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  1. Surprised at mine, don't think I should be anywhere near there.
  2. I can't exactly remember but I did get a lot of initial help from Neo I believe. I saw the post he made on reddit and I remember asking him a bunch of questions. Other than that I got help from a whole bunch of people in the shoutbox.
  4. Reminder to all NFLHC Fantasy players: Please notify the person picking after you that it is their turn to pick

    1. npklemm


      ur not me mum m8

  5. Oh man Saints, looks like Sean Jenkins is a bit of a scrub... If you want the Jets will take him off your hands for a 7th... He deserves another chance...
  6. I see you're referring to the typo on our statement. For being a smartarse you get no questions, YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY SIR! But srsly the floor is open to questions