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  1. Schefter will analyze key draft picks during and/or after the draft. Each draft analysis post will follow the same format: Team: Player Name, Position, School Type: Major Reason Benefit of draft choice with small write-up. Detriment of draft choice with small write-up. Grade based on type, benefit, and detriment following standard American grading (A,B,C,D,F) Type Poor: Bad pick for the team due to ill fitting positions, severe chemistry or locker room problems, or just a poor choice considering available talent. Reach: Fit may be acceptable but the player was not one of the top available on the board, especially relating to the team's needs. Solid: Acceptable pick based on the conditions of the selection. Excellent: Perfect fit based on Schefter's opinion of available players.
  2. Each trade analysis post will follow the same format: Type Net Change in Expected Win Total First Team - Net Change in Expected Win Total Second Team Benefits Analysis First Team Detriment Analysis First Team Benefits Analysis Second Team Detritment Analysis Second Team Type (in favor of _____ team) Unfair: Trade is extremely lopsided to one side and should be considered to be voided. The net value of one side is greater than twice the net value of the other. Lopsided: The trade value of one side is between 1.5 and 2.0 times greater for one side than for the other. Slight Edge: The trade value of one side is between 1.2 and 1.5 times greater for one side than for the other. Even: The trade value is within 0.2 for both sides. Because of the nature of trades the net change does not have to be cumulatively 0, it's possible for both teams to be negative, both teams to be positive, or both teams to differ in a way that does not sum to 0. Benefit/Detriment Categories: Leadership: Locker room presence adjustment Age: Likelihood of retirement, proneness to injury Chemistry: How the team is affected as a whole Unit Strength (O-Line, D-Line, Receivers, Linebackers, Secondary, Special Teams, etc): Whether complete or marginal impact on the overall cohesiveness and skill total of the unit. Morale: How much other players are impacted by a leader being traded, a top tier player being traded, or a player gaining competition at their position. Draft value More may be added in the future.
  3. My way too early top 5 for next year's draft: Brian Brown, QB, Boise State Austin Medina, WR, Kentucky Thomas Wheeler, QB, Florida State Justin Campbell, OT, Penn State Tyrone Jones, LB, LSU -Adam
  4. Sources indicate that a combined team of joshglick and serwendel will take over and relocate the Seattle Seahawks to Dallas as the Cowboys within the next few hours. -Adam
  5. It appears the Detroit Lions will not be splashing cash this season and are looking towards the future to find their place. -Adam
  6. Sources close to the Raiders indicate that the team is willing to spend upwards of 3.5 million dollars a year on bringing in UDFA Cornerbacks. -Adam
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