyone panned the Vikings' moves in the offseason, and what do you know? They didn't work out. Their kicker is bad because they traded their good kicker and their running game sucks because they trade their All-World RB, not to mention a draft that could only be considered "not good" at the time and looks possibly even worse. Llamas definitely needs some help from someone else, preferably with experience, that can teach him the ropes and perhaps help rebuild the team around Brian Vardell. I still don't understand why you'd mess so much with what was working relatively well. Anyway, if llamas truly cares about the state of the Vikings, I truly think he needs to take a step back and hire someone new to come in and fix the mess to their best ability.
  22. Considering what his value would have been on the market, he got pretty much nothing in return And then he traded more than he got for Shawn Cole who is worse
  23. THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME MetLife Stadium fills up with Jets fans for a Giants "home game" as Wegert's 3 TDs and Howell's epic grab lead to 35-17 Jets win
  24. Dominique Baptiste, GOLD, 1 INT, 2 Tackles Kyle Gamble, GOLD, 1 FR, 3 Tackles, 1 TD Christian Cowart, GOLD, 1 FF, 5 Tackles All redshirting freshmen this year ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)