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  1. 5* coach, 5* school. Only 2 years in. Let's keep this going
  2. Discipline +2 -> 9 Offense +1 -> 16 Clock Management +1 -> 12 Youth Management -1 -> 11 Special Teams -1 -> 11 Feats: UCLA's Rival Focused Discipline
  3. OC Scott Linehan 1 year $2,600,000
  4. Brumm with the highest grade. Last pick of the round, but GOAT nonetheless
  5. If you're a pollster please submit a final poll. If you're interested in polling in the event I don't get enough polls, please let me know as a reply to this status.

    1. AzulCaballero


      Always interested in polling

    2. Rocketcan


      I wouldn't mind

  6. #30 - WR Eli Austin 6-5 217 3 Tennessee [Target] [-1] 83 declined #31 - OLB Daquan Darcey 6-4 232 3 TCU [Coverage] [-2] 84 declined
  7. J E T S are R E A D Y
  8. Jets: OC Scott Linehan +4% WR skill +9% WR aggressiveness -10% WR durability $2,600,000 per year
  9. As long as Wegert is around I think we have a window. We certainly struggled a bit this year and are in a bit of an overhaul period, but with 2 first round picks and the assortment of elite pieces already in place I think we could be re-opening the window as early as this upcoming season.
  10. The Chicago Tribune is fake news. You had USC bearish last year from 6-6! Clearly this means I will win the international Natty this year!
  11. New York Jets @SyndaKyt 1 year
  12. Following the mutual agreement between the Jets and former scout @Swipet to part ways, the Jets began the search for a new scout to take his place. We are happy to announce that the search has concluded, and we will be hiring @SyndaKyt to take his spot in the organization. He took over Wyoming this past season and helped the team rise above their preseason expectations, and we hope to teach SyndaKyt the ropes on what it takes to run an NFLHC team. We would like to thank @Swipet for his service to our team, and any questions for me or @SyndaKyt can now be asked. Coach @grv413 is unavailable as he's busy working on our new uniform and logo concepts, and he's under pressure to make sure that they aren't ugly.
  13. @inspiral doing it for the brand. Great season @smckenz3 @vtgorilla. Apparently sorry about not really killing Barry. Hope to not see you guys back here next season
  14. HC grv413 extension 2 years/$5.770 million $2.855 million per year
  15. TIL we need to call more fakes with Legzilla. Team Rice is Doin' it for Herc
  16. The Jets are searching for a scout! If you'd be interested, please message me here or on discord.

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    2. vtgorilla
    3. Swipet


      Image result for excuse me what the fuck

      BTW Jumbo is a great guy to work for! Just don't ask about the incident and you'll be fine.

    4. TazerMan
  17. Well this makes me feel a lot better about getting blown out by Auburn. Great season @Rome
  18. Coach beeznik reacting to Penn State kicker Adrian Rodriguez missing a 40-yard kick before halftime:
  19. Compared to the last time we did this in 2018: Compared to the other last time we did this in 2014:
  20. Great game @CadeRich5 Christian Stubbs is out of his mind. Second pick six of the year from a 3/3 freshman matched up against a 5/5 WR.
  21. Note: If SDSU had one fewer vote, they would have missed the playoffs and Nebraska would have made it instead.
  22. 9 seasons of no losing records! And Keith Hooks with the fumble recovery in his final game!
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