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  1. Surprised at mine, don't think I should be anywhere near there.
  2. I can't exactly remember but I did get a lot of initial help from Neo I believe. I saw the post he made on reddit and I remember asking him a bunch of questions. Other than that I got help from a whole bunch of people in the shoutbox.
  4. Reminder to all NFLHC Fantasy players: Please notify the person picking after you that it is their turn to pick

    1. npklemm


      ur not me mum m8

  5. Oh man Saints, looks like Sean Jenkins is a bit of a scrub... If you want the Jets will take him off your hands for a 7th... He deserves another chance...
  6. I see you're referring to the typo on our statement. For being a smartarse you get no questions, YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY SIR! But srsly the floor is open to questions
  7. January 27th - The Indiana Hoosiers hired a new head coach today to replace Wrigleyfan who successfully applied for the head coaching position at the University of Arizona. The AD quickly moved to hire his replacement and chose to bring back LDYo who previously coached the Hoosiers in the 2014 season. The University of Indiana would like to thank Wrigleyfan for his dedicated work in the 2019 season, bringing in a solid recruiting class and guiding the Hoosiers to the Birmingham Bowl which they were unfortunate to lose. He will leave the school with our best wishes and we hope he has a successful career at Arizona. We look forward to our future under coach LDYo who gave the following statement: "It's an absolute honour to be back at this fantastic institution. Indiana has always been close to my heart and there were many things I missed whilst coaching down south with the Tennessee Volunteers. I recently had a leave of absence and upon my return I saw that the head coaching position was open at IU, I was quick to enquire about the position because of my fond memories and the excellent time I had here. I now look forward to the future with Indiana, I've met the coaching staff and have contacted a number of our players including upcoming seniors, I have also contacted our incoming recruiting class to reassure them of their commitments to this fantastic school. I look forward to meeting all of our players formally and starting this new adventure together, spring practice will be a great time to develop our identity and assess the team. It's great to back at Indiana and back in the big ten, go Hoosiers" The floor is open for questions

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